update on GreenSmoothieGirl Makeover

You’ve been wondering what is happening with the GreenSmoothieGirl Makeover TV show? We have more footage to gather before we start releasing the first segments.

So I’ll tell you what’s been going on, very briefly, here.

Samantha Cornia had knee surgery and Baby Zack had some setbacks too. As we started, his doctor said he should be one a feeding tube! Remember he would never eat food. He would only nurse.

Amazingly, Zack has been eating live granola with sprouts, as well as green smoothies! Wow, so exciting. Samantha’s other kids have been drinking smoothies as well. Samantha and Nate are still completely off soft drinks. Their energy is much improved. They are not getting constantly sick, although we are just starting probiotic foods and they have a long way to go, as their whole family battles has long been battling MRSA (resistant) infections.

Both Samantha and Nate struggled with digestive issues as they transitioned to eating much more live/raw plant foods!

When I was at Samantha’s house recently, she said she’d lost 3 lbs. in a week.

Total Care Dental–all kinds of things happening there, including a bunch of families getting healthier. Several people struggling with not losing weight like they’d hoped, yet, and digestive issues as “cleansing” takes place. But Sasha’s husband is on board and eating practically his first-ever vegetables and many other GOOD things happening:

Jillene reduced her recovery time for her 10-mile uphill run from 3 hours to 1 hour (with Hot-Pink Breakfast Smoothie) and loves the 12 Steps recipes. Dr. Jorgenson’s warts suddenly fell off. Sasha’s husband’s cravings are less and his shoulder pain lessened. Sasha’s energy is up and she doesn’t wake up thinking, “When can I go back to bed?” Dee’s swollen ankles are gone, and Jessa’s little girl is drinking her vegs and no soda.

Roxanne says the pain in her rib is gone and cravings down. Louanne’s husband has lost weight and she’s teaching a green smoothie clinic at church. Julie says she has more energy than she’s ever had in her life. Kelly’s husband has lost a pant size and his blood pressure is down.

We have a very full class for Dr. Jorgenson’s patients (and some of my readers who found it on the site) coming up April 27. We’ll be filming that, plus Easter dinner at the Cornias’ with plant-based dishes!

Karen’s kids love green smoothies and her most resistant child is the one most committed to drinking them. The Wilberts just returned from a vacation in St. George, where they took their blender and kept up their habit. Karen says she is sleeping less.

I am very proud of everyone who is involved in the filming of GSG Makeover. I’m excited about your progress and think you are all wonderfu! Keep it up!!

The NASTIEST green smoothie ever…a war is brewing…and Samantha’s blog

Today I filmed inside a closed Good Earth store, where the Wilberts, Cornias, and Total Care Dental got the following fun surprises:

$50/week for the next 2 months in groceries from The Good Earth, presented by co-owner Scott Howard

$50/week for the next 2 months in groceries from SunWarrior, plus free protein powder, Liquid Light, and Ormus Greens, presented by co-owners Denley and Jan Fowlke

$100 gift certificates for green smoothies from the Roxberry franchises that have GreenSmoothieGirl franchises inside them, presented by co-owner Holly Jackman

Everyone was pretty excited. I gave each group a tour around the inside of a health food store, so they begin to feel comfortable there. I told them that you spend MOST of your dollars in Produce and Bulk…and when you figure out something is going to be a staple at your house, you buy a case/box of it and ask for a case discount. (Good Earth is happy to arrange this.)

The Wilberts and Cornias break my heart every time I see them because they are such beautiful families facing such daunting health challenges. The Hot Chicks of Total Care Dental crack me up because they are so much fun–they never stop laughing and joking around.

Dental Hygienist Jillene and I are cooking up a total GreenSmoothieGirl smackdown. She’s an extreme-athlete mom like me, and we are gonna have a contest: wearing athletic gear, a ref wearing a jersey and whistle on hand to enforce the rules, all oiled up with black football-player lines under our eyes, we are gonna make each other the NASTIEST. EVER. GREEN SMOOTHIE. Whoever takes the longest to gag hers down is GOIN’ DOWN.

(Help me with this: what should the loser have to do? I sense I should be spending some time boning up on pushups.) (I made the mistake of telling Jillene’s co-workers that I gag on wheat grass juice….they were quick to inform her of my Achilles Heel, my Kryptonite….I am SCARED. Maybe I will stop by Good Earth every day for a few weeks to drink wheat-grass shots. UGH. Her co-workers said, “Do you know who you’re dealing with?!”)

Anyway, it’s gonna be a smackdown of epic proportions. Stay tuned because that video will eventually air here. I called Jillene on Saturday to tell her about my idea, and she had to pull her bike off the road to answer and listen to my ideas. She is not jokin’ around, that girl.When I’m skiing, she’s biking. When I’m playing tennis, she’s training for a marathon. When I’m kickboxing, she’s probably crocodile hunting or something.

GAME ON. Bring your wheat grass juice and I’ll match you….ohhhh, no, I am not going to give my tricks away here. Muahahahaha.

And here’s Samantha’s blog, so you can follow along her path to whole foods and health. She and Nate quit drinking soda and started green smoothies on Monday. Enjoy her blog!


filming with Cornias, Total Care Dental today: and the Almond Joy Fudge recipe

I just filmed the beginning of Samantha Cornia’s GSG Makeover in her kitchen. What fun to get Gavin’s and Olivia’s first green smoothie on film. Olivia was born with her organs outside her body, and although doctors put it all back in, she suffers with terrible constipation and digestive problems.

Heading over to film with the Hot Dental Girls at Total Care Dental shortly, as Karen was ill and we have to postpone.

The Good Earth has decided to co-sponsor GreenSmoothieGirl Makeover, and each participant is getting $50 in free groceries for the 8 weeks that we do this program. We’ll be taking the participants into the store for a tour that we’ll film; I will teach them new ways to shop, what to get and why, and how to eat whole foods on a budget. Samantha was very moved by this gift–thank you Good Earth, you are the best!!

Here’s the last recipe from last week, out of Ch. 4–a great way to get both your chocolate fix, and coconut oil in your daily routine (I’ll be writing some interesting stuff about coconut oil soon):

Almond Joy Fudge

2 cups raw, organic agave

2 cups organic, extra virgin coconut oil

If your coconut oil is solid, place its container in a sink of hot tap water to melt it first. Then put both ingredients in BlendTec and add:

1 cup raw powdered chocolate (or unsweetened cocoa)

Blend well, then pour mixture into a bowl and stir in:

2 cups shredded coconut

2 cups chopped almonds

Pour the mixture into a 9×13 pan, chill 2 hours, and cut into squares to serve.

Introducing the hot women of Total Care Dental: GreenSmoothieGirl Makeover [part 2 of 4]

I’m thrilled to work with Total Care Dental for the GreenSmoothieGirl Makeover pilot. Kels, from BlendTec (an amazing filmmaker) calls them the Hot Dental Office.

These ladies are hot, no lie. (I could tell Kels reaaaaallllly wanted us to pick them!)

Michelle Jorgenson is a dentist who employs half a dozen support staff. All women, all moms–three of them single moms. (Turns out her hygienist is a woman my son calls Mama Mecham, because her son and mine are close friends, and my son is at her house a lot.)

I’m excited to work with them because of the opportunity to impact many people. Dr. Jorgenson is not only a mother of four, but also a professional dedicated to total health, not just cleanings and fillings! She originally came to my site when her female-dentist MasterMind group from all over the U.S. met on the phone. A dentist in San Diego sent all the others to GreenSmoothieGirl.com. Dr. J was amazed to find that I am less than 10 miles from her.

(Recently a local wrote us that she was told about GreenSmoothieGirl.com by her friend in Australia. I love the internet, and how information travels at the speed of light! It’s so awesome when that viral info is positive info. An example of how “life is one eternal round.”)

Not only will we be going into the homes of these women, but we’ll be watching them roll out changes in the office and watching the impact in their lives. One mom is going through a divorce. Another has a baby and is excited to avoid the mistakes I made with my own first baby. (I weaned him onto formula and processed food and dairy milk–to disastrous consequences.)

One mom is a marathon runner and wants to cut her time. (We bonded over our love of competitive sports.) I told her I just *have* to get her started on Hot Pink!

Maybe Mama Mecham’s children’s photos will run here on the blog soon, since she tried green smoothies for the first time recently, and one green mustache actually landed on the forehead as well as upper lip–she also captured her 9-y.o. having a crying tantrum on the floor.

Dr. J will host an event for her patients that I’ll speak at. We’ll watch her and her hygienist discuss the impact of nutrition on dental health, with their patients, one on one, too.

I’m so excited to work with Total Care Dental! We’re getting them blenders and 12 Steps and setting up our first shoot, on-location.

Enjoy the Hot Dental Office demo video here!