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Ep. 230: Father & Son Athletes Both in ICU With Blood Clots After First Fizur J*b

Robyn Openshaw - May 23, 2021 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Vibe with Robyn Openshaw: Father & Son athletes both in ICU with blood clots after first Fizur J*b. Episode 230

A few weeks after 6’9″ basketball center Everest Romney scored 18 points in a high school game, got the jab, and ended up in the ICU with blood clots in his brain, his father is now hospitalized weeks after the same first jab, with “countless” pulmonary blood clots like doctors have never seen before. I interview the mother and wife, Ch*rie R*mney, about “countless” tests they did on her son being negative; being lied about in the media; incompetent and dismissive doctors; and the fight ahead for her husband and son.

20 thoughts on “Ep. 230: Father & Son Athletes Both in ICU With Blood Clots After First Fizur J*b”

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  1. Melanie says:

    Thank you for shedding light on this story. I have a 17 year old son who plans on getting the jab in order to be considered for an LDS mission outside the country and so far, refuses to listen to me or his grandmother as we describe the dangers of this untested and highly questionable vaccine. He’s had the virus as well but feels pressure to get the vax anyway. My heart breaks for this family and they will be in my prayers. I hope this story gets out, and Robyn, you’ve got a new follower and subscriber in me. Thank you!!

    1. Amy says:

      There is NO need to get the shot if you have had the virus, and they say it’s more dangerous if you have had it.
      Our Area president assured us last night that the vaccine is NOT an indicator of faith.
      Pray hard!

      1. Connie Graham says:

        Thank you for stating that! People need to wake up! We can speak up, but people need to hear the warnings.

      2. Jason Becnel says:

        Getting the blood clotted is a sign of acting out of fear NOT faith. Trust your God-given immune system. No one, and I mean no one, should get this experimental bioweapon. No one “needs” this shot. It is NOT a v-word. It is gene modification therapy with banjo particles that will connect your body to the 5G grid. Look up China, it’s surveillance and social credit system. The bad guys will literally be able to control people with these Direct Energy Weapons. It is the precursor to the mark of the Beast/AntiChrist AI system. Those leaders “of faith” that are advocating this shot are showing their true colors, aka Franklin Graham. This shot is going to kill A LOT of people. We all need to share these types of stories Far and Wide and definitely at church. Anyone who advocates or assists in administering these poisonous jabs will be held responsible according to the Nuremberg code.

    2. James holden says:

      Melanie, you might’ve been conditioned to think;
      "I don’t need no man", thanks to modern feminism brainwash.
      However, let’s be humble for a second for the sake of your son.
      If there’s any male figure in your son’s life,
      Please, get in touch with him and ask him to help you.
      Pep talks from an older man to a younger have an immense value that women won’t be able to understand.
      Good luck.

      1. Melanie says:

        Nope, not conditioned to think I don’t need a man and definitely not a feminist in the modern sense of the word. I am happily married to my son’s father and he has a good relationship with our son, but he is not as vocal about his concerns and resistance to the vaccine and I am (and my mother, who is also close to her grandson). My husband feels our son still has some time to make that decision and hopes he will change his mind in the next several months, but it has been a source of conflict between my son and myself as I present information which he refuses to listen to and instead points to his friends who are all allowed to "go anywhere on their missions."
        I do plan on writing to the church, especially considering the fact that natural antibodies are not being taken into account as leadership encourages everyone to get the vax.

    3. Debie Rosemann says:

      I would ask your son to get the antibody test so he can see that he has the antibodies and there is no need for the shot. As a mother, I would write to the church and ask them to consider those who have the antibodies. My sons said they would rather not go on a foreign than take the jab.

      I got the test and have high numbers of antibodies as well. The doctor told me his daughter had covid over a year ago and still has the antibodies.

  2. Virginia Allgaier says:

    Cherie, it’s the prayers that move the Heart of Jesus to bless you, not the prayers themselves. Give it all to Jesus, lay your burdens at the foot of the cross, and believe in Him. His mercy and miracles are beyond our comprehension. I’m adding my prayers for Preston and Everest. God bless you and your family.

  3. Pat Fuller says:

    So sad that this is happening and nothing is being done. The Dr.’s are complicit, if they can’t even realize that this Virus is not deadly, how can they be considered Dr.’s?

  4. Dorene says:

    I have a friend who’s mother had the Covid-19, had both shots, got blood clots, then pneumonia, and then died two weeks later. Even if she was 81, she could have had more time had she and the whole family not been so brainwashed. So much fear out there controlling so many. Spiritual war is happening! Pray hard for those of us still strong enough to speak up and fight. Never give up! Grace wins!!

  5. Jessica Benvenuto says:

    She needs to SUE SUE SUE and be loud about the whole thing

    1. Sue McKinney says:

      AMEN SISTER! PREACH IT! We have to wake up this people and this nation who are lulled away in a blind stupor and believe these vaccines are harmless. If you believe the lies put out by the CDC, WHO and the NIH (who keep flip flopping on their facts, recommendations, and lies) than you are in a blind stupor. Who do they really work for? We have Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir, and a host of other drugs to treat this virus. It’s not the deadly plague that the main stream media made it out to be. Children, teenagers, healthy adults have a much better chance of surviving COVID-19 than allowing an experimental, biological weapon to get injected into your arm. You don’t know what it does. Evil people have developed this. It affects different people differently and you don’t know WHEN it will affect your immune system.

      1. Nikki says:

        Well stated. My sentiments exactly.

  6. So very sorry about this family having to endure these horrendous tragedies simply because they trusted those “complicit” doctors who are “pushing” these injections.
    May God expose this mechanism that is compromising people who will never be whole again or who may die.

  7. Lori Williams says:

    My heart goes out to you. I will pray for your husband, your son and family every day. May God and his angels surround you and your family and bring comfort during this difficult time. The power elites that have perpetuated this crime against humanity…their day is coming. The Virus was created to get everyone Vaxxed and they will be held accountable. The Vaxx is an untested experimental injection released to the public by emergency order only bypassing all safety testing by the FDA and other worldwide agencies. The people are the test subjects/experiments. It’s the worse global crime against humanity to date. May God Bless you!

  8. Debbie T. says:

    I have prayed for Everest every day since ABC4 News reported his story as well as for you, Cherie. I only just now learned what happened to Preston. I will continue to pray for you and your family.

  9. Debie Rosemann says:

    I will do all I can to share this message as well. We need to send this interview to our legislators. I personally know one of Senator Lee’s aides and will forward this to her. Our governor needs to stop pushing this and the media needs to be put in their place. We need to speak up! Speak up for Cherie and her family. Speak up for the countless people who have got the jab because of the fear and the lies the CDC, the media, some governors and the corrupt government have spread.

  10. Patrick says:


  11. Leslie Roberts says:

    Do you have any updates on the Romneys?

  12. Angie Martin says:

    I am having a group meeting at my brother, Tyler’s house, to make signs, pass out attorney letters that can be used for your job, for health care workers, Universities, and schools your children attend. We will be educating people about their rights and about vaccine injuries as well as how masks hurts kids. We will give your information on the "right to try act" and your rights if your loved one ends up in the hospital. At later date we will be protesting against the hospital’s protocol and how they treated my mom and other patients in the hospital. We will teach about how the hospital’ s protocol is killing people and who the stakeholders are. I hope this meeting will help anyone else’s loved one that ends up sick with Covid or have had adverse reactions to vaccines saves their lives and gets laws changed. We will be meeting from 10-12:00 a.m. this Saturday. Email me and I will give you the address

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