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Ep.04: Your ViQ and The Green Smoothie

Robyn Openshaw - Oct 25, 2016 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

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In this episode we explore in detail the results of your ViQ quiz. We talk about the relevancy of each quiz question to your personal frequency. We also begin the conversation about the importance of nutrition in raising your vibration and how the green smoothie is the first step to up-leveling your diet. To help you implement green smoothies into your daily routine I want to give you a free gift, the Green Smoothie Guide. 


  • What each question means in the ViQ quiz. 
  • Advice on what to do next if you got a low, average, or high ViQ score.
  • The health benefits of the green smoothie and why it’s the first step in improving your nutrition


Get your Green Smoothie Guide!

 Get the Aloe Vera I use in my green smoothies.

Learn how to make Rejuvelac by watching the Rejuvelac DEMO VIDEO

Take the How High is Your Vibe quiz to measure your personal ViQ. 


This transcript has been edited for clarity.

Robyn: Hi there. Welcome back. This is Episode 4.

I was telling my son, as he took me to the airport to drop me off, about the high vibration life platform and why I was so excited about it. He said, “But mom, mom, not everybody wants to write books. Not everybody wants to run a multimillion-dollar business.” I said, “That’s exactly right.”

Some people, that’s not their jam. Some people are just looking to be healthier and happier. Whatever your goals are, wherever you’re going, whatever train you’re on, high vibration is for you. High vibration helps you attract all the good stuff: good karma, good people, good health. That’s for everyone, right?

I hope that you’ve listened to Episode 3 of this podcast, and that you’ve taken the “How High is Your Vibe?” quiz. If you haven’t, now is a great time to stop and go back and take it. You can listen to Episode 3; in the show notes, though, is where this quiz is. We assume in this episode that you’ve got this great background for that Einstein statement, “Everything in life is vibration,” what that’s all about, and why it matters for you.


The ViQ Quiz

Let’s go into the quiz and I’m just going to review these 14 questions that you were asked.

It’s not that these are the only 14 things that will have an impact on you. They’re up-leveling or downgrading your frequencies, but these are some of the clearest, most high impact, most supported in research. Things that you can do that will have a dramatic and noticeable effect on either end of the scale, moving you up or moving you down in the frequencies you live at. We know that these things affect your cellular vibration.

The first question that the quiz asks you is “How often do you drink green juice or green smoothies or green salads?” Today’s episode really focuses on this. We’re getting started with “First things first,” as Stephen Covey said. If you’re doing this daily or near daily, you’re going to give yourself 5 points. If you’re in the 2 or 0, sometimes or 2 times a week or less, this is going to be an area that you can now identify that you want to focus on.

Second question is “How much of your diet is processed food?” What we mean by processed food is, if you’ve got it in the drive through or a fast food restaurant, it’s highly likely that it’s processed food. White flour, sugar of any kind, any foods at all from a package or a can.

If 70 to a 100 percent of your diet is processed, we give you 0 points for that in the quiz. If 30 to 69 percent is how much processed food you eat in your diet, still you’re only getting 2 points. We want to see you getting a 5 there, where it’s only 0 to 29 percent of your diet.

All right, next question: “How often do you drink coffee or soda?” And, of course, we assume that you know that energy drinks belong in that category as well; drinking those fewer rather than more times obviously is going to have a big impact on how you feel, how long you live, and even your mood.

Question number 4 is, “How often do you think negative or critical thoughts?” We’re talking about regarding anything. Regarding your work; 70% of the world dislikes or hates their work. We’re talking about the way you talk about yourself, or to yourself, if those are negative.

Deepak Chopra says, “The vast majority of our thoughts are negative,” and the vast majority of them, well over 90%, are repetitive. They’re the same negative thoughts you said about yourself yesterday and the day before and the day before that. Literally it’s a Groundhog Day when it comes to negative thinking. This is affecting your energies on a cellular level. Negative thoughts or positive thoughts regarding your future. What we’re looking for here is you get more points for the less negatively that you think.

The next question: “How often are you happy, excited and eager about what’s coming up in your life?” Clearly, that is a positive. How often are you gloomy and depressed? How often do you wake up tired? How often do you go to bed at midnight, or later? One hour of sleep before midnight is worth 2 hours of sleep after midnight, according to Sleep Science. One really quick way to get yourself up-leveling is to change your schedule to where you’re able to get an hour of sleep starting at 11 PM. It’s so, so valuable.

“How much exposure,” is the next question, “to electronic devices do you get?” Remember, if you can think back to our first episode, I think, where we talked about where your energy field is. I want you to hold both your arms out to your sides and I want you to imagine that as the circumference, if you trace the circle around yourself starting with those end points, that circumference is your basic energy field.

Now, there’s other ways to get into your energy field, like I’m in your energy field right now with the oscillating sound waves that are coming through your headset or whatever you’re listening on. However many electronic devices are in that energy field is going to dictate how much they’re affecting your vibration. They’re only going to bring it down because these are chaotic, broken, randomized, competing frequencies. Of course, they’re competing with what you’re trying to achieve which is consistent, high, steady stable frequencies.

Next question on the quiz was “How often do you get outside in clean air and sunshine doing something physical?” If you take deep breaths, you are purifying your respiratory system which has an effect on all the rest of your systems. Sunshine is actually absorbing nutrients into your skin that makes for, not just healthy bones, but also endorphins that elevates your mood. How often do you do something fun? I’m talking about something that’s not work-related, and does not involve looking at electronics.

Another super important one is “How would you describe your relationships?” If you’re giving yourself a high score here, it’s because you have a quite a few or even just a few relationships that are deep and grounded and supportive and forgiving.

These are the good qualities in relationships that the blue zones get mostly studied for, these 5 culture zones of the world where people live to be over a hundred at very high numbers. We talk a lot about their diets. Their diets are all really high in whole foods. You know what the other constant is? The other most interesting constant in all of those 5 cultures where people live to be very old and very happy is that they have good relationships. They’re very involved in the communities. They’re small communities where people know each other. They enjoy a lot of support. There’s three, four generations living in close proximity with each other, all supporting each other in different ways.

Second to the last question is “How often do you take drugs?” I’m talking about medications of any kind, whether they’re legal drugs or illegal, whether they are prescriptions or over-the-counter. It doesn’t matter. You can take vitamins or bioidentical hormones out of that. They don’t count. But all chemicals that you eat will lower your vibration, so it’s an important factor to consider.

Then the last one is “How often do you do yoga, tai chi, or a similar discipline?” Most of them are Eastern disciplines, and they aren’t cardio exercise. They aren’t weightlifting, but they are great grounding vibration-raising exercises.

Hopefully you have totaled up your scores. I’m going to talk to you based on your score right now, for just a minute, before we dive into what today’s topic is that I think is going to be really helpful to you. I’m really excited about a present that I have for you, that the whole Green Smoothie Girl team has been working on the last couple of weeks.

The whole point of this podcast is to help you be [inspired]. Back to high school physics, remember the whole law of “bodies in motion tend to stay in motion, and bodies at rest tend to stay at rest”? We want to inspire you and educate you and empower you also. That’s what our gift today is going to do: empower you to add some really cool, really easy things to your life that make you much, much healthier, that lead you to that high vibration life which is our goal.

Let’s go through the scoring. If you got 61 to 70 points, I want to talk to you for just a quick second. Sixty-one to seventy points is a really great score.

Your challenge is to take a look at any 0’s or 2’s that you got in your scoring, and those are going to be areas to work on. These are parts of what affect your vibrational quotient on a daily basis. When you address them, you might find that you get some energies unstuck.

Have you ever procrastinated something for a long time and then you finally do the thing that you’ve been putting off and putting off, and all of a sudden there’s this huge upsurge of energy? All of a sudden, things started to move in your job or in your business or in a relationship where you’ve been delaying having a conversation about something difficult. All of a sudden there’s this quantum growth.

You, if you have 61 to 70 points in this quiz, you’re already very finely tuned, vibrationally, human being and you’re really quite upleveled.

For you, the exciting thing is that small tweaks are going to make a really noticeable difference. This doesn’t just show up in your own personal ViQ. It shows up in the way others react to you. Other people are noticing it. They want to learn from you. They want you to be their mentor. They want to be around you more.

You can always make improvements and you’re likely here on this podcast for even greater possibilities. I’m excited for you. Good job. I want to hear from you. I want to hear from you on the Facebook page.

If you scored 51 to 60 points, this is also a pretty reasonable score. You’ve clearly already done some work in your life. You’re making some strides. You’re protective of your ViQ. You may have been a student of some personal growth content or you’re paying attention to your nutrition.

You’ve still got some areas to work on and you’ve come to a really good place for that, because that’s my goal, too, is to help you find the stuck places and help you uplevel. I feel like everything you’re going to learn here on this podcast is totally for you if you’re in this category. Your 0 and 2 scores are areas to write down and for us to really address in the content coming up.

For those of you who are below 50 points, I want to make sure that our goal here is to set a benchmark. Later, after we put some things into play, come back and retest yourself. This test will be available later as well. What I don’t want you to do is to use a score below 50, where you’re in a low vibration state, as something to beat yourself up about.

This isn’t about shame. This isn’t about putting ourselves down, because those are limiting and those are low vibration emotions. They don’t serve. In fact, something I say to myself often, if it’s not in your repertoire you might want to write this on a 3 x 5 card and put it on your mirror, and just write, “Does this serve?”

I ask myself that all the time. Not just “Does this serve me?” but also “Is this serving?” Period. Does this serve whoever I’m talking to? Is what I’m talking about of service or not? For me, that’s a really great language-ing to get clear about whether what I’m saying or doing or feeling is leading to my number one goal in life. I got really clear with myself years ago that I have a goal in my life and that is more happiness for myself and for other people in my energy field. The end.

If you got below 50 points, I have a feeling that one of the things we’re going to need to talk about is the way you talk to yourself. We’re going to really scratch way below the surface on this. We’re going to talk about your self-limiting beliefs.

I used to think I didn’t have any. I totally did and I do though. At the age of 49 right now, I’m just beginning to address them. Getting humble about that, and figuring out what they are, is going to be so key in moving your energies in a direction you want them. You and I have some exploring to do about the way that you talk to yourself.

My guess is if you’re below 50 points on this quiz it’s that you’re probably less satisfied with your life than you could be. You’ve plugged in here because you want to attract more high vibrations in your life. I want you to know that I see you, and I’m excited for you about to journey. I hope it’s eye-opening to identify in this lower place vibrationally because that awareness all by itself can launch you into an upward place.


The Green Smoothie: Raising Your Vibration

Today, what I want to talk about is that I have a gift for you and it’s related to where I feel like you just have to start. It’s where Green Smoothie Girl started 9 years ago. We just celebrated our 9th anniversary online which makes me a great-grandma on the internet because everything in the internet changes so fast.

It’s the base of any wellness pyramid. It starts with your nutrition. If you’ve been following me or GreenSmoothieGirl for a long time, you might be like, “Are we really talking about green smoothies here?” We are, because what I found is even if people have been exposed to the concept – they’ve read my book, they’ve been making green smoothies – a lot of people aren’t in the daily habit.

Let’s remember back. We’re going to go back to basics here for a minute.

Remember when we were talking about the energy in foods and how you can measure it electrically and that it can be measured in hertz, and that the most high vibration foods were the green ones? That’s why the green smoothie – it’s not that it has to be a smoothie; it’s that it’s a great way to get a lot of greens in your diet quickly – [is so good].

The gift that we’ve prepared for you so that you can finally nail your daily green smoothie habit is (around here we call it) the Green Smoothie Guide. You can go and download it and you can print it. Basically, it makes you 1001 different combinations of green smoothies without having to follow specific recipes.

We’re going to make it as easy for you as possible to spend 10 minutes a day in your kitchen to add 10 years of vitality to your life and get 10 servings a day of raw greens and super foods, which, according to what the research says Americans eat, is 1000% more nutrition than average American is getting.

I give you a tip to lose 10 pounds in the next month just using this grid. You can print one out to take to the grocery store with you.

It shows you all the different choices you have to build your green smoothie without using any measuring cups, without ever needing a recipe again.

We’ll also give you a video of me doing a demo of using the Green Smoothie Grid.

Let me walk you through it. First of all, there are the liquids that make up the base of your smoothie. This is what makes it drinkable, but you can actually get more bang for your buck (if you’re going to spend that 10 minutes in the kitchen anyway) by putting a probiotic-rich drink as the base of it instead of just plain water.

All of them have different nutritional profiles: your almond milk, your coconut liquid, your coconut milk, but one that I suggest that you try – we’re going to give you a link to a YouTube video of me showing you how to do this – is something I learned from the late great Dr. Ann Wigmore. It’s called Rejuvelac.

Rejuvelac costs basically nothing. Watching my video costs you nothing, and then making it costs you a small handful of green. That green doesn’t have to be a gluten grain.

If you’re avoiding gluten, I don’t blame you. You can use any grain you want, including grains that aren’t really grains like quinoa. If you just get this habit going it literally takes you two minutes, and you’re rehabilitating your gut.

Almost everybody in America has gut issues at this point: gut inflammation, gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation. It’s estimated about 85% of us have leaky gut issues and most of us have not been diagnosed.

Of course, this is because of all the GMO foods and all the hybridized grains, all the chemicals in our food, all the processed food we eat. Nobody can really isolate which of those things contributes to the problem, but you can imagine why that would be destructive to your digestive tract.

While using Rejuvelac as the base of your green smoothie doesn’t really add any time or any money to your green smoothie habit, it adds probiotics. I don’t believe that you can take a probiotic pill and have that stand in for naturally cultured foods that people have eaten for thousands of years. Just based on the markings in your blender jar, that’s all you need to make the perfect green smoothie every time.

You’ve also got a category of superfoods. This is where you’re really taking your green smoothie to the next level. This is where I get really excited.

Just as an example: aloe vera is only one superfood. Instead of using it every single day, if you have it on hand, then you can use it sometimes. All those other superfoods that might be in your cabinet and you don’t know what to do with them, or you’ve seen them in the health food store and you’d like to know how to use cayenne, or how to use ginger, or what to do with acai, well the Green Smoothie is the perfect place for all of it.

I show you, just as an example, how to use aloe. In the show notes, because I know you’ll watch the video and some of you will want this aloe, I’m also linking you to where I get my aloe. Now, aloe vera is one of the most powerful plant substances known to man. It is miraculous against burns. I’ve had the same aloe vera plant in my window for over 10 years. I’ve had that plant longer than I’ve had most of my children.

Adding aloe vera to your green smoothie is incredible. If it can heal a burn better than anything that medicine has ever created, you can imagine what it’s doing cellularly on the inside as well.

Nutrition is so foundational. It’s the fuel we’re putting in the car. If you want a high vibration life, you’re not going to get it with a Coors Light, in a 3 pack of Taco bell burritos and 2 brownies for dinners sitting in front of the TV, but I’m all about the baby steps.

This really cool present I have got for you today that you can get in the show notes is where I start with people. I start with green smoothies. Why greens? Why green smoothies? Well, the health benefits of the green smoothie habit are just astonishing. The health benefits that a 175 people reported to me that I documented in my first book, The Green Smoothies Diet that was published in 2009, is that 95% of them felt that it improved noticeably their health or their quality of life.

The vast majority of them said that their digestion improved, their energy went up, they lost weight just by putting something into their diet. We didn’t tell them they couldn’t have anything else. They had prettier skin and less cravings for sweets and processed foods. Those are 5 completely amazing habits that more than half reported. Then there’s a lot of others that 20 to 50 percent of those in our study reported as well.

This habit that I started all those many years ago when my first child was so sick, and I was so sick and so overweight with 4 autoimmune diseases, once I got this habit started, I had more energy. I was excited.

I wanted to capitalize on that, and I started adding more and more really powerful nutrition habits to my family’s repertoire. Now, they’re just easy. They are just the defaults. That’s an exciting consequence of just going into motion, just starting with one great habit. That, and learning how to metabolize my emotions, which is our next episode, have probably been the top two game changers in the quest for my own high vibration life.

Tune in next Wednesday when I teach you my 90 seconds to metabolize, reframe, and release any negative emotion. I’m super excited about it. Make sure, too, if you have a question for me, that you call the number in the show notes and tell me who you are and tell me your question because we will do a Q&A here once in a while. Thrilled to be with you this week. Can’t wait to see you next time.

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  1. Sheryl says:

    I enjoyed your podcasts and I am going to try your green smoothies. I am a nutrition student who is interested in holistic health and i have studied a little on quantum physics and vibration. I find it very interesting and i am trying to raise my vibration level.

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