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Ep. 197: On Being Assimilated Into the Borg — And Why We Must Be The Resistance with James Corbett

Robyn Openshaw - Sep 02, 2020 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Vibe Podcast 197 James Corbett

James Corbett of The Corbett Report believes we’re being “assimilated into the borg,” where those successfully brainwashed turn on the other half of us–in a war wherein no shots have been fired, but it’s a war for our very survival all the same. We have a very open conversation about what’s going on in Australia, James’ view of Bill Gates after doing a docuseries on him, and why so many smart people seem to support every lie we’re told by the media and government.


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2 thoughts on “Ep. 197: On Being Assimilated Into the Borg — And Why We Must Be The Resistance with James Corbett”

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  1. Robin L says:

    Again, another great interview! I had heard from another credible source that there is a chance that social media will suffer a "blackout" sometime before the election (weeks, maybe days before) and until shortly after. The interviewer was not sure if email would be cut off too, but "the cabal" wants to cut off contact between people as completely as possible.

  2. Robin L says:

    One more comment on why aren’t people listening – there are so many people who only listen to mainstream media and want to believe they are being told the truth. People are apathetic. I was sending information about what is going on to my family and friends since early March and two of my "friends" told me to stop sending them things – one saying she trusts Dr. Fauci implicitly. One of my neighbors said he does not want to be on a list. My siblings poo-poo’d it until recently (most it not all are finally coming around). Other friends have been sufficiently scared that this is the deadliest virus in history (which oddly enough you have to be tested for to find out if you even have it…) that they will do whatever Dr. Fauci tells them to do. Few seem to question where the alternative doctors are – the alternative treatments. Not using critical thinking anymore because our children have been dumbed down and are being taught socialism in school.

    There is another group – the Christians (and I am one, but not following their logic) that sincerely believe this is the end times and Christ will be coming to "save" or "rapture" them so that they will not experience any of the evil, so they do NOTHING. I have had a hard time getting through to people. So, I sent the majority of people on my contact list the vaxx ingredients from Children’s Health Defense and what each item was and how toxic and dangerous each item was – and some are listening to that at least. Don’t know what else to do.

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