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Ep. 176: David Icke, Part I (Interviewed by London Real’s Brian Rose) | Vibe Podcast

Robyn Openshaw - Apr 12, 2020 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Vibe Podcast 176 David Icke Part 1

This is the first interview of “conspiracy theorist” author and journalist David Icke, by London Real’s Brian Rose. He discusses the “cabal,” or the global elite, and what they have to do with the 2020 international crisis.

I do a 27-minute “Cliff’s Notes” at the beginning. Trust me, you want to listen to both — because this, and the second interview, are dense in information that you may have not been exposed to before.

You’ll finish this wondering, “How have I not known any of this, my whole life?!” And, you’ll definitely need the second interview.


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  • [00:03:36]: Private Page. Robyn invites you to her private page on Facebook if you have questions about the way things are being run regarding the coronavirus and the economy.
  • [00:27:36]: The Beginning. This is where the interview with David Icke by Brian Rose of London Real begins.
  • [00:36:53]: Know the Outcome. David Icke explains how to notice patterns and foresee the upcoming events.
  • [00:58:22]: The Rockefeller Foundation Document. David Icke describes the connection between this entity and our current situation.
  • [01:20:00]:  Fascist Vaccines. David Icke explains the connection between mandatory vaccines and a loss of rights.
  • [01:33:29]: China’s Technology. David Icke explains China’s use of technology in the fight against coronavirus and how it’s a major breach of privacy.
  • [02:00:27]:  Economic Implications. Brian Rose and David Icke discuss the economic implications of the coronavirus.
  • [02:05:19]: Self-Identity and Hope. David Icke talks about keeping calm and attracting happy, hopeful frequencies.
  • [02:21:29]: Acquiescing to Tyranny. David Icke insists that if we respect ourselves then we will stand up for our freedoms and rights.


This transcript has been edited for clarity.

Robyn: Hey everyone. Robyn Openshaw here. I am the Green Smoothie Girl online. Welcome to the Vibe show where we talk about all things related to raising our vibrational frequency.

Today I’m running a two-part series, which are the two very important interviews by Brian Rose of London Real TV. Brian Rose interviewed Great Britain’s author, researcher, former journalist David Icke.

He’s been known as a conspiracy theorist, but I want to ask you to suspend your disbelief and come with me on a little journey. Lay that gaslighting term down. I’m not a big fan of these gaslighting terms that we apply to someone because then that makes them seem crazy.

Let’s lay down this whole idea of conspiracy theory because I think it’s really important that we take a close look at what he actually says in these two and a half hour interviews.

I want to do these interviews so that you could put it on 1.5x. I talk very quickly. David Icke talks very slowly. You [will probably] want to put it on 1.5x or even 2x, when you get to his part.

I’m going to do a little CliffsNotes here for those of you who want the abstract upfront, like here’s what he says in the shortest version possible.

You can listen to them much faster than if you’re watching it on YouTube. Full credit goes to Brian Rose on London Real on YouTube.

YouTube took it down. It was gone for probably 14 hours, and it’s come down and gone back up. I felt like it would be a lot more useful to be able to hear it on a podcast.

I feel like Davide Icke lays end to end why we now find ourselves pretty much stripped of our constitutional rights. We cannot gather, we have lost a lot of our freedom of speech, and we get gaslighted by anybody who buys into the media narrative, the government narrative.

There’s more gaslighting than I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve been more bullied in the last four weeks than I was in all elementary school put together, which is interesting because I wore yard sale clothes and was a nerdy ginger at the time.

We cannot be outside in our national parks. We have food rationing. We’re not allowed to run our businesses, and many of us cannot go to our jobs. We are basically on house arrest.

If the government/media narrative is working for you, and if you believe that we are all at great risk of dying from a terrible virus, and you do not want the many things that we’re going talk about here [that] are going to challenge what you think you know, this podcast episode is not for you.

Do not continue on if you are happy with the media narrative, the government narrative, and you aren’t asking the deeper questions. This episode is for people who are.

I’ve set up a private page on Facebook. There’s 5,000 of my followers there who are agreed to be polite, kind and respectful to each other.

They all agree that they are questioning and that we have the freedom to ask the tough questions of why this just happened to us and [why] we just crashed our economy. Many of us don’t have jobs.

That private group, if you’d like to add yourself, is Taking Action for Freedom. On Facebook, if you want to join our private group — it is the most pleasant place on social media right now with everybody throwing left hooks and right hooks — please feel free to go add yourself if you are willing to answer yes to both of the questions.

This, today, is very different kind of content than I usually do. It’s related to the pandemic that has hijacked all of our minds, all of our consciousness, and all the events around it.

Why do we all feel that we just lost our rights? Why is it that so many epidemiologists completely disagree with quarantining the economy’s workers and forcing them to go home and be in a house arrest situation with the elderly and the ill? We don’t understand why that’s a good idea.

Why are hundreds of thousands of businesses either out of business completely or on their knees and in jeopardy of that? Why is one third of America unemployed with two months left to go in?

Some places have this Shelter in Place legal order that we all have to stay home. Why do some States and countries leaders refuse to shut down?

Many of them are doing much better than New York City and other places that have a bigger outbreak. Why is that? Many more questions that folks with critical thinking skills are asking.

CliffsNotes quickly. Please don’t miss the second one. Very, very important. The first interview is foundational, but in the second one he talks about how Covid-19 Virus is not actually a virus.

He talks about how it’s a normal human exosome. He reviews Andrew Kaufman’s work, who’s an American medical doctor who says it is molecularly identical to a human exosome, and it even fits on the exact same cell receptor.

There is no difference. We have to take a look at that. A virus is not a living thing. This is something that I have found that most people don’t know. It sort of makes wearing the masks a little bit ridiculous.

You’re not walking down the sidewalk and there’s this living organism that’s hanging in the air because someone else just walked past and you’re going to breathe it in and you’re going to get sick. That’s not at all what a virus is.

A virus causes some shedding inside the cell of these exosomes, and you have to actually be exposed in high amounts to it from someone who is sick. This is not being debated.

There’s nobody out there who’s saying this isn’t what happens. You have to spend a lot of time with a sick person. To get the virus you also need to have a weakened immune system. And that’s why we see those who get very ill or those who die of this virus are the elderly and already ill people.

There’s a lot of emotion in the firsthand accounts of some doctors and some nurses. You also see a tremendous amount of lack of awareness or ignorance in medical professionals themselves about not just how you get sick with Covid-19, but also what your true risk level is and what kind of risk the average healthy or even just average, not that healthy person has.

It is truly the very, very ill and elderly who have died. The test itself, RTPCR, was developed in 1984 by a biochemist named Kary Mullis. This is the test that everybody’s taking right now.

Nationwide, 4% of the people who are taking the test get a positive. When Kary Mullis, the biochemist designed this RTPCR test it was not at all designed to be used to measure Covid-19. In fact, he said, “Do not use this test to test for infectious disease.”

This test is also used to test for lung cancer. The test was created by pulling genetic material out of a small number of people’s respiratory system. Nobody disputes this test doesn’t even actually test for Covid-19 specifically.

Nor does it tell you how much of this supposed viral material the test subject has. Again, you need a lot of it to get sick.

Another thing that he covers is that the Imperial College London employs a guy named Professor Neil Ferguson. You may be aware of him because he’s the epidemiologist statistician who ran the projections. His code turned out later to be 13-year-old code used to project the flu. He is the guy that started the fear pandemic.

He said that he projected 2.2 million people worldwide would die. He said that [of] his own people in the UK, half a million of them would die. Since then, he’s revised that from half a million in the UK or up to half a million to maybe 20,000.

Then later he said maybe 5,600. I think we’ve really overvalued the projections here. I’m not at all the only person to be saying that. Somehow, he went from half a million dying in the UK to 5,600. He has been grossly incorrect before modeling for a pandemic.

He wouldn’t give people his code. This thing had been playing out for weeks, and he wouldn’t give his code to anybody. Turns out he based it on a flu projection from 13 years ago.

Interestingly, the college he works for inside the Imperial College London receives money from the Bill Gates Foundation. Make sure you listen to David Icke on that score.

Not going to go too deep on the Bill Gates Foundation or what he has to do with the Cabal or the Global Elite or this small group of the uber wealthy in the world who behind the scenes are pulling a lot of strings.

Bill Gates is one of the few who we can see what he’s doing. It’s become very, very obvious what his role has been in all of this. You’re thinking, “This sounds like a conspiracy theory.”

I’m recording this on April 8th. This whole situation is happening so quickly that I’ll disclose the date I’m recording. You can measure what has happened since April 8th to when you’re listening to this.

It was April 7th when the United States hit the same number of deaths as were reported in the U.S. for H1N1 or the swine flu.

Now today — the next day, April 8th — that number is higher, but we know a few things that I want to remind you about. Number one, there’s only 4% of the people taking the test nationwide who are even positive.

Number two, you should check this out yourself. Don’t take my word for any of this. The CDC is telling doctors and morticians to count the deaths as Covid-19 regardless of whether they were tested it. Even if they weren’t tested for it, if there are any similar symptoms call it a Covid-19 death.

On April 7th, we finally have 12,500 deaths, which is how many we had with swine flu in the United States. I’m just adding data points for you to think about what’s going on here.

Three — with so much of medicine shutdown, I know that I haven’t seen the new number, but two weeks ago there were 61,000 furloughed or laid off medical personnel. I’m talking about doctors and nurses and ambulance drivers.

They’re just waiting for the big wave. We’re waiting for the big wave when our emergency rooms will get maxed and lots of deaths are supposedly going to come at us. Okay.

Lots and lots of doctors and a lot of independent media outlets are talking about how lots of hospitals are empty. Lots of emergency rooms are empty.

Another data point that is curious is that South Korea, China, Germany, and so many other countries have gone basically to zero new Covid-19 deaths weeks ago.

Italy appears to be, for close to a week, on the downhill side of the bell curve. All viruses have a bell curve, and once you’re on the other side, it tends to keep declining.

The big question is, with all that as backstory, why did we shut down the economy? Why did we shut down global economies?

Many of us still have two months before we’re told that we’re going to be allowed to go to work. We have the same number of deaths that swine flu did and about the same fatality rate.

Dr. Anthony Fauci — lots of people feel like is totally in bed with the Gates foundation and big pharma and stands to benefit greatly from a mandatory vaccine schedule.

Even Dr. Anthony Fauci, who isn’t really a good guardian of the henhouse, has published in New England Journal of Medicine that the death rate from this is about like a bad flu, which is 0.1% or one 10th of 1%.

Of course, we know a lot of people don’t get tested and tracked. Therefore, later on they have to calculate those into it.

We were hearing in China that it’d be between one and 4% death rate. Well guess what? Later on, China reported the death rate from Covid-19 in China, is somewhere between 0.04 and 0.12. That is not yet peer reviewed, but it is published in a biomedical search engine called medRxiv.

The death rate in China where they have terrible air quality and something like 27% of the population smokes cigarettes is 0.04% to 12%. Pretty low lethality. Not worse than the flu.

Go on China’s numbers or on what Dr. Anthony Fauci said to the New England Journal of Medicine, which is published on March 26th of this year, 2020.

Why didn’t we shut the economy down with swine flu? Why did the prime minister of India send 1.4 billion people home to not work for 21 days? I’ve looked for news of India.

I look almost every day, and I can’t find anything available in English. I’m so worried about them because there are 37 million people in India alone who live in slums on top of each other with barely enough to eat to survive, as it was with whatever they were able to do to earn an income.

They were told they’re not allowed to leave their homes. Their prime minister, Narendra Modi, said to them, ‘Forget what it felt like to leave your house,” and they didn’t even have any real outbreak there at the time.

Can every leader of every country be so ignorant about viruses and pandemics and the herd immunity (which you get if over half the population has been exposed and the vast majority of them have become immune)? [Herd immunity] would happen if we just let this thing run.

There are lots and lots of epidemiologists pointing this out. Is it possible that everybody just got some really bad information and made some really bad decisions?

One thing that’s clear is the fact that we’re grossly over-reporting the deaths. That much is very clear. You can find hundreds of sources out there.

As of now, April 8th, talking about this, I saw a new one today by Dr. Annie Bukacek in Montana for instance.

I’ve had dozens of people message me or report on my private group in Facebook that someone close to them went to the ER with chest pains and dizziness, looks like a heart attack and they were told that they could be admitted only as a Covid-19 patient.

If a patient dies and they’ve been admitted as something else, but Covid-19 goes on their chart, you can do the math. This is going into the death statistics, and it really wasn’t a Covid-19 death at all.

You have a stage four cancer patient who’s already weighs below a hundred pounds and has been through chemo for several years. When they die, if they can get a positive test for Covid or if they had a cough, apparently, they call them a Covid-19 death.

I very much hope that you’ll listen to [the second episode] if you’re open at all to challenging the narrative you’ve been told by the media and by your government.

[In that episode, David Icke] will talk about the symptoms of being exposed to radiation and the 5G rollout where we’re being exposed to a hundred times more radiation than 4g. It’s exponentially more. The 5G had rolled out being installed. There’s literally satellites up in space beaming down radiation at the people of New York.

Guess what? The 5G rollout happened in the exact same cities where we have these high numbers of deaths from supposedly Covid-19. I’m talking about especially New York City.

You’ve got this doctor, his name is Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, and he is a New York City ICU doctor. You can look up his six-minute video and he says, “I don’t know what this is we’re treating” He seems completely panicked.

He’s in his kitchen talking to us after work and he says, “This doesn’t look like Covid-19 at all. In fact, putting ventilators on these people is going to hurt them.”

He says, “I don’t know what they have, but it doesn’t fit the profile of Covid-19 at all. It’s like they got dropped on the top of Mount Everest without doing any acclimatization.”

I’m here in Utah and today, April 8th, we have had 13 deaths of elderly people in Utah. We have had a total of 148 hospitalizations.

Our medical personnel have been at home. Many of them not being paid for weeks. I was in the Park City hospital because I needed to get some blood out of my arm.

I supposed to get rid of a pint of blood, and normally I would go to the Red Cross but of course they were shut down all over the country.

It was two weeks ago today, April 8th, whatever that was. This was long before they stopped doing urgent issues only. They were totally open for business, and I was the only one in the hospital.

There’s absolutely not one person in the ER. I said, “You guys have a bunch of people here with Covid?” They’re like, “Nope, we don’t have anybody.”

Well while I was there in the hospital, I was looking at my phone waiting for somebody to take my blood, no patients in the waiting room, no patients inside. When the swinging door would open, [it was] just a few employees in there lounging around.

I was sitting there in the ER while they tried to find a nurse and eventually sent me back. I was there for an hour, and I never did get a pint of blood out of my arm because they said there wasn’t a nurse in the entire hospital.

While I was sitting there, ironically, the story from KSL came out that our lock down, which had already been going for 10 days, was being extended another five weeks.

Empty hospital, and there’s only two. There’s only two in Summit County. I was in the much bigger one. Nobody there for Covid-19, and yet we’re going to shut down most of 7,000 businesses in Summit County.

Just in the last few days, I’ve had four different people tell me they’re in horrible pain from a cracked tooth, and that they cannot even get a dentist to treat them until at least May.

I just use that as an example of the dentists because there are many professions in the same boat. They’re scared of the authorities. They’re scared of the threats and the sanctions.

“What if the authorities shut off my electricity and my water to my dental clinic? Well, I better just stay home until somebody gives me permission to practice dentistry again.”

I think it’s past time to start to wonder, ask, speak up. What in the hell is going on here? If you were ever open to asking a different kind of question, if you were ever open to listening to somebody like Davide Icke, now would be that time.

Let’s ask ourselves, do we support this whole lives versus money thing that’s been very divisive? Anybody who says, “Hey, wait a minute, my business is going to be bankrupt” then you have lots of people in social media shouting at you that you care more about money than lives.

Not true. I wrote a piece on my Facebook page about the actual economic cost of high unemployment. Do we actually save lives by crashing the economy? I think now is that time to start asking questions like that to start speaking up.

I hope you’ve written your city mayor, your county mayor, your governor if you believe that the numbers do not warrant the economic shutdown such as the numbers I just gave you in Utah.

Less than 150 hospitalizations and 13 deaths in the last month, and we are completely shut down in the two Democrat run counties — Salt Lake County and Summit County where I live in Park City.

Tell your elected officials, your state legislators, your state delegate to Congress and the Senate in Washington. Tell them you want to get back to work.

David Icke will tell you if we acquiesce — this is a major theme of his — if we acquiesce, they have power. They don’t have power if we don’t acquiesce right now. America got knocked over by a feather.

I talk fast. David Icke talks very slowly, and that’s part of the reason I wanted to put his interview here on my podcast. You can consume this content twice as fast if you want to.


I also put it up here because YouTube keeps shutting the videos down. When YouTube kept taking these videos down, [Brian Rose] said to save this to your hard drive.

I’m assuming that he is okay with me using this content, giving him credit and saying that you can get the videos at LondonReal.TV. I’m hoping that this content is safer to go out because iTunes generally does not censor content.

Maybe because of the huge traffic [the video was taken down]. David Icke’s first interview with London Real went viral. His second one was the second highest live event on YouTube that day. Maybe it just crashed it.

Maybe that’s why it disappeared from YouTube for almost a whole day. Regardless, here it is, audio only. You’re not missing anything because they were just sitting in a studio talking to each other on the video.

I think you’re going to find what Icke says to be really fascinating in the podcast format. You can back up and listen to something again because there are things he says that you need to listen to two or three times.

I’m going to let you listen to the first interview, and then just as soon as we’re done producing, we’ll also publish his second interview. First one’s the back story on who the Global Elite are.

They not only control a lot of government all over the world, but they also have their hands in our back pocket whether you realize it or not.

For instance, they own the Federal Reserve and have since 1913. This isn’t even a secret even if most Americans don’t know it, but also just how they’ve been teeing this thing up.

This thing that just happened to us and is going to be a part of our lives ongoing unless we really stand up to it. How do they do that? Listen, I have one more thing to say before we get right into it.

Please don’t abuse your friends and family. I’m probably preaching to the choir because if you’ve even listened this long, you must be a questioner. You must have critical thinking skills. You must want to know why our small businesses are on the ground.

Why are we unemployed when we were doing so well? I just want to share this message. We all need each other right now. Everyone is stressed out.

Why don’t we just take a little while for this podcast episode? Take some deep breaths and just listen and learn. The last 30 minutes of the second David Icke interview is absolutely inspiring. If you’re looking for some hope, make sure you listen to that. Listen to it twice if you want.

We’ve all already seen a ton of mainstream media. We’ve read a ton of mainstream media. People call it fake news. I call it fact free.

You see a headline like, “Ecuador is Handing out Cardboard Coffins,” and then you read the article and there’s only one fact in it, and that’s that 150 people in the entire tens of millions of people who live in Ecuador have died.

They’re not handing out cardboard boxes. You read the article and you find out that somebody was talking about cardboard boxes.

You read about a baby who died of Covid-19, and you have to read all the way to the bottom of the page to find out that the mother died of, they don’t even know what and was 22 weeks gestation of this baby, and somehow the headline becomes, “Baby Dies of Covid-19.”

This is the kind of terrible fake news that prays on the unsophisticated, that preys on people with very weak critical thinking skills. We’ve listened to plenty of that kind of information.

How about we just settle in and listen to a completely different kind of information? This is Brian Rose interviewing on London Real (or London Real TV) Davide Icke, the British journalist who can be found at or

Brian Rose: This is London Real. I am Brian Rose. My guest today is David Icke, the English writer and public speaker known since the 1990’s as a professional conspiracy theorist, calling yourself a full-time investigator into who and what is really controlling the world.

You’re the author of over 21 books and 10 DVDs and have lectured in over 25 countries, speaking live for up to 10 hours to huge audiences filling stadiums like Wembley Arena.

You are here today to talk about the coronavirus pandemic, the worldwide Covid-19 lockdown, and the looming global economic recession. David, welcome back to London Real.

David Icke: Thanks, Brian.

Brian Rose: Great to have you here. A lot of people out there with a lot of questions. There’s a lot of confusion. This is a crazy time. I wanted to start off and just say a few things as far as where we are.

David Icke: Okay.

Brian Rose: It’s March 18th, 2020 right now. I want to throw some of my views out there and then I want to hear your views and I want to have a good discussion about this and also talk about the numbers we know so far.

First of all, just as far as my beliefs, I personally don’t believe the coronavirus was created by a third party. I do think it occurred naturally. I do believe in the science and I do believe in vaccines.

I’m sure we’re going to talk about this. I do plan on getting my flu vaccine and any future coronaviruses vaccines, although you might talk me out of it, we’ll see.

I am now obeying the orders of the government. I’m complying with their requests for information and behavior. We’re going to see what happens with that.

That being said, I do believe at this point that the virus can no longer be controlled in the Western world, and as a healthy 40 something year old male, I’m prepared to get it right now, and I don’t believe it’s going to kill me. We just shook hands.

Over the long term, I do think 70 to 80% of the population is going to get it and hopefully become immune to it. But also, I understand due to the safety of the elderly — and I know we’re going to talk about that — and those with lower immune systems and respiratory problems.

I understand and I agree with this policy of social distancing in order to flatten the curve and not to overwhelm our medical system.

Finally, I just want to say I think we believe we now live in a post coronavirus world where the virus is going to be along for a long period of time and it’s going to change our behavior.

Let me hit you with some stats and then we can jump into this. As of today, March 18th, there are 208,221 reported cases worldwide and 8,272 confirmed deaths.

Countries like China with 81,000 cases about 3,200 deaths. Italy, 31,000 cases, 2,500 deaths. Iran 16,000 cases, 988 deaths. As we go down to Spain, 13,000 cases, 533 deaths. The USA was 6,500 cases and 116 reported deaths. Here in the UK, 1950 cases and 71 deaths.

Stock markets in America are down well over 25% since their highs, and a global recession is all but certain. Federal reserve has cut rates to nearly zero. The U.S. has approved a trillion-dollar stimulus package. The UK, a 330 billion pounds stimulus package.

Many industries at risk — aerospace, travel companies, entertainment events, retail outlets. The list goes on and on and on.

I hear through my sources we should expect military troops here in London in the next couple of days on the streets.

David, there’s an ancient Chinese expression. It says, “May you live in interesting times.” Some say it’s a curse. What do you see in the world? What are you concerned about? Do you feel for the British citizens and global citizens?

David Icke: Right. Well, maybe if I just put some background in place and then we can take it from there. For 30 years I’ve been warning people in my books and in every other way I can that this world is controlled by a cult.

It’s a cult that has no borders. It operates in all the major countries, and in fact all the countries in the end and particularly in those countries that dictate the direction of the world.

The cult will be at the core of the system in China. It will be at the core of the system in America, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

What have I said in these 30 years that this cult wants? I’ve said it in the chats we’ve had before. It wants to create a beyond Orwellian global state in which a tiny few people dictate to everyone else.

I’ve referred to this as the “Hunger Games Society,” and you can picture the structure very clearly. Picture a pyramid. At the top of the pyramid you’ve got a tiny few enormously wealthy people that actually are connected to this cult. We now have a name for them; we call them the 1%.

At the bottom of this pyramid in the Hunger Games Society is basically the rest of humanity that is dependent upon the 1%.

In between the two is a vicious merciless police military state to impose the will of the 1% on the population and to prevent the population challenging the 1%.

This Hunger Games Society is not classic fascism. It’s not classic communism, although the outcome in terms of tyranny is the same.

It is a technocracy. A technocracy Is defined as a society that is controlled by bureaucrats, experts, scientists, engineers, technocrats.

The ability of that situation to happen is through smart technology and AI. The idea is that everything will be connected to AI. This is what the internet of things is all about.

If you listen to the crazies in Silicon Valley, they’re telling you that in the period around 2030 (a year that keeps coming up from all directions), we will have a situation where the human brain will start to be connected to AI.

Thus, whoever controls AI will be connecting and driving the perceptions of humanity. That can be done from a central point through this global smart grid. That’s the structure that they want.

They also want a society completely cashless where everything is digital money, a single one world currency, which will be run through this smart grid.

Now in the same 30 years I’ve been saying there are two major techniques that are being used to bring about that situation.

One I’ve called since the 1990s, Problem Reaction Solution where you covertly create a problem. You use the unquestioning pathetic mainstream media to tell the public the version of the problem you want them to believe.

You’re looking at stage two, the reaction for fear (that’s the currency of control), outrage (whatever the problem is), and either a demand from the public that something must be done or at least an acceptance from the public that things need to change because of the problem.

At that point, those who’ve created the problem got that reaction openly and changes in society, offer the solutions to the problems they have themselves covertly created. Those changes step-by-step take us further and further to that Hunger Games Society.

There’s another version which I call No Problem Reaction Solution where you don’t need a real problem. You just need the perception of one — weapons of mass destruction in Iraq — and you still have the ability to provide your society-changing solution.

The stablemate of Problem Reaction Solution is what I call the Totalitarian Tiptoe. You start at A and you know you’re going to Z, but you know if you go in too big a leap, people will look up from the game show and the latest Simon Cowell and say, “What’s going on? What’s going on?” Because the change is so great.

You do it in as biggest steps as you can towards your outcome, but not so fast or big that you alert too many people to the fact that it’s a pattern. What you want people to believe is everything is random.

I have this other phrase which relates to all this, “Know the outcome, and you’ll see the journey.” If you don’t know where this world is being taken by this cult, then everything seems random. Coronavirus, random. Climate change, random. Economic crash, random.

When you know where we’re being taken, you know the outcome, this Hunger Games Structured Society, now the apparently random events become clear steppingstones to that outcome.

Now let’s take all of that and apply it to the coronavirus and what’s happening now and let people decide for themselves if they think that the fact that the coronavirus hysteria ticks every single box of that outcome, that goal.

Whether that’s a coincidence, I absolutely do not believe that it is. You mentioned that you don’t think that it was a created virus. The fact is, whether it was or whether it wasn’t, doesn’t matter to the fact that once you roll this out, it takes on a momentum of its own.

Brian Rose: I agree with that.

David Icke: Therefore, what is unfolding was desperately predictable and in fact — we’ll get into this as we chat — to massive 1% organizations.

One, in fact, six weeks before this virus came to light in China, [was] playing out scenarios and simulations based on exactly this scenario that’s unfolding now. What they said would happen is exactly what is happening down to the fine detail.

Brian Rose: Okay, but the coronavirus is real, and it is dangerous. You do believe that?

David Icke: Well not as a black and white. No.

Brian Rose: But it is real?

David Icke: Obviously there is a strain of this coronavirus — because there are many coronaviruses — which appears to be different. If you look in terms of the danger, the danger is to a certain section of society.

I watched an interview with [a mainstream doctor] in America only two or three days ago, and they say, “Well, just to put into context, 80% of people that are diagnosed with coronavirus have-” and this is his quote, “-very mild symptoms.”

The ones that are in danger — and by the way in danger from any virus including the classic flu — are those that have compromised immune systems. They are old people, elderly people, and they are people with what is termed pre-existing health problems.

The pre-existing health problems are putting so much pressure on the immune system, it’s already weak when it’s hit with [coronavirus].

This is why someone like that will have a potentially a serious situation and someone with an immune system in working order of any level will just swat it away.

Another point. Have we not learned yet to take what the authorities tell us with a pinch of salt until it’s proved otherwise?

There was a lady called Dr. Deborah Birx. She’s the White House coronavirus coordinator. She said in a press conference two days ago, that 96% plus of those who have been tested for coronavirus in South Korea were negative. She said, “Our testing results in America show about the same.”

When you are — in a massive way, you are diagnosing on the basis of symptoms. How the hell do you know they’ve got this coronavirus strain and not something else?

Me and my son, Gareth, well before Christmas, both went down. We’re very, very rarely ill. That’s why we remember it. We both went down with this illness.

As I read the symptoms of this coronavirus strain, we had word for word, point by point, every single symptom. That means one of two things.

It means either this coronavirus strain was going around in Britain then before it had even emerged out of China, or far more likely, we got something else with exactly the same symptoms.

I would hold back on believing the figures. I would also-

Brian Rose: Those figures I mentioned. Are you unsure about those?

David Icke: I question any figures coming out of mainstream or authority. I’ve been investigating the mainstream, everything for 30 years.

Most of the time, if they ever told the truth, they would genetically implode from the shock, so I question everything. If it stands up, it stands up. I don’t just take it because somebody in a suit has told me to believe it.

For instance, in 2017, 2018, 45 million people got the flu in America according to Center for Disease Control and Prevention figures. 61,000 died. Where was the hysteria then? 61,000 people died.

Brian Rose: They say that this is more dangerous and more contagious, and it’s potentially going to kill more people. Because otherwise, that’s a good question, David.

Everyone’s like, “Well, how come people aren’t worried about this when the flu from 18 killed 50,000, this has only killed 8,000?”

David Icke: The point is, though, that according to officialdom, 80% of people who get the coronavirus — diagnosed [with] coronavirus and not necessarily all got it — have very mild symptoms.

The vast majority of the rest have what they call moderate symptoms. That leaves some with compromised and weakened immune systems who get the serious end of it, and they get the serious end of the flu as well and other viruses.

Brian Rose: These people are clogging up the Italian health system. Do you believe that’s true?

David Icke: The point is what we surely should be doing is focusing those people and doing what is necessary to protect them and their immune systems from the consequences.

The vast majority of the population will have mild symptoms, some even no symptoms. I remember this story, one of the first Scottish people to get the virus was interviewed on a BBC local radio station.

He said, “Well, you know, I had a bit of a mild fever.” Well, what’s that? That’s the immune system using heat to kill the predator. Just perfectly immune system response.

Anyway, he says, “I got checked out, and they said I’ve got coronavirus. They said, you’ve got to go to hospital.” He said, “But I feel alright. I could eat some stuff, but I feel alright. We go to a hospital, but by the time I get to hospital, the symptoms are gone.”

He’s gone down [as] a statistic — coronavirus in the numbers. When you’ve got people who are getting that on, even if they do get it on a vast scale in terms of percentage who have that response, you get an even greater number of who don’t get it.

For that you destroy — because that’s what’s happening before our eyes, Brian — you’ve destroyed the world economic system.

Now let’s go back to how I started. One of the things I’ve been pointing out as a Problem Reaction Solution that was coming to transform human society was a pandemic because of all the boxes it ticks.

What I have been saying for the best part of 30 years is they are planning an enormous economic crash. I’ve been saying it even more since 2008 because 2008 seemed a bit [of] a nightmare. The point I’m making is what they want is something that would make 2008 look like a Sunday school tea party.

This coronavirus hysteria gives the excuse to do what they’re doing. The outcome and the consequences of what they’re doing is to dismantle the world economic system.

Now, another thing I’ve been saying, this Hunger Games Society — I’ve been saying this for a long time — is designed to have no small businesses, not even medium size businesses globally.

Just gigantic corporations that control and produce everything. Amazon is a classic example of what I’m talking about.

What this coronavirus hysteria is creating is a situation unfolding by the hour worldwide that is destroying small businesses, family businesses, even medium sized businesses, some even relatively big businesses too. It’s destroying them.

The big legacy of what is happening now will not be to do with health long term. It will be economic.

Brian Rose: I agree.

David Icke: It is going to be catastrophic. Now here’s the point. What happens to those people whose businesses collapse? What happens to all those people who were working for those businesses? For bars, for hotels, for all these businesses that have been targeted, “Don’t go there, shut down.”

What happens to them? They fall into the bottom of the Hunger Games Society. What we’re seeing now, every day, is this Hunger Games Society coming closer and closer and closer because of what’s being done in the name of protecting the people.

I got news for you. You go deep enough into this system; they don’t give a shit about the people. We are being asked to believe, now, that this system cares about old people.

“We must protect the old people. We must destroy the world economy to protect the old people.” Oh, these are for the old people one day that have paid in their entire life through taxation and other means.

At the end, in their final years, they get handed a pittance of a pension, which gives them the choice between being warm or being hungry.

What does that do when people are going without essential things because the system doesn’t care. They’re having to buy shite food because that’s all they can afford.

They can’t have nutrients to boost their immune systems because they can’t afford them. In the mainstream, everything’s telling them I [don’t] need them anyway.

At the same time, they’re breathing in shit air, drinking toxic water and other drinks being deluged with sugar, which has a phenomenally destructive impact on the immune system.

All this is going on. We’re living in an electromagnetic technologically generated soup of radiation toxicity. This system has allowed that to happen, has allowed corporations to do that.

Having done all that, that’s devastated the lives and the immune systems of old people, we are being asked to believe that the system cares about the health of the elderly. It doesn’t give a shit.

I’m not talking about the nurses; I’m not talking about the doctors. I’m talking about that at the core, which is driving this and the idea that all of these things are being done to protect the elderly.

They don’t give a shit about the elderly. The elderly are an excuse to impose the very society that I’m talking about. Now, if you look at when these things happen and great Orwellian, draconian things are put in place, “Oh, we’ve got to do this because of the problem.” Well, the problem eventually passes.

This virus will eventually flatten out. What you see every time — 9/11 is a classic — they’ll roll back some of it but not nearly rolled back to where it was before. The whole thing’s moved on closer to the Hunger Games Society.

I mentioned that a great goal of this (and I’ve been saying this [since] 1993) [is] a cashless society — a digital, cashless society, one world currency — which has phenomenal implications for freedom.

They want rid of cash. When I said that, there was lots of cash in circulation. People going, “Ending cash?” Now look at it.

This guy, Ted Ross, the head of the World Health Organization — a man I wouldn’t trust to tell the time in a room full of clocks, by the way — he said, “Don’t touch cash. Use cards because the virus can pass on through cash.”

I’ve come up here today for this chat. Three times in places that are always cash, I had cashed turned down. “No, we’re only taking cards.”

When [the coronavirus pandemic] runs on, they’re going to be justifying a cashless society on the basis that you can pass viruses on through it. They’re going to be saying, “We can’t have this again. We can’t have this happen again.”

You’re going to have more technological testing of people for whether they have a temperature and all this stuff. The whole surveillance is going to move on exactly as it has in China. Right?

If people thought China had reached the point of beyond Orwellian, well, you just look [at] what they brought in as a result of this coronavirus.

Brian Rose: I want to talk about that technology because it’s a very good point. Right now, we’re looking at Italy, and from what we can see and hear, the hospitals are chock full of people that are dying.

There are not enough respirators, et cetera. I mean, surely, we must do something about this. David. I know what you’re saying is in these things will pass and we’re crushing our global economy, which actually has bigger implications than the health. I agree with you. This will ruin people’s lives.

David Icke: Not only that. It will cause massive amounts of ill health and death.

Brian Rose: I agree with that too. I agree with that. It’s just pushing it down further. What about these people that are dying and clogging up hospitals and the fact that could happen with the NHS? That is a reality.

David Icke: I’ve thought all along, and it seems to be the case that the strain that is prevalent in Italy is something of a stronger nature than what’s generally circulating. Also, in Iran. That’s something else.

Just as an aside, we have a country targeted by America, targeted by Israel — Iran. As this virus came out of China, of all the countries in all the world, Iran got it smack worse than anyone before it started to appear in Italy.

Brian Rose: It was a little odd. [It] could have been a coincidence.

David Icke: After 30 years, Brian, coincidence is something I have to be very well persuaded [of] because coincidences don’t turn out to be. They turn out to be made to happen.

Anyway, not only did Iran have this, what seems a stronger strain of it, but it was killing people within the regime at a very early stage. That’s a coincidence? How many coincidences do you want? Then you have another one you see.

I mentioned one of the Problem Reaction Solutions that I’ve said in the books over the years that they were going to use to justify this Hunger Games Society was a pandemic.

You look at the movie contagion, I think it was 2011.

Brian Rose: I watched it last week.

David Icke: It’s basically coming out of China and stuff like that.

Brian Rose: Yeah, Steven Soderbergh. It’s got Jude Law in there. Gwyneth Paltrow. It’s very interesting. Very well-made.

David Icke: Yeah. I’ve talked to you in previous chats about something called preemptive programming where they preempt something, to put it into the subconscious mind, even the conscious mind through Hollywood. Then suddenly it kind of happens for real.

I was sent a document from 2010 that was published by the Rockefeller Foundation. The Rockefeller Foundation obviously is a front for the Rockefeller family, which is fundamentally involved in this global cult.

In fact, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers were the creators of the World Health Organization, which is there to control health policy and direct the perception of health in all its forms from a central point.

Brian Rose: You don’t trust the WHO at all?

David Icke: Well, it’s currently headed by a guy called Ted Ross from Ethiopia, who was a Politburo member in a Marxist government that’s been running Ethiopia for a long time. He was health minister and was exposed three times for covering up cholera epidemics in Ethiopia.

Now he’s head of the World Health Organization telling us about the coronavirus. You will understand if I don’t agree or even believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

These organizations are not there to serve the public. They’re there to serve this agenda. WHO came out and said, “Oh no, don’t touch cash. You’ll pass on the virus.”

Ted Ross, same guy, he’s the one that’s praised China for a wonderful job they did with the coronavirus and what have you.

Now, this Rockefeller Foundation document was about a scenario involving a flu pandemic, and it described what would happen. That China would use authoritarian draconian methods to meet the challenge.

Then the West wouldn’t basically start like that, but then would become the same. This whole global lockdown was described in this document.

David Icke: We moved to six weeks before the virus came to light in China. We had something called Event 201. This was a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic, which involved the World Economic Forum, which has its meeting every year in Davos. This is the 1% [of the] 1%.

It involved the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Bill Gates, the guy that wants to vaccinate the fricking world and by the way, is funding the electronic tracking of people so that the authorities know if they’ve been vaccinated or not through an organization he funds called Gavi.

They ran this simulation called Event 201 in which they inserted scenario or simulated news reports. If you watch them, you can see it on the internet. It’s just like the news reports we’re seeing in the media. They were discussing, “Okay, what can we do?” There was a whole area of this simulation where they’re discussing how they control information.

They’re saying, “How do we deal with the anti-vaxxers? How do we make sure that the official narrative of the pandemic is the one that’s dominating the internet and all lines of communication and not -” what they call, “-conspiracy theories?” Putting another point of view.

All these things that they talked about in this scenario have happened. We’ve had Facebook and Google saying that they’re going to make sure that the World Health Organization version gets free advertisements.

They’re going to suppress the other opinion. What they call conspiracies and what have you are disinformation and fake news. Who decides if it is? They do.

We’ve had YouTube this week say that because they don’t have the same number of staff, they’re going to now have videos taken down purely by AI algorithms. Because of that, they say a lot more videos are going to be taken down. Even those that don’t break what they call community guidelines.

All of these things were decided in this Gates World Economic Forum 1% simulation six weeks before that they should happen are happening.

Brian Rose: That was all public information about them doing that or you got the report about it?

David Icke: No. I read the actual document of the Rockefeller Foundation and its scenario, which is exactly what’s played out. The Event 201 simulation was filmed. You can see on the internet.

Brian Rose: Now they’re running that playbook.

David Icke: Right! They’re exactly the same. Another thing is that at the same time that that simulation was taking place, 10,000 military personnel and support staff were attending the World Military Games in Wuhan, China.

I’m not saying this happened, but if we’re not going to be scammed and just believe the official narrative, we have to explore possibilities.

Another possibility is that that World Military Games was a wonderful front to release some kind of virus it in that same area.

All these things are something that has to be explored and put into the mix because what happens if you only believe the official version of everything is the official solution for the problem you believe in is going to take us further and further down the road to a society that would make George Orwell bloody wince.

Brian Rose: What do we do about this situation in Italy? Do you think it’s correct to lock everybody down if it is this bigger strain? Do you think that is the intelligent solution to ease off on the hospitals?

Because you agree people are dying most likely up there. What do we do in that situation? Is there a point where a big reaction is warranted? I know you care about people.

David Icke: You have to keep the reaction in proportion to the problem. Maybe more needs doing in places like or parts of Italy.

The point is you’ve got to keep your eye on the rest of it and how you can see the world completely transformed and economically demolished by taking action now that will have phenomenal knock-on consequences.

When you look in the global average and in most other countries, the number of people who are seriously affected by this, against all those who are not, the way the whole economic system is being shut down is suicide.

What happens when it reaches a point where in its present state it cannot continue, it cannot survive? A whole new economic system comes in, which is the one this cult once.

I’ll tell you another thing I’ve been going on for years and years and years about the fact that the idea of human caused climate change is a joke. It’s a hoax. People say, “Why would they hoax climate change?”

You look at all the solutions to climate change and again and again and again, they are exactly the same solutions and consequences as with the coronavirus.

What did Prince Charles say at Davos only a matter of two months or so ago? He said by 2030 — this year that keeps coming up all over the place, from all directions — we need a new global economic system, economic order to meet the challenge of climate change.

What I’ve been writing for 30 years, this cult wants to transform the world economic order into this technocratic AI controlled tyranny. Both the coronavirus and the climate change hoax are providing the problem.

I would say in many ways the illusion of the problem, not least with human caused climate change, to offer the solution of exactly what they want, which is a transformed centrally controlled, AI controlled world economic system, which will not have mom and pop businesses anymore. It won’t have small businesses. [It] wants rid of them.

Brian Rose: Now the people in America, Trump and his advisors, Boris Johnson and his advisors are going to say that the virus, since it spreads exponentially, needs drastic action now.

That’s what they say. We have to shut everything down so it doesn’t become thousand X in the next 14 days, which can happen with a virus, can happen with something that grows exponentially. That’s true, right? You just don’t believe that’s the case here.

David Icke: What I keep coming back to is the effect on the health of the overwhelming vast majority, which have immune systems that just basically slap it aside.

It’s this small group of elderly people who, for reasons I’ve described, have weakened immune systems and those who have other health conditions and therefore weakened immune systems. They’re the ones in danger.

Focus everything on them, and if necessary, isolate them. Focus your resources on them so no one goes hungry and no one is in need.

The rest of the population, 80%, [have] very mild symptoms or no symptoms, others with moderate symptoms. Are we going to destroy the world economic system by saying that those people also have to isolate and not go to work?

For me, that’s crazy. Focus on those who are in danger. Throw everything at them, cocoon them if necessary, but cocoon them with fairness and with compassion and with total support.

I got exactly the same, I repeat, before Christmas, and I carried on working. It wasn’t pleasant for two or three days. Coughed some stuff up and all that, but you get on with it. This is happening to people all the time.

I’ll give you an analogy, Brian. Years ago — you might remember this — we used to have a thing called weather. Weather used to change. There used to be storms and there used to be strong weather situations.

We used to call it weather. Now every time that happens, as it’s always happened, now it’s climate change. “We’re all going to die.”

What we have now is the coronavirus version of that. Everything is coronavirus. We don’t even know if so many people who’ve been logged as having had it actually have it.

When you’re testing, like I said earlier, on symptoms, these symptoms are true of many different things. Who says this person’s got it or this person hasn’t got it. We don’t know.

The point is they’re not dying from it. They’re not even — most of them — being affected more than very mild symptoms.

Why are we locking them away and bringing down the world economic system and destroying people’s businesses, livelihoods, ability to pay the rent?

Why are we doing that and not just focusing totally on those who could have a serious problem because of their immune system deficiencies?

Brian Rose: I don’t know. They’re telling us-

David Icke: I’ll tell you why. Because if they carry it on and allow that to happen, the world economic system would not be demolished. The idea is to demolish it so you can replace it. Problem, reaction, solution. That’s why.

Brian Rose: Right. They’re telling us that we have to lock everybody down to save the elderly and the less immune. That’s what they’re telling us. It doesn’t make any sense to me, David.

I put out a video on Saturday. I got a lot of heat for it [and] got like a quarter million views. I said, “I’m ready. I’m ready to get the virus. Give it to me.”

All of the strong ones, let’s build up an immunity to it. Over the long term we can have this herd immunity and potentially protect these people.

I can’t believe the measures I’m hearing about. They’re talking about locking everybody in their homes in New York city. My sister’s in San Francisco. They are being locked into their homes. It seems like an overkill to my logical brain.

David Icke: What are you actually describing? If we break it down? You’re describing mass house arrest. Yes, that’s what you’re describing.

Brian Rose: Yes. Shelter [in place], they call it.

David Icke: That’s what it is. This idea that we’re protecting you, we’re protecting you. You see, this is the key –

Brian Rose: They say you’re protecting grandma that’s living with you, so we’re going to lock you down as well, so you don’t hurt her.

David Icke: I would be open to cocooning people who have a serious reaction to this because of their immune systems. I would be open to that for their sake.

To do it to the rest of the population, people that aren’t living with old people and bringing the economic system down with it (as planned) is insane. As always with this cult, there’s method in the madness and that’s what we’re seeing.

Look at the outcome. The outcome will tell you what’s behind it. What’s that great line that goes back to ancient Rome? Who benefits? Who benefits? That great line, “He who most benefits from a crime is the one most likely to have committed it.”

Let’s ask that question. Who benefits from what’s happening and what’s being justified on the basis of this quote “virus?”

Anyone that wants to transform human society into an Orwellian state, which I’ve been saying that that’s exactly where they are taking us for 30 years.

If people just take a breath and look at it and say, “Who benefits? Who benefits from the economic system being destroyed? Anyone that wants to put another one in place.

I’ve said this many times as we’ve chatted — this whole conspiracy, the whole cult way of manipulating society is a psychological game. Y.

When there’s a few of you — and compared with the global population, they are a very few — you can’t control people physically. You can do it in a certain area through troops and the army.

What they want to do is do it absolutely through connecting AI to the human brain. But for the moment they can’t. How you have to do it is you have to program people’s perceptions because from perceptions comes behavior.

It’s a real simple thing. Your perceptions become your behavior and you go one step back. Where do your perceptions come from? They come from information received.

If you control the information, that constant narrative, most people just believe it because that’s all they hear. Repetition is the wonderful, magnificent form of mind control.

You control the information, you overwhelmingly control perception among those that don’t question. From perception you control behavior.

What they’re manipulating now — as they do all the time, but here is a wonderful potent example of it — is what appears to be this innate human trait of fear of death, which is an expression of another innate human trait, fear of the unknown.

The reptilian brain, at the back of the brain, is a survival mechanism along with other parts of the brain. This is a big one, that reptilian brain in the back and the reptilian brain doesn’t think reacts.

It’s constantly scanning the environment for threats to survival, not just threats to life, threats to your job, threats to your relationship, threats to everything.

This kind of background anxiety that people feel, a lot of it comes from here. If you’re driving your car and someone walks in front of your car, what bangs the brakes on is the reptilian brain because it doesn’t think.

It reacts far quicker than the thinking process. I mean, when someone walks in front of your car, you’re not going to say, “Oh, you think I should stop? What do you think, dear?” Bang!

Now that’s great and it’s part of the survival mechanism. When the reptilian brain survival mechanism starts impacting upon general life, then all hell breaks loose. Chaos breaks loose

David Icke: [I’ll] give you two examples of it. Panic buying is the survival mechanism kicking in. When that kicks in and it’s not kept under control, it perceives its survival to be the only thing that matters.

If I have to survive and you don’t for me to survive, well, fair enough. I’ve got to survive. This is panic buying. We’ve had fights in supermarket aisles over toilet rolls.

If you run out of toilet rolls, use the morning papers. What could be more appropriate? You can’t wipe your ass with the BBC and CNN unfortunately, but if you could, you should.

This panic buying is this survival mechanism kicking in and something else comes from that. The survival mechanism will agree to anything no matter how draconian so long as it perceives it will aid its survival.

They call [the coronavirus] a pandemic. That was declared by Ted Ross at the World Health Organization. What a pandemic does, is it kicks in this survival mechanism.

It means that not only will you accept authority imposing tyranny, you will demand that all authority imposes tyranny and something else.

One of the punchlines of this virus is the bloody vaccine. Very early on after this virus died, I read a report about an Israeli government minister saying, “We’re far ahead of anyone else in developing a vaccine.”

I thought this is interesting. It turns out that from 2016, this scientific organization in Israel — which [is] connected to the government like they all are — had been using coronavirus to test its technology. Because of that, it’s further along the road to developing a vaccine.

One of the scientists said it was pure luck that we chose that. Some may believe that, and some of us may say, “I think I’ll hold on that one, thanks.”

You’ve got all these other areas of the world where they’re developing a vaccine. We have already had Denmark announced that any vaccine for coronavirus will be mandatory.

Now, if you can give me a better definition of fascism than the state telling you what will go into your body, then I’d like to bloody hear it. They don’t even know what the vaccine is, but it’s mandatory.

Now, this is going to expand. It’s just a coincidence, Brian, that in the period up to this more and more pressure for mandatory vaccinations of other kinds have been appearing in America.

We’ve got this health secretary in Britain saying he’s minded to consider it. What do you mean your minded to consider it? You’ll be in another ministry shortly. You were in another one not long ago. It’s your civil service, permanent government that’s actually pressing for it. You’re just the front man.

You’ve had all this period of pressing for mandatory vaccinations. When this vaccination for this virus comes up, there is going to be enormous pressure to make it compulsory. People with a brain say, “Hold on a minute.”

Brian Rose: What if that’s the only cure?

David Icke: Well, is it a cure? Who decides that?

Brian Rose: I don’t know. A scientist might.

David Icke: Oh God, science.

Brian Rose: Science isn’t always wrong.

David Icke: No, but science is massively wrong with the benefit of hindsight.

Brian Rose: Some vaccines work. Smallpox vaccine.

David Icke: Just look at the Problem Reaction Solution. You want to introduce a vaccine. What is in the vaccine? What we’re not told is in it or whatever. We don’t know, but, “Oh we’re all going to die. Vaccinate me!” Don’t even think about it. Survival mechanism.

Brian Rose: What if that is the only solution?

David Icke: Who decides that it’s the only solution? My children, my boys have not been vaccinated once in their life. They didn’t have childhood diseases.

Their immune systems are on fire because they weren’t compromised by a tidal wave of toxic shite while their immune systems were still developing.

In the 1980’s, the Congress gave immunity from prosecution to the drug companies for vaccines. This was in the official documentation.

Now in America there is a vaccine court which has already paid out something like $42 billion for vaccine injuries. The bar to prove that is very high. It’s paid by the taxpayer. The drug companies have no economic consequences for damaging vaccinations.

Brian Rose: I think they’re trying to get drug companies to consider creating vaccines because they’re not economically profitable to them.

David Icke: Not economically profitable. My goodness, mate. Have you seen the profits of drug companies?

Brian Rose: They make regular medicine.

David Icke: The point is that the reason they said we must give immunity is because they said vaccines are innately unsafe and cannot be made not to be. Thus, we’re going to give you immunity, so you’ll continue making them.

Because at that point, before that legislation came in, the drug companies were facing a massive number of lawsuits for vaccine injuries.

What’s happened since that legislation in 1986? The number of vaccines and the different kinds of vaccines have absolutely exploded. Why? Because there’s no consequences anymore.

If you look at the statistics, if you vaccinate a large number of people, you are going to have major life changing implications for a number of those people.

What mandatory vaccinations are saying is we are going to insist by law that your children are vaccinated. We know by doing that that some of them, who wouldn’t otherwise have been vaccinated, are going to take the consequences.

Brian Rose: It’s for the greater good.

David Icke: Oh, the greater good. They couldn’t care less about the greater good. Can we just understand that? Then we might get some kind of grasp on how this world is run.

They don’t care about us. They use the excuse of caring about us to justify what they want to do. It’s as simple as that.

Now, they are using the elderly to shut down the economic system as an excuse. Involving people who economically will be absolutely destroyed. Never mind as it goes on.

Brian Rose: Okay. Let me ask you about a few of the things. I want to get to the technology in China because it’s a very interesting point.

Trump. I look at Trump and it doesn’t make sense how he’s behaving because it’s in his interest to see the economy do well, to see the stock market go up, because that’s how he’s going to get reelected.

Yet I see him right now locking down an entire country, which is sure to drop the markets, kill business, and potentially kill his reelection. Why would buy into something like this?

David Icke: We come back to something I’ve been chatting with you about all these times. He’s a front man. There’s a permanent government. You see, this cult controls the permanent government.

There’s a permanent government in every country and globally. There’s a permanent government. It’s what I mean.

You’ve got the politicians, whether it’s a president from the Democratic party or the Republican party, whether it’s labor — goodness knows labor when they going to do it again, if ever. They’re conservatives.

You have the rosettes coming and going, here today, gone tomorrow. The permanent government is always there.

This is the cult, controlling that government via secret societies, through the financial system, through the intelligence agencies, through the operations of the military, through government administration.

What has become known now as the deep state. That is always there. George Bush comes, Republican. Obama comes, Democrat. Trump comes, Republican. Come, gone, come, gone.

Permanent government always there. Same in this country, same everywhere. Prime ministers come and go. Permanent government always there.

That’s why overwhelmingly when you look at the long term direction of the world, it doesn’t change because the permanent government is driving that direction.

The here today, gone tomorrow. Politicians are all there to give the illusion of democracy, the illusion of people deciding who governs them.

We have a European parliament for one reason and one reason only — to say that the European Union is democratic. It’s a tyranny, a bureaucratic tyranny. What is a bureaucratic tyranny? It’s a technocracy.

The European Union controlled by bureaucrats is how the world is meant to be under this technocracy Hunger Games Society.

Someone like Trump will only have so much maneuver, and he will come under tremendous pressure anyway from people around him that, “The consequences of you not doing this. Oh my goodness me, how will you be remembered?”

I look at Boris Johnson, and I see his body language. I’ve seen one or two of things he said. I don’t think, personally that Boris Johnson is totally convinced that all of this is necessarily.

Brian Rose: Yeah, he’s not.

David Icke: He’s absolutely not. What’s happening is the pressure on him from the permanent government is to do it anyway.

Brian Rose: They work in ways that he might not even understand that it’s working on him. It’s not like they kick him in the room and say, “You’re going to do this now.” It’s pressures and how are you going to be remembered?

David Icke: It’s also manipulation. Older people watching this will remember, Yes, Prime Minister, which was a comedy series about a prime minister and his civil servants.

The sad thing about those programs is that they were absolutely true. They were written by someone who worked in that whole area.

There’s so many ways that you can you can manipulate the politicians. You can basically paint them into corners. They are brilliant at this manipulation. Like we said earlier, once this thing gets the momentum, it takes on a life of its own.

Brian Rose: It’s the fear. Everyone is scared now because they can’t see this thing. They can’t understand this thing. We can get our heads around war.

Maybe we can get our heads around a nuclear weapon, but you can’t get your head around this. It scares you more. You can manipulate people’s minds with this thing.

David Icke: Of course you can.

Brian Rose: Better than anything.

David Icke: There’s no better way of manipulating perception than to trigger the survival mechanism. There’s none greater.

What you’re going to have, coming around to what I was saying, is you’re going to have pressure from those who have their survival mechanism triggered for governments to make the vaccine compulsory.

People who will not have it are going to be demonized and vilified just as people who won’t have their children vaccinated now are doing.

When they say “There’s been this outbreak! It’s the anti-vaxxers,” they never tell us how many people or how many kids who’ve got some disease like measles or whatever.

They never tell us how many have been vaccinated and how many haven’t. My boys mates at school were getting diseases. They had been vaccinated. My boys who were not vaccinated were not getting them.

Brian Rose: Let’s talk about technology and what they’re doing in China and Singapore and South Korea because the news has been telling us that the cases are dropping massively in China, that Singapore has it under control.

I read a whole article last night about how they’re tracking everyone with their technology. They’re using their mobile phones to find out who they had contact with, hunting those people down and quarantining them.

Now they are saying it’s a success. South Korea cases dropped, Chinese cases dropped, but they’re also saying the Western civilization would never allow this type of intrusive stuff.

David Icke: Oh my God, no, no, no. Just let me just intervene there for a second. You have just said virtually word for word what was in the Rockefeller Foundation document in 2010 detailing a pandemic scenario based on a flu vaccine.

I mentioned it kind of in passing earlier. They said China imposed draconian measures and was then praised for doing so. The West lag behind because of this thing called freedom and democracy. Eventually the West caught up and became also draconian.

It’s like deja vu from the Rockefeller document and from the Event 201 of the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum 1%. It’s a scenario. It’s a script.

Brian Rose: Yes, I understand what you’re saying. People that don’t know, what is this technology in China? Explain how it works and how they track people and how it’s become surprisingly even more draconian than it was. Because I don’t think a lot of people know this.

David Icke: I’ve been saying for decades, if you want to know what is planned for the West tomorrow, look at China today. It’s no accident that China is right at the center of this whole outbreak, which has gone on to create all this.

This is how it works in China. They have millions of face recognition cameras in their cities gathering in number all the time. As you’re walking down the street, you are able to be tracked and identified literally in minutes.

There’s been documentaries that have put someone on the street and the technology has been challenged to track them and find them. It’s taken minutes.

Remember this is what’s planned for the West. This is why the crazies and the psychopaths in Silicon Valley are so close to China, the truth be told.

You are so tracked in detail in China that they know everything you do all the time. AI is logging your behavior. They have something called the social credit system.

When you act in ways that are acceptable to the state, you get social credits. When you act in ways that the state doesn’t want you to behave, you get credits taken away. When you fall below a certain level, consequences kick in.

How many people know that millions of Chinese people have been banned from flying? Millions of Chinese people have been banned from going on trains because their social credit score has fallen below the acceptable level.

This is what is possible once you have AI able to track you in detail minute by minute in real time, which is what they have in China.

What is China? It’s a technocracy. That’s what it is. If you look at China today, that’s supposed to be the world tomorrow because this economic viral, whatever you want to call it, war, for want of a term, China’s meant to win it.

David Icke: I don’t mean the Chinese regime. I certainly don’t mean the Chinese people. I mean the Chinese model, the Chinese structure of society and its authoritarians in position and AI technocracy minute by minute real time tracking of the population.

That is exactly what I’ve been describing is planned for the world for 30 years. They laughed at me in almost historic amounts, numbers. I wonder how many who laughed then are still laughing now.

People can say Icke’s mad. What they can’t deny is what I’ve been writing for 30 years is happening all around them now. It is a simple equation.

The more you grasp power at the center, the more you centralize power. What is more example of centralized power than what’s happening now? Once you centralize power, you have more power to centralize even quicker.

The speed of centralization of power gets faster and faster, which is exactly what’s happened year on year, decade after decade.

The idea is that we have a world government, a world army, this military police state imposing the will of the world government.

A world currency, a world central bank dictating all finance and a human population connected to AI, so AI becomes the human mind.

This world government is not meant to be elected. They are appointees. Think the European commission. That’s the basic blueprint of it because technocracies do not do democracy. What is being targeted all over the world? Democracy.

These cult organizations have been — just by coincidence, nothing to worry about — have been doing massive polls around the world involving tens of thousands of people asking them, if you still believe democracy is the best way to run a society.

The numbers are coming down all the time, whether they’re manipulating them, I don’t know. Who does? They’re coming down all the time.

The more you have incompetent politicians and corrupt politicians, which the cult loves because on one level it is demolishing trust of the public in the democratic process.

What’s basically happening, Brian, with this coronavirus — if you think about it — is that the democratic process has been suspended. It’s bureaucrats and technocrats and small groups of politicians that are dictating this all over the world. No one’s having a vote on it.

Brian Rose: No. In China they’ve said the technology is what kept people from dying. Look at this great model. Same in South Korea, same in Singapore. The cases are tiny, like tiny.

It doesn’t even make sense to me how China could be the epicenter and now they only have 23 new cases and most of those are foreign. Those numbers don’t make sense to me.

Then let me say one more thing. I imagine this, David. Today Trump comes out and says “To save American lives, I’ve decided in your safety to use all of your mobile phones to track the people that have [been diagnosed].”

David Icke: Israel’s just done it.

Brian Rose: Have they?

David Icke: Istrael’s just changed the law so they can legally track their population through the mobile phones.

Brian Rose: I think I saw that. Now what if Trump came out and said to Americans, “To save our population, I have to do a federal order and track everyone’s data from now on and where you’re going in order to make sure you don’t kill the old people and all of that stuff.”

Most people, David, in the current state of fear would say, “Thank you, sir.” Like you said, for the people that refuse to do it, they would vilify them because “you’re the one that’s going to kill my grandma and do all that stuff.” That’s scary.

David Icke: I’m already seeing articles by academics, not the least in America, saying that if people aren’t vaccinated, they should never be allowed to fly.

Something is being so pushed by a system that couldn’t give a damn about the health of the population. Look at all the crap in food that is legally allowed. Never should be.

All these other things. Look at the pharmaceutical cartel, big pharma. The third biggest cause of death in the United States is the fricking treatment after heart disease and cancer. They care about the health of the population. How does big pharma get its money? By the population being sick!

I’ll tell you what, Brian, I will take this system seriously when they come out mainstream everything, mainstream medicine and say, “Here is how you boost and strengthen your immune system.”

Vitamin A vitamin D-3, vitamin C, something to boost the thyroid function, which produces vitamin A. Let’s get the immune system going.

What are they saying instead? Oh, it’s weakened immune systems. That’s why people are dying. Okay. What are you telling them about how to boost their immune system?

Well, they’re not because, first of all, even on a purely financial level in terms of big pharma, what would a strong immune system in the population in general do? Their profits would absolutely frickin’ plummet because it’s weakened immune systems that profit margin.

Some doctors who actually have sussed it are pointing out that it’s not it’s not the virus that’s killing people. It’s their immune system is killing them.

It works like this. The different levels of the immune system — it’s very complex and even mainstream medicine doesn’t understand it yet. Honest people within [the healthcare system] will actually agree with that.

[The government] is making decisions on vaccines and all this stuff. It doesn’t even understand the immune system and how it works. Anyway.

There were different levels of it. You get a virus; the first level will meet it. Then the second level will meet it, which is much more specific to that virus. This is the level that creates the reaction that is absolutely encoded to meet that particular threat. At that point, [the virus is] gone.

This is why 80% people have mild symptoms because this is what’s happening. You’ve got a mild fever, yes because the immune system is using heat to kill the virus. It’s like throwing up. That’s the immune system getting rid of something before it does real damage to the body.

When your immune system is compromised through lack of nutrients, shit food, and all the rest of it, these levels of the immune system can’t cope.

Especially if you are someone who has other health problems because the immune system is already kind of working flat out on that.

What happens when they fail is the immune system, in effect, panics. It unleashes something called a cytokine storm. It’s a substance that is released by the cells. It is the equivalent of a machine gun firing on all directions because it’s desperate.

David Icke: I’ll give you an analogy of what I mean. An intruder breaks into a house. The homeowner is fighting to deal with the intruder. The intruder is winning, the homeowners losing.

It’s getting desperate. He’s getting desperate. He grabs a gun, and he’s so panicked. He shoots in every direction and shoots it at himself.

What this cytokine storm does is unleash this tidal wave of reaction. It is so powerful and so unfocused that it attacks its own body and kills the body.

With a coronavirus. When there’s a cytokine storm, do you know what it attacks? The lungs. It causes inflammation and gunk in the lungs as a result of that attack.

What are people dying of coronavirus? The elderly and [others] with other health problems are dying of respiratory problems.

Brian Rose: Pneumonia.

David Icke: Pneumonia. That’s another thing. If you read the consequences of a cytokine storm on a coronavirus, it leads to attacks on the lungs, which leads to pneumonia.

As these doctors who are prepared to tell the truth are pointing out, it’s weakened immune systems that are causing people to die. Why isn’t the system blasting out in all directions everything you need to do to boost your immune system? Of course, they care about old people, you see.

Brian Rose: What do we do, David? What do we do right now? What does the average citizen do who’s watching this right now? Or who thinks something’s funny is going on?

I’m walking around in London right now, and there’s nobody here. I had an entire tube train to myself on the way in. I’ve been coming to work, I’ve been going to the gym, I’ve been shaking hands.

I don’t see why troops need to be in the city because no one’s going out. No one’s gathering in groups. Everyone’s staying at home.

What are troops going to do? Are they going to make it 1% less social distance? It doesn’t make sense they’re doing this here or in New York City or anywhere else.

David Icke: What is it doing? Setting a precedent.

Brian Rose: It’s setting a precedent. Getting you used to having military around and getting me more scared and trusting more.

David Icke: Psychological.

Brian Rose: It doesn’t make sense. I agree that I don’t know everything, but there’s been some things here, David, [that don’t make sense].

I put up some videos about them, and I’m not the dumbest guy in the room. I’m not the smartest guy in the room, but something, some things don’t make sense to me.

David Icke: No. The reason they don’t make sense is it’s all a scam to create an outcome. I came over here from Waterloo station today in a cab, and that guy was telling me he had sat in the line today for four hours before I turned up outside a major British London railway station.

How are people going to survive? How are they going to do it? When you are in desperate straits, you will accept things changing if you are persuaded to believe that they will improve your desperate straits. i.e. We need a whole new economic system.

[I’ll] tell you something else. As AI takes over more and more jobs on top of all these lost employments that’s happening now around the world, the question is raised, how are people going to live?

What’s being suggested is a guaranteed income. I’ve believed since I was a kid that in any civilized society that there should be a level below which people should not fall. I absolutely think it’s higher than it than it is.

I on that basis would say, yeah, a guaranteed income, not a guaranteed outcome because that’s just a race to the bottom and everything will fall apart without incentive. Not a guaranteed outcome, but a guaranteed income. You can’t fall below a certain level.

That’s not what this is about. It’s about taking away all the job opportunities through AI and things that are happening now saying, “We’re now going to give you a guaranteed income.”

It’s going to be very small, and it’s got to be so small that you will be permanently in the bottom levels of the Hunger Games Society.

David Icke: This is the key. Thinking of the social credit system in China, you only get the income if you live your life, as we say, you should live your life. That’s the key.

What you’re now getting — and again, every box is ticked — we’re going to give some money out to people because of these desperate strikes they’re in.

You’re starting to set the precedent. It’s all psychological, step-by-step, Totalitarian Tiptoe. You’re starting this perception of that moving towards this guaranteed income, which will be guaranteed control.

Brian Rose: They announced yesterday, British government, 330 billion pounds. A chunk of that is loans to these small businesses. Very small, even like 3000 pounds here and there. They’re going to do the same in the States, I’m sure.

Again, it seemed weird to me. I get the government loaning me this money or giving me this money. It’s a form of control.

David Icke: It’s absolutely a form of control.

Brian Rose: If the economic system is shite anyway, it’s not going to last.

David Icke: It’s loans. You have to pay them back, right. If your business is destroyed, what are you going to pay him back with? We are watching the global unfolding of exactly what I’ve been writing about 30 years.

I look around and pinch myself. It’s true. This is what’s happening now. Some of it might be rolled back, like I said earlier, but it won’t be rolled back to anything like where it started out before this came along.

Brian Rose: 30 days ago, you put out some videos. Did you think it was going to be like this a month ago because you were talking with Gareth, and you were saying, “Look, I don’t know if this is going to be a big pandemic or it might just go away.

You said, “I hope it goes away. We’re going to see what’s going to happen.” You even said this, “It’s February 28th. We’re going to do another one in a month from now and talk about what happens.”

That was 20 days ago, not that long ago. Now look what’s happened. We’re talking about locking down cities with military.

David Icke: I’ve seen in parts of the alternative media people talking about the fact that this is a genocidal pandemic to wipe out vast numbers of humanity.

That will only happen if there is a dramatic mutation of this virus because at the moment, that is not what it’s doing. What it’s doing is creating the circumstances of fear to justify the solution, which is exactly the solution I’ve been describing for 30 years.

If people think that is a coincidence, then they need a life membership of Naivety Anonymous, really, because it’s now in your face. We need to face it.

More than anything, Brian, people need to stay fricking calm because unless you’re whacking your brakes on when someone walks in front of your car, panic is of no benefit. It never is. It’s always a downside.

We need to stay calm and not allow this survival mechanism to be triggered so comprehensively that it absolutely dominates all daily perception. Instead of being at a fight or flight reaction for a second, it becomes a state of perception.

Constant fear. Fear always looks outside of itself for what it believes will protect it from what it fears. This whole cult technique through the ages has been frightened, change, frightened, change, frightened, change.

The technique of creative destruction. War is a classic creative destruction event. You destroy the status quo, as they are destroying this one now.

Then a bit further along the line, you have another reason to fear which transforms that status quo. With each change of stages quo, you’re going closer and closer to the Hunger Games Society.

David Icke: That’s been the plan all along. If we grasp this and we stay calm and we don’t fall into this terror of the unknown, then we can start pushing back on this simply by refusing to cooperate, refusing to cooperate with our own enslavement.

A few can only enslave billions if the billions acquiesce. Through fear of death, fear of this, and fear of that, fear of the virus, billions are acquiescing to the few.

That’s what happens when this survival mechanism is triggered. We need to go beyond it, not fall into that. Look at things dispassionately, calmly, and we’ll see what [fear] will never see. Then we’ve got a chance.

Brian Rose: I find it fascinating that you say to remain calm because that’s what a cult says is the opposite of what you should do.

A cult says, “Look out for them. Look out for them.” That’s what they want to do because it gets you to follow their agenda.

David Icke: It wants you to panic. It wants you to be in fear. What creates fear more than this? What’s going on now?

Brian Rose: What can we expect to happen in the next few days, in the next few weeks, in the next months? I mean, there’s a playbook coming here and what’s it going to look like?

The more we can expect what’s going to happen, I think it would help people prepare to remain calm and to know when they can say, “Maybe I don’t want to do this.”

David Icke: Well, I think we should be saying that now frankly. Like I say, we should do everything to protect those that are vulnerable to this virus.

The rest of it, we should be carrying on in every way possible. Otherwise there’s going to be nothing left at the end of it. It is going to be a nightmare scenario.

Where will this go from here? This is my view. The question is, at what point does this cult behind all this think that it has got what it wants?

At what point does it think the economic system is so damaged that another one has to replace it and people will be open to that because of the catastrophic nature of how things are?

Have we got far enough in this that people will accept more tracking, more control? Have we got far enough that the imposition of a vaccine even on those that don’t want it will have so much public support that it will be very difficult to resist?

These are the questions that will answer the other questions of where this is going. Where it is going and how extreme it becomes will be dictated by how far they think they have to go to get the solutions that they to want to take us further and further closer to this Hunger Games Society.

What happens to humanity is irrelevant to these people. I’ll tell you, having tracked these people for 30 years, they make a run of the mill psychopath look like Mary bloody Poppins.

We’re not dealing with people that have even a smear of empathy. The idea, “We’re going to protect old people,” oh please.

These [are] the decisions they’ll make — have we made it so extreme that we can now get what we want? When they think that we’ve reached that point, then things will change.

Brian Rose: The sub-communication I’m seeing from all of the officials is this is going on for a long time. They’re saying 15 days in America, which is going to be extended.

They’re talking months and months. They’re mentioning things like July and August of when this might stop, which is a long time from now.

David Icke: What are you describing? The Totalitarian Tiptoe? “We’re stalling everything until April the third.” “Oh, blimey, April the third? Bloody hell, how am I going to earn a living?” “Oh no, it’s now May.” “What? My livings over!” “Oh no, now it’s June.”

This is the Totalitarian Tiptoe. Like I say, when they reach the point that they think, “Well, we’ve got to a point now where we’re going to be able to get everything we want out of this,” then you’ll see it flat line.

Brian Rose: I don’t think we can understate the economic implications of what’s going on right now. I think a lot of people — especially if they don’t have a ton of money — they said, “Oh, that’s just the rich. That’s just money. Money’s not important as your health.”

If you take everyone’s capital away, it strains the health, and it strains the whole system to where there’s a lot more damage that can happen than 10,000, a hundred thousand, and 200,000 people dying. It can be much, much worse and have massive generational implications.

What they’re doing now, I’ve never seen anything like this. The New York Times ran some numbers about after 9/11. The dips in GDP, the dips in spending was minuscule, and now you’ve got everything shut down.

We’ve never seen anything like this. [It’s] like a wartime scenario of the economy just completely going into a vacuum.

Everyone’s going to feel it, and it’s going to cause irrationality everywhere. The deaths, like you say, is going to be a blip of the problems we’re having

David Icke: What comes from that? The law of the jungle. That’s what happens when people get desperate. All these things have been in my books for years.

Brian Rose: Is some of that happening to convince everybody of this new economic system you’re talking about?

David Icke: Yeah. If you start getting violent reactions and crime because of desperate people who don’t know how they’re going to survive, what does that do? It justifies more and more a police state to protect the people.

This is why, Brian, I’ve emphasized this a number of times today. Please. They do not give a shit about you. When they tell you they do, there’s a reason for it? It’s not for your benefit.

Because if they give a shit about you, you would not be in the situation you’re in. The world would not be as it is. You wouldn’t have something like six people have as much wealth as the poorest half of the population if they gave a shit about you.

When they tell you they do, they’re lying. They’re lying for a reason. To get something as a result of you believing that they actually are trying to protect you.

They’re not trying to protect old people. They couldn’t give a damn. They don’t want old people. It’s in the documents over the years. They don’t want old people because old people can’t serve the system anymore.

What did Kissinger call them? Useless eaters. It’s what he called them. That’s how they perceive them. Now we’re supposed to believe that this is all to protect them?

Oh, please do me a favor. We need to wake up to the fact that something beyond fricking evil is running this world. I’ve been trying to get this out for all these years.

I do understand why [people won’t listen to my message]. Because people do not have in their lives, in genera experience of undiluted evil that has no empathy and no compassion and no emotional consequence for anything it does.

When you don’t have that in your life — most people don’t — it’s very difficult to grasp the scale of evil that’s running this world.

The idea that they are trying to protect us by taking our freedom away is such a joke. It’s unbelievable. If people don’t like that, what[are] they [going to] do? I don’t know.

Brian Rose: I had a flashback when I was coming into work this morning. I just thought, what was it like in Germany in say [19]39 where all of a sudden, all these rights are being taken away? It must’ve been weird in this state.

I always used to wonder why didn’t everybody leave? You’ve got your family there and your businesses and your properties there, so you put up with a little more and you put up a little more. Then they vilified this group over here.

I don’t think about this stuff often. I’m not a history buff, but it just snapped in my mind. I was just like, what’s going on here?

David, a lot of people will listen to us today and go away really depressed and really down and not see any type of future. I know you don’t like leaving people that way.

What is something people can go away with — a positive note? What’s something they can focus on? Are we going to get through this?

David Icke: Well, I’ve just finished a book which is going to come out [in the] next few months. [The book] is all about what we can do. There are many elements to it. There’s an absolute core to it.

One of the key things we need to do, I would say, is to change our self-identity. If you identify as your name, your life story, your race, your religion, your background, whatever — you are identifying with a set of labels that are transitory and are incredibly brief.

Those sets of labels are not you. They are what you are experiencing. I am not Davide Icke. I am a point of attention which can be myopic or vast within an infinite stream of consciousness.

You are a point of attention in that same consciousness that observes reality from a different point of view. We are all points of attention in that same one consciousness, which is why racism is so ludicrous.

If you self-identify with your labels as the I, the total I, then you see the world in a certain way, and it can be very frightening.

When you self-identify as I am eternal, infinite awareness, having this experience and [leaving] the body is just a way that the body focuses our attention within a tiny band of frequency.

When we leave the body, our attention expands [as] far as we want it to because that attention is no longer being focused through the body through the five senses.

We go on experiencing and exploring forever, forever. This is a brief experience for a point of eternal consciousness that we give a name to.

When you observe the world from that perspective, which is where I’ve been coming from for a long time now, it’s not so frightening.

You have the ability to connect dots because you’re seeing things from a panorama and not a myopia. From a myopia, it can seem very, very fearful. From the Panorama, it’s just another experience.

One of the things I go into in the book — we’ll chat about this when it comes out, I’m sure — is our perceptions. It can be explained very simply how this works. Our perceptions become our experience.

Everything in this reality, everything, even the coronavirus is a frequency. Every thought is a frequency. Fear is a frequency. It’s a different frequency to love. It’s a different frequency to joy.

We live in this sea of frequency of possibility and probability. It’s like being a computer that is living in its Wi-Fi sea, and within that Wi-Fi sea is everything on the internet. Potentially you can put anything on the internet, on your screen, your experience.

Our perceptions are also frequencies. If we are in a frequency of fear and we are generating that frequency, that field, that electromagnetic field, we are going to make a symbiotic frequency connection with like frequencies.

What we do is we draw to us, as an experience, what we fear. All the time people say, “This is always happening to me. Hey, Ethel! It’s happened again.” Why?

Why do certain things keep repeating in people’s lives but not repeat in others? Because what they’re putting out as perception, which is a frequency field, is drawing towards them like a magnetic phenomenon.

It’s drawing to them what they’re putting out. If you fall into fearing something, the likelihood of that becoming your experience is massively increased.

I’ve experimented with this through my life. I had very serious rheumatoid. I remember on one occasion I was trying to walk through terminal five at Heathrow Airport and literally I was shuffling my feet.

I had no shoes on. I was shuffling my feet along towards the plane. I couldn’t even lift my legs. I don’t have that now. I have no pain. It doesn’t affect my life in any way. The differences is, I changed my perception.

Why is it that so many people die within the period that the doctor tells them they have to live? “How long have I got, doctor?” “Six months.” They die in six months over and over and over again.

People have been told they have a fatal disease. The doctor has given them a prognosis, “You have so long to live,” and they’ve died. When they’ve done the postmortem, they didn’t have the fatal disease.

The mind is all powerful. It’s constantly creating our reality. It’s perceptions are constantly becoming our experience.

I decided that if my reality was being controlled by my perceptions, then my perception is, this arthritis is not going to trouble me anymore and it’s not going to progress and it’s not going to have me in a wheelchair.

David Icke: That’s exactly what’s happened. No drugs, no doctor. That’s exactly what’s happened. Everybody has the power to use their mind to dictate their own reality.

Why is it that this cult, this system is so desperate to control human perception? Because it knows human perception becomes human experience.

If we fall into states of fear, we are going to manifest fear. There are reasons to fear all around us. If we take our minds back, we take our consciousness back, we can create a different reality.

Because what is human society? It’s the sum total of human perception. Human perception changes. Human society must change because it’s just a reflection of the sum total of human perception.

We love each other. We live in a loving world. We hate each other. We live in a world of hate. We fear. We live in a world of fear. We are in control. They’ve just persuaded us we know.

Brian Rose: I’m so excited for this new book, David. The message you just said I’ve heard from some of the greatest minds that have ever sat in that chair, especially ones that have been around for a little while.

They come to the same conclusion as you have that we are. We are what we believe and the energy we put out there is what we get back.

David Icke: Actually, this book is all about that in a very accessible way because they say, “the more you know, the more you know there is to know.” Well, yeah, on one level that’s right. There’s another way.

The more you know, the more you realize how little there is to actually know to take control of your life and your life experience. So much of the complexity hides these simple sparkling truths.

This is the misunderstanding of the academic intellectual mind. It perceives understanding complexity as intelligence and cleverness. When genius is seeing the simple hidden by complexity.

In the end when you get down to the core, we are what we perceive. Change what you perceive, and you’ll change what you experience.

Brian Rose: That applies to right now almost even more.

David Icke: Absolutely.

Brian Rose: Because if I’m not in fear, if I’m not worried about this stuff then I don’t react to it. A friend of mine said, “Brian, I don’t see you running to the store and buying these things.” I was like, “Well, I’ll just fast or I’ll just do this.”

I’ve come to a point where I’m probably more ready to die than I’ve ever been in my life because I feel like I’ve done a lot of things I need to do.

I don’t want to die, but I’m to a point where I’m not always reacting in fear and I’m trying to think of things from different planes of thought. That makes me feel very in power, control and calm.

David Icke: When you move your self-identity to “I am an infinite point of attention with an infinite state of consciousness,” what does that immediately do?

It deletes the fear of death. What is death? It’s a withdrawing of our point of attention. That’s all death is. It’s a transfer of our point of attention. That’s all it is.

There’s nothing to fear. Once you let go of fear of death, so many things that you are able to be manipulated through that fear of go. You can’t be manipulated anymore.

Fear of the unknown. Fear of the unknown. Well, I like surprises. [Laughter] You know what I mean? It completely transforms everything when you reself-identify with the I.

Fear of death is the first one to go, and I’m the same as you. I don’t want to leave here until I’ve done everything I can do to contribute.

David Icke: I think I’m going to be around for a long time. In so many ways — and I explained this in the book — we can dictate how long we’re around.

If the mind can transform rheumatoid arthritis — which should have had me in a wheelchair by now, but it hasn’t and won’t — then it can transform anything, including the nature of life.

I explain in the book how you can think yourself alive and you can think yourself dead. I’m going to stay around and make the best contribution I can, but when I go, I will be [happy].

Do we want to stay in this myopia, bandwidth frequency forever? Are you having a laugh? What a nightmare! It’s just an experience and then we move on and experience the infinity of forever. I mean, “Oh, I’m terrified. Coronavirus! Oh, no, we’re all going to die.” I don’t think so.

Brian Rose: Final thoughts, David, on everything we talked about today, the virus, the lockdown, the recession, just anything.

David Icke: I would just say what I said earlier in terms of, if you want to understand the world find out where we being taken, what the goal is, and then the world just opens up.

“Oh, so that’s why they’re doing that. Oh, so that’s why that’s happening,” instead of “What’s happening, what’s happening? What are they doing that for?” It becomes so clear.

What you do is then you take control of your perception because it’s very difficult and impossible to manipulate people when you understand the game.

How does Problem Reaction Solution manipulate you when you understand how it works? How does the Totalitarian Tiptoe manipulate you when you understand how it works?

Know the game, and you can win the game instead of being a victim of the game, which is what’s happened up to this point.

Brian Rose: That’s good advice to anyone watching. Know the game and you can win the game. Remain calm, separate you from yourself. Understand your infinite consciousness, and then make your decision.

David Icke: Just stay calm. We are an infinite point of eternal consciousness on an eternal journey of exploring all possibility. That’s as bad as it gets. This is just an experience.

We can make it a nice experience and we can make it an unpleasant experience. We have the power to choose. It’s about time we’d realize that because when enough people do, this cult is history.

Brian Rose: What a great time for us to realize this. This could be a great catalyst for realization.

David Icke: I think it is, Brian. We need to appreciate the difference between those that control the microphones and so many people, not all by any means, but so many people in gathering in number who don’t get to the microphones.

You see the activists and the climate activists and the coronavirus activists and the fricking transgender activists and all that and the politically correct activists.

Then you talk to the public and you see a completely different perception to that. Because [the activists] dominate the microphones (as of course they do because that’s the agenda), people can get the impression that that’s what the population thinks. It doesn’t, it doesn’t.

My father used to say, “The silent majority is silent because it’s got nothing to say.” It’s time for the silent majority to speak. When we do, things will change. But not until.

Brian Rose: That’s something you said in the last episode or the episode before. You said, “The people should always feel free to say how they feel. That’s the most important thing.” You shouldn’t feel like you can’t say how you feel. You should say how you feel.

David Icke: It’s simply comes to self-respect. I ask people, “What are you doing allowing someone else to tell you what to think? To tell you what you can say? To tell you what you can believe? What are you doing? Where’s yourself respect?”

We live in a world of psychological fascism where people are constantly seeking to impose their beliefs on other people. We see it with religion all the time. We see it with the woke mentality all the time. “I believe this so you must believe that.”

If people acquiesce to that, then tyranny rules. If we don’t — if we say, “You can call me what you like,” and people do — I don’t care. Call me this, call me that. Well, thanks for sharing that with me. Have a nice day.

You say it anyway. If enough people say it and refuse to bow to this psychological tyranny imposing on our lives what we can be, what we can say, what we can think, the number of people being imposed upon is vast compared with the number of people doing the imposing.

I think I see a way out of this. Stiffen the backbone, grow a pair, say what you believe. Have self-respect in your own uniqueness, and don’t let anyone take it away.

If we live in a world of multiple uniqueness where everyone is celebrating their own uniqueness — all part of the same consciousness, yes — but their own unique point of attention then that true, true diversity means tyranny can’t reign.

What does every tyranny want to do? Centralize everything including perception. The more we celebrate our uniqueness, the more we are withdrawing from the ability of the few at the center to dictate to everybody.

“You will think this!” “I won’t.” “You will say that! You won’t say that!” “I will.” What [are] they going to do? Why do people acquiesce and self-censor? Fear. Get rid of fear. The world changes because the world is controlled by fear. Delete, fear, delete, control.

Brian Rose: David, it’s always a pleasure having you on.

David Icke: Real pleasure. I’m going to shake your hand. Don’t you give me anything nasty now.

Brian Rose: I won’t. Let me just say, clearly I don’t agree with you on everything, but that’s okay because I feel like I can speak my mind in front of you, and I really appreciate it.

David Icke: I’d be disappointed if you did because you would not be unique.

Brian Rose: Exactly. I’m so glad I had you on about three years ago. When I was going to have you on, I thought of all the reasons I shouldn’t have you on.

David Icke: I bet that took some time. [Laughter]

Brian Rose: It did, who is this crazy guy? People said, “Don’t have David Icke on your show.” You were here, and that first episode you blew me away with how most of the things you said made total sense to me. I had you on again.

This is the fourth time, and I’ll be honest, David, a lot of people told me not to have you on today. I had to go back and I thought “Every time I have David on, he always shows me that he’s got some knowledge and amazing perspective about what’s going on here.” I’m so glad I had you on to talk about this stuff.

David Icke: Why wouldn’t people want me on? I have no problem with you interviewing anyone you choose with any opinion that they have.

Where does tyranny come from? Me? Or all those that say “don’t have him on.” They might find a mirror. They might look at it, and they might learn something.

Brian Rose: We’re going to end it on that statement. David, thank you so much. I appreciate you and in some ways, David, I love you as well. Keep doing what you do. I really appreciate it.

For everybody else out there, please listen to this message, meditate on it, change your behavior, change your thoughts, and everything else will change. We’re going to make it through this. Right?

David Icke: Pleasure. Pleasure, Brian, as always. Cheers, mate.

Brian Rose: Thank you, David. Thank you. All right.


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10 thoughts on “Ep. 176: David Icke, Part I (Interviewed by London Real’s Brian Rose) | Vibe Podcast”

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  1. Gabrielle East says:

    You’re publishing stuff from the same guy who believes alien reptiles have invade Earth.,28804,1860871_1860876_1861029,00.html

    Seriously? You are a joke.

    1. Susan says:

      Yes but Gabrielle East did you listen to the episode? If you did you wouldn’t think it was a joke or that anyone else is. This is the first David Icke lecture I’ve ever heard and it makes a lot of sense. It’s not good to hear but it’s information you should be aware of, because then you can make your own decisions.

    2. strawandheart says:

      And like you know that aliens don’t exist!
      You’re quite happy to throw the baby out with the bath water.

    3. Devon Seamoor says:

      Gabrielle East, if you study the history of planet Earth and the civilisations plus cataclismic events changing living conditions for the populations etc. you’ll be close to realizing that we’re not the only ones living in the Universe.

      When you study the nature of mind-programming, you’ll be close to realizing that a reptilian consciousness, not an actual body in a form, has ruled Earth’s population for a large part. You’d be close to finding out that those in the highest level of the financial system on our planet, are under the influence, even taken over, by reptilian mind-control, performing human sacrifice amidst vibes of black magic, so that those beings that are close to "the one whose name can’t be spoken", harvest their daily food made of the expression of fear and pain.

      David Icke, with many other whistleblowers, is ridiculed and sabotaged, due to his clear observations and thinking. I know that mentioning alien reptilians sounds bizarre and crazy, hard to get your head around. He was one of the first, brave enough to talk about this "scaly" subject.

      I suggest you forget all that is said of a person, in this case David Icke, based on past statements, and listen to this interview. David Icke’s detailed explanations about the nature of the pandemic are fully in tune with many other views, shared by virologists, doctors and nurses. His knowledge stems from his initiative to consult virologists, asking them to shed light on the nature of the virus.

      He foresees a second wave/lockdown, with all of us eager and willing to accept vaccination as a saving grace. And the vaccine will finish the job, bringing the Earth’s population to a much lower number. It’s all planned in advance, an example of "silent weapons for quiet wars", staring us in the face. That’s also a document present for free online, check it out, you’ll be surprised I expect.

  2. Les says:

    Listened to it don’t agree with him 100% but he starts off like Bernie Sanders on the 1% controlling everything. When I was a kid it wasn’t looked at as the 1% but the super rich. I found a video that has been banned on FB,You Tube and Vimeo but is on will watch when I get time so I can put a face on the conspirator. Yes I said it,there is a saying that all rumors carry a portion of truth. I think the same applies to some conspiracy theories.

  3. strawandheart says:

    Just look at the type of folk who are trying to shut David Icke up!
    What are these elites frightened of? They should be frightened, we are all David Ickes now.

  4. Manman says:

    This the same guy who declared himself the son of God back in the 90’s. Yep! the actual Messiah. The same guy who said the world was being ruled by an alien race of reptiles ( I think he got that idea fron Rowdy Ronnie Piper in ‘They Live’). Some people thought he was using ‘Reptiles’ as a substitue for Jews but no. He actually meant aliens. Reptilian aliens. The bloke is an out and out nutter who makes a living from trying to out nutter other conspiracy theorists

    He also conceded the softest goal I have ever seen by letting the ball through his legs whilst playing for Coventry against Swansea in 1981. I have still haven’t forgiven him for that!

    1. Devon Seamoor says:

      No such thing has happened of what you accuse David Icke from. Your grudge about that football-game with David Icke in the field, how long ago? 1981! calls for a loud shout: "grow up, please!".

      To me, you’re behaving like an 8 year old school-boy. I may be wrong though, it could be closer to a 3 year old in a tantrum. Get over it and inform yourself properly, before sharing insubstantial comments. Okay?

      1. Manman says:

        Do your research chap. There is plenty of footage out there where Icke proclaims himself the son of God and declares the world is is being run by reptilian aliens. It amazes me how many people fall for his conspiracy drivel without any credible evidence.

        And I get told to grow up

        You’re right about the goal though. I do need to let that go

  5. Kris says:

    I found this insightful and inspiring. Can’t wait to listen to the next three! Thank you for making these available. I was having trouble getting them on my phone from London Real, for some reason.

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