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Ep.19: The 5 Levels of Healing with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

Robyn Openshaw - Feb 01, 2017 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

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Today I am introducing you to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. He brings to America the secrets of European energy medicine. He is an MD and PhD and the Founder of the Klinghardt Academy, The American Academy of Neural Therapy, Medical Director of the Institute of Neurobiology, and lead clinician at the Sophia Health Institute, located in Washington State. He teaches biological interventions and Autonomic Response Testing assessment techniques. He also is well known for using non-surgical, non-drug approaches to healing his patients. He is also an expert on heavy metal toxicity and has been instrumental in advancing the field of biological medicine, energy psychology and biological dentistry. While working in India as a junior physician, he encountered Eastern concepts of disease etiology and blended them with his Western training. This laid the foundation for his 5-level system of Integrative Medicine, which you’ll learn about in this episode.


Learn more about The Klinghardt Institute  and the Sophia Health Institute

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Get his 5 Levels of Healing DVD

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Robyn:  Hello, my friends, this is Robyn Openshaw, and today I’m going to introduce to you an international hero who brings to America the secrets of European energy medicine. I’ve been following the career of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt for many years, and I’ve met so many physicians who have been trained by him. We’re so fortunate to have him on the show, he is an MD and a PhD, and he is founder of the Sophia Health Institute, now located outside of Seattle, Washington. I’ve long admired his career, and he’s internationally renowned for his successful treatment of chronic pain and illness using non-surgical and non-drug methods. Since the 1970s, Dr. Klinghardt has contributed significantly to the understanding of heavy metal toxicity and it’s connection to chronic infections, illness, and pain. He’s been instrumental in advancing the field of biological medicine using energy psychology, biological dentistry, and many other specialties unknown to the average American medical doctor or patient. He’s also developed a comprehensive diagnostic system, and has trained hundreds of other practitioners to become accomplished holistic physicians. Dr. Klinghardt, we’re so excited to have you on the Your High Vibration Life Show today, thank you for being with us.

Dr. Klinghardt:  It’s a pleasure, and an honor. Thank you.

Robyn:  I have shared with my audience that I’ve been following your career for many years, and I’ve met with many doctors all over the world who have studied with you, and have benefited from your amazing research in the field of biological medicine. That’s a really unfamiliar term to most American patients. Will you tell us a little bit why biological medicine is very different from the way that American doctors are practicing, and how you came to it?

Dr. Klinghardt:  Yeah, of course. I grew up in Berlin, postwar Berlin, and Europe in general, not just Germany but Europe, had a very long tradition of healing the different modalities. And really, like the recorded history of what we would call biological medicine today, started over a thousand years ago with a German nun, Hildegard von Bingen, who wrote the first textbook of medicine where she identified parasites, and infectious microbes, and toxins as the main causes of illness. From that, I know there were different, more famous healers, and others in Europe, but it really started with the discovery of the microscope in Holland that modern medicine evolved.

And basically, my definition of biological medicine is that in biological medicine, we’re working with the biology of the patient. We’re trying to improve the different functions and the patient, with trying not to insert foreign materials into the patient, nor are we trying to take away anything. And so, there is basically three different types of healing; there is substitution therapies, that is for example, if somebody is diabetic, they can make insulin. You substitute insulin, there is certainly indications for that type of medicine, and has been around forever. 200 years ago, diabetics were treated by eating pieces of pancreas from a cow or the pig throughout the day. Today is more elegant, we’d be injecting it. So that’s substitution medicine, that certainly belongs to our understanding of medicine.

Then there is regulation medicine, where we realize that many illnesses are caused by blocked enzyme systems, by blocked membranes, by blocked metabolic processes and it is not then about operating an organ out, or taking a tooth out, it’s about finding out where the blockage is. Get smoothing it out, liberating it and freeing it up. And the master methods in regulation medicine certainly is homeopathy, and acupuncture and the offshoots of that. Now we call homeopathy in this country ‘low-dose immunotherapy’, we have German offshoot of acupuncture called ‘neural therapy’.

And then the third form of medicine are the suppressive therapies. The medications, all of the ones that start with the word ‘anti-‘: antibiotics, antimicrobials, anti-inflammatory agents, anti-cancer agents, and so forth. And pretty much, anything that starts with the word ‘anti’, does not belong to biological medicine. Biological medicine is largely working with the organs as it is, finding blockages, opening those up, letting the body heal itself. Osteopathy is based on that model, homeopathy is based on that model, acupuncture is. And certainly, I would like to say here, acupuncture comes from China, homeopathy comes from Germany. Pretty much everything else comes from other countries, osteopathy is beautiful, it comes from America, so it’s not a privilege to be a German, to know about biological methods of healing.

Robyn:  Talk about for a newbie to energy medicine, what are your favorite sources that someone could get up to speed? Talk a little bit about the energy and power centers of the body, and how you use them in the way you practice medicine?

Dr. Klinghardt:  So first of all, I think it’s important to understand the simplicity of it. Energy medicine simply is the application of biophysics to the human condition. We have two healing methods, you know three. One is structural, the orthopedic work, chiropractic, osteopathic manipulation, that’s the structural work or surgery, if you want. And the second one is the application of biochemical acting agents, that’s the herbs, the vitamins, and the medical drugs, and maybe also low-dose homeopathy. That’s chemistry. And then there is physics, the application of electric fields, magnetic fields, biomagnetic fields, strong force, weak force, gravity, the application of the forces of physics.

Many of the brilliant techniques in this world come from the US, like Royal Rife, you know his story; brilliant physician in California who developed the idea to work with pulsed electromagnetic fields at the certain frequencies that are inhibiting, or destroying, pathogens. He was not very welcome by the medical community and it kind of ended badly, but we have now, last time we counted, over 120 different instruments all called ‘Rife machines’. None of them is a Rife machine, but anything with pulsed electric or magnetic fields calls itself a Rife machine now, which is fine. I’m sure Dr. Rife wouldn’t object to that.

I think a key piece that I’d like to communicate, a physician friend of mine that worked in Santa Fe, he did a poll on the internet. He wanted to find 100 people that had documented Lyme disease and had recovered, and stayed recovered for two years, and was doing a factorial analysis of what they had used to get well. And the end result was quite startling; all of them had used some type of antimicrobial therapy, biochemistry-based, and also some herbs, antimicrobial herbs like garlic, tumeric, whatever, or antibiotics or antifungals. That was common in the group of 100 people that had recovered. But the other of all of the recovered people had used, out of thousands of other people, they all had used some sort of biophysical device driven by electric currents.

Basically, anything that feeds an electric current and has to do with physics, and then come out with chemistry, it stays physics. And the overall term used for this biophysics, it could be the application of light, sound, it could be something like a TENS unit where you direct the push electric current through the tissues, it could be like a Rife machine where you use argon gas-filled tube that pulses a strong electromagnetic field, it could be the application of magnets, or pulsating magnets now are very popular. Another different magnetic field, and so forth. But it was, for me, big turn- it was about 15, 20 years ago- big turning point, to realize it’s not that we replace the work with herbs and vitamins by using a Rife machine. It is using both together has a much higher chance of leading to success.

So that’s a little bit on the lower level of energy medicine, it has to do with physics. Now there is, physics is an evolving science, there is still a discussion in physics whether scalar waves exist or not. A funny development in America, if somebody develops an instrument that helps people but doesn’t really know why it helps and how it works, they say, “Oh yeah, it uses scalar waves.” Well the truth is, with physics, there’s pretty much an agreement that scalar waves do not exist. There was a theory 20, 30 years ago, but they don’t really exist.

And so there is a lot in energy medicine that makes me giggle, but in terms of the higher levels of physics, those that have not been really discovered, and I’ll get into some of the aspects that we do know what they do, is that in the highest level, Bruce Lipton wrote that beautiful book about how beliefs are affecting the field of a patient and the field of the patient then affects the biochemistry. I developed myself a model, it’s called ‘The 5 Levels of Healing’, the lowest level is the physical body. That’s where the biochemistry works, and the structure, and then the second level up is the energy body. This is what we talk about now. But above the energy body is the mental body, that’s all your beliefs and all that, and above that is what’s in the tantric traditions called the fourth body, to rear. That’s where the ancestry and the spirit procession, and the curses and all the dark stuff, and all the metaphysical stuff has its home. And above that is the world of the spirit, the God connection.

In all the spiritual connection, there is that idea of the downward causation. When you have a car accident, you hurt your neck, that you could look at just as that. But you can also go one level up, and energetically what was going on in your family at the time, in your country, in your religious group, and often you find, oh my God, above that are higher levels. And often the impulse or the energy that enters your system, that actually expresses itself on the lower level as a physical illness, comes from a much higher level. From the third or fourth level in the system.

And that’s called ‘downward causation’. There’s an invisible event on another plane that trickles down, for example, is your … let’s say, your mom is adopted and she lost … doesn’t know who her biological mother and father is. By necessity when she was born and given away, that’s a huge issue of abandonment that is almost impossible to cure because it happens right after birth, she was in her mom until she was born and then a few days afterwards, given away. There would be no way of finding out who she was, and there is this huge trauma of that disconnection abandonment. And that’s a fourth level issue, and then your mother carries that in her and it will largely affect her heart and the small intestines, that’s sort of where the issue of abandonment is. And before she, because she feels abandoned, now she has you as a child, but your mom may be very needy and have lots of fears of abandonment and she raises you with those fears and makes you her confidant, her go-to place, and you actually turn into your mother … You become your mother’s mother, rather than your mother’s daughter. And that has a huge effect, it is a disturbance of the order, the proper order.

And that expresses itself … this is like, would be the third level. And then on the second level, the disturbance of order in your belief systems, and your way of behaving, that creates a disturbance in your inner systems. And for example, in the meridian system you’ll feel the energy flowing, let’s say from the lung meridian to the colon meridian which it should do at five in the morning, that lung energy should move to the colon meridian. It may skip the colon meridian, and that, on the physical level, has a symptom. It’s called constipation.

And so, this would be an example of downward causation. Something happened a generation, two, three ago, that’s a fourth level issue and it trickles down and expresses itself on the physical level. And then you can take your laxatives for the rest of your life. It may work, or not, but if you actually track it back to where it came form, and solve that in a loving way, your constipation will be gone forever without ever having to take anything. This is sort of, I’m teaching that work, we call it applied psychoneurobiology, and it’s a highest level of work. Really where your not just working on the level of the energy body, level of physics, but to go up to the level of metaphysics and the higher levels. And that’s really where the real work is, and should be.

And the real reason in America, we’re so focused now on trying to heal everything with vitamins and nutrients, which is by the way becoming less and less effective, is because the pharmaceuticals is because when you actually treat something that’s caused as a cause on the fourth level, but you don’t address those issues and you address it on the issue of the symptom on the first level, you have to give your folic acid or your met- whatever, your methyl folate, for the rest of the patient’s life. You have to give the magnesium for the rest of the life of the patient, or your blood pressure pill for the rest of your life, and that’s where you make the money. When you actually learn the technique to go up to the level of causation, third or fourth level and solve it there, one session and you’re done. And you never make anymore money off that patient or their condition.

And because in America they’re very materialistic, we’ve sort of seduced into working on the level where we make money, and I understand that. I’m not using it as a judgment, I’m corrupted myself in that way. But I see that very clearly that the methods, the healing methods, that actually lead to the origin, to the causation and complete resolution of the cause of an illness, are hardly taught anywhere. There’s nobody putting on seminars because there’s nobody sponsoring it, because who would sponsor that? When you say okay, you take the seminar, you learn the technique, you never need to learn the use of supplement again, who will sponsor that?

So we sort of have drifted away from the truth of where we really need to work, but we have in America the suffering from a distorted vision or impression of where healing needs to be. There’s too much weighted towards the biochemical level, the second level of the energy medicine is already scarce in teaching because you buy one Rife machine and make it work, and with that one machine, you can cure or treat tens of thousands of people. You never have to buy a second machine, and who do you think the lobby would be to market such a treatment? And you go up to the level of psychology, there is no machine that you sell anymore, and if you’re good at it, you do one of two sessions. You resolve the problem, there is no more lobby, no more advertising, no marketing, no nothing because you can’t even afford it. And so we have a distorted vision of that.

Robyn:  So I want to loop back, because there are going to be people that hear this and they want to pick up this thread about Lyme’s. And I’m going to, really quickly, I’m want to mention the 5 Levels of Healing. I’m completely fascinated by everything you said, because you said the first level is biochemistry and that’s where our doctors, and even most of our holistic practitioners, stay. Then we go up into the energy body, which is your second level, and more practitioners are starting to work there. And that’s where we, to bring in your several mentions of Royal Rife’s technologies, my friends listening, pulsed EMF is basically concentrated frequency, or a targeted frequency, that’s healing to a specific organ of a specific human being. And Royal Rife was humiliated, persecuted, his lab was burned down, and what Dr. Klinghardt is telling us is that there are at least now 120 instruments out there that have jumped off from Royal Rife’s discoveries that claim to use pulsed EMF.

We also have laser technologies, which are kind of in that same category, but we talk about electromagnetic frequencies like they’re a bad thing, and chaotic electromagnetic frequencies certainly do fracture our vibration. But we have the biochemistry level at the bottom, stepping up second level, the energy bodies, the next level is the mental body and that’s where your psychologist might work with you on your attitudes and the way that you think. The fourth body is intuitive, and your referring to your generational history and things that get passed on through your DNA or the energies of mother to daughter, et cetera, was the example you gave. And you gave a really fascinating example of how fourth body affects all the way down to your first body, your biochemistry. And then at the fifth level, the world of the spirit, which Dr. Klinghardt is saying is your connection to God, or connection to the universe or greater powers than self.

Is that an accurate description, or do you have some more information for those seekers who want to learn more about that? Because if I’ve ever heard a good argument for plugging into your own health, and paying attention to it and not just putting it in the hands of a practitioner, it was all that you just said which is there is no practitioner that you can train to do all those things. First of all, it makes the patient no longer a patient if they can figure this out all the way up to your fifth level, right?

Dr. Klinghardt:  Yeah, so I have my worldwide teaching institutions called, Klinghardt with an H-A-R-D-T dot com. And we have a DVD on the 5 Levels of Healing, and detailed through the five levels and how to understand them, and how that leads to very practical application when you see a patient with chronic illness, how to identify which level really needs to be worked on. And it’s a wonderful introduction to this healing system. And the 5 Levels of Healing were very well-known, it comes originally from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. He was the first one a couple thousand years ago who laid down these five levels, and in modern time it was Rudolf Steiner.

It was really the theosophical society, in other words, the grooming ground for people like Krishnamurti, who was one of the gurus of the last century. But in Europe, it was Rudolf Steiner who developed his own understanding of the 5 Levels of Healing. So I’m not alone with that, it’s at least 5,000 years of people having recognized that. You can get lost in some of the people that have 12 levels of healing and 20 levels of healing, and so that’s business. There’s really just the 5 levels, and each one of them is a very clear diagnostic approach, very clear treatment approaches have belonged to these levels. And very clear, so very good footing in that Sophia Health Institute, we’re incorporating as much of that as we can, as is possible. As patients let us, really.

Robyn:  So the Sophia Health Institute is where Dr. Klinghardt and his colleagues practice medicine, it’s outside of Seattle, Washington. We’ll put that link in the show notes. I want to ask you a final question, what we talk about on this podcast is we talk about how Einstein said, “Everything in life is vibration.” And how Tesla said, “If you want the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” And you’ve touched on some ways that your work totally leverages the body’s energetics, and even up into far more quantum levels of thinking about human wellness. And what I wonder is, as I’m trying to help my audience understand this new way of valuating every little thing that we think, and do, and eat every day, I want them to have strong, clear high vibrations. And they want that, and they’re starting to, as they plug into our content and I have my book coming out this fall by Simon & Schuster, on how to live a high vibration life. Can you tell us three actionable things that someone listening to this can do to have that strong, clear vibration?

Dr. Klinghardt:  So first of all, I recommend everybody to read the book by my friend. It’s an absolute must-read, it’s called The Fourth Phase of Water by Gerald Pollack. He’s a local professor here and a very good friend, and he really took us all on a much, much deeper level with understanding … frequencies, of course it’s a liquid state, but where do frequencies resonate in us? And really, is water in our tissues. Really when you break it down, the human being is more than 90% water and, however, the water inside the cells is not regular water. It’s highly organized water that’s called the exclusion zone water, or EZ water, and this is the receiver for anything vibrational in us. And the more of this organized water you have in you, the more you are in reception of the higher healing frequencies and the less you are in reception of the destructive, darker energies that are always available to us. To really understand it, I do recommend people read that book.

But the conclusions from that are very simple, and I’ll just give you the answer now because I know we are out of time, is everybody should have 20 minutes infrared sauna or infrared bed everyday. That’s number one. It increases this exclusion zone water and elevates your vibration very, very quickly and consistently. Number two, to avoid the incoming darker, destructive energies. They’re largely carried into our bodies through … the worst offender right now is the cell phone radiation, and so we’re very, very strong people should not have wi-fi in the home. We should go back to a wired connection, broadband, ethernet, whatever is available, and wrap aluminum foil around the wi-fi router. That is a huge step in the right direction. If people can do the second one, is switching off all fuses for the house at night. We do have a whole list of other things to do, but for the purpose of this, that’s clearly the number two point.

And the number three point would be that you carefully look through your contacts, your relationships, and see which one of these relationships are tainting your energy. Which ones aren’t giving you energy; where do you feel more than yourself when you’re with that person, and where do you feel less than yourself. And to minimize, it’s often not possible to completely exclude people, but to minimize the contact with the people, and situations, and locations that are draining and enhance the contacts. Clearly, consciously seek out contact with people that make you feel more energized. Those contacts actually reflect in that you are loading up on the higher frequencies, and your storing in the exclusions of water and it increases your health. That’s all I have to say.

Robyn:  Well, that makes so much sense to me. That really, really resonates and let me boil that down to the bullet points, and then you’re going to absolutely want to go to the show notes for this. He says when I say, “What actionable things are the most important thing for people to do to raise their vibration and live in the higher frequencies?” is, “To read The Fourth Phase of Water.” We will put that in the show notes, you can find the show notes at I will ask Dr. Klinghardt to connect me to the author of The Fourth Phase of Water, since he thinks so very highly of this and how to leverage receiving higher frequencies in that space where our water is in the cells, and a very specific kind.

That sounds really, really exciting, and then we’ve got the advice to avoid dark energies and to get back to broadband. Put aluminum foil around your router, and to stay away from those electromagnetic frequencies. If your cellphone is in your energy field, why? Why is it there? Unless you’re on your phone, then we shouldn’t have it anywhere near us, right? There’s no need to, that’s a discipline that we have to cultivate. Infrared sonar, I will put in the show notes where we get you wholesale price on my infrared sauna. That’s what I’m doing next, it’s evening here in the wintertime as we’re recording this, and every night in the fall and winter I get in my infrared sauna and it makes me feel amazing. It detoxifies me, and I’m really interested to hear that such a world-famous energy medicine doctor puts this in his top four for actionable things you can do.

So it’s just a great investment in your health, and then love this too, Dr. Klinghardt, is curate your relationships. Make sure that you are spending your time with people who are uplifting, and who live in the high vibration because we don’t remember that old Wayne Dyer saying, “We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are.” And so, choose people who lift you up. Dr. Klinghardt, you are an absolute genius and you’re a delight to interview. You’re a wealth of knowledge, I feel like I could interview you for four hours but you’ve had a full day of seeing patients today. So we’re honored to have you, and thank you so very much.


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  1. Excellent information. I’ve developed a method to help facilitate quantum healing at the spiritual level with the right nutrition (amongst other methods) with knowledge based on 40 years of passionate study and 30 years of clinical practice also utilizing the world’s most advanced computerized decision-support technology – the Zyto ELITE.

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