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Ep.57: Biofield Healing with Debora Wayne

Robyn Openshaw - Nov 22, 2017 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

My guest today is Debora Wayne. She’s the founder and director of the Biofield Healing Institute. She is an energy healer. I’ve been wanting to get more content on the show about energy healing because people define it differently. She is an internationally known pain release expert whose specialty is helping people rapidly find and remove the hidden cause for chronic pain, fatigue, depression and anxiety, trauma, battles with weight, binge eating and lots more.

I’m excited to welcome Debora Wayne to our show today to talk about how she overcame her own sicknesses and pain and the role that energy plays in our own health and vitality.


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Robyn:                    Hey, everyone. It’s Robyn Openshaw, and welcome back to Your High Vibration Life. We are on episode 57. I can’t believe it. We’re in our second year. Thank you so much for being with us and for supporting this mission of teaching people how to live in higher vibrations. I’m excited to introduce a friend of mine to you today. Her name is Debora Wayne, and she’s the founder and director of the Biofield Healing Institute. You’re going to love this because she is an energy healer, and I’ve been wanting to get more content on the show about what energy healing is because people define it differently.

She is an internationally known energy healer and pain release expert whose specialty is helping people rapidly find and remove the hidden cause for chronic pain, fatigue, depression and anxiety, trauma, battles with weight, binge eating and lots more. So, a lot of Debora’s past clients say that they’ve had a complete totally healing of severe pain symptoms and chronic conditions even though they’ve … usually by the time they get to her, they’d been through a lot of different things and tried a lot of things. And so, I’m excited to welcome Debora Wayne to our show today to talk about how she overcame her own health hell, so welcome, Debora.

Debora:                  It’s so good to be here. Hi, Robyn. Hi, everyone. Thanks for inviting me.

Robyn:                    So, you’re gonna talk to us today about living pain free and getting your energy and your life back and some of the secrets that you’ve discovered for this. So, tell me about your own personal challenges that led you here and your professional path. How’d you get here?

Debora:                  All right. Well, about over 30 years ago, if you had seen me and my life from the outside looking in, everything looked really pretty good. I was living in Scottsdale, Arizona. I was married. We had a big four-bedroom home with mountains in the backyard. I had a shiny blue BMW in the garage, all the stuff that you could ever want — a great career, money in the bank — and really everything looked amazing. But I had all this pain going on that no one knew about and I kept it inside. One day, a regular Monday morning, I was supposed to go get up and go to work like normal. I found myself in my big, beautiful walk-in closet puddled up in a heap of tears on the floor and I could not get up and I could not stop crying. I couldn’t get dressed, and I couldn’t go to work. I just couldn’t go on one more day feeling the way I was feeling.

Robyn:                    Are you talking about psychic pain, or did you also have some physical pain that you were going through ’cause that sounds like depression, of course, right?

Debora:                  Oh, yeah. I had severe physical pain — mysterious aches and pains. I had constant stomach aches, digestive issues. I had headaches. I had PMS so bad that I would have to lay flat for three or four days every single month. I had … My thyroid didn’t work. My hair was falling out. I had ulcers. On top of it, I had basically two emotions going on — depression or anxiety — that was it. I flipped flopped back and forth. My head, Robyn, my head never shut up. Inside was this committee of critical haters and they lived in my head, and all day long all I heard was how I wasn’t enough. I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t smart enough. I wasn’t pretty enough. I wasn’t … It just went on and on like this day and night, and it never shut up. The only way that I got relief was to drink alcohol till I passed out, or take drugs, or eat a pint or two of Ben & Jerry’s and just escape through shopping or sleeping. I just was a mess.

Robyn:                    Wow, so you had a whole bunch of addictions. I think you just listed five of them there.

Debora:                  I’m a quadruple winner. I had it all. I really did. And yet, I kept trying to fake it and push through and power over and get back up on the horse. I was taught to do that. You don’t air your dirty laundry in public. You don’t share that kind of stuff. You just figure it out, fix it and go to work, and that’s how I was living. That Monday, I couldn’t get up off the floor. I just was done. So, that day, I didn’t know what to do, and I remember looking up at the ceiling of the closet and going, “If there’s a god, I need help,” but I said it a little bit more forceful than that. I screamed it.

In a very short time, this really odd sense of peace came over me — not a normal feeling for me — and I got up. I went to the phone, and I reached out for professional help. This was not something that I would normally do. I did not ask for help. I tried to figure it out on my own. And from that day forward, I went in and I got some help, and that began an incredible turning point for me because I became teachable for the first time and open to new ideas ’cause I was out of ideas. Literally, the worst day of my life became the very best day of my life and began the journey of finding out who I was, reinventing myself.

Oh, my god, I went back to school. I found hobbies. I started ceramics. I went to salsa classes. I began meditating. I began this whole search that … I didn’t realize it at the time, but in looking back I see how it all fits together now. I began all these practices that were inner, and instead of relying on external everything to fix me or feel good, I started going inward. I became super sensitive to the world of information and vibration that is inside each and every one of us, and, wow, like books … I bet I read a hundred books that first year. I started having these profound experiences in meditation that revealed the nature of reality and how everything is energy — I know you get this — and everything is vibration.

I saw it, felt it, heard it, and knew it. This was not something that I had learned intellectually from a book, this was a revealing of an inner knowing, a true knowing, and then I began to explore that further and I see now, over the years, how everything I did from the meditation to the dancing to the … even ceramics and art … it all was an inner practice that put me in what’s sometimes called a “flow state” or an “altered state”, but these are states where you become very present, right in the moment. I got really good at it and it became my new normal. As a result of that, I became aware that this energy I would feel in my hands and everywhere present could be used for good, for the purpose of healing in raising the vibration to a higher state of consciousness where there is no disease, there is no pain. That … There’s the story right there. That’s how I ended up right here today doing what I’m doing.

Robyn:                    Wow. Well, you’ve been through a lot, and usually the best healers are the wounded healers and have had their own personal journey, otherwise they’re just didactic and they’re just preaching and talking and learning things from books. We always like to hear where you came from.

Debora:                  I mean, I did go back to school. I should say I did. I ended up stacking up a bunch of degrees as well.

Robyn:                    Yeah. I’ve got here in your bio that you have degrees or certificates in psychology, hypnotherapy, chemical dependency counseling, meditation. You’re very talented. You have a lot of education, don’t you?

Debora:                  I do. Yep. My left brain’s live and well. Yeah.

Robyn:                    But it’s the right brain and that integration that apparently healed you, and I know you wrote a book called “Why Do I Still Hurt?: Rapid Relief for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, and More!” So, why is it that some people have chronic pain and can’t seem to get rid of it and they can’t get rid of their problems and their negative emotional thought patterns?

Debora:                  Because they are focused in the wrong place. So, when people have pain or anything going quote-unquote wrong in their life, what do they do? They ask, “Where does it hurt?” And they start focusing on the symptoms, and the symptom is never the root of the problem. I compare it to if you had an orange tree in your backyard, and all of a sudden you noticed the oranges that were growing on this tree were deformed, they were smaller than they should be, they were falling off, they were brown. Would you take the soil and the water and the nutrition and pour it over the oranges? No. You have to go to the root to solve the problem. You’d have to heal the tree, and the roots are hidden underground in most cases, and it’s the same with us.

Whether it’s physical, or emotional, or financial, or your waistline, or your wallet, it doesn’t matter. The real root is never the symptom, but people get obsessed with the symptoms. Everyone I work with says, “Debora, make it stop. Make it go away. How do I get rid of the pain? How do I fix this? I’ve been trying to figure it out for years,” but they’re not going deep enough. And as I’m sure you well know, most practitioners, particularly conventional medicine and anything conventional, but even in the alternative world they still are looking at symptoms, and not everyone is trained to go deeper into the areas that have to be addressed if you’re really gonna get to the root, remove the pain and get your energy back.

Robyn:                    Okay, so you have this method, it’s called the biofield healing immersion method. Tell me about how you learned it. How did you get trained in this? What is the biofield? I mean, we talk on this show a lot about electrical frequencies, and magnetic frequencies, and the known quantifiable electromagnetic field, but there are other energy fields that science hasn’t actually even named or it can’t really get our arms around it, but we can measure the effects of it. So, tell us about the biofield and this method of healing people.

Debora:                  So, back in the 1980s, some Russian physicists classified a new field in physics that had never been identified before. Up until that point, there were four fields: the electric, magnetic, the gravitational, and the nuclear fields. But they discovered a field around every living thing, including our bodies, and they called it a “torsion field”. It’s sometimes known as an information field. The reason they called it an information field is they discovered that the field is informing the body, not the other way around. This is measurable, it is based on science, and what I’ve been able to do is learn to sense where there’s disturbed vibrations in this field, and within seconds I can feel where I need to work. I can scan a person’s field whether they’re in front of me or two thousand miles away. I’ve become very sensitive from all of these areas of practice and study and inner work. I can also train others and activate the ability to do this. This is what’s so remarkable. This is what I call an inner-technology that we all have available to us, but we don’t know we have it.

Robyn:                    Okay, so I have to stop you because I remember the first time I ever worked with an energy healer I thought, “This can’t be real if you can work with me when you’re not with me,” and it’s actually … virtually all energy healers can do that. Of course, there’s all these published experiments on how focused intention from people all over the world in different states, in different geographical locations, can focus intention on something and literally change the properties of water, that can actually help a person accelerate some kind of healing process. So, I’m way down the path of understanding and recognizing that these phenomena, while they are difficult to explain with old, Newtonian principles of physics, or with our old understanding without talking about energies … I would love to hear your explantation of how you can work with your clients when they’re not in your physical presence.

Debora:                  So, we’re not dealing with just energy, we’re dealing with information, and it’s vibrational information. We live in a universe that we think is physical ’cause we see it, we can touch it, we can feel it, but the truth is everything is vibration and information. That’s it. There’s a … In physics, they talk about how everything is interconnected and that we’re literally all one. In particular, I like the experiments that Rupert Sheldrake, who’s a British scientist, has published because he talks about this field of interconnection. Think about it — how does your dog know you’re coming home before you’ve even pulled in the driveway and he’s waiting at the door? Anyone who has a dog knows this happens. They’re sensing information beyond the realm of sight or sound that isn’t within the normal human realm, but it exists. There’s information that we just haven’t learned to tap into yet. I have come to believe that it comes … It’s a higher state of consciousness, and we can learn to develop this, it’s a skill, a skillset.

Robyn:                    Yeah. So, did you learn to sense this information because every energy healer I’ve ever known, and I’ve worked with some and actually paid some money to help me clear energies or move to a different state or resolve problems … they will always describe themselves as “energetically sensitive”. How’d you come by that? Do you think you already had that, and you just found a modality to help tap into it?

Debora:                  I think I was fortunate in that … I think we all come in with it as children, but when I hit rock “closet crisis” bottom and I started to recover, everything I did helped me refine my sensitivities because I kept focusing on practices that brought me very present and very inward. Anyone who does that as long as I did … I mean, I haven’t even owned a television set in 30 years, so I didn’t spend my time in a normal way. Everything I did was helping me become very present, and when you’re present you become aware of all this information and you get more sensitive to the energy and the vibration, and then I think what I did was unknowingly, unconsciously, I prepared the soil. In 2006, I was in Hawaii teaching a yoga workshop, and I had become a Reiki practitioner at that point and been practicing … sort of practicing that under the radar for a long time, but it never felt 100% right to me.

At that workshop, I offered Reiki sessions and when I went to raise my hands, I gasped because I heard an inner voice going, “No more Reiki, just stand there,” and I felt like someone had turned on a fire hydrant in my palms. For the first time, I knew with 100% certainty this was not me, this was a higher … call it “being”, call it “state of consciousness”. I had connected with a higher source of energy and power that was beyond my personality. It was coming through me, but it wasn’t me, my personality, or something I had learned. From that day forward, this was when the biofield healing immersion was born, that day. I have never looked back. People started having dramatic healing experiences in front of me, and I started listening deeper internally, and I was guided intuitively — my intuition was super turned on, and it remains so to this day. It’s not psychic. I don’t give psychic readings. I’m just super sensitive to the vibrational information that’s in the field, and I don’t interpret it.

I try to stay away from that because we give things way too much meaning and then people … it brings up people’s fear and moral belief systems — none of that’s necessary. Now, there is some work by Doctor William Tiller … He’s a PhD from Stanford, and I love his work because he talks about how … and I believe this is the possible explanation scientifically, he talks about how up until this day we feel that nothing can go faster than the speed of light. Well, his … He’s written over a hundred white papers, and he’s talked about how he believes we can go faster than the speed of light, and when we do we flip into a state that he refers to as “negative entropy”. On planet Earth, we know that everything ages, everything decays and rusts and dies and slows down over time, but when you are going faster than the speed of light and you flip into this negative entropic state nothing ages, nothing decays. Everything stays now and new.

I think this is what all the ancient spiritual traditions meant when they said, “The only time there is is now. Everything is perfect whole and complete. You are perfect whole and complete.” They were talking about a state of consciousness, a state that exists right here and now, but we don’t tend to live in that state. I believe that that day on Kona, I accessed a way to access speeds faster than the speed of light. I can actually feel a shift, a state change in my own mind, body, and spirit when I do this work. Now, there was a lot of contrast in the beginning, today it’s so normal for me I could do it on the subway in Manhattan in broad daylight talking to people. I don’t even feel the separation when I go in and out of that, but in the beginning I did.

So, I think there really is science behind this. I think the brightest minds on the planet are trying to figure this out, so I don’t claim to have all the answers. But it’s about accessing different dimensions, different states of consciousness, that enable us to raise the vibration to a state that exists where there is no disease, there is oneness, unity consciousness. There isn’t good, bad, right, wrong, sick, health. Those are lower vibrational states and belief systems that everybody has bought into, and it’s all changeable.

Robyn:                    So, are you teaching people methods that they can tap into that relate to these energy fields, or these information fields, so that they can continue on the benefits and continue on the results after you’ve spent some time with them teaching them? Or do they need you?

Debora:                  I teach the method. I teach the foundational understanding of it as well as … I can guarantee that anyone can learn to do this. I usually have people in my practitioner training program by week four or five already working and getting results on other people. I used to teach it even faster, but I recognized how it’s so difficult for people to wrap their minds around this, so I’ve slowed it down a bit to help the left side of the brain catch up with what’s already available and possible. In physics, they also talk about this principle of resonance — it’s like tuning forks. If you’ve ever seen those experiments where they lay out a bunch of tuning forks and they strike one of them, all the other tuning forks begin to vibrate at the same note.

Well, that’s resonance, entrainment. Women who live together start to menstruate on the same cycle — that’s physics. What I believe happens when I train people is they begin to resonate with me, with my vibrations, so I’m activating … like a tuning fork, I’m activating them to this ability, which it’s already within them, but it’s dormant. I speed up the process so they don’t have to take 30 years meditating to prepare the soil, or doing what I did. This is a 21st century way to speed up and get up to pace with what we need in order to stay on track with all the changes and the information overload and to be able to integrate what’s happening on planet Earth.

Robyn:                    So, what kinds of things are possible? What kind of results do you see when you teach people your method and take someone through your program with some of these serious issues that people present with? They don’t generally probably come to you if they’re super happy or healthy or don’t have some major obstacles in their path, and I know that chronic pain, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma, incurable diseases — these are the kind of people who show up for your classes, right?

Debora:                  Yes. The forgotten people. I’ve seen just the most incredible results. It ranges far and wide from … Everybody seems like has neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, hip pain — every day I see that — arthritis. People with 20, 30 years of fibromyalgia reporting that within an hour all of it is literally being removed from their body. They’re pain free, no more medication or anti-inflammatory patches — just gone. I’ve worked with people suffering from severe depression and panic attacks. We’re talking … like they can’t go out of the house it’s so bad. I’ve seen them turn around and recover. People with eating disorders and addictions of all kinds … I’ve seen a number of people with MS who were wheelchair bound … in fact, two or three, I think, even just a month ago on a free call — a demonstration session — were able to get up and walk, get up out of their wheelchair for the first time. I mean, this is remarkable stuff. I pinch myself.

Robyn:                    Do people have to be open minded to it for it to be effective?

Debora:                  No. That’s the beauty, it doesn’t even require belief. Most of the people that I work with, by the time they get to me they’re not only skeptical, they’re like … they’ve tried so many things that they’re afraid to try one more thing because they don’t want to feel the let down and the disappointment of one more time getting hope and then having it fail. And believe me, I’m not God. I can’t wave a magic wand and say, “Everyone will get what I want them to get.” I don’t make guarantees. I can’t … It’s not meant to replace medical treatment or treat symptoms in any way, but I have seen nothing short of 21st century miracles, and I see it every day. People with … This is kind of fascinating — people with Hashimoto’s will supposedly … those markers are gonna be with you for life even if you recover from this or have it treated. I’ve seen the markers go away on the test.

I’ve worked with people with stage four breast cancer, for example, with tumors everywhere, and the doctors saying … One woman’s coming to mind, and the doctor said to her, “We’re not gonna even offer you chemo or radiation, you are so far gone. Pack your bags,” and in three experiences of biofield healing sessions, within less than a month she went back for that MRI — 82% reduction in tumors — and within a month her doctor said, “We don’t understand it, but we declare you in full remission.” This is what’s possible, Robyn, that people don’t realize. And no, does everyone get it? No. Some people need to go work deeper with me. It’s why I developed my longer program where I help people learn how to find and clear the beliefs and the emotions that get stuck in the body and that are manifesting, that are showing up in the physical body because those are the components that are creating all of this, and people are unaware of it.

So, the biofield healing speeds it all up. It brings out this unconscious stuff that people don’t even know they have or why they have these symptoms, and it helps move it out faster vibrationally. It’s the fastest way I know to do it. And then if people still … Most people get results, and then some people say, “Well, it’s back. Why is it back?” Those are the people I work with to help them clear the beliefs. We have to look at the belief system and the emotional body, and make sure we’ve unturned every stone to get to the root.

Robyn:                    So, the emotional body … Would you classify your work as more physical, that there’s actually physical things happening, or is it spiritual healing, or are they all one anyway?

Debora:                  They’re all one. They’re all the same. You see, the subtle creates the physical, the subtle energy is made of thoughts and emotions. You cannot separate these things, they’re all interconnected. Thoughts create an emotional reaction, and the emotions release chemicals in the body and are related to specific organs. We’ve known this from Chinese medicine for thousands of years. If people repeat those thoughts, and we have 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day — most of which I’ve discovered are about ten thoughts that we repeat again and again — and those become our habit patterns, and our habit patterns create our choices, and that becomes our life.

So, the body is nothing more than an expression of our state of consciousness, which is made up of our thoughts and our emotions. All of this is interconnected, and you can access it the fastest through the energy field, through the biofield, because it takes much longer to try to dig out every single belief. A lot of this was formed in childhood before the age of eight or nine where the child doesn’t even realize what they’re thinking. The brain’s just like an empty hard drive taking in all the files and feeling all the emotions and making incorrect assumptions, but those are still operating 30, 40, 50 years later till you do this kind of work.

Robyn:                    So, how is this different … I know you are trained as a Reiki master, and then you found it to be insufficient. How is this method that you’ve developed, how’s it different than Reiki and some of the other energy healing modalities out there? Because I think that there’s … One thing that’s really confusing is how many different man-made modalities there are out there all under the banner of energy healing.

Debora:                  Yeah. It really is confusing for people, and they’re not all the same. So, Reiki is a technique, and you learn these specific 26-points and you do it the same on every single person, as are many of these other techniques. You do them the same way on every single person. Biofield healing immersion is not a technique. It’s a state of consciousness that I help people learn to access, and in being able to do that it raises the vibration to the state of consciousness where there is no disease. We learn to sense the information in the field, but not direct it. We’re not sending. We’re not receiving. We’re literally holding a particular frequency and being the tuning fork that the person we’re working with, or the group of people that we’re working with, begins to resonate to the higher vibration that we carry.

So, like when in my training, people have all of these shifts and inner changes themselves because their vibration is literally changing. What happens is is we begin to hold this higher frequency in our own energy field, so wherever we go we’re carrying it 24/7. What can happen as a result of that, for example, is I sat next to someone flying back from Hawaii, and we were just chitchatting and the next thing I know this guy goes into what I knew and recognized visually as an altered state without me doing a formal session. I knew he was going through a healing experience, and I knew it was because he was sitting in my field, our fields were right there emerging.

So, I scanned his field really quickly just to see if I could tell what was going on, and I could sense he had issues in the heart. Now, I didn’t know if that meant physical or emotional, but an hour and a half later he finally opens his eyes and he looks at me and he’s grinning from ear to ear and he said, “Wow. I don’t know what you just did, or who you are, but I know that you just healed me.” He said, “I’ve had six bypass surgeries, heart surgeries, and they could never find out what was wrong and they’d never fixed it, but now I know exactly how I got it, where I got it. I made peace with the issue that was originating, and I know that I’m completely healed.” See, he was sitting in my vibration. This is why it’s so important that we work on ourselves because we’re effecting people all the time.

Robyn:                    Oh, yeah. We talk about this all the time on this show and our responsibility to others once we understand ourselves as energetic beings. So, talk about merged fields, talk about how you could be sitting next to someone on a plane or how someone in your energy field effects you so dramatically. What do you do with that on a really practical level because we’ve all noticed that there are people who come in our field who cause anxiety or cause just deep emotion and we don’t know why. So, help us understand why a little bit.

Debora:                  Okay, because if there is not a part of you that resonates at that lower vibration, whether it’s fear or anger or draining energy that you’re feeling … if a part of you wasn’t resonating at that same frequency, you wouldn’t notice it. You wouldn’t feel it. So, that tells you … rather than feeling like a victim of those people that you feel are draining your energy or effecting you in a toxic way, it just means you have some more emotional clearing to do, and you have to raise your vibration. When you get to a high enough state, you will notice other people that are very negative or toxic, but it won’t affect you. You won’t take it home with you. It won’t ruin your day. Most healers or people who are sensitive, and you don’t have to be quote-unquote a healing practitioner … people who are sensitive to … that are empathic will have this dilemma all the time.

I hear it every day, someone saying, “This person’s draining me. I felt great, and then I was around them and now I feel horrible and I’m fatigued, and they feel great,” and that was my story, too. I had that for years till I learned how to raise my own vibration, and it requires daily maintenance. This is the new self-care for the 21st century. We can’t just think we’re gonna do one thing once, like we’re gonna meditate once. We’re gonna go to a yoga class. We’re gonna think positive and do affirmations one time, and then have everything be on a high vibration. It doesn’t work that way. We still have to have a daily practice of some kind that keeps us at that high vibration, and as you well know, our diet is important. It’s another doorway in. You can do it through food. You can do it through many ways. Not everyone wants to go to yoga or meditate. You don’t have to.

There’s lots of ways we can raise our vibration, and you have to find what works for you and do it, and then it’s like an insurance policy. Every day that you do that, you’re putting money in that piggy-bank, so then if life gets super busy and you can’t do it one day or one week, it’s not the end of the world. You keep your vibration still pretty high, but this is a lifestyle that has to happen. If you’re gonna rise above all the negativity around you and become what I call “the lighthouse”, you have to become the lighthouse that stays at the shore steady, strong with the light shining bright while all the boats are at sea whipping around, and they don’t even know how to get into the shore. The storm is throwing them about, but you don’t budge. That’s the practice.

Robyn:                    So, Debora, I know that periodically you do a free class. It’s a demo and it’s a Q&A, ’cause we’ve really just scratched the surface and gotten a sense of the kind of deep, meaningful, personal work that people can do to help them clear these physical states, these states that cause them misery, that are really related to their overall vibrational frequency and the energy field that they carry around with them. You can’t get away from that. You’re not gonna get away from it when you sleep. You’re not gonna get away from it when you get into your car and drive, and so we might as well go to the source and resolve it.

So many of the things that you’ve said today are very resonant with this community of people who are seekers and looking to live in the smoother, higher frequencies. And so, how about if you go to … If you want to join Debora in her Q&A session — she does a free Q&A call with a demo — go to Biofield because that’s Debora’s system. So, it’s, so that you can find the next upcoming free session. You want to talk a little bit about what you do there?

Debora:                  Love to. Yes. I will go deeper in that session into the hidden reasons that don’t show up on medical tests, but that are causing you pain and suffering. It could be your wallet, your waistline, your physical body, your emotional state, but I’ll give you more of the understanding and what to do about those hidden reasons so that you can get to the root. I’ll be sharing with you my favorite, which is an actually experience of this biofield healing immersion method that we’ve been talking about. So, you’ll experience it for yourself. You know, I could talk till I’m blue in the face, but until you actually experience it, that’s what will speak to you the deepest, so you want to get in and have the right side of your brain understand from a different perspective.

So, we’ll be doing that. I’ll be working with callers one-on-one answering questions and helping people through their stuck points because I know so many … I’m sure your listeners, Robyn, are like my clients where they’ve really tried a lot of things, and they just are baffled by why they can’t get rid of the pain or the pattern that keeps showing up no matter what they try. So, we’ll be having a lot of fun and people will leave that call … Some people leave completely pain-free and it’s life changing, and they never look back.

Robyn:                    Okay. Well, everyone, there you have it. — you’ll get to learn more from Debora Wayne. I know you train others in your method, Debora, so anyone who is looking to get into energy healing or train as a practitioner to help them be well and live in higher frequencies … We definitely have people who are following us or who are reaching out to us wondering how they can participate, this would be a good way to get a taste of that as well. But tell us just a few words of hope before we go, a little bit for someone who has tried everything and is still suffering and might be afraid to try one more thing because they’ve failed so many times. Say something that might be helpful or hopeful to them.

Debora:                  Yeah. Please, I know that you are suffering, and I’d really just like to impress upon you that no matter how far down the scale you’ve gone, no matter what you’ve been told, no matter how long you’ve been trying to figure it out, everything is energy including your Pain, your suffering, your symptoms, and energy is always changeable. It just means you haven’t gone deep enough to get to the root, but this is … There really are methods out there now, this is one of them. This is the fastest way I know of, and if it’s not with me, just don’t give up. Just keep taking your next indicated step because you don’t want to give up when your miracle could be right around the bend, and we don’t always get to see the five year plan. We can’t see around the bend. You can only take the next indicated step, so just don’t give up and do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Robyn:                    Well, thank you so much for your wisdom today, and for helping us realize how very physical and tangible digging deep into these energetic blockages that we have can be for us. So, thank you so much, Debora Wayne.

Debora:                  Thank you.

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  1. Mickey says:

    I listened to your podcast and I was under the understanding that she was having a free series after (Debora Wayne) with a coupon code. I could not get it. Tried several times.

  2. Joanie Thomas says:

    I’m having the same issue. The link provided sends you to a page where you have to put in your credit card information but it was told it was a free call. Please advise, thanks!

  3. Susan Malone says:

    that podcast was back in November. Now you can download it or read the transcript. Both are free.

    1. Sara says:

      Where is the link Susan?

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