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Ep. 221: Dealing With Trauma

Robyn Openshaw - Mar 17, 2021 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Vibe with Robyn Openshaw: Dealing with trauma with Jodi Cohen. Episode 221

Jodi Cohen is an essential oils expert, who went through a personal tragedy in 2019. She’s just released a book about dealing with trauma in simple, effective ways.


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Free Bonus Chapter of Jodi’s book

2 thoughts on “Ep. 221: Dealing With Trauma”

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  1. Donna Steineke says:

    Thank you for this interview. I especially liked the comparison of building up the immune system to the Little Pig who built his house of bricks which withstood the wolf’s blows. Very meaningful right now and it is what I am doing. Also, a brief mention was made about developing a community of support for those of us who go against the tide. This past week I had reached out to a couple friends who have made the same choice as myself. We agree it is nice to know there are others so we don’t get that lone wolf feeling.
    PS I ordered the book as there were other healing ideas that I want to try. I also forwarded the message to a three others that I thought might be interested; one was to my granddaughter(a horse trainer) who has also started working at Triquestrian Horse Therapy. They help heal trauma victims with building a relationship with a horse etc. Every way we can find to deal with trauma is vital; the number of trauma victims will most likely be on the increase. So thank you for your sharing at this critical time.

  2. Jenny says:

    We also lost our eldest child, our 12 year old son in an auto-pedestrian accident, Aug 1999. My four things to do each day were eat, sleep, take care of basics with our five other younger children, and prepare a family supper. We remember him together with sweet traditions, and my heart is calm.

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