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Ep.49: Avoid EMF Dangers with Nicolas Pineault

Robyn Openshaw - Sep 20, 2017 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Today, I have an interview with someone I think you’re going to find very interesting because he is out there sounding the alarm about a health danger that has everything to do with you living your high vibration life. Nicolas Pineault is a health journalist. He and his wife published more than 1,500 online articles through a daily newsletter called Nick & Gen’s Healthy Life. He’s just authored a book called, The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs. It’s an unconventional book which combines common sense and humor to tackle the very serious topic of electromagnetic pollution and its effect on human health. This is the subject of discussion in today’s episode. There are 8,000 published studies now on the effect on human life from these chaotic frequencies.


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Robyn:                    Hey everyone, it’s Robyn Openshaw. Welcome back to Your High Vibration Life. I have a big announcement today, and that is that I just found out that my book is going to publish three weeks later than planned. It’s not coming out until October 31st, so still a chance for you to get your copy for free. As far as I know, when this airs, I’ll still have some copies that I’ve held out. Right now, we’re giving away free copies of my hardcover book just while supplies last if you just chip in shipping, shipping of 9.95. Make sure you go to

Today, I have an interview with someone I think you’re going to find very interesting because he is out there sounding the alarm about a health danger that has everything to do with you living your high vibration life. I met Nicolas Pineault. He’s a health journalist. I met him at a conference that I was at recently where I spoke from the stage on vibe. He spoke from the stage on the health risks that are posed by the new 5G network. Nick is a health journalist, but he’s published more than 1500 online articles through a daily newsletter called Nick & Gen’s Healthy Life. Gen’s his wife, and I met her too recently. He’s just authored a book called, pretty funny title, The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs. It’s an unconventional book which combines common sense and humor to tackle the very serious topic of the electromagnetic pollution and its effect on human health.

This is what we’re talking about today. You know that I’ve just come from Europe in the last couple of months, and I feel like Europe is paying a lot more attention to electromagnetic frequencies. Russia has done a lot of research on it. There are 8000 published studies now on the effect on human life and other plant and energy life on earth from these chaotic frequencies that are so very new, just a blip on the radar of human history. I’m really glad that new friends like Nick that I’m making out there in the world are really helping to educate us about a really important topic. You can actually learn more about Nick’s work at Nick, welcome to the show.

Nicolas:                  Thank you, Robyn. It’s an honor of being here on your podcast.

Robyn:                    Tell me about your background and how you came to write a book about EMF and how you even got interested in this subject, because you’re really young.

Nicolas:                  Sure. Well, I just turned 30 two weeks ago, just after the Mindshare Summit where we met. Yes, I’m young. I’ve been doing this online, I guess doing research on my own, for almost 10 years. Starting at 19 or 20 years old, I got into bodybuilding and started researching on how to gain mass. It led me to a very, very unhealthy place, like most naturally thin guys that want to eat a lot to gain a lot of mass and that take all sorts of crappy supplements with who knows what in them. I just felt horrible, bad digestion and whatnot. I’m glad it happened actually, because it led me down a path that I just became obsessed, learning everything I could get my hands on when it comes to health. Eventually, 2010, I started trying to get online and publish information for my friends, for my family. It was in French, because I’m a French Canadian from Montreal.

Eventually, I wanted to make a business out of it. Out of nowhere, basically, I had this idea that some people publish information online, so I started a newsletter, Nick and Gen’s Healthy Life. Eventually, I published an ebook and I joined with my wife Gen and she’s still my co-CO and partner and life partner and everything partner. Well, eventually, four years down the road, so it has been four years with Nick and Gen’s Healthy Life basically doing a daily newsletter, so that’s a lot of different newsletters that I’m sending out on all topics, food and toxins and a lot of topics that really recoup with what you’re doing with Your High Vibration Life podcast and also with the entire message that you’re spreading with Green Smoothie Girl, which is well, we probably haven’t been taught the right way to eat and to live and this is why most people are very sick these days.

I came across this topic, electromagnetic radiation and the effects that cellphone and wifi have on your body. I had heard here and there about the possible effects. I thought it was okay, well, I guess I won’t keep it in my pocket, but I didn’t really understand the problem. When I got deeper into it, I started uncovering that it’s very, very … The story is way more scientific than it sounded at first. I thought personally it was all tinfoil. You remember this movie Signs with Joaquin Phoenix from the ’90s where they wear tinfoil hats. This is the reference in common, like people in the US and Canada know that and they call any like when you talk about EMFs and the dangers of invisible signals, it kind of sounds crazy. This is why people say okay, this is like stuff for tinfoil hatters, so hence, the title The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs.

I decided to look at basically everything that’s non-tinfoil, so not talking that much about politics, not talking about conspiracy theories and whatnot, even though there is industry involvement. There are studies that are completely bogus and whatnot, but not focusing on that, just focusing on what actual science, actual independent science has been published on it and what it does it say. It turns out that it says that we should not have a cellphone near our bodies at all.

Robyn:                    Yeah, I remember you talking from the stage about the instructions that you get with your new cellphone. Tell me a little bit about that.

Nicolas:                  Yes, well basically, every cellphone, if you go into I think it’s under … Let’s say you have an iPhone. It’s under general settings. Eventually, you find the legal fine print inside an iPhone. You have something called RF exposure for radiofrequency exposure. This is a type of EMF radiation that’s emitted by devices, by wifi and Bluetooth and cellphones. What it says is that to respect the manufacturer’s as tested safety guidelines and to be within what they consider a “safe amount of radiation”, you have to keep this device within usually it’s anywhere from five millimeter, so that would be, I think it’s something like, I don’t know in inches, 3/8 of an inch or something like that, something obscure. Still, the gist of it is that you have to keep that thing away from your body at all times. This means, in plain English, if you hold your phone in your hand, you just have trespassed this fine print, so you’re exposed to more radiation than what is recommended.

Right there, when I heard that, at first, I thought this is crazy. Where is it hidden? Then it led me in looking in okay, well, how are these devices tested? It turns out they’re tested at a distance and they’re tested on a big mannequin head that’s actually emulates a 6 foot 2 man that weighed 220 pounds. This is reflective of around 0% of all cellphone users, so right there, when you look at how these devices are tested, it’s just BS. It’s not the way that people use it at all. Then when they test it, they test it for six minutes. Let me ask listeners, okay, who here is spending six minutes a day on their cellphone? I don’t. Right now, I’m a at a computer and this is another source that actually is not tested, but I’m getting exposed right now. It’s more than six minutes. In my case, it’s more like sometimes 12 hours a day writing at a computer with wifi. It’s just like these safety guidelines have literally nothing to do with how we use devices. This is basically, the fine print is just a crazy part and they just recognize that there’s no way you can follow these guidelines, basically.

Robyn:                    I have wifi permanently turned off in my office. My PCs are wired now. I got wifi turned off for my whole family. I had had it on a timer so it went off at 10 p.m. and didn’t come on until 6 or 8 a.m., but now I just have it turned off. I could go back into settings and turn it on. How about you? How do you manage wifi? Talk a little bit about wifi and the dangers of that and what you do in your house. What do you think are the most important action items to address?

Nicolas:                  Sure. The number one action item, I wouldn’t say … Well, going wired is, of course … Let’s say this is the best action item that you can take. I’m actually moving. I’m in between two apartments. This one was a sub-rent, so I couldn’t drill holes in the walls and have wired internet, so still using wifi. However, one time where you do not want wifi is at night or whenever you don’t need it, actually. What I have here is I can send you a link to it. It’s something on Amazon that’s called an outlet remote control. Basically, you can turn different outlets on and off, so the outlet that the wifi router is plugged on.

The reason I did that is that Gen is always up, my wife is always up at night a little bit later looking at her cellphone and going on, I don’t know, different websites, just humor stuff before she goes to bed. I don’t advocate it, but she does it and that’s all right. I ended up asking her, “Okay, Gen, can you manually turn it off and unplug it?” She had to come out of the bed at 11 p.m. and she really did not enjoy this part of my craziness and new health habits that I tried to always bring to the household. You know how it is when you’re the one doing the, so basically, I told her, “Okay. I’m going to find another solution.” It ends up that this little outlet, it causes some radiation when it emits the signal saying to the outlet go off, but it’s just for half a second. Then you’re off wifi all night.

For me, what I realized is that the second that the wifi is off during the night, my testosterone comes back. Every aspect of being a man and even my libido, if that’s not too much to share, but it’s normal when the wifi is off at night and its completely gone when it’s on at night, as if my body cannot get hormonal replenishment and healing at night when the wifi is on. That’s even if the levels of wifi that I’m calculating with one meter that I’m using as a very engineer-focused guy. The meter says the levels are very low, but my body tells me otherwise, tells me well, I might be sensitive to this frequency or something like that.

I guess for people, wifi is it’s three things that you want to do. First, off at night. Second would be where do you place this hot potato that’s called a wifi router? My advice is as far as possible from anyone’s body, so you do not want to keep it in a closet that’s like your children’s bedroom. Instead, maybe the other side of the garage or something that’s as far as possible from living areas. Once you have determined that, you put it there and everyone’s better off. Still close it at night, even with distance. The third one will be like you do, Robyn, which is going all wired because guess what? You can still use internet with a wire, but some people tend to forget that.

Robyn:                    Yeah. My router and wifi are on the same box. I’m the least technical person you know. I’m probably less technical than your mom, Nick, so forgive me if I’m saying this wrong, but we had to, because that same little tower was the router and the wifi, we had to go into settings in Xfinity, Xfinity being the company, I think they own Comcast, and turn it off on my computer because if they’re separate, then you can just turn the wifi off. I wasn’t understanding why I would turn the wifi off and my computer wouldn’t work, even though it was wired. There was a little bit of problem solving here, which problem solving like that is just harder for me than for other people because I’m just not very technical.

It has been really interesting to test the different parts of my house and our meter showed that my office, which is where I spend an embarrassing amount of my time, actually, I spend more time in here than I spend in my bed, was over 400. Below 50 is safe. We’ve talked on the show before. We won’t cover all the things that Dr. Libby Darnell talked to us about. We’re about to release our EMF protection course, our 19 video course. I’m excited for you to check it out, too, Nick because you know so much about this. I want to talk about a couple of things that you talk about that are really above and beyond. As we look down the road, you and I before this interview were talking about how we both had listened to Dave Asprey’s interview with Joe Mercola, where he said in this interview just a week ago at the time you and I are recording this, he said, “We will, in 20 years, look back at the dangers of EMF as being worse than right now we look back at indoor smoking.”

Right now, you don’t even remember it because you’re young enough you don’t remember, but I had to work as a waitress. I worked through college in a restaurant. I chose the smoking section on purpose because smokers drink and drinkers tip and so I was in a cloud of smoke through college. Put myself through college is the good news, but now that’s unthinkable. I’m sure that people your age, the Millennials, just can’t even believe that we used to smoke in airplanes and we used to smoke in restaurants. Not we, I didn’t ever smoke, but I did. I did, secondhand smoke. That seems so unbelievable now that people would be allowed to do that. Joe Mercola says the effect on our health is worse, of being around EMF. That was a really interesting comparison.

I’ll probably repeat that a lot because I feel really strongly that we are asleep at the wheel. We’re not paying attention the fact that we are radiating ourselves and there are really simple, easy things that we can do to fix it, which is what your book is about. Talk a little bit about the future of EMFs. I know you’re really bringing some cutting edge stuff that I haven’t even been thinking about even though I’m really all about EMFs and minimizing them and teaching other people to minimize them. Talk about the 5G rollout and how it’s going to increase the electrosmog that we’re being exposed to. Electrosmog is what they refer to EMFs as in Europe, I found, when I spend a lot of time there every summer. Talk about the 5G rollout and the future of EMFs.

Nicolas:                  Sure. Well, when we recognize that there’s a problem with EMFs currently, I think we need to turn towards the future and look oh, wait a minute. Does that mean that new technologies are going to be worse? For the moment, I can say a resounding yes. The main problem being that people who develop the new technologies that are going to be faster, better, stronger, everything do not recognize that EMFs are currently a problem. We’re just rolling out 5G and 5G is the new technology. Right now, people listening, you have a cellphone that’s probably either 3G, which is kind of older networks, but that still function and that are still very fast, but the 4G or something called LTE is the new technology that came out just a couple years ago. I think it was 2012, if I remember correctly. That’s way faster than 3G, better towers, better data transmission. You can watch HD videos. Everything is faster.

5G will be that on steroids, basically, so it’s 10 to 1000 times the speed of 4G. Basically, it’s the response of the telecom industry to the user demands. Everyone loves to download HD movies with their phones and their tablets and their laptops. Basically, the estimates right now are that people like you and I will download around 1 gigabyte of data a day by 2020. As a comparison, it’s huge. It means 30 gig per month. It’s a lot. Most people cannot even afford that on their cellphone plans right now, but it’s what’s going to happen and throughout the world. To support this speed and this new technology that’s almost 1000 times the speed of 4G, we’re going to change basically everything that constitutes how these things run, so like the number of antennas.

Robyn:                    This is quite terrifying. I hope you’re going to tell us what we can do about it. I know that since you listened to that conversation between Dave Asprey on the Bulletproof podcast and Joe Mercola, you know that Dave was saying okay, this is billion dollar industry right here. Not only is it major lawsuit potential, there’s going to be a class action lawsuit for all the people who get cancer from all these radioactive frequencies bombarding our brain, our sensitive tissues, our children, our babies. You’ve probably by now heard Libby Darnell’s story and what happened to her niece and how her niece’s bedroom and school classroom were off the charts, like maxed the meter high in EMFs. A couple of teachers in that room or very close to that room had become very ill with cancer or died of cancer. What do we do about it? What do we do about the fact that the 5G network is coming because Dave Asprey said this is billion dollar businesses. If you can build an ecologically friendly, biologically friendly infrastructure, we can’t keep going the way we’re going, so what do we do as a regular person?

Nicolas:                  Well, it’s really hard to say. What I ended up saying at the Mindshare, I had five minutes to talk about 5G and what I ended up saying is that it becomes critical now, right now in 2017 and 2018, to reduce your exposure from all sources. This means that everything that you, Robyn, and Libby will be sharing in your program and in my book and everyone talking and Joe Mercola and Dave Asprey, everything that we’re saying you have to listen to it and actually apply it. It means reducing your body’s exposure because what’s going to happen is that I think and the worst thing that a lot of people that live in large cities, if you’re exposed 24/7, there’s no way for your cells to heal from all these external, harmful vibrations, frequencies. If you’re creating a healthy, safe, low EMF environment at home, at least you have this eight hours of time to breathe. This is a huge difference. This becomes critical.

Then, I guess, on the citizen standpoint, this is also something I couldn’t share on my talk is well, we need to be aware that these things are rolling out in large cities and you can do something. You can talk to your city council. I don’t know a ton about US politics, but I know that a lot of different citizens’ groups are being organized to say you know what? 5G networks being installed every two to 10 homes, because this is what’s planned, people. These cellphone antennas are very high power, very short distance. Instead of having a couple of towers, let’s say, in big downtown areas, previously, you maybe had in one square kilometer maybe 13, 15 antennas. We’re going to have double that or more every two to 10 homes, so every block. Every traffic streetlight might be an antenna or might have an antenna added on there. The goal is to support 1 million devices per square kilometer, so the levels will go up.

Robyn, it’s hard for me because I’m a very down-to-earth guy and I hate being alarmist. This is why I decided to go with humor with my book, but in all honesty, this is scary for me, too. It is. We have to basically recognize that there’s a problem right now, so it means spreading the word about everything that you’re hearing on this podcast is super critical because it means people are going to wake up. I think also that not everything is doom and gloom like Dave Asprey and Joe Mercola shared on their podcast, on Dave’s podcast. I think that the technology can be changed and I think it will be changed. However, before it’s finally changed, who knows what damage people are going to get, so this is really what makes me very sad is we develop new technologies like in the past, like, let’s say, smoking or trans fats or asbestos or certain pesticides. Then we say, “Oops. Turns out we’ve killed a lot of people. Sorry about that,” and 50 years later, we change the technology. In the meantime, for decades, people are doing something that’s super unhealthy and it just drives me crazy. What else do we don’t know right now that will be considered completely crazy in a couple years?

I talked with Joe Mercola, actually. I had the chance to connect with him. He told me in fact that he thinks that the biological effects of microwave radiation, this is the kind of radiation we’re talking about, cellphones, wifi, and Bluetooth, might be worse on a biological standpoint than x-rays. If this is true, I’ve never made this comparison myself, but back in the ’50s, people used x-rays in shoe stores just to verify if the shoe was the right fit for children’s feet. Nowadays, doing that equals being criminal because we know that x-rays are frequencies that over time break your DNA and they accumulate damage inside your body. What do we do? We haven’t banned x-rays. We just use them in a very controlled manner in a clinical setting. I think in the near future, we’re going to see microwave radiation, the type of EMF that we’re using right now, we’ll use just in medical setting.

Honestly, there are a couple of exciting uses of EMFs that are actually healing. This is something I didn’t talk a lot about in my book, but there’s one particular use that is to open up the blood-brain barrier. For example, if someone is to get chemo for brain cancer, you can actually emit a strong signal, as strong as, I think, 10 to 100 cellphones, so it’s pretty strong. You open up the little barrier that usually protects the brain and then the chemo can get into the brain and heal or actually, well, in that case, it’s to destroy the cancer tumor, whereas normally, the chemo agent doesn’t go through. However, if we recognize that this device that is currently used and currently FDA approved works, we also must look at okay, well, does it mean that a cellphone next to my head will cause similar effects and will open up the barrier for invaders or toxins into my brain? The answer is quite possibly yes based on the current research. It’s kind of crazy. On one hand, even telecom industry will say yes, that oh, the beneficial side of EMFs, for sure, cool, it’s awesome. We can save lives, but the harmful effects, no, it doesn’t do anything. I don’t believe that’s true.

Robyn:                    Yeah, it does seem ironic. Dr. Oz says that energy medicine is the next frontier in medicine and that makes sense when you consider that surgeries are now far less invasive, well, many of them, because they can cut one inch open in your gut and literally kill and pull out, chop up and pull out an entire organ if the organ diseased, if the organ isn’t necessary for human survival. That’s just focused frequencies. It seems ironic that they would acknowledge that using frequencies, they can open up the blood-brain barrier so that chemo can be more targeted and at the same time, pretend that they don’t know that it might be harmful to put a 5G tower every two to five homes on our block.

We’ve talked about the smart meter phenomenon in a different episode and so I’ll just refer our listeners back to the two episodes I did with Libby Darnell. I did three EMF episodes. That’s how strongly I feel about it is that I want to bring another EMF expert or researcher onto the show because I want to talk about some of these additional things that we’re learning in addition to what we talked about in those three episodes.

We are about to release the Green Smoothie Girl collaboration with Dr. Libby Darnell. We have a 19 video master class. It’s called EMF Protection Course. It’s 19 videos. Ten of them are instruction and it’s Libby and me talking about how to protect you and your family. Then we have nine video demos where we do everything from test my Tesla, which you would think would be really high in EMF. We’ll let you wait for that surprise about how that did. Chad, who’s running the podcast here and does all of my film, we test his Hyundai and we get EMF readings there. My son has two Xboxes. They’re downstairs, but I had heard that the radiation is so high that it can literally radiate somebody two floors up. We talk about things like going through the TSA scanner. The TSA employees have been trained to tell you it’s like going out in the sun for 15 minutes, the radiation is so low. The problem isn’t how strong it is in that exposure. The problem is the cumulative effect on your cells.

I wanted to have you talk a little bit about the 5G rollout and I think it’s really important that politically, if we do nothing but stand ready to when our city wants to do this assuming they don’t start to pull this back and start to rethink our infrastructure that we’re building to have more and more radiation in our environment. I also want to talk about some of these more cutting edge ideas that I know that you know about 10 years ago. It sounds like you and I were both studying EMF 10 years ago. Nobody else was talking about it, but it sounds like you, through your health issues … Back then, it was just starting to come out that you could buy grounding mats. I want you to talk to us a little bit about how grounding mats can actually create a problem and how to make them actually helpful to us. Tell us what grounding mats are about and what we need to do.

Nicolas:                  Sure. The idea of the grounding is that, well, there are manmade frequencies that come off our technology, the EMFs, and then there are such things as natural EMFs, so the earth itself, the bare ground has an electric charge and has a magnetic field that emits at a certain frequency. It turns out that the research on grounding, which is just walking barefoot on the bare earth or, let’s say, on grass or by the beach has beneficial effects. It turns out that it helps you. Usually, people that are very sensitive to manmade EMFs report that the more grounding they do in nature, the better they feel, so it actually maybe mitigates some of the damage you’re getting from EMF.

What I tell people and readers from my newsletter is that you need your dose of Vitamin N, for nature and to counteract the harmful frequencies. Basically, now that this idea is spreading, a lot of people are coming up with devices where you can ground inside the home and usually in the bedroom, so while you sleep. The idea sounds great because research, for example, on Tour de France cyclists has shown that people have better blood pressure, less inflammation, better sleep, better recovery, better mental acuity. It’s incredible what researchers are finding. This is high level science on high level athletes, so the science is there to show us that if you sleep let’s say in a tent in the middle of nowhere on the bare earth, you’re actually grounding your body to these natural frequencies.

People are trying to do the same inside their bedroom. The problem is, your bedroom is not the middle of the forest and there are EMFs all around us, so there are not only a wifi router that is usually there. Some people keep their cellphones near their bed and it’s open, so you have more radiation there. You also have electricity inside a home. A grounding mat, the way it’s done, basically, is usually, you plug it in a wall outlet and it’s a conductive material. Usually, it’s silver mesh or some kind of other conductive material.

The problem is that it can conduct and it’s also how it works. Usually, the idea is that you are lying on the grounding mat and you’re dumping all the extra electricity, the free electrons from your body, into the wall. The problem is when the opposite happens in that what is the dirty electricity in your wall, which is a kind of EMF itself, or electrical field that is also one kind of EMF I address in my book, gets into your body from the wall into the grounding mat, so the opposite can happen. People have reported, for example, being just insomniac or having weird side effects from grounding. The meme right now online is oh, well, you’re not doing it right or not enough or maybe this is detox reaction. In fact, some building biologists that are these engineer-level experts that go into your home and reduce the levels and have professional meters, have measured people who do grounding in a completely EMF environment that most people have. In fact, it zaps you away all night, so it essentially connects you to all this dirty electricity and makes you rest less. This is not what you want to do.

The fix is easy in reality is you need to remove all EMFs first and then use a grounding sheet or grounding mat or grounding pad or grounding pillow and not the opposite because I think that for some people that are very sensitive to dirty electricity or electrical fields, it’s essentially adding on your body a couple of volts, sometimes, so you’re kind of getting a low level electric shock all night and you don’t even notice it. Your sleep and your body, your pineal gland trying to get you to sleep will notice it. For some people, it means bad sleep. You’re essentially screwing up your sleep with something that’s supposed to improve it, so it doesn’t make sense.

Another thing that you can do, a little bit more advanced, but I think that you and Libby use Stetzer meters or another kind of dirty electricity … Sorry, filter, Stetzer filter or Greenwave filter. It’s a kind of little plugin filter that you can plug throughout the outlets in your home. The goal of these is to reduce dirty electricity, to kind of equalize the electricity so it doesn’t spike left and right and create an environment where you feel anxious and you have different side effects and the worst case scenarios are cancer clusters, as you mentioned, that are seen in schools where the dirty electricity in a room is very strong.

What you can do to prevent dirty electricity from going from your wall to your grounding mat is you install your mat not in the plug itself. You first put a Stetzer filter on and you plug your mat in the Stetzer filter, so that way, the electricity gets filtered if it ever goes towards your body. It’s just a little tweak, but I think it can make all the difference in the world if people have tried grounding mats and they feel bizarre or they report side effects. It can happen for some people. For some other people, it’s totally fine and they feel amazing. Even if you do feel amazing, I do not recommend being in a high EMF environment, so make sure to shut down the wifi, remove any kind of wireless radiation from your bedroom, and then also turn off the circuit breaker to your bedroom, so that way, there’s no electricity at all. This is the best step you can do. Then you install your grounding mat and then you’re all good.

Robyn:                    Yeah, I appreciate that. We built a free EMF action plan. You can go through and you can see where we get the meter, where we get those filters that we tested with the meter and found out that my bedroom was pretty high in EMF. My son’s bedroom is pretty high, over 150, both of us. My office was terrible. It was over 400. We built this EMF action plan to give you all the tools, but you don’t have to do them all at once. Just do the free ones, the easy ones. I think having a meter is really important. I think that filtering in your bedroom, especially if you’re going to use a grounding mat. I had a grounding mat on my bed, but like you said, now since then, we’ve discovered that there’s these dirty electricity leaking from your wall outlets and so now I have those filtered. It was crazy.

I want to tell you two quick things about just my own health is that when I filtered my bedroom and I plugged those in, I slept all the way through the night without waking up. Usually I wake up and I think I’m waking up because I have to go to the bathroom or something, but I’ll usually wake up once, twice during the night just for a few minutes. After I installed those filters … You just plug them into the outlet. It’s no big deal. You want the meter so that you know where you need the filters because if it’s below 50, then you’re in a safe zone. I slept through the night three times that week that we installed the filters for the first time in really 20 years.

Nicolas:                  Wow.

Robyn:                    Yeah. Then another weird thing that I was going to tell you is I realized I thought that I was getting arthritis, but just in one joint in my right hand. I realized, this was quite some time ago, that I didn’t have arthritis. I held my cellphone over that joint in my right hand for probably a couple of hours a day. I know not to turn my wifi on. I know that, but just from texting. We’re on T-Mobile and we have unlimited data because I tell my kids don’t ever use wifi. Just use the data. I educate my kids about how dangerous it is.

The free EMF action plan, anyone listening who hasn’t heard those previous episodes with Dr. Libby Darnell, the free action plan is at, We link you there to the meter that I think everyone should have and the filters. Get the meter first. That way, you’re only buying filters for the outlets that are actually a problem.

Once I stopped holding my cellphone when I’m texting in my right hand for periods of time, sometimes now I hold it in my left hand, the pain in that joint has disappeared. That makes sense when you consider how much concentrated, chaotic frequencies were pointing at that one joint. I was just like what, am I getting arthritis, but just in one joint? That went on for a couple of years and then I just decided to start holding my phone in the left hand. Obviously, I’m still getting the exposure. I understand that the exposure is bad, but what’s interesting is it actually caused physical pain in my right hand. Just an example because so many people are going to hear this and they haven’t heard anything about EMF. They’re not doing anything about it. They think that we might be crazy people like Joaquin Phoenix, who wore the tinfoil hat. He probably wasn’t crazy either. It was just way before the world was ready to hear it.

You’ve given us a lot of great information. Watch for if there’s going to be in your municipality a build out for the 5G network. We all need to politically be part of having our voices heard and in bringing more attention on this subject because we are, as we have been with GMOs and mercury fillings and in so many other ways that we educate you about on this show, we are a social experiment and we have to be part of the solution and speaking up and helping point people to this podcast episode with Nick and in educating each other.

Nick, before we go, I want to ask you just one or two more quick questions. What do you think, since you’ve been researching so deeply, what do you think about these tumors forming on the side of people’s head, brain tumors and breast tumors in the shape of cellphones? What do you think? Do you think there’s enough evidence yet that it’s starting to be not just for the tinfoil crazy people, but it’s actually a real problem that points to the issue of people who’ve been holding a cellphone next to their head and talking on the phone for 20 years? What do you think?

Nicolas:                  Yes, there is strong evidence. There’s no consensus, obviously. My whole book tells, basically, the only conclusion I can come to is that there’s no consensus. I don’t even know if there’s such thing as scientific consensus. It takes usually decades, but some scientists will say that’s bullocks. Some scientists will say there’s a very strong link in what they call ipsilateral brain tumors. It means the same side that people use their cellphone on. You see increases that are simply crazy. Leonard Hardell is one researcher. It won’t be at the exam, but basically, he says that every year you use your cellphone moderately, you increase your risk of brain cancer by 8%. That’s what he says. He’s one of the top guys. He’s a researcher, dozens and dozens of research papers in great journals. He’s from Europe. There are a lot of researchers that agree with him and that say that well, we must upgrade the classification of cellphones to definitely carcinogenic. Right now, it’s 2B. This means a possible carcinogen, like oh, it might be harmful, but we don’t know.

I think there’s a strong link and I would not advise keeping your cellphone next to your head because there are better options. For example, using speakerphone if you’re alone and if you don’t want people to hear your conversation or annoy people, just use headphones. This is what I do. I hold it just like you, in my hand or in my office, I might put my cellphone as far as possible from me and then talk on headphones and I’m all good. I’m reducing essentially 90% of the problem, 90% less radiation at two feet, 80 to 90%, so that’s a huge move that you can do for your health.

When it comes to breast cancer, there’s a researcher from California, John West, that has looked at several cases that are very, very bizarre because the ladies using their cellphone or keeping their cellphone in their bras had, like you said, tumors that were in the shape of a cellphone, basically, at a spot that usually you do not get breast tumors there. Usually, you get them in a different spot that are, I guess, the milk glands or something. It was a very bizarre kind of tumor cluster that actually he never sees. The correlation was strong and there’s still not a ton of studies about breast cancer, but if it causes that to your brain, chances are you do not want to keep it near your breasts if you care about your health at all. Then in your pocket for men or even for women, the link with EMFs and just keeping a cellphone in your pocket and sperm damage in men or even fertility in women, I think will be a future link that we’re going to find. Well, there’s 201 studies since 2009 that have looked at the issue and they each conclude that cellphones definitely will destroy your fertility as a man.

I cannot believe that in 2017, it’s been eight years, 2001 studies confirming this and meta analysis. You don’t have to think about those terms. It’s really geeky stuff, but in research, it’s like the golden standard. Imagine that it’s like the best of the best of the best in research that say well, there’s definitely a link. This is a causality effect. It means that you put the cellphone in your pocket and your sperm is damaged. Even with all this, the industry and the policy makers are like oh, no, we’re not going to put that on the label. Well, why not? We need to tell men not to put that in their pockets because what if they want to have children or normal testosterone levels? I find just that is completely unacceptable and crazy.

Robyn:                    I agree. I also just don’t want to be part of the science experiment. We didn’t know that indoor smoking was causing this secondhand smoke effect that was really devastating until we put an entire couple generations of people through breathing a lot of secondhand smoke. I don’t want to be in the age cohort that proves that we are going to get brain cancer and other cancers at higher rates. Let’s sound the alarm early. Let’s opt out as much as we can. I think we’ve gotten a lot of great actionable tips from Nick. Make sure you get the EMF action plan that we’ve put together. My team and I have spent many, many hours working with Dr. Libby Darnell on this. It’s at Nick, tell everybody where they can learn more from you and get your book.

Nicolas:                  Sure. It’s at That’s the URL. By November 2017, depending on when you’re listening to that, there’s going to be a hard copy book, as well. The book is a really easy read. At least, that’s what a lot of people that are non-science oriented or non-geeks like me have told me, so it’s really easy to digest. It’s a light read and a ton of actionable info in there.

Robyn:                    Okay. Well, make sure that you share this episode. Make sure that you talk about this. Talk to your kids. Keep those Xboxes and GameCubes, whatever they’re called, that the kids use, keep them unplugged when they’re not in use. Clean up your children’s environment. Get on a data plan where you’re not having to be on wifi. One more quick thing. One more quick thing, Nick. When we were at this conference together where we were referring to you and I both having five minute talks on the stage, you brought your meter and keep in mind, this is a conference of wellness influencers. These are health experts. Next year, we will get the conference organizers to have everybody turn off their wifi, but with 350, 400 people in the room, most of whom had a cellphone and most of whom probably had their wifi on, I know I didn’t get any cell service in the room. Tell a little bit about what you measured in that room and what that means for all of us advocating for the big public events that we go to of asking the organizers to have everybody turn off their wifi. Tell me a little bit about that.

Nicolas:                  Sure. What I use is a meter that I recommend to everyone. It’s a little bit harder to use, but it’s very complete and it’s under 200 bucks. It’s called Cornet, C-O-R-N-E-T, 88T, like in Tom, Cornet 88T. This Cornet basically showed me that the levels, and I’m going to be a little bit geeky here, but one unit of measurement is volts per meter. This is the highest that I could read in the room. It was at one volt per meter. Normally, building biologists and people from the environmental medicine world in Europe say anything above 0.2 during the day is really not recommended. It is a very high environment. It was five times that. For sensitive people that know that these frequencies made their hear buzz, tinnitus, headaches, some people get muscle weakness, physical pain, inflammation, I’ve seen it all throughout my research. These people need to stay below 0.02, so in their case, it would be 50 times too high.

It’s basically like this room honestly, and I don’t say that lightly. I’ve measured environments. I’ve measured airports with thousands of people using their cellphone. It was actually higher than that in this health conference. It was a shock for me. It was good for the talk because people were a little bit shocked when I shared this figure. I remember that the few people came to me after my talk and told me, “I am sensitive and right now, I am suffering, like I can feel the room. Somehow it’s making me very, very exhausted.” I don’t think I’m personally that sensitive because I felt great all weekend, but some people, I’ve seen them having to take naps throughout the event just because it was so draining for them this kind of environment.

I’ll definitely take you up on it and we’re going to organize something for next year so that we can reduce levels in this environment because this is a health conference. It just makes you realize how insidious this stuff is because it’s not visible and you don’t hear a loud screaming noise. You don’t see black smoke. You don’t feel it. For most people, I’d say 70% of people cannot even feel it or don’t realize, so this is why we’re able to have a health conference with all the greatest minds in the country or even the planet gathering together and being in the middle of what will be taught as a very dangerous environment in just a few years from now. That’s very ironic and sad at the same time, but I think we’re going to change that, right?

Robyn:                    You and I are going to be agents of change and also, our listeners listening to this, once we are educated about ways that we can live a higher vibration life and we can protect each other and we can spread the word, please do your part to be part of that. Nick and I are both on a very similar mission and are new friends. I’m deeply grateful for you sharing your wisdom today, Nick. I think my audience is going to be better for it and so thank you so very much.

Nicolas:                  Thank you for having me, Robyn. It was a pleasure.


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  1. Clinton says:

    Thank you for the informative podcast. My wife is very sensitive to a cell phone tower that was put up near us a few years ago. It has forced her to get treatment from a doctor for anxiety and sleeplessness and at times the stress is almost unbearable for her. I have contacted many people connected to the cell phone tower including government representatives but no one will help. Everyone just ignores us and the doctor can only treat symptoms. Do you have any information that may help us get protection from the tower frequencies?

    1. nickpineault2 says:

      Hey Clinton! You’ll want to hire a Building Biologist and have levels in your home tested. Visit this website to find someone in your area: This expert will be able to suggest you shielding options for your windows and walls, which can dramatically reduce your exposure at home.

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