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5G Resources

Website Resources

Visit these websites for other resources to oppose 5G. Take Action for Freedom lets you notify your public officials right now, with a detailed letter about the health concerns of 5G, and the option to include a personal message. They ensure your concern is sent to the public officials that represent your address.

Take Action for Freedom - Oppose 5G in Your Town

Take Action for Freedom - Inform Your City of Banned 5G Cities

Moms Across America - RFR Studies

Moms Across America - Stop 5G

Environmental Health Trust

5G Crisis - A Project of Americans for Responsible Technology

We Are The Evidence - Wireless Technology Injury Advocacy Group

Citizens For 5G Awareness

5G Antenna Circuitboard

No final images have been released. The actual antennas will be very small, such as this photo from Fujitsu, but these will be in some kind of box which has not yet been publicly released.

5G Single-Panel Antenna circuit board

5G antennas will be small, as illustrated by this antenna circuit board from Jujitsu. The circuit board will be contained in an enclosure for indoor or outdoor use. Images of the enclosure have not yet been released.