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Ep.31: The Human Body Field with Harry Massey

Robyn Openshaw - May 03, 2017 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Today I want to introduce you to my friend, Harry Massey, who is a student of energy and of quantum biology. Harry was really, really sick for a good decade. In 2002, he founded NES Health. It’s a company dedicated to fostering a 21st Century system of healthcare based on the integration of physics and biology. He’s developed a system and a device to read and correct the energy of the human body field. He is also a movie maker. In 2009, he produced a movie The Living Matrix. He recently produced one called SuperCharged. He’s also a published author and in this episode he will discuss how the energy of the human body field affects our health and what we can do about it.


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Robyn:                    Hey, everyone. It’s Robyn Openshaw. Welcome back to episode 31 of Your High Vibration Life. Today I want to introduce you to my friend, Harry Massey, who is like me, a student of energy and of quantum biology. We’ve talked on here about quantum physics but of course all these new discoveries in science have crossed over into biology as well.

Harry was really, really sick. Almost bedridden for a good decade. In 2002, he founded NES Health. It’s a company dedicated to fostering a 21st Century system of healthcare based on the integration of physics, and biology. He’s developed a system and a device to read and correct the energy of the human body field.

He is a movie maker. We’re going to talk about his movie that I saw that I really, really like. That’s why I asked him to be on the podcast. In 2009, he produced a movie The Living Matrix. We’re going to talk more about his movie SuperCharged. He’s also a published author and so welcome to the show, Harry Massey.

Harry:                      Hey, Robyn. It’s great to be here.

Robyn:                    I’m really glad to have you. I want you to share a little bit about your story. Your personal story I think is really inspiring. Tell us about how it was having chronic fatigue syndrome, how you think you got that, and some of the things you went through to solve these issues.

Harry:                      Sure. I’m 41 now. When I was 20 I ended up with chronic fatigue syndrome. Partly, I was a bit biased, but partly I had a huge amount of stress coming out as being gay. Also, partly I went on a bit of a hedonistic, destructive cycle when I came out and took far too many drugs and had too much of a good time.

After about a year of that, I basically ended up completely bedridden. This was in my last year of university. Although, I managed to get a really high paying job in the city of London but I had to take 20 days off in the first two months. I was fired.

Then being a bit stupid and young at the time I thought I could cure myself through exercise. I went out to the Alps because I was a bit of an avid rock climber. I spent three months basically climbing with just hardcore exhaustion and ended up getting to this state where I couldn’t get out of a tent that I was in in a campsite. I basically stayed in this tent. Almost like a forced fast actually because all I had was dried bananas and some water in this tent.

Then after about a week I managed to sum up the energy to get to my car and then I drove back from France to England. Literally just probably stopping every 45 minutes on the side of the motorway to have a sleep and then carry on. Ended up back in England, re-enrolled actually back at university to do an MBA. I didn’t know what to do with myself, which was a really stupid thing to do. Ended up having to split that into two years instead of a year. I ended up getting that MBA but I was in a wheelchair by the end of it.

That really was the beginning of eight very long years of full bed-bound chronic fatigue, which I’m sure looking back it wouldn’t have been so drastic if I’d realized at the time I should have just healed instead of thinking I could overcome it through sheer willpower and drive. I guess some of the things I’ve tried …

I’ve pretty much done everything you can think of. After giving up on the conventional medicine I probably fairly quickly, within six months, because they didn’t have any answers at all, I basically used loads of IV drips. I also did some fasting. I did a three week water fast but that didn’t help me at the time. Loads of oxy-nutritional things and homeopathy. I did Gerson therapy with all the coffee enemas and juicing. You name it, I’ve probably done it and tried it. This is over I guess a period of six or seven years.

After that time where you get pretty desperate when you’re lying in bed and you’ve pretty much had absolutely nothing to lose, I started to look deeper into other things and started to look at the field of energy medicine, which originally I completely discounted because I had a very conventional upbringing. I bought into the nutrition thing but I wasn’t going to step over the edge into mind and energy medicine.

After a while I did. I basically started reading some books and one of those books I read was The Field by Lynne McTaggart. That actually really, really opened my mind about how energy fields are not only able to affect health but they’re also behind reality itself. I guess that was an instrumental moment for me where from that I basically had this completely ludicrous idea of the time of creating a home wellness system, which would basically tell people what was wrong with them from the comfort of their own homes and, more importantly, work out a path to get them better.

Robyn:                    Okay, so we’re going to put The Field by Lynne McTaggart in the show notes because this was a turning point for you and this opened your mind to some things in your health that you hadn’t really been aware of. The big turning point for you wasn’t drinking tons of green juice but it was energetic issues. Can you talk a little bit more about that?

Also, talk about your recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome. It feels like chronic fatigue syndrome is one of those things that medicine just slaps a label on it to have something to call it and to be officially, even though they don’t know what causes it, they don’t know what it is, and they don’t know how to help anybody get better from it. Am I right?

Harry:                      Yeah, that’s like medicine and all diseases. It’s slap a label on it and then completely ignore the causes. Yeah, with me, basically, I ended up meeting this scientist from Australia called Professor Frazer. To say who he was, he had basically been mapping the information and energy of the human body field for about 25 years.

When I met him I had basically had the idea of creating a home wellness system but I didn’t have a clue how to do it or more importantly I didn’t have a clue how to get myself better. He basically did. Over a period of about two years, he basically made what are now called [inaudible 00:07:21] but he was basically imprinting information into structured water based on this map of the body field, which in a very short way of saying it would basically trigger healing responses in different parts of the body.

Robyn:                    Okay, tell me a little bit more about what the body field is.

Harry:                      Yeah, we’ll look at it from I guess a conventional point of view first and then go a bit deeper. Really, when you’re looking at reality, absolutely everything in life is really part of an energy transfer system. If, for instance, you went to a hospital and you go and you go and have a CT scan or an MRI or you have an ECG electrodes put in your head or an EKG, they’re all examples of technology that are basically able to pick up the energy of the body field but they’re doing it in a Western conventional way.

It’s sort of a bit bizarre because the most modern technology sort of uses energy medicine principles but they basically completely ignored a whole load of other range of frequencies and what they think is noise can actually give an awful lot of information about the body through the body field. You can actually go deeper than that. For people who love Einstein, his most famous equation was E = MC2 which all that means is that energy is equivalent to matter.

You could say it more fundamentally than that because if you take energy it doesn’t quite make matter. Really, it’s information structured energy or the structured energy that is matter. When you apply that to biology and our own body, really our body is basically information plus energy. Or if you like, it’s information structured energy. That structured energy you can influence through information. It’s a little bit of an odd concept to think about but basically our physiology and physical structure of the body, behind that is energy, and behind that again and again is information. You can go higher up the tree if you like.

If you like a fairly simple way of increasing your health is if you can correct the information behind your body, you can also increase the energy that’s going into your body. Like using grounding and sunlight and all the really good quality water, et cetera. If you help optimize the energy and correct the information, you can basically end up at total wellness.

Robyn:                    Okay, total wellness, of course that’s our goal. Einstein basically equated energy to matter. You’re saying really it’s more than that. It’s information plus energy. Can you talk a little bit about this idea of structured energy? You’re using some terms, both energy and the word information, because information is foundational to health you discovered, to our energy and to our health. Health and energy being the same thing. Talk a little bit about structured energy. Then take us to what this information is that’s really behind our health.

Harry:                      Sure. If we look at it from a cellular level, we’re probably all used to the idea of biochemistry, giving little chemical messages, so if your hormones turn on a particular gland. Let’s take your thyroid. It produces a lot of [inaudible 00:11:20] and it travels around the blood and then that messenger hits the cell and the cell goes more active.

What’s a little bit peculiar about that is actually your body and all your body’s cells can react pretty much instantaneously in a lot quicker way than it would ever take the actual chemical molecule to travel around your blood to get to that particular cell. Your cells basically not only have a chemical messenging system. They also have an information messaging system. That information is basically carried on energy. Or, if you like, it’s carried on on the body field, which is why it’s able to be instantaneous.

Robyn:                    Okay, that’s fascinating. I think that if my readers are intuiting this the way I am that seems instantly true. That there are things that we know that happen in the cell but sometimes there’s input. It could be food input, it could be information input, it could be someone telling us something that’s not true, and there’s an instant reaction that’s so systemic, so system-wide, it’s more.

Harry:                      An easy way to think about it is if somebody makes you angry or something makes you afraid or let’s say someone makes you laugh, your body doesn’t react like 10, 20 seconds later by the time all these chemical molecules get to all the parts of your cells. It literally happens instantaneously. If you need to react, it’s pretty much instantaneous. That can only be done through fields. It doesn’t work for a chemical messaging system.

Robyn:                    Yeah, so this is just kind of exemplary of how that cellular biology fails us or is limited. Harry’s life’s work has really been how can we use information to shift energies into healthy places? Am I reducing that too far?

Harry:                      Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Basically we have a system that’s able to identify distortions and information and give people a sequence of healing. Then exactly that. We literally then just present them with the right information that’s being distorted which goes on basically to trigger a healing response.

Robyn:                    Okay, we’re going to link in the show notes to Harry’s movie called SuperCharged. You have some really interesting celebrity appearances in the movie. I loved it. Actually, Harry and I bond over all the weird things we do to experiment with our health and our energetic up-leveling because once you discover what’s possible you kind of want to live at peak frequencies. Am I right?

Harry:                      Yeah, that’s absolutely right. The idea of SuperCharged is I guess once you get through healing you start to ask that question, “What on earth is next? How on earth can you achieve your optimal performance?” We were really fascinated with that question and I guess we went to interview perhaps some of the obvious and some of the not so obvious people.

Like Dave Asprey of Bulletproof was one, Wim Hof, the Iceman, was another. Me and Sarah basically went and interviewed a bunch of people and all the types of bio-hacks that they would do to increase their energy. Mainly overall the film basically looks at all these different methods of how you can increase your energy but also how that acts through the mechanism of structured water. We spent quite a lot of time with Professor Gerald Pollack on all the water science which was pretty interesting.

Robyn:                    Yeah, I just read his book and we just interviewed him. Gerry Pollack. Basically, Harry and his partner in the movie, Sarah, are taking a look at what people do to figure out the body’s energy systems. I know you go in to tell a little bit about water and sunlight and grounding as things to explore when you’re trying to leverage your body’s energy systems better.

Harry:                      Sure. Well, basically, water if you like … With Gerald Pollack, I guess all of your listeners might have heard this podcast, but basically he’s been researching into structured water, which basically means it’s H3O2 instead of normal H2O.

When water is in, what he calls, the fourth phase, which is wherever you have a hydrophilic surface, it basically takes on this slightly different capability where it’s able to convert light into electrons or a source of energy which is basically how photosynthesis works.

What people don’t generally realize is there’s also sort of a former photosynthesis that goes on in the body. When you go outside and you get all the light exposure, it’s not just that you’re getting more vitamin D, which is also a great thing, basically that light is going through you, it’s creating more electrons, and more energy in your body because of the structured water inside your body.

Grounding is a related idea but basically if you take your shoes and socks off and put your feet in the earth, you’re basically connected to earth’s rich source of electrons and again … Maybe I should explain why electrons are actually a source of energy. If you go back to basically ADP works through transferring electrons, even if you eat sugar and carbohydrates, ultimately they’re converted down into electrons.

If you like, you can bypass the middle person and take out your carbs and sugar and liquid and just live on electrons and light. I’m not saying you shouldn’t eat but you can get a very high percentage of your energy from earth’s electrons and light and other …

Food is really useful because it helps your body to repair but it doesn’t necessarily need to be the primary source of energy which is a little bit radical but you like radical, don’t you?

Robyn:                    I like radical and we’ve been talking about a lot of radical things here and only just scratching the surface of them. I do like people, even though we can’t deep dive on all these really scientifically theoretical things, in these different branches of quantum science …

Harry:                      Yeah, if you learn energy it basically just makes sense to get out in the sun as much as you can because it is a free source of energy and it’s not going to put on weight or anything like that. You might as well use it.

Robyn:                    It’s a very good point because sunshine has been maligned as something that’s bad for us for many years. Now there are literally hundreds of published studies saying that vitamin D is absorbed through the skin, it’s a substance on the surface of the skin. It takes some time to be absorbed so after you’re in the sun you don’t want to come in and shower right away. Sunlight is an amazing source of energy and that’s the reason we feel so good when we’re in the sun is we’re actually getting charged, or as your movie calls it SuperCharged.

Harry:                      SuperCharged. Yeah, exactly.

Robyn:                    Okay, one more question for you before we let you go, Harry, is tell me about Infoceuticals. You suggested that you told me about the concept of Infoceuticals and I was pretty fascinated by it. It sounds really woo woo but folks on my podcast have been through 30 previous episodes talking about our energy exchange with other living beings and our energy is shifting depending on what emotion we’re feeling or what we’re in proximity to.

I think probably you’re talking to an audience that’s actually going to resonate with this but you have really specialized in Infoceuticals. Not in nutraceuticals, not a pharmaceutical. Talk about Infoceutical.

Harry:                      Sure. Basically, we go back a couple hundred years. [inaudible 00:19:48] invented homeopathy and he basically had this system where he would get a dilute substance of something that would cause the symptoms … So like [inaudible 00:19:58] if you took a lot of it, it would make you vomit and he thought if you had a really dilute amount where the chemical wasn’t even there, that basically the body would react against and have a nice healing reaction.

That seemed to work. It worked for about 100 years and then the whole chemicals system squashed it. Society completely changed. As in our whole environment changed because we have EMF for everyone and we have hundreds of thousands of toxins. The effectiveness of old style classical homeopathy basically reduced because the whole environment has changed.

Then about 30, 40 years ago we had a French scientist called [inaudible 00:20:43] and he basically wanted to see if you could … He basically took a moss cell and tried to see if he could get a digital copy which basically means just the information of an allergen to see if the moss cell would react and learn how the moss cell would react as though it were the real allergen.

He tried to publish it in Nature without maybe going down this whole line. Nature hated all of that because they hated homeopathy, let alone homeopathy without any original substance, but he basically had his experiment repeated in another three labs around the world. Nature had to print it after about six months. Then they printed it and then they did a hatchet job.

Long short, the scientist was murdered and all sorts of nasty funny business. No one really wanted to touch that field. Gerry Pollack, who interviewed, he basically took up the whole structured waters, looking at the information in water, and then another Nobel Prize winner called Luc Montagnier who he basically took this idea a little bit further.

It’s a pretty incredible experiment but he basically took a piece of DNA, electromagnetically transferred it to another beaker, where he had a lot of raw DNA based pairs. By adding the information, electronically along with the raw chemical, DNA-based pairs, they ended up assembling into the same viral pattern that was in the original beaker with I think it was a 99.8% [inaudible 00:22:39] which was just amazing.

Then there basically came this other scientist who is the one I worked with for about 10 years called Professor Frazer. What he was interested in was that’s all fine but how can we apply this to healing? What he did was looked at the information that could basically create an energetic change or basically a healthy positive epigenetic expression in people’s cells.

Basically we would give, let’s say, the positive information of a liver or a kidney or a particular part of the brain function and then basically the cells react and by creating a healthy epigenetic change which basically means that they then go on to create the correct growth and repair proteins, et cetera, ie, everything that happens as you stimulate a healing response.

Back originally, this was 14 years ago, when I met him, he basically healed me using all these different sets of Infoceuticals over about two years. Anyway, within that period we ended up with this system and all of these different sets of Infoceuticals which is what we use today.

Robyn:                    Okay, so Infoceuticals, everyone. We’re going to link in the show notes at Green Smoothie Girl dot com slash episode 31. You can find a link to go check out the SuperCharged movie. I believe that in an email, Harry will probably tell you about Infoceuticals and structured water and how you can assess your own energies and apply information to them to shift them which was your big turning point, Harry. You’re super committed to it. Now it’s your career.

Harry:                      Absolutely. We made another movie that basically explains it which is The Living Matrix. We can put that in the show notes as well.

Robyn:                    We’ll do. If you find this interesting, we are linking to both of Harry’s movies at Green Smoothie Girl dot com slash episode 31. Harry, I’m so glad that you’ve recovered your health and that you’ve spent the rest of your life to date helping others learn about quantum physics, quantum biology, and how to super charge their health. Thanks for being with us.

Harry:                      No, thank you, Robyn. It’s been great being on your show.

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