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Ep. 189: Dr. Cowan, M.D. Discusses Whether There’s a Virus, Whether the Test For It Works, and More with Dr. Thomas Cowan

Robyn Openshaw - Jul 08, 2020 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Vibe Podcast 189 Dr Thomas Cowan

One of the more outspoken MD’s about CVD19, Dr. Cowan talks about the next wave of the plandemic, the vax.x.ine, how unscientific many of the claims have been, the weaponization of 5G, and the “exosomes” debate.


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7 thoughts on “Ep. 189: Dr. Cowan, M.D. Discusses Whether There’s a Virus, Whether the Test For It Works, and More with Dr. Thomas Cowan”

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  1. Diane says:

    Such a great podcast, so grateful to those who will speak out of the absurdity of
    what is going on…

    1. Amy Webster says:

      Hello Robyn, thanks for your great podcast I have been listening to all your top notch interviews since the beginning of the pandemic and it had taught me a lot. reflecting my own feelings.

      I have questions for Dr Cowan who is very convincing. I feel he is exposing the truth. The germ theory makes no sense and I do believe that viruses cannot be caught. Yet what explains the huge number of deceased? What is the true cause of all these sudden deaths? What is the poison, or toxins, that are killing so many people at the same time? Would it really be 5G? And if germs cannot be transmitted, how do you explain the increasing contaminations and increased cases of Covid19 after congregations? I really want to understand all of this. Many thanks!

      1. Jennifer L says:

        Yes!! I feel exactly the same way, Amy. I was so interested to hear thoughts against the "germ theory"…first just a brief mention here and there from folks Robyn interviewed like Judy Mikovits and Nurse Kate. Now, the in-depth discussion with Dr. Cowan was fascinating, but I’m really hoping to have those "for example" type questions, like Amy asked, answered so I can wrap my head around it completely. Robyn, or anyone who "gets it" better than I, please walk us through it on a basic level so we can understand a little better given what is going on around us. Thanks so much!!

      2. Tom Cowan says:

        Hi, first of all whenever you start getting into these questions go back to basics. The way to prove viral causation is very clear, you isolate the virus from ALL the sick people, you NEVER find it in any well person, then you purify the virus from sick people, expose it in the normal way to healthy people or animals (ie aerosolized which is how they say its transmitted) and this makes the healthy people sick. This has never been done with Covid or any other viral disease. If you think i am incorrect, please provide the reference.

        If this is correct and there is no viral transmission or cause then there must be some other explanation for all these observations. I gave many possible reasons people would be getting sick, aluminum, glyphosate, EMF fields, pollution, fear, etc. etc, These explain all the finding we are seeing and the observations you mentioned. The congregation thing is about the testing, which as i said is completely meaningless.

        1. Amy says:

          Many thanks for your reply Dr Cowan, I appreciate you taking the time. Further to some other findings I am beginning to understand this more and can see more clearly that there are multiple causes to the diseased and deceased. It is very unfortunate that the medical world and political leaders are blind to this. Please continue to speak up! Thank you Robyn for this and all other interviews.

      3. Mario says:

        You must understand the CDC owns 22 vaccine patents which it gets paid for if you take them and the CDC changed the way they record death on April 26th inorder to deceive you. Also the NIH owns 100 vaccine patents and gets paid when you take them hence the corruption

      4. Glyphosates (50 billion pounds per year and HIV coincides precisely with the HIV explosion) contaminated water, toxic frankenfoods, fear, all of the injected heavy metals, addictions, and on and on. All these poisons in our food and water system add up to us poisoning our systems. Get rid of all internal pollution and poisons and you will not get sick. It is so difficult to get over the cognitive dissonance, learning how viruses were somehow the enemy that needs to be destroyed is the paradigm we were living under for all of our lives. It seems so wild to realize the truth. It makes so much sense to me know, how could we really believe that poisoning our mother earth wouldn’t make us sick, somehow it was a inert microscopic virus which we have millions in our bodies at this very moment and up to 70% of each breath contains virus. If viruses were the problem, we would all be dead.

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