Bone Broth Protein: Why You Should Try It

Bone Broth Protein: Why You Should Try It

I don’t eat very many animal products, but collagen-rich bone broth is a whole food that may be a missing link even for people like me who eat mostly plants. I’m excited to tell you what’s in it that makes it so special, and why you should try it! What’s In Bone Broth? Bone broth…

Another Food Fad? Bone Broth!

Bone broth cafes are popping up everywhere, and my friend Dr. Kellyann just released her book, The Bone Broth Diet. So what do I think about it? Check out my new video.

How does BONE BROTH fit in my healthy diet?

The Bone Broth Diet

I’ve sidestepped the raw / vegan debate all these years and watched these fads with a long-range view. Very frankly, I’ve eaten 60%+ raw, and 95%+ vegetarian, vegan for 20 years. Even my recipes tend to be 99% vegan. I figure you KNOW how to cook meat, but the habit of eating raw plants is…