Green Smoothie Guy convert: Boston Blake’s Blog

I got this email after my class last month in Sandy, Utah. Give Blake some encouragement on his new blog, or here? The idea of eating living/raw plant foods is new for him!

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl:

You probably hear this a lot, but what’s one more compliment?

Last week my wife dragged me to your event in Orem  (yes, dragged me – I didn’t want to go, I wanted to stay home and play video games). But I am so happy I attended!

As I listened to your story, I considered my own life, and the thing in your speech  that affected me most was a word you used: lifestyle. I had recently been seeking for other changes in my life: physically, emotionally and spiritually, and I had concluded on my own, that very week, that the only way I could effectively become the man I want to be, would be to make lifestyle changes, and not just temporary ones.

You spoke about making an eating lifestyle change, and I put down my phone (I admit I was playing a game at the beginning of your event) and listened. Your experience and recommendations were just what I needed then. I don’t think I would have been open before that week. It was perfect timing. I give the Lord all the credit for that.

I have been trying to find a way to eat healthy, keep my calorie count down, get the necessary vitamins and minerals, and get back in shape. I have had a goal for about 2 years to get back in “high school” shape when I was an athlete, but still find myself eating hamburgers and fried chicken because I don’t like the taste of salads every day.

And to be honest, I am not a huge fan of raw foods. But your smoothies were the answer I needed. After trying the sample, I realized how good green smoothies can be. My wife already has a VitaMix, so all I needed to do was purchase the raw foods. We spent a couple days trying different recipes until we found some I like.

Today I begin my new lifestyle. I am starting with making raw foods a bulk of my diet — mostly in the form of green smoothies (according to your calculations, I am getting about 40-50 servings of vegetables and raw foods per day!).

I plan to maintain that until I get closer to the weight I want. During my weight-loss/get-fit months, I will try different types of recipes that don’t include the smoothies, so that when I am in the shape I want to be, I can have the smoothies for breakfast and have other healthy, raw foods for my other meals.

My wife is very grateful for your story and work. She has been trying to get me to eat healthy for the longest time (she is very good at eating healthy). And after a week of spiritual awakening and revelation, and attending your event to cap it off, I think I am on the right track for a healthier, happier life.

Thank you, Robyn, for your work. I hope to attend more events and continue supporting you and your efforts. You have changed another life this month.

Here’s my new blog about the health journey that I’ve just started:


Boston Blake (South Jordan, Utah)

take the poll–contribute to OFFICIAL GREEN SMOOTHIE RESEARCH!

Here it is, the official questionnaire, which will tabulate responses and be reported in my upcoming book.   Please take the poll now if you’ve been doing green smoothies for 30 days or longer.   If not, come back when you have!

Answer these questions completely honestly, thoroughly if possible, and THANK YOU in advance for helping advance nutrition science, GSG-style!   I will use your testimonials on the site, in my book, and to encourage others!   I’ll even post some here, LOVE YOU GUYS.

p.s. Sorry I went off the grid for a few days–made a last-minute decisions to run to San Diego for a couple of days while I didn’t have my kids.   Sunny, fun, hiking, relaxing, watching movies, and . . . of course . . . taught my friends there how to make green smoothies, including 10-year old twin boys, who ran around in circles outside yelling, “MY EYESIGHT IS BETTER, MY EYESIGHT IS BETTER!”   I love how literal kids are.

Then I came home and made a pink smoothie for breakfast.   Problem is, I “lent” my ex my BlendTec several months ago and all I’ve had is my VitaMix.   The stupid thing came on for 30 seconds and died.   Permanently.   For no reason.   So I took the blenderful of strawberries and beets and carrots and stuff over to my ex-husband’s house, to see if I could dump it in his BlendTec and get my breakfast that way . . . but he wasn’t home.   When I called him, he informed me that he recalls things differently than I do and the BlendTec is HIS.   Permanently.

Not worth the conflict.   I went to the gym, still hauling around my unblended container full of pink smoothie.   Really hungry now.   After 50 minutes on the Stairmaster, I couldn’t take it any more.    I drove over to BlendTec, all sweaty, walked in and  said, “PLEASE GIVE ME A NEW MACHINE, AND FAST!” and handed over my credit card.

That’s at least the 7th time something has gone wrong with my VitaMix.   Pretty lame when you have to have two machines because it breaks so often.   Does a great job when it works, just wish it always worked.   I’m happy I just got myself another BlendTec.

BUY BLENDTEC.   It’s pretty telling, don’t you think,  that the ONLY thing my  former husband  and I have had conflict over, property-wise, is that BLENDER!

Last comments about WHY BUY BLENDTEC rather than VitaMix

By the way, a nice thing about having two machines (or three, like I have) is that as a GSG evangelist, you want to lend someone a machine. I *always* have my second VM lent out. For a while my cleaning lady had it while she saved for her own, and currently my teaching assistant, Parker, has it, because he’s a Brigham Young University wide receiver and needs more energy. It’s usually one of my starving university students who identifies himself as having health problems or an interest in nutrition I lend it to. You cannot believe how many of my students (average age: 21) have Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, chronic constipation or diarrhea, energy problems, Epstein Barr, brain tumor, energy problems, and much more. Every semester I have one or two bring me the university form to show me they have a disability related to chronic, diet-related health problems. It’s the university’s way of saying, “Sometimes this student can’t even get out of bed, so please be understanding and work with her.”

I’ve never had one of them start making GS  who didn’t have a very exciting improvement in health problems.
So, to summarize:

BlendTec vs. VitaMix (which are the same price):

BlendTec’s square container design has a wide base allowing you to scrape the food out easily, avoiding wasted food like the VM causes, which drives me nuts when I make something thick. The BlendTec fits under your kitchen counter, unlike the very tall VM. It travels so much more easily than the VM because the base is more compact and fits neatly in a suitcase. It doesn’t require you to muscle the food in physically with the tamper–centrifugal force does the work. It blends grain into flour without requiring you to purchase a separate $80 “dry” container. If you have a big family, you can get an extra-large container if you want, only with BlendTec. The blade on the BlendTec has a lifetime warranty, which is huge since if you use it a lot, blades eventually dull. Last but not least, it’s just more powerful–3 hp compared to VM’s 2.5.

I want EVERYONE to have this very important tool, which I consider not just the coolest and most important thing I own in my kitchen, but the coolest and most important thing I own, PERIOD.


BlendTec Warranty: my response, and BlendTec’s . . . part 2 of 2


From:         Blendtec

Date:           8/29/2008

Re:                   Blendtec Warranty Information

Blendtec home blender warranty FAQ’s


Question – Is there any restriction on the number of times a machine can be used during the warranty period?


Answer – NO. There is no cycle restriction on the home machine warranty. It can be used many times per day without any concern about going over a usage limit. Some may be confusing the warranty for a commercial machine with the home warranty, but they are two different things.


Question – How is Blendtec’s home warranty different from other manufacturers?


Answer – Comparing warranty coverage across different types of machines with different features and components is a little like trying to compare apples to oranges. But when compared to similar home machines which utilize current technologies, Blendtec has a standard three year warranty on the critical motor and electronic components, whereas other small appliance manufacturers only offer a 90 day or perhaps a one-year warranty for machines costing almost as much as a Blendtec.


Some don’t offer any warranty at all on the jar or drive shaft, which are key components in a blender’s function, but Blendtec offers a one-year warranty on the blender jar, and a lifetime warranty on the blade and drive socket. And if a jar should need to be replaced after the warranty period, Blendtec’s jar is less than half the cost of other high end machines. Some manufacturers don’t even offer replacement parts, so if a jar goes bad, the entire machine is a loss. Not so with Blendtec.

Blendtec makes the world’s strongest blenders and has had machines in constant use for decades. The return percentage for machines needing repair is among the lowest in the industry. Blendtec’s machines are Made in the USA using the highest quality components and materials. Blendtec is a continuous improvement company which means as new technology or production processes become available, Blendtec’s engineering department incorporates those changes into every product it sells.


Some companies which rely on outdated technology and don’t offer the state-of-the-art machines that Blendtec does may have longer warranties, but they don’t offer the value, power, and functions that a Blendtec machine has.  


When you’re talking about processing whole foods, raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains, or ice, just ask the important question “Will It Blend?”, and with a Blendtec blender the answer is “Yes, it blends!”


comments on BlendTec warranty, from me and BlendTec . . . part 1 of 2

I read some comments about BlendTec and VitaMix warranties on my blog when I returned from my long vacation. You can easily read the 7 reasons why I chose to promote the BlendTec Total Blender, instead of VitaMix (though I own both), here: Okay, it’s really 6 reasons, because the last one is pretty stupid. But I’m adding another one (as soon as my newly hired webmaster comes on), and that is how much easier it is to get stuff out of the bottom of the BlendTec canister! (I always wasted stuff using the VM, which is terribly narrow at the bottom where the blades are.)

If I wanted to, I could promote both companies on this site. I’m going to focus on the positives of the one I chose rather than the negatives of any other. I have a strong conviction about the integrity of BlendTec, a company headquartered here near my home. I know the employees all the way up to David Beck, the president, and worked with one of the authors of the “Will It Blend” campaign when we were both fresh out of college. These folks are phenomenal, on a perpetual quest to provide the best products in the world in the home appliance industry. When I send David an email with a question, I get a phone call from him within five minutes.

About the warranty, David Beck told me about a commercial shop he works with who says they burned out 20 VitaMix machines and only 2 BlendTec machines in the same time period. I believe it. Although I like my VitaMix (I have two of them, and owned them long before I found BlendTec), I have had to send mine in for repair a number of times. Not so my BlendTec machine. I like that the BlendTec automatic shutoff prevents the machine from burning up (I have burned up my VitaMix motor before, twice).

Dave says their experience is that if you are going to have a problem with your machine, it is right away, not three years after purchase. Comparing the length of the warranty on two different companies’ machines is somewhat pointless, since the machines are not equal. You need a long warranty if you’re not confident your purchase will last.

To address John’s confusion about limitations on the cycles within the warranty, which he recently posted, tomorrow I will post a memo BlendTec wrote me.

VitaMix vs BlendTec

So I came in from running and started to make a blenderful of GS.   Sometimes if my BlendTec is full of something else, or my kids put the container somewhere that I can’t find, I use the VitaMix instead of the BlendTec.

This photo  shows  another reason  why I promote BlendTec over VitaMix.   This is the third time this has happened to me in the past few years with my VitaMix:  while blending, for no good reason, the entire base and blade assembly comes apart from the container.   I had to pull the container off the base and quickly dump it into my other container (losing some all over the counter in the process).   I had to stick my hand into the container of green goo and fish  out the blade assembly.

So I told my son to grab the camera so you could at least be entertained by it.   Don’t get me wrong–VM is a good machine, makes awesome smoothies, and they honor their warranty well (I’ve burned up a couple of their machines).   But you can read my 6 reasons (besides this design flaw) why I choose to promote BlendTec, by clicking here.