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Ep. 178: Top U.S. Virologist Blows The Whistle On COVID-19 with Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD | Vibe Podcast

Robyn Openshaw - Apr 22, 2020 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Vibe Podcast 178 Dr Judy Mikovits PHD

Judy Mikovits, PhD, is a biochemist and molecular biologist who worked in top government labs on the Ebola, HIV, and coronaviruses like SARS. When she refused to participate in a cover up, she was threatened and briefly went to jail, where they demanded she write a confession, and she refused. This interview was a brilliant expose on how viruses are discovered and genetically engineered for profit. Dr. Mikovits exposes fraud at the highest level in the CDC and other agencies Americans believe keep us safe from infectious disease in her new book, “Plague of Corruption”.


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  • [00:10:12]: Fraud! Dr. Judy Mikovits talks about her first interaction with the man behind the corruption.
  • [00:19:03]: Puzzle Pieces. Dr. Judy Mikovits explains how Covid-19 doesn’t fit a SARS-Cov-2 virus.
  • [00:27:37]: Risks. Dr. Judy Mikovits explains some of the risks when mixing human and animal tissue for a virus.
  • [00:41:53]: Contaminated. Dr. Judy Mikovits explains why Covid-19 is not a natural evolution virus as well as the questionable ingredients in common vaccines.
  • [00:55:21]: Jailed. Dr. Judy Mikovits explains why she was jailed in regards to her research and the coverup.
  • [01:02:37: Masks. Dr. Judy Mikovits explains why masks can do more harm than good.
  • [01:18:17]: Germ Theory of Disease. Dr. Judy Mikovits explains the germ theory of disease and a deathbed confession.
  • [01:35:53]: Hope. Dr. Judy Mikovits explains our next steps in standing up for freedom and our rights.



This transcript has been edited for clarity.

Robyn: Hey, everyone. It’s Robyn Openshaw. Welcome back to the Vibe show. Today’s episode is probably the most exciting one I’ve ever done in almost 200 episodes.

I interviewed Dr. Judy Mikovits. She has a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology. She has just released an incendiary book called Plague of Corruption. Her coauthor is Kent Heckenlively. He is an attorney.

It’s an amazing book about the 40 years that she spent in immunology and virology where she talks about how we have been inventing viruses and genetically modifying viruses for profit and plunder, basically.

Her first interaction with Tony Fauci, who is the highest ranked epidemiologist in the United States and leading the charge on Covid-19, spans back close to four decades ago.

She talks about everything from the falsehoods and fraud in how we treat disease to vaccine theory to the germ theory of disease versus the terrain theory.

She talks about things that actually do work about Covid-19 that you’ll never hear from Tony Fauci. She talks about censorship; she talks about vaccines driving pandemics.

She talks about why you don’t want to wear a mask, that it’s maybe one of the worst things you can do. She talks about whether Covid-19 is really as infectious as you’ve been told, and how it spreads.

Make sure you stay on until the end because we both have some very hopeful messages for you. Welcome to the Vibe show, Dr. Judy Mikovits.

Judy Mikovits: Thanks so much, Robyn.

Robyn: I’m excited to dig into this with you because I have heard some very fascinating interviews with you out there on the internet by some of my colleagues.

Not only do you have a PhD from 40 years ago as a biochemist and molecular biologist, but you worked as an immunologist and virologist studying how the immune system is interrupted by viruses and infections. Tell us about that and your background with Ebola.

Judy Mikovits: Oh, sure. I graduated from University of Virginia with a degree in biochemistry and undergrad degree in 1980. [I] went straight to the National Cancer Institute and was part of the team that developed immunotherapy interferon-alpha.

[The therapy] was on the cover of Time Magazine March 31st, 1980 as the big “If,” a magic bullet to cancer. Can we take our own biological response modifiers and our own immune system and reeducate it to prevent or treat infectious disease?

At the time that was just before the discovery of HIV AIDS but after the discovery by my lifelong mentor, Dr. Sette, who in 1980 discovered the first cancer-causing human retroviruses.

I – to the biological response modifiers in 1983 and literally from that day on studied from the patient level why people got sick — why some got AIDS from HIV and other people could be perfectly healthy, never knowing they even had the infection.

My PhD. thesis in 1991 really changed that treatment paradigm of HIV. It was a subset of immune cells known as monocyte macrophages, which had to be targeted with drug therapy.

We did that developing peptide T. Peptide T, of course, is the subject of the movie, the Dallas Buyers Club. That’s a non-pathogenic immune modulator that prevents the interaction between the T-cell, which was dying from HIV infection.

They were called bystander effects. We didn’t know why the T-cell was dying because only one in 10,000 T-cells was infected. That work led to my PhD. It told everybody that the orchestrator of the disease was a dysregulated monocyte macrophage.

During my postdoctoral studies, part of those studies was at Fort Dietrich in Usamriid, which was literally right across a baseball field from my laboratory in the National Cancer Institute.

It was literally the next step of my journey to understand how a pathogenic strain of Ebola (known as the Zaire strain) is different from the totally non-pathogenic Reston strain, not on a sequence level, but on an immune response level.

What I did there was discover through the work [that] the difference was a cytokine storm [like] we’ve been hearing in the Covid-19. It was a cytokine storm, a pattern of cytokines that were highly inflammatory. Inflammation means “flame.”

We’ve learned over my 40-year career inflammation is at the heart of essentially every chronic disease. The fire gets too high. We’ve lost the dimmer switches, and we know what those are molecularly.

We’ve lost control of the on/off switches in the immune response from the blood stem cell communication to basically every resident tissue stem cell in the innate and the adaptive immune response — your frontline defenses and your memory.

We’ve lost our ability to determine self from non-self — the explosion of autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune means you attack yourself because you don’t know the difference between self and non-self at the molecular immunology level.

They’re at Usamriid with Ebola. We determine an inflammatory signature of disease. Why a virus? They’re essentially the same sequence.

Once we understood what that signature was, we could see at the molecular level, in the sequence what were immunogenic, what was driving that flame.

The work was intended to take those immunogenic sequences and develop not only therapies but vaccines to prevent the fire from going on or going too high, such that pathogenic strains became non-pathogenic. A lot to unpack.

Robyn: Yes, for sure. You say that you started working with Tony Fauci 39 years ago. I heard you say as I was taking notes in another interview you did, that he is both evil and stupid.

Judy Mikovits: [Laughter]. Sorry, did I actually say that out loud?

Robyn: You did. I want to explore that because you’ve got half of America who thinks he’s here to save us. You’ve got the other half, it appears to me roughly, who believe that he has committed crimes against humanity for a long time — that are just coming to light now — because he is in league with Bill Gates who has stated he has a eugenics agenda and that population control is the agenda of this administration that he seems to be working on. Talk a little bit about how you started working with him 39 years ago and what you saw play out.

Judy Mikovits: I want to correct that. I did not start working with him 39 years ago. Remember I’m 24 years old when I started working with Dr. Rossetti — 37 years ago, June 6, 1983.

Dr. Rossetti and I were part of the team that first validated Nobel Laureate Luc Montagier’s isolation and discovery of HIV as a possible causative agent of AIDS.

We isolated that virus from saliva and blood. We wrote a manuscript and had it in press, in publication. One day when Dr. Rossetti’s out of town, Dr. Fauci calls on the phone. I’m Dr. Rossetti’s only employee technician.

I answer the phone and I’m asked by Dr. Tony Fauci, who has on the line Dr. Robert Gallo. Dr. Gallo worked in the National Cancer Institute.

Dr. Fauci was the head of the N. I. A. I. D. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. Dr. Fauci asked me for a copy of the manuscript, which was in press. I refused because it was confidential. It was highly unethical to give it to him.

He became enraged on the phone [and] threatened to fire me for insubordination. [He] told me he was the boss. I don’t care. I’m 24 years old and I never really cared who you are.

It’s ethics, reality, integrity, and trust. You don’t tell me to do something that’s illegal, immoral, and unethical. I did not do it.

When Dr. Rossetti came back to town from his meeting, he was bullied and finally gave in. [He] gave the manuscript to Dr. Fauci who held up the publication of our manuscript, literally leading to the spread of the virus for several months until Dr. Gallo could copy it and make it his own work — literally steal and plagiarize our work, redo it in different samples.

[That] created, as you’ll remember from HIV, literally a war between who discovered HIV between Montagier in France, who clearly did discover it as LAV, lymphadenopathy virus.

Because of the so-called fight and this special self-interest, “It’s all about me. I got the patents. I own the testing rights. This, that,” HIV spread around the world, not only to susceptible populations at the time, the IV drug users, gay men, and prostitutes, [but to non-susceptible populations as well].

Frank Rossetti and I and others in the field were saying, “Well, that’s ridiculous.” Retroviruses don’t know if they’re infecting a man or a woman. There [was] plenty of data that said there were women getting infected with other kinds of retroviruses — [as well as] children — and that somehow [retroviruses] were getting into the world in a way that was very different from what we were being told as a scientific community.

I’m watching this whole thing as a kid who is a natural products chemist. I isolate and make drugs out of plants and your own biological immune molecules. I’m watching this insanity play out.

That single decade where he drove the therapies towards the T-cell, which I just described in detail because he had the patent — unbeknownst to us because Frank Rossetti discovered interleukin-2, which was what Dr. Fauci admitted on tape.

I really just learned this several weeks ago. That might’ve been the, the basis of my anger of “stupid” and “pure evil.”

All of the evidence says that doesn’t make sense. That doesn’t make sense. That doesn’t make sense. Yet hypotheses of alternative opinions [continue to make themselves known to the public and the scientific community].

Is This Covid-19?

It’s very important right now with Covid. Coronaviruses don’t cause the type of diseases and injuries we’re seeing as a medical community. I think you’ve seen that throughout the internet from the ER docs. Doctors are given protocols, which they can’t veer from without losing their jobs.

This was the earliest interactions through the nineties because it was my PhD thesis, which I defended November 14th of 1991 — 28 years ago.

It was Magic Johnson who had just seroconverted — that is made an antibody — meaning he was absolutely exposed to the virus because it got into his immune system, and he made an immune response. He became HIV positive on a serology antibody tests. That does not mean he has AIDS.

On November 7th was when everybody saw that. It’s also memorialized in Time Magazine. You can go back and see the press, see the media, and see how that was played. It was in a publication.

I answered the question, “Based on your molecular theory of causation and treatment strategy, will he or will he not get AIDS?” I said, “He’ll never get AIDS, but he has to change everything about the treatment strategy.” Of course, that has what play has played out to now. We’re like, “Wait a minute, what happened to AIDS?”

I didn’t publish those works in a journal for three years before that. Dr. Rossetti and I had tried to publish those works in journals.

What people on the outside don’t understand is that you have what’s called peer review. It’s not peer review. It’s competitor review. If somebody doesn’t want a paper published at the highest levels of government — everybody has to check off on it — those papers are rejected or held up and effectively censored, again, while millions more die.

We had tried to publish several papers on our work from ’87 to ’91. One of the peer reviews we got when we tried to submit my PhD thesis work was, “I didn’t believe your last paper either. It’s contamination.” That’s not a review. That’s not a scientific review.

This is throughout my career, every discovery we’ve made, because it goes against dogma and the old boys at the top. They set the dogma. “That’s impossible.”

Treatment after treatment for diseases, for cancers, for severe things, Tony Fauci and the Cabal at the top have held up as anecdotal evidence, and we’ve seen all of it. Anecdotal means storytelling.

We’ve got thousands of publications for hydroxychloroquine. The WHO [is] a corrupt organization obviously in cahoots with Fauci. The people at the highest level of HHS [are] corrupt. [As well as] FDA.

You can’t use that serology test in Covid-19. We’re going to use a PCR test, which means we’re going to take a piece of RNA out of your nose.

That’s not a virus, that’s not an infection until it gets beyond your immune system, of your skin, of your nasopharyngeal passages into your blood. A true infection that develops an immune response, that’s not an infection.

The books are being cooked on who’s positive in SARS-CoV-2. The disease doesn’t fit. We don’t have a single causative agent. SARS-CoV-2 is not the causative agent of Covid-19. It’s absolutely clear because if every person with that virus infection doesn’t have the disease, it’s not causative. Just like I just explained to you for HIV.

Since 1984, Zika, Ebola, swine flu, bird flu, the Ebola of 2014 that killed 21,000 Americans, Tony Fauci has led the way to scare administrations and populations into vaccine strategies [and] into the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act of 1986 where all liability was removed from manufacturers of unsafe untested vaccines.

That law’s been broken. That law, when put in place, said the vaccine schedule has to be tested every two years. Del Bigtree, Bobby Kennedy Jr. with their FOIA’s and legal inquiries finally got a judgment in November of this year that said CDC has to take down “vaccines don’t cause autism” because they couldn’t produce a single paper that say it doesn’t. Not one.

Not one safety study has been done on anything on this schedule for 36 years. It’s all very clear. There’s a tremendous amount of data on the corruption, the self-interest, the patents, the conflicts of interest of not only Tony Bouchie, but Deborah Birxs, Robert Redfield who literally made our entire military sick and pushed his own agenda of evil that said, somehow HIV AIDS was God’s punishment of people for their behavior.

That’s not how God works. These people at the top need to go away. Right now. They’re not stupid, but they’re saying stupid things.

The last thing you do is vaccinate with an influenza vaccine if you’re trying to prevent another upper respiratory infection. That’s [been] clear for years. The data does support it. They even supported it just last year [with] testing done in the military with respect to SARS-CoV-2.

Everything needs to stop. The vaccine injury compensation program needs to end Tony Fauci and everyone at the heads of the FDA, the CDC, the EPA [should be replaced].

Our soil is contaminated [with environmental toxins like FIVE J*EE, glyphosate, and Roundup]. Our water is contaminated. Our air is contaminated with chem trails, with spraying.

These organizations are not in any way protecting the public health, and leading it all is Tony Fauci — threatening every president since Ronald Reagan and removing more and more constitutional rights, religious freedom, basic human rights of informed consent and what to do with your own body.

Medical doctors are currently treating with absolutely the wrong treatments and denying patients and treating patients like criminals who go in there. I just spent the last half hour on the phone with one of them.

At any rate that probably is more than you want as an answer. You can circle back. [Anthony Fauci] was never my boss. I never worked with him directly.

I never encountered him again until 2010 when he was directed by Francis Collins to do a very large multi cohort study on the mouse cancer causing viruses, the XMRVs that we discovered and isolated and proved with hundreds of different methods — not just one test, a confirmatory test.

Every one of those PCRs needs a confirmatory serology test and vice versa. Serology tests need confirmatory sequencing to show it’s not crosstalk of antibodies. They know this. They’ve known this forever.

We did it in HIV, we did it in everything else. We did it in XMRVs, and all bets are off for coronavirus Covid-19. We had at least nine zeros. There were nine zeroes, 10 to the minus nine chance that XMRV was associated with chronic fatigue syndrome by accident.

99% confidence is what most scientific data get. We had nine zeros in front of that, and the Journal of Science would not let us call it highly significant. Our data is being censored by the Journal of Science.

[The Journal of Science] literally commissioned and published fraud and allowed Tony Fauci [to steal work] when Francis Collins asked him to do that replication study in September of 2010 because the data that I presented about the patient population in London had negative controls of 4%.

That’s at least 25 times HIV. That means 25 million Americans in 2010 were infected with mouse cancer-causing viruses.

Francis Collins asked me where the controls came from at that NIH meeting. I said the blood supply of London. We had been doing a blood supply talk since our paper came out in science showing the isolation of a new family of cancer and AIDS causing retroviruses, the XMRVs, those mouse related viruses.

The work of 2010-11 showed contaminated vaccines. Harold Varmus [the head of NCI at the time] back in 1999 started [a] xenotransplantation program.

Xenotransplantation is anytime you mix the human and animal tissue, whether a surgery procedure or an injection by vaccine. When you’re mixing animal and human tissue, you have the opportunity to have a novel virus emerge that otherwise would not have infected humans for millions of years, if ever.

Mixing Animal and Human Tissue

Robyn: Talk a little bit about the risks of mixing animal tissue with human tissue and what that has to do with this situation we’re in in 2020.

Judy Mikovits: What are the risks of mixing animal [with human]? We’re injecting into a two-month-old a [virus]. we do a vaccine known as Pediarix, and that’s hepatitis B. It also contains IPV, the current polio vaccine.

You don’t have a vaccine unless you’ve injected some part of the antigen. In the case of the polio vaccine, there are live attenuated viral vaccines — meaning they passage them, they grow the antigen in an animal cell line known as vero monkey kidney cells.

We have for many years in order to attenuate the polio virus — that is, make it weaker. We passed it in the 1930s through mouse brains.

We literally passaged it over and over — just took a needle, injected it into a mouse brain, pulled out all the mouse brain, degraded all the tissue, and then did it again [until we] isolated the virus.

Like I mentioned with Ebola, the idea is to make it weaker so that you can then inject it and the person will develop an immune response without developing the disease because we’ve taken away the disease signature as the mouse immune system of the brain cripples the polio virus.

How does that have anything to do [with the topic]? In the case of the Italy vaccine that they gave to Italians –untested [in] January 2019 — the vaccine contained four attenuated influenza and was grown in dog kidney cells. These dogs have coronaviruses.

The pieces and parts of the receptors are on an influenza virus. It’s called recombination. They can recombine especially if you put them into immune compromised hosts.

The retroviruses don’t bother the [host] just like I mentioned earlier, but they could wake up and actually infect an immune compromised host.

Immune compromised is a two-month-old. They don’t have an immune system. We’re literally injecting vero monkey kidney cells from which HIV evolved. Different strains, different things. Doesn’t matter. You’re injecting them into a child.

In the original polio vaccines used forever, we had simian virus 40, not a retrovirus, but another cancer-causing virus.

You’ll see all of this in Bobby Kennedy’s forward of our book  Plague of Corruption because he understood I had no idea of the extent and breadth of this because I only focused on what I’m telling you right now.

He knew the history, other things, and he started bringing out how other scientists are attacked and murdered, and their careers destroyed.

The government for — I don’t even know — a hundred years has been censoring and silencing and destroying anyone who dares go against the [status quo] and expose the explosion of infectious disease, of autism, of autoimmune disease, and of cancer. They’re all associated with the vaccines and the contaminants. They call them adventitious agents.

It’s not just the retroviruses, that’s just my story [of] staying in my lane. How all of that has to do with what’s going on with Covid-19 is that coronavirus is clearly not a natural evolution.

Some strains have sequences of HIV in them. Gp120 [is] that envelope, the part that attaches to the cell. Gp 41 is like the hat, the coding on the virus. There’s a portion that sticks [or] pokes into the cell and sticks it there forever, allowing the viruses, the particles, to enter the cell and be taken up by the cell. [Those particles] then take over the cell machinery and grow.

We’ve got a coronavirus that normally would only affect the epithelial cells in the airway. No problem. The immune response to that is clear, except in the immune compromised.

We have to keep the flame from getting too high, otherwise it’s just a mild flu. For most people, they get nothing. Meaning they don’t even know they had it. A silent infection. The government is misrepresenting silent infections.

They’re misrepresenting recovery, which in fact may mean we’ve got a natural herd immunity. We only need to protect those at risks. We have the immune therapy, that type one interferon I made in 1980, which could be what a single vial made by Merck called alpharon or [inaudible]. I don’t know the names of them at this time.

For $600, [we] could protect a thousand people. Two doses a day, very low dose for a week. Did we use that $600 vial and send that around to mitigate this infection?

Did we use the hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drugs, which are on the WHO list of essential medicine, and we know they can calm co-infections, copathogens, other types of parasites and viruses that cause lung inflammation that turned that flame up high?

Can we calm all of this down and restore function and prevent the most vulnerable from getting sick while leaving the rest of the population out there to work? We didn’t force the president to do these draconian measures based on fraud, based on lies.

The FDA [is] stopping the right tests from being done, the serology test. Does that remind us of HIV and how we spread that around the world? How did this spread around the world? They allowed it to spread around the world.

They tell the sick to wear masks. A person was COPD who can’t breathe cannot possibly wear a mask and breathe back in their own CO2.

You’re preventing no one from getting infection because somebody with a piece of RNA in their throat or in their upper parts of their nasal passages that you have to amplify a zillion times in order to see it is not going to cough it into the air six feet at the beach.

They are going to amplify their own reactivated viruses of all kinds and make themselves sicker. Then when they go to the hospital and somebody says, “You test positive for coronavirus. Sure, yeah. You have the symptoms.” Sure. Yeah. We’ve been injected with them for decades.

We all have coronaviruses. The right thing to do [is] if there’s an antibody there, you treat the biology. They’re not treating the biology. The protocols that they’re using based on the narrow definition of “this is the only causative agent of these diseases” are killing the people.

People like me who speak up, like the ER doc, who doesn’t follow protocol is sent out on his own. It has everything to do with the current situation because SARS-Cov-2 does not, by definition of every part of medicine, cause Covid-19.

There are clear other viral, microbial, energetic, or contaminated causes like glyphosate, like FIVE J*EE in a susceptible population which is causing this.

By putting Covid-19 on a death certificate, refusing to do one autopsy to prove to me what I had to prove to everybody, that those microvasculature are popping with coronavirus — whole infectious coronavirus.

Not a little bit of RNA you have to amplify. Show me the proteins. Show me the rest of the virus. Show me the electron micrograph. Do a single autopsy. None of that’s been done. Why? Because they’re covering up because it’s not this coronavirus.

They’re covering up 40 years. They are burying them without autopsies. You can never say XMRV again, just like they did with HIV in the 1980s — mass graves.

They’re covering up that the Ebola outbreak of of 2014 had little to do with natural evolution. No, I’d say nothing to do [with natural evolution]. That virus that I worked on in 1999 was released intentionally or unintentionally.

I think [intentionally] because it was 2014 and just so happened to coincide with the time that William Thompson confessed that they had covered up the data that MMR vaccine can and does cause autism in a susceptible population. One of those susceptible populations — black babies under three — happened to get four-fold more autism if given MMR before the age of three.

All of this weighs exactly on today because it’s half of America with Covid-19 no doubt caused by contaminated blood supply up (until 2011 when they cleaned it up quietly) and vaccines, which they can’t clean up. You can’t clean an antigen away from the cellular debris. At least they don’t have to because there’s no liability.

We know the Zika outbreak is associated with a vaccination program and a spraying over Brazil [for] a release of mosquitoes.

We think of chronic Lyme. Chronic Lyme Is not just Borrelia. Our work showed very clearly, it was Borrelia and Babesia and XMRVs. Cell cultures also carry mycoplasma, mold, Barellia, Babesia, these other pathogens.

The country [and] the medical professionals have been told, “These people are crazy. There’s no such thing.” [Meanwhile] data after data after data pile up, and our work has been censored.

The doctors have been killed if they treat with simple anti-parasitic products or antiviral therapies. They lose their licenses. They’re targeted or they’re killed. When you cure a disease, you know what caused it. I think the reason for the explosion right now, Covid-19, is they got caught.

Read the last chapter of our book. Know the work of Del Bigtree from last November. Know the work of Bobby Kennedy and The Children’s Fund. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Suzanne Humphries.

Dr. Brian Hooker exposed the corruption at the CDC that occurred 20 years ago that just happened to coincide with the first SARS, Severe Acute Respiratory virus release.

It’s clear all of these viruses are manipulated in the laboratory. These are not natural evolution. You don’t mix animal and human tissue and inject it into anyone that’s, say, 10.

We’ve got fetal tissue in those vaccines, fetal cell lines, WI-38 and I forgot the name of the other one. Doesn’t matter. We worked with them my entire life. They’re contaminating the vaccines and everything else.

What should happen is the entire vaccine program should close. Right now. We should repeal the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act and the Bayh-Dole act of the early 80s, which allow investigators to patent the work that the taxpayer paid for.

Covid-19 and the Government

There’s so much that the government can do right now. Within the authority of President Trump, repeal those two acts. Bring back liability for manufacturers who knowingly perpetrate fraud and unsafe products on the population [and who] hold up the entire world for the development of a vaccine. That hasn’t happened.

There’s no vaccine despite trillions of dollars for HIV. Redfield, Birx, Fauci perpetrated fraud in those studies knowingly and killed people with unsafe vaccines.

What’s happening right now? They’re testing SARS-Cov-2 vaccines [that are] untested. They’re testing them on little children in Africa. Why are we testing them on the black people? Why?

This is all [a] total plague of corruption, and it has to end now. Everybody goes back to work. Everybody goes back to work right now. Forget the three phases. If you’re healthy, go back to work. If you’re sick, stay home.

End healthcare insurance. Essentially close and reorganize the FDA. Close the CDC and reorganize. Take the money that they have stolen — billions and trillions of dollars in their little circular door between big pharma and these agencies. Same thing with EPA.

That’s the work of Dr. David Lewis [and his book], Science for Sale. Same thing happened to him that happened to me with the exception of they don’t jail men. They just take out women. At any rate they ruin their careers just the same. He suffered. Dr. David Lewis.

Reorganize the EPA. Close and reorganize the FDA. Take the trillion dollars that we spend. A third of our gross natural product is HHS. It’s mired in corruption, in conflicts of interest, in money back to big pharma, and in huge rising healthcare costs.

When I developed a drug 30 years ago, a patient should be able to buy that drug for pennies. They’re off patent, yet it costs $8,000 a dose.

Who can afford that? Wait a minute. That makes no sense. The Cabal owns all of medicine, and they’re keeping us sick, and that’s the game.

The small company I’ve consulted with making a safe natural product proved in a clinical trial in 2011 that that drug was safe. [We] proved it in people severely ill with cancer. It’s a safe natural product that targets those disease signatures and normalizes your immune response and boosts your immunity. All the things.

That’s what I do. I translate discoveries into therapeutics that for less than $200 a month, every American could get right now. Why not? The FDA won’t approve it because you have to bribe our FDA and get in line.

That company’s CEO passed away a few weeks ago literally with the drug never making the market. Candace Pert, who discovered and developed peptide-T almost 35 years ago, could have made a huge impact, not only on HIV, but here again on Covid-19 [and] on SARS-Cov-2, [and] with the HIV sequences, which Luc Montagnier reported in the last few days publicly, are part of the virus.

It clearly is not natural made. Does that mean it’s a problem? Sure. How many of these have we released on the population?

Can we stop it right now? Yes, close all of this. Fire all of them. Put criminals in jail for criminal activity and stop all of this. We could do it right now with those few simple steps. The money could be returned to the victims of this for the last 40 years.

We need to mine the data in vaccine court, the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting S)ystem of which only 1% has been made. It reflects only 1% of the actual injury. The government holds that secret.

Give that to people who can mine that data and understand why certain people are getting sick at the molecular and immunology level just as we did to change the paradigm of HIV AIDS. We could change it tomorrow.

We [could] make a safe vaccine using peptide-T using the natural adjuvant interferon alpha and take out these toxic heavy metals — aluminum, and mercury that are destroying our immune response and causing the tremendous uptake in Alzheimer’s disease, the brain injuries, the kids with autism, and the people with ME/CFS, Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease.

We can fix all of this, but we have to stop everything now. It has to start with revealing to everybody [that] this is a huge plague of corruption by a small number of people who have huge conflicts of interest and cover up their literal crimes against humanity for almost 40 years.

Robyn: Okay. I have so many things that we could circle back on and ask you to give us like the 60 second point on it. I do want to just mention a few things just because I think they’re so important. A lot of people listening, my audience, is lay people. [They] are going to feel like, “Wow, she flew past that.”

It has been devastating to watch Tony Fauci stand at the head of this crisis and be dismissive of hydroxychloroquine [and] to be completely dismissive of things that we know strengthen the immune system like zinc or taking some vitamin C, taking some vitamin D-3 or getting out in the sun, taking selenium.

That’s like the best vaccine right there that you are the best immune support you could get right there. Cannabis, the things that you advocate for.

If you don’t know what this is, she said that 1% of those who’ve been injured by vaccines have even been addressed by the vaccine court. What she’s saying is that there is a law passed in 1986 which makes the pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines immune from prosecution.

Guess who pays those legal bills out when they settle in vaccine court? That’s you, the taxpayer paid $4 billion out to vaccine injured children even though they will not even touch autism. They won’t even entertain autism.

Judy Mikovits: That was fraud in that court. In 5,000 case ombudsmen study. Everything that happened in that court should be made public.

Robyn: Dr. Mikovits is saying we should go use that as important information to get to the bottom of this. Bring the CDC down, bring the WHO down.

Judy Mikovits: Use it to treat. We don’t care about them. Close them immediately. Use the information to treat, and we can do it. We have the brilliance, we have the technology, we have the experience.

Robyn: I’d love to circle back with you because there’s a lot in your book that’s just come out about your experience with watching the fraud and the coverup with chronic fatigue syndrome and with AIDS. Hopefully we’ll be able to come back and touch on those.

I want to bring up something that you mentioned a few times, which is very, very alarming, and that is that you’ve watched careers destroyed. You’ve observed that people are actually murdered because the Cabal — behavior for decades now — has to move on. Anybody who gets in the way may be in trouble.

My own career is on the line right now. I get punched out every single day for the things that I’m speaking about. Just the questions I’m asking. Yours far more so. Dr. Mikovits tell us what keeps you going. Why are you standing up to this? What is your why?

Judy Mikovits: I’ve been at risk. Those two books were all at risk. The why is it’s the truth and God, they were trying to kill me when they threatened and carried out the threats to destroy my career.

Please just go to because there’s an entire chapter in our latest book, Plague of Corruption. You can buy it on Amazon in a Kindle version. Hard copies I think have sold out, but it’s a very readable book by your authors.

Our first book was more science because I didn’t know. Our second book just shows you the corruption and shows you how they’ve covered up.

We stand up here and look at, at Tony Fauci say, “How can you say that? It’s anecdotal.” He’s been saying that for treatments, for cures for cancer, for energy therapies, for natural products, Chinese herbs, the things you just mentioned, everything the FDA says you can’t make those label claims.

Except you can make a claim on a vaccine that’s never had a single test. Really? Where’s the dichotomy there? Where’s the conflict of interest? These are revolving doors.

It’s illegal. Everything about what’s being done in the FDA, the CDC, in vaccine court is illegal. It’s against federal law and yet nobody is putting the criminals in jail. Why?

I’m at risk, but you don’t even really think of it that way. In 2011, I was being held in jail without a warrant, without a charge, without bail, without seeing a lawyer — five days held in jail. Your audience will appreciate Epstein. They attempted to get me to kill myself. It’s not funny.

The book opens with a chapter called Scientist at Sea. I literally escaped on a boat when my house was surrounded a week before I was caught and jailed.

This is censorship. This is scare. They [try to] succeed at killing you or getting you to kill yourself by threatening your family. They’ve carried out those threats all along against me.

The only thing I do is only obey God. Always have, always will. There’s right, and there’s wrong. Just like that first conversation with Tony Fauci. “No thank you. You fire me for insubordination or anything you want, but that’s wrong. I won’t do it.” Never have.

Robyn: Tell us were you whistle-blowing? What is the actual thing that you were threatened and sent to jail for?

Judy Mikovits: I wouldn’t cover up the data of XMRV like William Thompson. Your audience has to educate themselves. Watch the movie Vaxxed. Watch the movie Vaxxed 2. They’re available. We have time, we’re all at home.

I was jailed because I wouldn’t cover up the data. I was held there. While I was being held there, my mentor, Dr. Rossetti — he was my boss for many years and now we’re part of a two-person company here in California — [and] my husband [were] being threatened.

I was told [to] sign an apology that said, “I made a mistake with XMRV. I’m sorry. I did something wrong.” It was called an apology. It’s a confession.

It also [said], I will spend the rest of my life doing honest research. I probably said, “F*** you. I spent all my life doing honest research and I won’t change.” I show the data. The data should be evaluated by other scientists.

Statistics shouldn’t cover up the data like was done in the Lipkin validation study for the XMRVs [which was] stopped by Fauci. The study stopped when we found it positive. “Let’s not waste any more money. Everybody knows there’s no such thing as XMRV, and that’s just that criminal fraud, Judy Mikovits who’s doing this all.”

This is, what I was threatened with, with my life. In the end, they did take everything I ever made and ever did, but I never, and I never, never signed a confession and I never renounced it. And that’s why we wrote the books because you’ve got email trails. Everything I’ve said, everything I’ve said has a reference to back it up.

I can prove exactly what Tony Fauci said [and] that he directed the lock down and confiscation of 30 years of research, two offices, all my notebooks, all my computers.

When my student went in there and found the break-in, Watergate style, and what they were trying to do to set me up with a crime, he recovered some of the most critical data, meaning the patients’ names.

Meaning the most confidential data that was always locked in my office and was never removed except on September 29th, 2011, the night I was fired without warning — on the street, my labs locked down remotely. This was a setup.

When I refused to play ball, they carried out their threat and took everything from me. Never a day in court. I’m still called a fugitive from justice at NIH. [This] destroyed my career.

The threat was published in Science, the journal. Over 20 articles from 2011 through 2013 or 14. They commissioned a journal what they know is a fraudulent study and which should put the authors in jail.

This is the Thompson paper. This is the paper that the courts use to say vaccines don’t cause autism. This is a horrific level of corruption that’s not just me.

That’s what’s coming out today. Doctors [and] nurses who read the books, “Oh yeah, I got that. No, this isn’t coronavirus. This is something else. What is this?”

It’s XMRV. It’s Borrelia. It’s FIVE J*EE. It’s glyphosate. We’re killing the people we injured. They’re the first people to go, and they’re being treated wrong in the hospitals on purpose.

Not because the doctors are bad, but because the people who set protocol up at the top, what Tony Fauci is telling everybody, what Deborah Birx is telling everybody.

I appreciate your audience. This is complicated science. They get away with it and they’ve gotten away with it for decades. Now you’ve got an angry population [like] anti-vaxxers. They’re not anti-vaxxers. They’re ex-vaxxers because they been vaccinated — they been wounded.

Vaccines and the Harm They Could Cause

Everybody [should] see Vaxxed 2 and realize the people’s truth, the people’s stories. You can clearly see the doctors on the movie saying, “We weren’t trained. We weren’t told anything. We weren’t given informed consent. We don’t know what’s in those shots.”

Those shots were forced on people. When parents denied them in the hospital, the nurses went two by two and vaccinated their children on the first day of their life with hepatitis B when the [parents] denied that. People are made to think, “I’ve vaccinated my child. You vaccinate yours.”

Why? If your child is immune, why do you care? Healthy children don’t make children sick and shouldn’t be denied an education in the United States of America. It’s unconstitutional.

Just like in the current Covid-19, healthy people don’t make people sick. Take off the mask, go outside, put them back to work.

They’re killing people. They’re destroying their economic lives like they destroyed mine and so many others. No. Put people back to work. Put people back to work. Right? Healthy people don’t make people sick. We touch people, we love people.

That’s immunosuppressive to not touch people, to leave an 85-year-old woman or somebody like my husband, an 81-year-old man with COPD alone, away from his grandchildren. You will kill them. You will kill them.

That’s the intention. I’m sorry. There’s no other intention that can be discovered when everything we’re being told, and poor President Trump is being told every day, is absolutely wrong.

Robyn: I see him. There’s little awarenesses dawning, but it’s just coming far too slowly. Then this whole staged going back to work thing — I’m with you. There doesn’t need to be these stages.

Judy Mikovits: We don’t need these stages. Open the parks, open the sunshine, vitamin D, fresh air. Can you believe they told everybody to wear a mask? If you have COPD and you wear a mask, you will kill yourself. You will cause the very disease you’re trying to prevent. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with SARS-Cov-2 because most of America hasn’t been exposed.

Robyn: Even if you don’t have COPD, one of the things my followers wanted me to ask you when the most common questions I got –I said, “I’m interviewing Dr. Mikovits. What do you want to hear from her?” [My audience] wanted you to talk more about the mask issue.

Covid-19 and Useless Masks

Yes, if you have COPD it’ll kill you, but what about everybody else? You talked in another interview I heard about that it’s just exposing you over and over and over again to the virus. People don’t understand that viruses aren’t living organisms. Talk a little bit about that for everyone else and then the whole mask concept.

Judy Mikovits: The whole mass

k concept for everyone else is essentially the same thing as somebody was COPD. You won’t kill them, but you will make yourself sick. We’re human beings.

Number one, if your mask is just this scarf cover of your face all that does is make you breathe in and out. I see people running and riding bikes with these masks. It doesn’t prevent mold, mildew, all the stuff that’s in the air, the pollens [from] allergy season. Those go right there into your sinus cavity, into your nasopharyngeal cavity.

You’re exercising. You’re breathing hard. You’re sucking that stuff into your lungs and you’re sucking back in CO2. We don’t do photosynthesis. We’re humans. We have to breathe oxygen.

We can’t breathe back in our own toxic air. That’s why you exhale. That’s why you breathe deeply. That’s why you cough to expel a pathogen. You cough in your own mask and you suppress your own immune system. You use your own type one interferons in your throat, in your nose, in your blood. It’s horribly immune suppressive.

Probably most of your audience has never worn a mask before all day. Nurses and doctors who have to, they’re keeping themselves from getting sick from their patients. The patient certainly doesn’t wear a mask. They deliver oxygen through a cannula.

For healthy people, you’re not getting fresh air. You’re suppressing your immune response. You’re activating endogenous viruses. When you activate endogenous viruses, your immune system has to go and knock down those viruses.

Inflammatory mass cells respond to pollen. [For] people with things like mass cell activation disorder, mass mastocytosis, this is just a hair trigger reactivation of that very inflammatory cytokine signature of disease. Resident mass cells get reactivated.

Say you get allergies or whatever. When you wear that mask, you’re concentrating those antigens and you’re making yourself sicker. It’s warm; it’s wet. You touch it; it’s abnormal; it’s uncomfortable. Those are all things that are immune draining, not immune boosting.

You’re making yourself sick with other sources. It makes no sense. You’re not preventing infection. You’re not preventing spread. It’s virus coming from within. It’s an envelope RNA virus. That means it’s packaged in a little lipid protein structure that protects the nucleic acid.

Just like our cells have both a cellular membrane and a nuclear membrane that protects your blueprint, the blueprint of the virus is in RNA. Our blueprint is a DNA. You have to transcribe that blueprint into a protein or a function.

I’ve heard Dr. Rashid Buttar say it really well. It’s like an architect building a house. You have the design strategy right there. Until you go read the blueprint and the builders build the house, you have nothing.

An RNA bed is a piece of nucleic acid, not even the whole virus RNA, just the piece in your nasal pharyngeal that they dig deep and scrape a few epithelial cells — almost like a biopsy where you go and pull out a little tissue.

The virus must live in a cell. Coronaviruses live in epithelial cells up in your nasal passages, your sinuses in the back of your throat, your mouth. EBV lives in your mouth in salivary glands. All of those viruses that are living there activate.

99% of the population has Epstein-Barr. These retroviruses that we know at least 25 million Americans (and that was 2010. Now it’s now it’s probably 100 million Americans) are carriers of these viruses.

Your audience has heard “carriers.” What does that mean? They’re not infectious if they’re not coughing. You don’t cough RNA. You don’t have particles in your nose. They’re looking at RNA in your nose. You have particles in your blood.

You don’t cough that. You certainly don’t cough it six feet. Yes, you can have it on your hands, but that and coughing even is only the very sick. Are the sick people walking on the beach?

When you’re sick, what do you do? You feel horrible. You have a bit of a fever. You don’t even want to get out of bed. You can’t open your eyes. You lay there. That’s sickness behavior. That’s your immune response clearing the pathogen. You don’t leave the house.

If you’re recovered, like my husband from COPD, you must go out there and get fresh air. He’s not infectious to anybody just because he coughs, nor am I just because I cough. Mine is a congenital pleurisy I got because I was born six weeks early as an identical twin. Pleurisy means filled with fluid.

I always have to clear my lungs, and I always cough. I will not wear a mask. I just walk in the store and say, “Hey, I have a congenital lung disease, and I can’t wear a mask. Thank you very much for-” I don’t say for your stupidity, “-protecting me.”

You don’t protect anybody. I worked in a biosafety level three facility with HIV for 30 years. I pulled viruses out of saliva and blood. I never once wore a mask. I reminded Dr. Rossetti of this the other day. He said, “We wore masks.” I was like, ” No, we didn’t. No, we didn’t.” We weren’t at risk until 2011 [when] it was realized that that mouse cancer causing retrovirus is contagious.

Please take off the mask. Go outside if you’re healthy. Protect the immune compromised; protect the very old; Protect the very young. This is what we do in any flu season in my house. Wash your hands with soap and water.

Those bacterial alcohol soaps, those are hand sprays can drive the evolution of more pathogenic and viral infections because they’re antimicrobial. They’re not antiviral. That’s not how it works.

I know it’s difficult to understand this is infectious disease. This is what we’ve learned at the molecular level for more than 40 years. We know even if you’re infected with these viruses, we can keep you safe and we can heal you just like we did with HIV.

We don’t expect laymen to understand virology, and we don’t expect your general audience to understand this. The people that protect us at the [high] level, the Faucis and CDC must be closed, cleaned out, and reorganized. The fraud and the corruption [must be] removed because we rely on [those individuals].

Taking somebody out of sunshine, out of a job, off the street, arresting somebody on a paddleboard in the ocean — that has nothing to do with public health. That has to do with fear and scare. Nobody should have to get tested.

I’m healthy. I will not be tested. I could care less if I have an antibody and I had been exposed to coronavirus or anything else. I could care less. It doesn’t have any impact on how I treat. I will not be vaccinated ever. I will not be injected, and I will not be forced to do anything with my body.

Americans have the right to say that. You and your listeners have to stand up, trust yourselves, your family, your doctor for your health. If your doctor refuses to listen to you or give you informed consent or treat you as you wish to be treated, fine. Fire them. Go somewhere else.

Forget health insurance. My health insurance is God. That’s the way it’s always been and always will be. I will not pay health insurance. That’s unconstitutional. No bureaucrat can tell people how to practice medicine.

Let the naturopathic doctors, the DOs, MDs all work together. We’ve got, “if you’re not an MD, you’re nothing.” Those are the people that are bought and paid for and used in pharmaceuticals and can’t use the very simple, natural, God-given earthly treatments that we’ve known for centuries.

Cleaning Solutions and Covid-19

Robyn: There’s a doctor in Europe — maybe you’ve seen this. The news last week reported that he has tried to culture the virus from doorknobs, toilets, phones, surfaces, countertops, and can’t do it. Back to the original question.

Judy Mikovits: Absolutely can’t do it. This is true for the beginnings. Coronaviruses are unstable. They don’t live. They’re nothing. If they’re dry on a surface [for] 15 minutes, they’re gone.

There’s lunacy of spraying down the little belt in the grocery store. That goes back to the mask with ammonia, with toxic cleaners, with Lysol, with all those horrific things.

That’s what you’re concentrating, the toxins. You’re concentrating pollution, you’re concentrating aluminum that’s all over our world. You’re concentrating the toxins in the mask, and that’s hurting you. All of this insanity, it doesn’t live on the outside. Leave your groceries outside for three days. That’s ridiculous.

I’ve done this work, and that’s why I talk to your audience. I’ve done this for 40 years. The one thing that’s the most frightening to me in the fraud with respect with how long this thing lives on surfaces.

Again, I’m just going to keep saying it. Your dogs, your cats, everybody has coronaviruses. They’ve never hurt you before. Your husband has them. You’ve shared spit with him for 20 years. You don’t need to social distance now. It’s stupid.

Wash your hands. Wash your skin. [Use] natural lemon oil [and] eucalyptus in a humidifier. I had a patient call me this morning and they were told to turn off the humidifier. You’re kidding me, right? What did we use, Mentholatum, when we were kids? How do we open up our airway?

A doctor is saying, you’re literally getting too much air. That was a renowned cardiologist telling a 57-year-old woman, “You’re getting too much air.” What have we done to common sense in medicine? “You’re getting too much air.”

We have God. We breathe in, we breathe out. We exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen. We have mitochondria that turn that into ATP, into energy and water. That’s respiration. This is insanity that people would even think this.

What scares me — and I forgot to go back there — is every time we isolate a new family of viruses, we do exactly those studies. I take them in concentrated form. I put them on a countertop. I put them on wood. I put them on stainless steel. I let them dry.

In the case of XMRV I did that experiment. I put them in saline, and I dried them on a stainless-steel surface. I drew a circle around the spot. I let it dry.

I quarantined it off in my laboratory, so that nobody working on the weekend [would mess with it]. I said, “Experiment in progress, do not touch.” I came back Monday morning. I took fluid (like water) and literally reconstituted it like you would frozen orange juice and put it on a cell line in order to infect it. It came back at 90%.

Three days dried a contagious cancer causing retrovirals. Only one. HIV wouldn’t last 10 minutes. Coronaviruses don’t last 10 minutes. XMRVs [last] at least three days [on] dried surfaces.

What are we really looking at here folks? Is this the big cover up of the XMRVs? You call it Covid-19, and you don’t do autopsies and you look for nothing else except the RNA of a Covid, which is not a virus.

You don’t die with an infection. We all have EBV. Nobody puts mononucleosis or Burkitt’s lymphoma on our death certificate or even EBV. They don’t do that, do they? Because 99% of the people infected with EBV never get a disease.

Robyn: Let’s just say what that is. She’s talking about Epstein Barr. I am permanently positive for Epstein Barr, have never been sick from it. I’m also permanently positive from strep.

Germ Theory of Disease

That is because (and I don’t think most people know this) we all have trillions of viruses in us. We all have bacteria [and] viral things that might scare you. However, as long as our immune system is strong, [we will stay healthy]. Am I right? Maybe talk just a bit about the germ theory of disease.

Judy Mikovits: Absolutely. The germ theory of disease is absolutely wrong. When we say Koch’s postulates for proving an organism causes a disease, that’s the germ theory. I mentioned that a little bit earlier. I heard [a person] in England say, “No, no. SARS-Cov-2 does not satisfy a single one of Koch’s postulates.”

99% of America has been exposed to and is immune to EBV. We’re all permanently positive. That means we have an immune response. Should we ever encounter Epstein Barr virus again? We’ll never know. We’ll never know we were exposed because we have a strong immune system.

I believe it was Claude Bernard– I can’t remember his name — a hundred years ago, he and Koch thought about this. Koch admitted on his deathbed that Claude was right, that it’s the immune system. It’s the terrain. Keep the terrain healthy and you survive.

This is the fight in medicine revisited. Literally a hundred years later, and it’s not the germ theory. We don’t make vaccines for things. We develop immunity.

Information I get from Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ wonderful book, Dissolving Illusions, every single vaccine program is associated with severe disease outbreaks. Covid-19 is associated most strongly with the vaccination program for influenza. Data supports that the flu vaccine is driving this pandemic.

I’m not saying the vaccine is contaminated. It could be, but you don’t have to go there. If you consider what you just said, you strengthen your immune system.

You don’t inject another pathogen with more animal tissue and send your entire military off after a different pathogen, leaving your back flank open so that you literally give yourself another form of upper respiratory infection. That makes no sense. You don’t do that.

That’s, again, why Fauci’s evil. “Oh, get the vaccine. I can’t buy a roll of toilet paper, but I can get a free flu shot at the grocery store. I guess maybe I’d have to wear a mask and make myself sicker.”

The people with the flu shot are shedding influenza. We’re forcing our nurses and doctors to get flu shots, and they’re the ones infecting their patients as they shed. The kids who get flu shots are spreading the flu. They shed the live attenuated vaccines.

The only cases of polio in this country in the last five decades are from the polio vaccine. What does your CDC do? They renamed that paralytic disease, acute flaccid myelitis because it’s not the polio strain of enterovirus.

It’s two new strains of enterovirus that have evolved to have the ability to infect the brain. Enteroviruses don’t infect the brain. They infect the gut. This is exactly right. Robyn, we have [what] is called the virome, the viruses in our body that our immune system has silenced.

We have the microbiome, the microbes in our body that actually help. There’s a communication with helping your immune system. Know what’s good and know what’s bad. Know what’s dangerous and know what’s not. Know how high the fire, the immune response, is supposed to be.

These things were intended to be injected past our skin where our immune system [starts], past the nasal pharyngeal passages, past the gut where 70% of our immune system is.

It’s the injection into the blood and that’s why every vaccine needs to be stopped right now and we need to make the right kind of vaccines. They don’t make money.

The ingredients are off patent, and I’ve mentioned most of them during this conversation. That’s what has to end. Let’s keep your immune system strong. Again, take away the FDA’s ability to approve drugs.

The FDA is about safety of our food and safety of our medicine. They don’t get to decide which patients we get to use, which drug. We’re the doctors, we’re the formulators. We know the drug, we discovered it, we understand the pathogenesis. We do that.

We’ve been censored from that for 50 years since 1962 when, oh so quietly, the Food and Drug Administration gave themselves the right to do efficacy of drugs. Now it’s called off label use and we need another study. How many die while we do that study?

Use the drugs now. Let the patients choose their medicine. Forget insurance companies telling us what we can and can’t do because we can afford real medicine. We can afford real immune boosting. We don’t need all this stuff anymore. The country’s budget would be balanced and not broke.

Robyn: Okay. Since you’ve mentioned the flu vaccine, I think it’s something like 60% of America refuses to get it. Touch on that a little bit. I was forced to get it in grad school, once, when I worked on the state hospital. I was sick 10 times that winter, never been sicker. Lots of Americans have had the same experience.

I know that there’s some controversy about the fact that people are getting false positives for supposedly for a Covid-19 19 if they’ve had the flu vaccine. And also if you can touch on this, this was censored on Facebook and it was from pub med. It was a link to a pub med journal article saying that you’re sick, I believe it was 63% more likely to get Covid-19 if you’ve had the flu vaccine. Any of that you want to touch on?

Judy Mikovits: Yeah, that’s absolutely true. Yes, it censored. As I said, science that comes out, is quickly scarfed back because the public might get smart, the public might realize it. People might see the lies. Absolutely.

As I’ve just touched on, the flu vaccine is driving the pandemic. Every flu vaccine made in animal cells carries coronaviruses [and] carries retroviruses. We know that. They’re called adventitious agents.

What our government has admitted is, “Yeah, there are retroviruses in our vaccines.” We see that on Rotateq. The pig one, where’d we get swine flu? We’ve got circoviruses and retroviruses in Rotateq.

Until last year, the excipient list on the CDC — and I’ll send it to your listeners so you can see it because they took it down — shows all the animal cell lines. Rotateq is the rotavirus vaccine given to infants, two-month-olds. That vaccine had three pig viruses, including coronaviruses.

The chickens have coronaviruses, especially the vaccinated ones. All kinds of retroviruses. I wrote an article several years ago, and Sherri Tenpenny did as well, even 15 years before that for children’s health defense on what’s coming through the needle.

The government’s admitted these things are in there and said, “Yeah, but they don’t get into humans.” Yeah, they do. Yeah, they do. You injected them. Yeah, they do. They don’t have to be infectious and transmissible.

This pandemic is almost certainly driven by what they injected in you. Wear the mask and you activate them. This is it. It’s from within. It’s not an enemy from without. It’s an enemy from within.

Yes, 60% of the people refuse to get the flu vaccine like me, like my husband, like our friends that are in their eighties. This is the point of the current Covid-19, now you must get vaccinated.

No, we must not. No thank you. Come again. Go away, do whatever you want to do. This has to end. No, you’re not. They give that flu vaccine four times the dose to somebody who they admit is immune compromised, and it kills people overnight.

I’ve done these cases in vaccine court. They drop out of bed with a heart attack. It’s the cytokine storm. Do you know what they write on the death certificate? “Natural causes.”

Do you know what happens when they don’t say vaccine injury or influenza? Oh, from a vaccine. Their widow doesn’t get social security. This is so evil on so many levels.

Covid-19 and FIVE J*EE

Robyn: We [have] to ask this question. The link between FIVE J*EE. This city with 1,500 FIVE J*EE towers of 60 gigahertz [has] never been done to humans before. New York city, 1500 towers. Wuhan has 10,000 towers. The biggest roll out, the earliest roll out.

What those two have in common is FIVE J*EE. Nobody here is going to say to you, my dear listeners, that FIVE J*EE caused Covid-19. Dr. Mikovits, tell us what you see the link as being.

Judy Mikovits: Covid-19 is a trigger. Covid is associated. Absolutely. I was corrected yesterday. I’m not into energy, but I understand it’s 60 megahertz. We’ll have you check that out for your audience.

60 megahertz, which is the frequency of FIVE J*EE, will literally separate your hemoglobin from the iron. Then the iron in the form of ferritin ends up in the blood. You can test this. Ferritin in the blood over 3000 causes the exact cytokine storm, that inflammatory signature of disease, that equals Covid-19.

Just as SARS-Cov-2 does not cause Covid-19, neither does FIVE J*EE cause Covid-19. Some of the clinical presentation is absolutely caused by FIVE J*EE. So does pollution because that is a lung irritant and Wuhan is heavily polluted.

So does glyphosate, Roundup, in your diet. That destroys your gut and your glutathione. That means your major inter-cellular antioxidant pathway. Coronaviruses destroy your antioxidant ability. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is curative for that aspect of Covid-19.

Covid-19 means {CO}rona{V}rus {I}nfectious {D}isease of 20{19}. It’s a misnomer. It’s not an infectious disease necessarily when other environmental toxins can cause the exact same cytokine storm and immune dysfunction we’ve been discussing for the last hour or so.

Same thing’s true with glyphosate. I’m living in right now in California, [and] we’ve totally depleted our glutathione by the amount of Roundup and glyphosate in our food supply, in our soil, in our water. I think that’s clear enough on that.

Robyn: Yes. I think you mentioned very early in our conversation an ER doc that is saying, “The symptoms we’re treating here in New York city en mass — tons and tons of people — are not the symptoms of Covid-19. We know what that virus looks like, and this isn’t that.”

I think you’re referring to, tell me if I’m wrong, Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell who went out on YouTube. There’s like a six minute video, and anybody can go look this up. Other people picked up and put it on their channels. He’s is totally mystified.

I don’t even know if he knows anything about FIVE J*EE, but he’s saying, “These patients that we’re seeing, they’re not Covid-19 patients. I don’t know what this is, but it’s like they got dropped at the top of Mount Everest and they can’t breathe.”

Judy Mikovits: That’s also what happens in chronic fatigue syndrome patient. Also what happens in some patients with chronic Lyme and many others. It’s called air hunger.

FIVE J*EE separating hemoglobin from iron, that term is desaturate. The correct therapy is to take a little cannula of pure oxygen under the nose or hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

That has nothing to do with the coronavirus because they don’t do that. They have nothing to do with your hemoglobin. They don’t cause — I’ve heard deep vein thrombosis. I’ve heard a disease called disseminated interstitial coagulation — coagulopathies, your blood’s clotting. Your blood’s getting thick. That’s radiation toxicity. We get that from cancer patients under radiation therapy. You treat that with hydration.

For your audience who want to understand a little bit more and read another simple book, read the book Called For Life by Kenton and Amber Brantley. It’s a Christian book.

It talks about how Dr. John Fankhauser [used] good old-fashioned medicine, with the right treatment — meaning anti-malarial drugs, hydration, saline, vitamin C. The Doctor, Kent Brantly, who got infected with Ebola, was the person that showed this Ebola [in] Liberia in 2014 was in fact contagious Ebola — contagious hemorrhagic fever where you bleed out. That’s not a coronavirus.

He did cure John Fankhauser, who developed an antibody. That antibody was used as immune therapy. We don’t need a vaccine. We already have millions of people worldwide who have survived this convalesce making antibodies.

Use those antibodies in the vulnerable. That’s your vaccine, by definition, a neutralizing antibody. None of our people are misled to think our vaccines prevent infection. They do not. You are injecting the infection.

They prevent you from getting more severe disease. They have you have a primer on your immune response, like you said, Robyn, about EBV.

The next time you see that your troops are ready, they’re like, “Yeah, I remember that.” A memory immune response, which no vaccine on the schedule generates. You know that for a fact because we have to give flu shots every year. They don’t work.

Robyn: Okay. Your publisher had no idea the run on your book that would happen. Plague of Corruption by Dr. Judy Mikovitz and her co-author Kent Heckenlively, who is an attorney. Plague of Corruption. The printed version may be out, but get the digital version. Spread the word. Spread this. Share this episode.

Let me give you a last question that I think will give us a lot of hope. You said something very early in our conversation that sounds to me like really good news. With all the corruption that you’ve seen for decades and you have had to endure everything, including being hijacked on the street and put in jail, you said this time they got caught. Where is the hope in that statement?

Judy Mikovits: The hope in that statement is what we’re seeing right now. Your audience is listening. When you read the book and you see that now, Bobby Kennedy Jr thoroughly understands it from the viewpoint of what William Thompson did to cover.

They got caught censoring, covering up. They went so far out there thinking we’re so stupid that we’re going to think a simple coronavirus — note, regardless engineered or not — can cause the shutdown. Why didn’t we shut down the world with Ebola in ’14 and ’17? Why is HIV curable?

I should say that it’s in the first book, but the worst thing that happened to me is I got infected with cancer causing contagious XMRV that has killed many of my colleagues and friends with cancers, with Neuro-Immune Disease, [and] fatal early dementias.

Hope for the Future After Covid-19

The hope in all of that is we know how to treat it. I will not get [this] disease. It’s not just me. I shouldn’t use “I.” It’s “we.” We, the community. Ted Fogarty with the [Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy] and the decades of nutritional therapies. He’s a radiologist, so he appreciates that.

On and on. Stephanie Seneff and her beautiful work with glyphosate. James Grundvig’s beautiful work with FIVE J*EE and understanding it. We have therapies. We have ways to protect ourselves now that the cat’s out of the bag.

If we stop it today — and I mean today– because if we let them continue, [they are] going to bury the evidence. A whole lot more people are going to die of what this infection is, this lab, whatever you want to call it. SARS-Cov-2 is very real.

There will be people, susceptible people, who will die if they don’t get the proper treatment. The proper treatment is pennies on the dollar. I hear them.

The hope is we can do all of this — balance our budget, straighten out the corruption that is medicine and healthcare today, have a healthy economy.

We can all live, whatever God has us live — it was 120 years in Genesis. We can live healthy. We can grow our own food. We can end GMO. We can end the poisoning of our children in our families and go back to the world.

With the technology we have, all those smart eyes on it that like the ER doctor — [Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell] — like recognizing the FIVE J*EE. Oh, that’s an easy fix if you know what it is. It’s an easy fix if we don’t allow the legislation to take away our rights and just start putting them everywhere, regardless of what the people think.

We, the people can take back our health, which is the most important thing for making America great again. How can we protect anything if half of our world is sick and if we let them cover it up — why they really died? That’s what they want to do right now.

They got caught. Read the last chapter. Kent Heckenlively’s brilliant at telling this story. They got caught and all the evidence is there. When are we going to right away arrest the criminal?

Stop this now and show everybody. Most Americans aren’t infected with SARS-Cov-2, but they’re infected with a lot of things, and we need to start treating them correctly and today.

Robyn: There is a petition to the White House. It’s the White House’s actual vehicle to sign a petition and tell President Trump and our administration how we feel about the Gates/Fauci/Cabal driven agenda here.

Judy Mikovits: Number one, nobody elected Bill Gates. He has no biological knowledge. I don’t care what kind of philanthropists, I have nothing to do with them. I don’t know anything about him other than he’s been pushing a vaccine agenda.

I know of data from a few years ago where his own family doctor — whose career probably was destroyed by Gates — said, “Gates’ children aren’t vaccinated.”

What gives you any kind of medical expertise? Just cause you have $1 billion. It’s not philanthropy when you’re forcing something without informed consent on populations outside of this country. [Forcing this agenda] may mean killing and rendering them sterile. That’s an agenda.

Fauci owning all the patents along with Gates — part of the Gates Foundation threatened, at a Gates Foundation fundraiser in ’17, [that] President Trump, was going to see a next great pandemic. How do you know that? Unless it’s a plan. I’m sorry.

Everything that Fauci’s done to President Trump, “Oh, Trump did the right thing. He closed the China borders. Trump did the right thing. He stopped those contaminated vaccines made in China and other biological therapies from coming into this country. Oh, he stopped the travel.” “You don’t need a mask. Now you do need a mask. You don’t need a mask.”

What is this doublespeak? I don’t get it. Why is he above all of the law? Why is he above all the law or what he’s done to kill millions worldwide, knowingly? Just as he knows the flu vaccine is the absolute worst thing to do or wearing a mask or shutting down the economy to prevent the development of natural herd immunity.

It has to end today. No phase one, phase two. That’s them getting out of it. March them right to federal prison and take all of their money and pay the victims. Close these corrupt organizations, reorganize them.

[These actions] will balance the budget. Everybody will be fine. Take the brilliant Americans and put them back to work. It has to happen from every person.

I’m fine, I’ll be fine. My family’s fine. We go to Easter dinner, and we kiss and hug each other. We don’t have [big] problems as far as that goes.

But I’m sad. I’m sad by the people who are scared. I’m sad by the people whose lives had been lost because their businesses have been stolen. I’m sad.

Robyn: I’m sad too. That’s why I’m speaking up and I’m putting my own career –and I would even put my life — on the altar of speaking up and speaking up for our freedom.

In the show notes, you will find the White House petition to sign it. You can speak up that way. You can speak up by sharing this. Stand your ground and write credible things on social media. Share with friends and family this episode. Also spread the word about Dr. Judy. Mikovits’ book, Plague of Corruption.

Dr. Mikovits, from all of us. Thank you so much for your incredible courage.

Judy Mikovits: Thank you Robyn. I appreciate your courage. This is what we all have to do. Stand up, stand up to all of it and take back our freedoms and our lives. When we do, you realize how healthy and how strong we really are together.

When you say you’re risking your career and we may all be risking our very lives, but what kind of life do we have if this plague of corruption continues.

I welcome every single question to our website. Have the debate. Let’s talk calmly and peaceably and say, “Hey, we’re not placing blame. It’s not about hate. We can fix it. We didn’t know.”

I did that kind of work in 1999. I thought I was doing a good thing. We don’t know. We’re not God, but we can go fix it if we all just admit and love each other and forgive each other.

Robyn: Hey everyone, I hope that you enjoyed that interview as much as I enjoyed doing it. One of the things that we have to do is we can’t be divided. We can’t be divided Republican versus Democrat.

We can’t be divided as Dr. Mikovits talked about, as the people who are for medical freedom [and] the people who are for safety and efficacy testing of anything that we’re going to allow injected into us.

They can’t be divided against each other. I’ve watched that movement struggle with personality conflicts. We don’t have time for it. We don’t have time for attacking our president.

I would encourage you to join our private group on Facebook, Taking Action for Freedom. It is highly protected that nobody is throwing punches in there. There is no anger or conflict allowed in there. We treat everyone with respect.

You have to answer two questions to get into the group. One is, “Are you questioning? Is the mainstream media / government narrative not working for you?? If you’re open to questioning, come on in.

If you’re open to being kind and respectful to others, come on in. In there is a safe place. There isn’t a lot of safe space right now on social media, but in our group you’re an equal.

You can do a new post yourself and share a piece of media that you thought was meaningful. You can ask questions. You will learn at quantum speed in this private group. I think that we absolutely have to start speaking up.

One of the most common things I hear in this private group is, “When I post, I get yelled at. My friends and my family turned on me.” Listen, I’ve had to block three close friends. Okay?

I will refuse to say an unkind word to any of them, but they have come into my phone on text message and called me names, called me an anti-vaxxer, called me anti-science — all kinds of awful things.

I’ve had to block them just to preserve my energy because I believe that we were all born to this time for a reason. We didn’t know this was going to happen at the beginning of March 2020, but here we are.

As many of us parents or grandparents, one of the most important responsibilities I think we have right now is getting ourselves educated and then helping share with others.

I’ve given you what I think are the action items here. Sign the petition to the White House. Share this podcast episode.

I think that Dr. Mikovits shares incredibly courageous information. She’s obviously extremely knowledgeable, decades inside the system where viruses are literally genetically modified by humans, studied, and then deployed so that they can develop drugs. They create the problem and then they create the solution.

Supporting her book, also sharing this episode, I think will be very important. Be grounded. Know what your “why” is.

My “why” is that I want to stand up for freedom of all kinds, freedom from tyranny for my children and grandchildren and for your children and grandchildren.

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  1. Rich Sloane says:

    It appears that the website,, is offline. It’s been offline for a couple of days. I’m guessing it’s been hacked. I would be happy to co-host a sister site to get it back online.

  2. Mary Ann Tripi says:

    Thank you Dr Mikovitz !!!! I am astonished and angry! Thank you for being so courageous and sharing what you know to be true! I’ve had a very bad feeling about Anthony Fauci and I guess I know why now. God bless you and protect you!

    1. Kevin Thomas says:

      Well, it’s all lies.

      1. DC says:

        What are lies? Be specific and back up any claims with evidence. Convince me you are correct, otherwise I will default that you are a no nothing liar.

      2. charles says:

        Robert F. Kennedy Jr. concludes his foreword to Plague of Corruption with, "This account by Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively is vitally important both to the health of our children and the vitality of our democracy. My father believed moral courage to be the rarest species of bravery. Rarer even than the physical courage of soldiers in battle or great intelligence. He thought it the one vital quality required to salvage the world. If we are to continue to enjoy democracy and protect our children from the forces that seek to commoditize humanity, then we need courageous scientists like Judy Mikovits who are willing to speak truth to power, even at terrible personal cost."

        1. Greg Johnson says:

          charles, wonderful post re: john jr. and dr. mitowski. but you need to think clearly on the fact that the United States was founded as a republic. a democracy cannot be enjoyed nor will it protect children, whereas a republic can be quite enjoyable and begins and ends with the protect of children, adults and the aged in mind. in order for democracy to actually work in an even half-assed fassion, we would need a population in which the majority were of high enough intelligence to make independent decisions regarding social and global issues and contribute their independent expertise to the whole. we are a long way from that. a republic is based on ironclad rules and principles and therefore needs no input from the masses (thank god). nor can the elite few assigned to govern overreach the governing rules and principles. one thing that WE THE PEOPLE have gone soft on is our responsibility to oversight. that needs to be fixed!

          1. Vanaly palmer says:

            Correct.. a REPUBLIC IS LAW AND ORDER

  3. Allan says:

    I shared this video on my FB page (as I often do with these subjects) and have had a lot of backlash about it being BS. Please use you best judgment in all these narratives. 🙂

    1. Frank Rosslyin says:

      Unfortunately the truth seems to be very uncomfortable for a lot of people because they want to be hip and go with the main stream which equates to believing a big lie. It is a very sad phenomenon but true. However, the good news is there are those out there who are honest to truth and it will resonate with them for sure.

    2. Maria says:

      Soo true. People are closed minded to the truth!

  4. linda bertschinger says:

    Thank you for shining the light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. sue says:

    I am a believer that big industry is out for money and not human life (big pharma, wall street) but I don’t know that we can just blindly believe this woman without any debate at all. She’s throwing every conspiracy theory over 100 years out there. Is the entire world in on this?? Why don’t we try something more productive and interview her and someone on the opposing side and have a logical debate. I’m sorry, but spewing this is very irresponsible without more facts. Let’s be scientific about everything we say and do because this can make people just as sick than the other side of the coin. I’m just like you, I even went on Robyn’s Swiss trip, but jumping blindly into anyone else’s rhetoric is not healthy. This is scary and stressful and causes more division and haters, so be careful what waves you cause because this country is already ready to crack.

    1. Deborah says:

      There have been NUMEROUS interviews, but they are all immediately banned, or labelled as fake news, which personally makes me doubly suspicious that she really has a tale to tell, which should makes us all listen up..

      1. steve bianconi says:

        I agree,as soon as it goes up its taken off hmmm i wonder why,the Democratic party puts a bunch of crap up and wr know it is but for some reason or another they keep theirs up.its obvious they are not allowing the truth to be heard.this will be taken off really fast,i bet ya loltheir terrible at lying and their justification for it.if you want someone to lie for you just ask a democrat lol.

    2. Ann Harlan says:

      There is a ton of stuff in the debate on the other side. Look at the internet, read articles, etc. She is the other side of the debate and she has some pretty concrete evidence (read her book) along with Humphries (read her book).

      1. K. Mastice says:

        If this virus and all it’s components are a hoax please explain the millions of people who have died,,!!!

        1. steve bianconi says:

          Its not a hoax,what is a hoax is that the Democratic governor`s are trying to keep their state locked up and thats obvious.they give excuses, people will still continue to pass away and that sad.they make up numbers that dont exist they use other deaths due to other problems to call it the accidents the virus plane crash thr virus cancer the same.they use when a county opens up earlier than they want it to they say 2,000 more got infected,thats like a 2weeks.hmmm they sure can count fast ,ya lol this is what the hoax is.its s Democratic party trying to control the people house arrest fines,wear thr mask no matter what and if you dont you will pay a price for what going back to work,opening your buisness up,oh you cant go to church really!but you can go grocery shopping but dont go to the beach,only if you stay on wet sand not dry sand,and dont dare go to a park wr will finr you and through you in jail for not following our rules.boy they have people around their fingers.

        2. Brandon A Pemberton says:

          I’m trying to check some of the claims made here. Can anyone provide a link to the story about the doctor who attempts to culture the virus from surfaces?

        3. Brandon A Pemberton says:

          Did I miss something? At least half a million things?

        4. kimpeta knaf says:

          The very simple explanation , about the so called virus is very simple it is the big lie of the Media without proper documentations from the hospitals. Why? because anybody that dies, be it caused with heart attack, vehicle accidents, old age death and other non covid death are documented as caused by this plandemic.

        5. Sasha0 says:

          Have you not looked into any of the information out there thus far? Where have you been hiding?

    3. Meirav says:

      100% agree! TMI that makes my head spin. Need to fact check and hear an opposing opinion.

    4. Nelly Burns says:

      Well, do some research and you will find that there has been alot of corruption over the last 100 years or more. So these brave souls putting out there information that people do not want hear `TRUTH`! Scary to hear I know. to think they are evils. But there is. Health is a big business model nowadays.

      Where is all the back up, research in the medical world? Do we see that? Check the Lancet, old school doctors, biologists etc. (Ray Peat, Gilbert Ling, Otto Warburg, Hans Seyle)

    5. Cathy says:

      That’s good advise Sue. A debate would be helpful with an expert on the opposing side. Facts are important.

    6. Giovanni Pincoletti says:

      It is not a lot of different and unrelated "conspiracies," it is all one large conspiracy with many differing fronts. And…why is it that the term conspiracy is never applied to the fascist ruling elite and its handmaiden, the AmeriKKKan government. The government has been caught lying countless times and has concocted fabled rationales to go to war. Yet, we argue as to whether or not the government has a right to do this or that. When do we point out that 9/11 was a conspiracy, or the JFK murder, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, or any of the latest four pandemics were conspiracies.

      We must realize the power of words and how they are used. When we adopt the language and labels of the criminal conspirators, we lend credibility to their lies in a continuous, but very subtle manner. Overtime, the accepted usage has an effect on our thinking — we express our thoughts through words, so choose them carefully lest you become one of the Lemming Rush.

    7. Maria says:

      If hearing this courageous woman’s truth doesn’t help you understand what’s st stake then no amount of debate will. Obviously, you don’t have enough knowledge to understand what she’s saying & don’t appreciate & know how much she’s sticking out her neck to awaken people to the truth of what has been going on for years & not just now because what’s going on now is the culmination of many years’ of planning atrocities against humanity of which you are part of.

  6. sw says:

    and she makes statements that dont make sense. that fauci is responsible for stopping hydrocloriquine so this can keep spreading?? did he do that around the world? dozens of countries are and were testing it and publishing their results. not to mention, it’s just the opposite. trump pressured his team to buy MILLIONS because he has friends connected to it. follow that big pharma corruption. you’ve barking up the wrong tree. google the doc that was fired bc he refused to be party to that. and the only reason the entire WORLD stopped using it is bc many different studies (NOT only the US) proved it was hurting more than helping.

    1. charles says:

      Bull!!!…. Trump friends own firms that make HCQ….I guess at 20.00 a pop they going to get rich…such non sense comes from Third Rate news(MSM)..There is not a First rate national news source in America, not even one…Read aug 2005 report from NIH… I did. It concludes Choroiquie is Game over for ""ALL"" coroviruus..They studied SARS cov2 HCQ is milder version of Cloriquine. They think it works by changing PH. It is an Ionospore(look it up ionosphere) which allows zinc threw cell wall inside cell Zinc interferes with RNA production high is why it is helpful. (Did your third rate news tell us this, NO!). By the way these were man made. Yes, we know how to create change RNA.Using this tech in TECH…quite scary

      1. Nell Burns says:

        The cosst of those pills are actually in cents so very very inexpensive.

        But vaccines make millions!! and are deadly! with many side effects, auto imumune and more.

        Keep that in mind folks.

        1. Brandon A Pemberton says:

          I don’t follow. She didn’t postulate that masks were driving the mortality… She said they were counter productive. 75000 deaths in the US before anyone wore a mask? Is this what you were intending to say? Or the world?

        2. Brandon A Pemberton says:

          I’m trying to check some of the claims made here. Can anyone provide a link to the story about the doctor who attempts to culture the virus from surfaces?

  7. sw says:

    we had 75,000 deaths before any one in the US wore a mask. So what is she talking about. Not to mention, Asian countries have been wearing masks for decades and they dont have any issues and have almost no cases. Japan, South Korea cleared the new cases with masks. US 1.3M no masks. Excuse me.

    1. Sheherizade2u says:

      Thank you! Wear a mask if you wish don’t force others to do so.
      I believe her explanation.

      1. sw says:

        well if you cough on my mother, isnt that my problem not yours? how to you justify that exactly?

        1. Nelly Burns says:

          You could cough on your mother? Then what? Who will you blame?
          Did you think about that all your life when we are exposed to thousands of people? It actually helps with immunity being with people.

          Just avoid when we are ill, just common sense……

          Just think about that.

          1. sw says:

            I can control MY actions but NOT YOURS. Elderly could be out with freedoms like the rest of us if YOU wear your mask. Do you know how many droplets are released in a cough vs breathing? Do you know how many it takes to make you sick? DO you know the death rate for elderly if they breath in your droplets? Do you know the death rate for elderly of the FLU? Bet you have ZERO clue.

      2. sue says:

        you have thousand people without masks in close quarters all infected in a matter of days (google any meat plant) and 20% of them are hospitalized. all facts you can check. what about her explanations can you point to that explains this? also listen to the stories of many healthy individuals with strong immune systems that were incredibly ill or died. (see Chris Cuomo and Wife who is Holistic Practitioner). If you get a large viral load you will be much sicker. The ‘i had no symptoms group’ weren’t because they are healthy, it’s bc they had a low dose. Those with a low load built low antibodies and may still be susceptible to serious infection. That honestly is still unknown. Maybe then a strong immune system will help. I dont think we really know.

    2. george says:

      You obviously beLIEve the lame/main-stream medias absolute total lies…it seems obvious by your parroting THEIR skewed #’s…so why are you here listening & posting? I suppose you still beLIEve people from 3rd world countries came to U.S. & flew those missiles into the World Trade centers buildings too? I’d bet you still beLIEve in Santa Claus, Easter bunny, etc….
      I’ve heard dr. mercola & dr. shiva ayyadurai interview & they’re both saying very similar things to dr mikovits, as well as robert kennedy, jr, even though he’s pro-vaccine, he still speaks on corruption, corruption, corruption all throughout govern-ment! Do you know what "ment" is? Latin for….’mind’! Because so many do NOT want to govern themselves, we have Govern-mental organizations to do so for all those who do NOT want to grow up& govern themselves! Have you never heard the state-ment, ‘either you govern yourself, or you WILL be governed by another’?

      1. sw says:

        I love that you can only spew bullshit. Why not true to answer points and use some logic instead of just insults with no facts. is that all you got?
        main stream media? sounds like you are the one brainwashed. since when did MAGA climate deniers listen to mercola?

    3. Brandon A Pemberton says:

      I don’t follow. She didn’t postulate that masks were driving the mortality… She said they were counter productive. 75000 deaths in the US before anyone wore a mask? Is this what you were intending to say? Or the world?

    4. Jp says:

      The link you provided says there are over 79,000 deaths updated May 13.

  8. Deborah says:

    Thank you both for your courage.
    My intuition knows this is true. Vote for trump he’s our only change for things to change.
    I say prayers for you both.

  9. ken Gennetta says:

    Is it true a virus can not be caught because it is not living? Germs are not the cause but a suppressed immune system, the disease came first.

  10. boken says:

    Can someone please explain how it is spreading if she claims you cant get it from someone breathing or cough (hence no need for a mask) and you cant get it from surfaces. So what’s actually left?? Anyone? I wish these questions were asked instead of allowing her to say anything she wanted that contradicted herself.

    1. george says:


      1. sw says:

        really?? flu shots have been around for decades. And doesnt exist in 184 countries. what are you talking about?

    2. REBECCA JOHNSON says:

      She explains that we all have a virome, most of us have coronavirus. It’s when our immune system is compromised by toxins/pollutants/5G that our system is disrupted causing a virus or bacteria to infect us. We all have Staph and strep on our skin, it does no harm. But when you disrupt the skin or that bacteria enters a part of the body and your immune system is suppressed then you become sick. She also speaks to the RNA that is injected with vaccination. That is another way most have been exposed. Mass influenza vaccination with mass 5G roll out is the possible cause.

      1. Ann says:

        Well said.

      2. sue says:

        No one is arguing that if you’re not healthy any virus will be more likely to make you sick. Not rocket science. But healthy people get sick and that’s bc a large viral load is bad. Otherwise young healthy drs and nurses wouldnt be dying in record numbers. How do you account for that. Also, Flu shots have been around for decades so I dont understand your point. AND, 5g is only in a few places however this is in 184 countries and most highly affected ones (Germany, Russia, UK, etc etc) dont have 5g. Please explain.

    3. Brandon A Pemberton says:

      You should relisten, me thinks. Don’t know if she’s 100% correct, but she definitely explains this thoughly throughout.

  11. Jaun Pablo says:

    Your smiley face and obvious delight in people dying certainly reveals your mindset and priority.

    1. Brandon A Pemberton says:

      I don’t know man, I think she’s onto something. Maybe we should just trust big pharma and Bill Gates MD instead.

  12. Don Williams says:

    I have always wondered why Opioids were not taken off the market when they started killing people….They are FDA approved today…The US Congress is totally owned by Big Pharma …Big Pharma is the biggest lobbyist in bribing politicians…They pay out billions in bribes every year ……

    1. Ann says:

      Don – Exactly! Opioids should be taken off the market. Doctors used other pain relievers when they did not have Opioids and also the risk is too great. Trouble is, lots of people with stocks in Pharma (including our representatives and people like Bill Gates) don’t want to give up their money. Greed is the greatest disease of our generation – maybe throughout time.

  13. John O. says:

    Agree with her remarks. Would be helpful for her to simplify her presentation so everyday people can grasp her important comments. I’ve got a PhD and alot of what she presented went over my head because I’m not a scientist.

    1. Ann says:

      Never too late to learn – crack open that high school biology book or order a book from ebay. I have a few things I’m going to look up. Dr. John Campbell has a youtube channel and he teaches biology to nurses – fabulous – includes a lot on Coronavirus – looks only at studies of what works and does not work. is often lighter.

    2. sue says:

      that’s done on purpose so you cant’ question her. it’s to be over your head with lies and to jump around. trump uses the same jump around tactics so your head is spinning with the 50 things you want to debate with him. it’s impossible.

  14. charles nelson says:

    Surely someone catching a Flu(covid19) which is spreading…Trump mention 3 friends..One enter a coma…I get it sort of… Tho I not scientist I scanned the dry report 2005 about SARScov (nov 2) Choriquine. I surmise inhabitation was a PH and I get ionosphere letting zinc tru cell wall where zinc interferes with RNA replication. I notice ? ACE 2? . I think I herd there is a Vac for cov2 and it affects this ace 2 thus that VAC ought to work for 19 as well. Anyway how is or does cov19spread. I understand it was made as I listen about biological optics and RNA design using proteins etc…I have COPD & as child caught every flu cold i ever came in contact with. I am 63 now..

  15. Elisabeth Golinski says:

    You are sincere, honest, intelligent, and you are more interested in people and their health than you are about money and fame. God bless you! Don’t give up!

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