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Ep. 131: The Essential Oils Diet with Dr. Z and Mama Z

Robyn Openshaw - May 08, 2019 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Podcast interview Zielinski | GreenSmoothieGirl

I’m happy to have back on the show my friend Dr. Eric Zielinski, aka “Dr. Z” and today we also have his wife, Sabrina, or “Mama Z” on with us, too. They have just released a new book called The Essential Oils Diet and it’s full of delicious recipes and remedies for using essential oils in your food–for flavor but also for therapeutic reasons. There is real power in knowing how and why to use essential oils in your diet and lifestyle.


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Robyn:                 Hey, it’s Robyn Openshaw and Welcome back to the Vibe show. We haven’t heard from Dr. Z in a long time. He is a very dear friend of mine, Dr. Eric Zielinski, is a doctor of Chiropractic. And a couple of years ago he published a best seller called “The Healing Power of Essential Oils”. And he’s been doing a lot more with his wife lately, Sabrina Zielinski, is really amazing in her own right. She’s a group fitness instructor, a martial arts instructor, and health coach. She’s loves helping breastfeeding women, she’s a lactation consultant. And loves all things natural health. So she’s known as Mama Z to her fans online.

And they founded Natural Living And their goal is to teach people how to safely and effectively use natural remedies such as essential oils. So they’re coming out with a brand new book and we’re going to talk to them about that today. So, welcome to the vibe show Doctor Z and Mama Z.

Mama Z:              Hi. So glad to be here.

Dr. Z:                    We love the GSG. You know, it’s funny Robyn, we just read “The BFG”, The Big Friendly Giant. And every time I thought about the BFG, I’m thinking of the Green Smoothie Girl, the GSG. So next to your awesome junk food green smoothie dude book. That’s my kids’ favorite

Robyn:                 By the junk food green smoothie dude, he means if you don’t know, he’s sort of hybridized two characters in my book “The Adventures of Junk Food Dude”, which the Zielinski kids apparently love. And so there’s Green Smoothie Guy in there and there’s Junk Food Dude. So we could call him JFD,

Mama Z:              Absolutely. Well and Isaiah our second born, he like tells people about the book and he obviously is the guy that coached junk food dude initially and got him over to the good side of eating. So he claims that that’s him.

Robyn:                 That’s awesome. You can absolutely tell him that he was the inspiration for that book because I will tell you this, it was not either one of my sons.

Dr. Z:                    Well you know, I don’t know about child labor laws in Utah where your business is. But if you want a spokesperson, I think he’ll work for your awesome new bars that you created.

Robyn:                 Yeah, those bars are going crazy. I think we totally sold out of this little free three pack. We had like all three of the different varieties plus $5 shipping and we totally sold out of them. I think we had 1500 people take us up on that. We weren’t expecting that.

Mama Z:              That’s awesome.

Robyn:                 I’m glad you like them. We’ve been really proud of them. It took us 18 months to get the organic certificate for that. Can you believe that?

Dr. Z:                    Yay. Good for you. Good for you.

Robyn:                 Yeah, thanks. We’ve got to bring the junk food dudes over to the light side.

Mama Z:              Yeah, absolutely. Well, and I’ll tell you Robyn, I just got back from a field trip with two of my boys today. And I kept the wrapper cause I couldn’t even believe it. It was the Smucker’s Uncrustable peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich and the wrapper blew over to me so I read it. And I couldn’t believe what was even on the nutritional label. It is like not even food. It’s so important what you do and reaching children as well because you know, we really have to make some big changes if this is the mainstream of what’s out there, which is so scary.

Robyn:                 Yeah. It’s not surprising to me that we have such epidemics of illnesses. What’s surprising to me is that were any of us alive when we eat all this frankenfood. Which brings us to your new book and I know Sabrina, you just have a few minutes with us before you have to run and get the kids from school, so you’ll stay with us until you have to run. We totally understand that. You have this new book coming out called “The Essential Oils Diet”. And so of course everyone’s going to ask does this mean we eat only essential oils? And I’m sure that is not at all your intent. So, you’re saying in the book that people are asking the wrong questions when it comes to weight loss. What do you wish they were asking?

Mama Z:              Well, I wish that people were asking what the actual ingredients were instead of just looking at nutritional labels. Because you know, when you look at the nutritional labels, not only do some of them lie with all of this enriched food and all of this other stuff, but people aren’t focused on the essential nutrients that are actually in the food.

Robyn:                 Yeah. It’s like somewhere they derailed us into thinking that we should value food based on how many calories it has or how many grams of proteins, fats and carbs. What’s wrong with that picture?

Dr. Z:                    You know, Robyn, the thing is, is that the whole focus is on right now, carbs, fats, proteins, the numbers, the “essential nutrients”. And the problem is unless we start looking at the nonessential nutrients, and one thing when you do the research, you start to see that they’re clumped together, these non-nutritive substances are also known as bioactive compounds. They are the compounds that make us healthy. So yeah, carbs and fats and proteins will keep you alive, but, and this is profound and I have a really good quote, I want to quote in a minute that research has said flat out, you will not be healthy, you will not have a robust health if you don’t have a diet rich in polyphenols, essential oil based type of bioactive compounds.

So yeah, we’re not saying you live on essential oils, but what about eating food in its natural plant based whole form, like whole basil, whole lemon, instead of dehydrated or instead of just getting the food without the essential oil based in it. So there’s a lot of different things that we want to teach people, but it’s basically food freedom. I mean you can eat your healthy cake and have it too, so to speak. And we walk you through how to do that in a way where you don’t feel guilty all the time.

Robyn:                 Okay. So we have a lot of food fads and you and I chat about this all the time, Eric. And there’s a lot of books with diet in the title. And you know I wrote “The Green Smoothies Diet” and I wrote “The Green Smoothies Diet” because that’s what my publisher insisted on calling it. That’s not the name of the book that I wanted to write. But guess what? It ended up being hands down the far and away bestseller of all my books. Everybody’s looking for a diet. What is new that is offered by “The Essential Oils Diet”? Do a lot of the recipes use little amounts of essential oils to flavor and to add value to their food as they cook? Tell us more.

Mama Z:              Well one of the things about the recipes is we’ve gotten fresh herbs for years and had that a part of our food and of course that’s going to add lots of flavor, but also utilizing the essential oil as well, which enhances the food and the flavor, but also it adds that bioactive compound. And then of course there are certain foods that work amazing together as well.

Dr. Z:                    You know, Robyn, we have a similar story and I try not to share that too much because we really do love our publisher, but they’re like, Look we have to have the word diet in it or it’s not going to sell. And when you think of it, it’s all based off of Amazon. And we all know Amazon controls the world at this point. People are not going to find a book related to food unless the word diet is in the title essentially, Right? And so that’s really the bottom line is the titles of books now are based off of Amazon searches.

But you know what? I had my own coming to Jesus proverbial moment where I was like I could deal with this, because diet by definition is just essentially the sum collection of foods that you eat. So yeah, my diet is the Dr. Z diet and your diet is the GSG diet and Mama Z’s is the Mama Z diet. So you know, it is a lifestyle approach very much, which food is only one component of it. The difference is we’re throwing away this fad that you need to eat meat. We’re throwing way this fad that you need to eat low carb, high fat. Like we debunk the Keto myth, we debunk the Paleo myth. And we dive deep into the research and like look again it’s food freedom. You can eat good grains, you can have all the apples and carrots and celery and fruits and vegetables that you want within reason within balance.

And that’s what we’re trying to do. We try and get people back to balance and the core though, the core is this detoxified lifestyle, which you know, we, you, us, all of us, we all get. And we’re trying to help people overcome this toxic burden that has just taken over their metabolisms cause they’re just rampant. Their weight is rampant, their autoimmunity is running rampant, their thoughts are running rampant and we’re trying to help control and just soothe all that for just a moment.

Mama Z:              And one of the things about that too is people are bound to the scale and we want them to stop watching the weight on the scale and really focus on other things because once they stop being bound by those numbers, then they start losing that weight while they’re eating though appropriate things and doing the things that they should be doing with their body instead of going on the scale every morning and evening. So many people are bound in that way.

Robyn:                 Yeah. And it’s really discouraging. I haven’t been on the scale in a couple of years and before that it was kind of like slowly weaning myself off of it because I would get depressed if it wasn’t the right number. And sometimes, my weight would jump up two or three pounds for absolutely no reason. The scale is not where the story is told. But we know that people who are going to buy a book with Diet in the title have probably bought 10 other books with Diet in the title or 20 or 50 in the course of their lives. And they’re interested in not only losing weight, but finally just getting off of that roller coaster. What do essential oils have to offer when it comes to cravings, addictions, and bad habits?

Dr. Z:                    Well, one thing you know, Robyn, when you look at what is the root cause of addiction and bad habits and cravings, a lot of it is emotional and it’s deep rooted. And so what we try to do is help people. Essentially essential oils can be used as a crutch, they could be used to naturally boost your Serotonin, your endorphins and your dopamine where people are running to sugar for. And same people are running to nicotine and other people are running to cocaine. And so there’s this addiction cascade that occurs in the brain and it’s a literal physical, it’s not a metaphysical, it’s a physical interaction that occurs when someone consumes, whether again, it’s cocaine, whether it’s nicotine, caffeine or sugar, it’s this addiction response.

And so essential oils can actually help with the withdrawals of that. So black pepper essential oil, for example, can help reduce the withdrawals. Peppermint essential oils can give someone a satiate. And cinnamon also can help someone feel more full, so you’re not really hungry all the time. Citrus oils can help boost your mood. Because how many people consume food because they’re bummed out, they’re sad, they’re depressed. And well, what about having like a natural antidepressant? The goal isn’t to have people quote “be on essential oils” because they have to. We love using essential oils to enhance our life, but we have found them to be a really good non-medical adjunct to someone’s holistic lifestyle to get them through those really tough times.

Mama Z:              And one of the things that we’ve heard over and over again, and I started looking at, out of any other detox when you’re detoxing off, you know, sugar and other bad foods is that those things that most people detox off, they don’t need in their life, but we need to eat to live. And so as people are transitioning to a different lifestyle and they’re making those changes, using the essential oils is great, especially at the beginning.

And what we found is people were opening up and saying, you know, with the essential oils diet, I couldn’t believe I was going to certain things when certain emotions or certain relationships or certain things weren’t going well in my life and I realized I was stuffing it down with food instead of dealing with the actual issue. So it bridged that gap just like he said in order to be able to truly start dealing with the emotion and the things that we’re involved in it.

Dr. Z:                    And this is fun for people who are plateauing or who find a little struggle area, whether it’s a little cellulite or that little extra roll on your tummy or whatever it might be. Citrus oils, specifically lime and grapefruit have been proven just inhaling them, which still blows my mind, just inhaling citrus oils can produce lipolysis. It triggers the brain to burn fat. And so what we’ve done is we’ve developed these formulations we have. And actually, I would love to give you it right now, our fat burning roll on recipe that Sabrina uses when she trains for her pageant.

Which by the way, I know she has to leave in like two seconds here, but Mama Z, Hottie Mama Z won the swimsuit contest at the Mrs. of Georgia America Pageant last year at 40 years old competing with girls half her age. And yeah, a mother of four. She won the swim suit. She’s hot. She’s my wife. Yeah, I can say that. So part of it was because she was wrapping her body in this fat burning essential oil wrap and using essential oils. And of course her diet. Again, the collection of foods that she was eating, her diet was spot on. She was exercising like a maniac and all the fun things.

But you know what? Essential oils can help people get over that hump. And I kid you not Robyn, I kid you not. We’ve had dozens and dozens of people that we walk through a special 60 day challenge, actually 90, I think is exactly the number. And we’ve had people like just lose two, three pounds just by focusing on applying a nice essential oil roll on over their tummy and just smelling essential oils throughout the day. It will help.

Mama Z:              And also for people have to lose a lot of weight, the biggest scare for them is what am I going to do with all the skin. And so one of the biggest things is I try to teach them and train them exactly how to keep that skin involved in the process. So as you’re losing weight, your skin is more engaged and you’re using tools and the fat burning roll on to be able to take the fascia and get it involved with the skin and get it re-energized, especially if it’s been a while that you’ve been quite overweight.

Dr. Z:                    How about before you leave, how about you give them the recipe for the roll on, from the book?

Mama Z:              Absolutely. All right. So you take a 10 milliliter glass roll on bottle and you use four drops of Lime essential oil, three drops of Peppermint essential oil, three drops Grapefruit, two drops Cypress, one drop Eucalyptus, one drop Cinnamon Bark. And then you fill the rest of the way up with fractionated coconut oil, JoJoba oil or sweet almond oil. My favorite is the JoJoba oil. And what I do is I actually will use those oils in the roll on over the spots that are the more troubling areas. And for most people it’s going to be the arms, the flanks, the tummy, the thighs, the buns.

And then I actually use a fat massager, it’s like a little thing with knobs on it and I get really in there and I massage that after I get out of the shower or a Fascia blaster works as well. But while I’m in the shower, I also use those exfoliating gloves that you can use for dry brushing and other things. And I use those to really stimulate the area and use that same fat massager in the shower. And I use those same oils to make a blend that I actually will add to one of my recipes for a shower gel that doesn’t have any scent that will be the actual ones that I use.

Now, alternatively, the wraps that he mentioned, we’ll use an organic muslin, same exact blend right there. And then, we’ll put the oils on, put the organic muslin around and then wrap it in Saran wrap because of course we don’t want that to be touching our skin. And it’s important to wrap each body part separately. Because the very first time I had Dr. Z wrap me, we wrapped my arms and then my waist and then my other arm and then the legs and in the middle of the night, I had to go to the bathroom, and I had to cut myself out. So it’s good to wrap each of those areas.

Dr. Z:                    Yeah. Don’t wrap yourself up like a mummy.

Yeah, wrap separately. And then when you wake up in the morning, I mean you can do this for just a couple hours, but if you do it overnight that’s really where you’ll get a lot more benefit. And you are sweating a ton when you wake up, you literally have to like wipe yourself off. It is amazing.

Robyn:                 Interesting. I know you guys just got a Health Mate Sauna and I’ve been talking about Health Mate Sauna for like 12 years now. Are you loving using your essential oils in there? Since I’ve had one for 10 or 12 years now. And you just got yours. What are your essential oils that you use in the sauna?

Mama Z:              Absolutely. Well my favorite when I’m in the sauna is a combination between the citrus oils, the lemon, grapefruit, lime, lemon and peppermint. Those are my favorite ones in the actual sauna.

Robyn:                 I Love Eucalyptus. You were talking about how amazing the cedar wood smells in your house when you heat the sauna and I don’t know something about the smell of the cedar wood and the Eucalyptus. I love it.

Mama Z:              Ooh, I’m going to have to add that to the package over there. Sounds good to me. Well, I have to go run and get the kids. So Z is going to answer all the rest of your questions.

Robyn:                 Okay, good to see you.

Mama Z:              You too. Bye.

Robyn:                 Okay, Eric, tell us how we use essential oils to stop food addictions or to help with food addictions. And you know what, hold on, I’ll bring you back to that one, but I want to back up because you were talking about a study that if you breathe citrus oils, it’s been actually documented to help people lose a few pounds. And of course we don’t want to suggest that if you have 50 pounds of weight to lose that just breathing in citrus oils is going to be your only approach. But Gosh, if you had 50 pounds to lose and you could lose three pounds of it through inhaling aromatic compounds, what’s the mechanism there? How does that even work?

Dr. Z:                    It all boils down to the power of smell. So the key to essential oils is the ability of smell to affect your limbic system, your mood, your emotions, your primal brain. And so there’s a lot of different things when it comes to the neurotransmitters that are being emitted when we smell something. That fight or flight response when you smell smoke, that relaxing sensual response when you smell something like Ylang Ylang. I mean, you know, there’s a reason why a lot of folks have libido boosting blends that have the same essential oils in it. It triggers certain hormones and neurotransmitters to be released by the body.

And so when you smell and inhale Lime or Grapefruit, and I would conjecture Orange and Lemon, any oil that has a high concentration of d’limonene, which is the primary component of citrus oils, it triggers lipolysis, essentially tells the brain start burning fat. And there’s a few reasons in my own opinion why, is because of the primarily the mood boosting, the satiety aspect of it. Like most people when they’re happy, they’re not really craving a lot of food. Like, I don’t know about you but, there is definitely a correlation between depression and over eating.

That’s why a lot of drug addicts are very thin because they’re not, you know, beside obviously marijuana has a tendency to give people munchies. But when you’re looking at cocaine addicts, when you’re looking at significant drug addiction, the ecstasies, the euphoric drugs, these people aren’t eating, they don’t want to eat cause eating can cause you to kind of get low and feel down a little bit. Eating slows you down and people that want that high, you’re not eating, you’re happy, give me nothing but water and my drug, Right? So, crude analogy to kind of explain why citrus oils can help that, in my opinion. Yet we do know the mechanism is lipolysis.

And there are other things too I do think can help when it comes to curbing the hunger and joy, happiness, peace. And there’s also an emotional component. When you look at that, you know, people that do well for themselves are typically the people that are happiest with their lives. There’s this element of self-destruction that I know about quite frankly, I didn’t start doing drugs, you know, I’ve done cocaine, I smoked a lot of marijuana, I’ve done ecstasy, I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. That was triggered by depression.

And there’s an element where I don’t know anyone, and I’m going to make a judgment call here, I don’t know anyone in the world that is a chain smoker that loves their lives. It’s typically that there’s a deep seated rooted self-destructive, I’m depressed, I don’t care what happens to me sort of thing. When you knowingly do something that you know can cause cancer and hurt yourself, there’s an element of self-hatred. And this is deep, and this is where people that go through emotional recall healing, they’ll find like, wow, like maybe you’re right. And so people like you, Robyn, you love yourself, you have a lot of self-love, so you take care of yourself. Self-destructive behaviors are typically, you know, another aspect of it. So that’s why we really encourage people to do things that make you happy, make you feel good because you’ll want to continue that. It really becomes addictive in a good way.

Robyn:                 Yeah. I often say that we only abuse things we don’t value. And so we really don’t abuse our bodies anymore when we spend the time to become very mindful of how much we value our body, and that it’s the only one we have. And when we sort through all our subconscious stuff are self-sabotaging stuff and decide to love ourselves, can’t really love somebody else till we love ourselves. And we’ve all heard that a thousand times.

But you and I both have a similar background, I don’t think we’ve ever discussed it, but I know that we both come from people with serious addictions. My grandparents, on one side of my family, my Grandma and Grandpa were both chain smoking alcoholics and they were each other’s second and fifth spouse and they gave it all up together on the same day and neither one of them ever drank alcohol or smoked a cigarette again. And I have deep respect for that. That had to not be easy.

I mean, I understand where the addiction came from. Deep sorrow and trauma. My Grandpa became alcoholic after my Grandmother killed herself at the age of 33. So his wife, the mother of his three children, leaves the earth through violent means. I can totally understand how these addictions happen. I’ve nothing but compassion. And it’s in me. It’s in me that tendency and it was in you. And I love that you’re honest and talk about how in your early adulthood you experimented with just about every substance there was. And I know that you’re much, much happier now. You have a much more fulfilling life, a successful career, a loving marriage and four adorable, super happy kids. And I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you little brother.

Dr. Z:                    Oh! We love you. Man, I got chills down my spine. I want to share a little part of the book that you know, isn’t typically the part that we share because it’s not necessarily the sexy part, but you know, you’re worth it. By virtue of being alive. By virtue of being a child of God, you, whoever’s listening, you are worth it. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard from the tribe that follows us, and we’re, like you, Robyn, we’re blessed. We have nearly 6 million people who visit our website every year, hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook. And the cool thing about all that is we’ve been able to gather a lot of data. We know what people think. We know what people are saying. And one common theme that I’m getting is, I’m not worth it. People will pay 20 bucks for Organic Dog Food and yet go to McDonald’s.

You’re worth it. And you’re worth it to the point where you owe it to yourself. You owe it to God and you owe it to the world. Because I believe, until we fulfill our call in Christ, until we fulfill the God given ministry that we have, the world will never be what it should be. There’ll be suffering, there’ll be pain, there’ll be sorrow. But when we are doing what we’re called to do, we will be really the hands and feet of Christ in a very real way. And I didn’t have that purpose. I didn’t have that vision and so I just squandered through life. But once I realized that, you know, my body is a temple, take care of it.

And so for you listening, I just invite you to spend some time and if you find yourself doing self-destructive things, and we all do at times, I think, but first of all, don’t be guilty. Don’t hurt yourself. Don’t hurt your pride or your ego, like don’t get down on yourself, but realize, you know, why am I doing this? Ask yourself, and dare I say pray and ask God and say, look what’s going on here? What’s at the root cause? And you might go down a journey that maybe you need support.

Maybe you can go to a local counselor, talk to a trusted friend and kind of flush this out. Because once you recognize it, you know what, I am worth it and I’m going to do what it takes. All this stuff becomes easy. There are no cheat days in our diet plan because it’s not a diet plan, it’s a lifestyle approach. And we’re going to help set you up. And all the stuff that you do, Robyn, your detox masterclasses and all the cool things. We’re setting people up for success that’s easy to maintain for a lifestyle of health, wellness, self-love and appreciation for really the gift that we are to the world.

Robyn:                 Yeah. You and Mama Z have the heart of servants and not everybody does. Not everybody does who’s out there to be an influencer. We both kind of came by this accidentally and discovered that we love to serve and teach. And this is a little bit sideways, but I know you texted me today and said that you just launched Sabrina’s gardening class, which is very exciting. I wish I had done that when I first put Green Smoothie Girl up.

I was doing videos, I’d show my three composting boxes, there still out there on YouTube. And I’d show me, there’s pictures in my books of me gardening with my daughter who’s 21 now and a college student. I have pictures of her and me gardening when she was, I want to say nine. And so gardening was a very big passion of mine. I had 10, 10 foot by 10 foot square foot gardens. I loved it. I was never happier than when my hands were in the dirt and the sun was shining on my skin and I was teaching my child about the law of harvest. So tell us a little about Sabrina’s course and what people will learn.

Dr. Z:                    Yeah. And you know, that’s actually part of our Essential Oils Diet book, doing things. What a great way of moving and maintaining your daily allotment of exercise where people are like I only got time to exercise for an hour cause I’m sitting on my butt all day in front of a computer. Hey y’all, we get that. And in doing what we do for living behind the computer, it’s tough. That’s why I have a standing workstation with a treadmill. I mean on a side note, don’t waste your money on a standing work station unless you’re going to move. You need to move. Sitting and standing are just as bad as smoking. You got to continue motion.

So Sabrina teaches a garden class every year and in fact she’s teaching one next month and it’s just something that she does to our local natural living family. And she has this big honey do list cause she teaches several classes, gluten free, Italian cooking, salads not like your typical like Bibb lettuce, like legit fun salads and holiday cooking. She has all these things. She goes, Hey, I want to put this out there on video. So we started one at a time. And you could check it out. We actually have a free viewing at and you could check out Mama Z’s mini masterclass and just check it out.

And so what she does to our local natural living family is walks them through our garden. And the thing about Sabrina, I mean, you know, she’s quite frankly one of the most talented people I’ve ever met, but she’s also one of the most cultured. And I give her mom and dad a lot credit, cause her father was, is a retired PhD Chemist master gardener. And her mom was a culinary herbalist professionally for like 40 years. So she was raised in the garden. And so we have this huge, 60 by 40 raised bed, we have an aroma garden, herb garden, deck garden, all these different gardens that she just maintains. And is part of our way of life. And the kids, you know, they weed and they water. And like you said, we teach from, like the gospel of John. Like the whole concept not only just of reaping and sowing, but you know, this whole concept of Jesus is the vine, we’re the branches kind of thing. And there’s a lot of life lessons that we learn in the Bible. But gardening, that’s special.

And so I didn’t have that green thumb. I wasn’t raised with that. And so it’s very beautiful. Now we’ve expanded out to tower gardens and we have plants everywhere. We’ve actually rooted our own pineapple from a pineapple at the store and it created triplets in just about three years. So we now have four pineapple plants in pots that we keep outside in the warm weather and inside we have a little sun room.

But you know, it’s funny Robyn even before we had a sun room, when we had a smaller home, our dining room was lined with plants all around it. So we could barely even sit down for food. But it was that important for us to have the plants in the house. Cause we didn’t want them to die, our hibiscus, our lemon, our lime trees. All the fun things that people don’t think they can grow. You can grow.

Robyn:                 I don’t know if there’s anything that you could have your children around, besides maybe animals that have more life lessons as you’re talking, I’m just thinking, sort of like having all these flashbacks to not only raising my children with a dozen fruit trees and a huge garden, but also my own childhood where every morning we had a lot of chores and one of them, the most dreaded one to be honest, was that we had to go pick 100 weeds.

And you know, it’s like just work ethic. So foundational going outside and doing something that you don’t want to and having that sense of completion that all the chores that are involved in bringing food to your table. I mean, there’s so many American kids who they eat chicken nuggets and if you asked them if it was an animal food or a plant food, they wouldn’t even know, like what even is it.

But when your children work in a garden, even if it’s in a community garden, or your next door neighbor’s garden. I mean, Gosh, when we were in college, my then husband and I, we rototilled, a neighbor’s garden who let us do it. And we had food when we lived in a tiny little student apartment. And we were, you know, living on love, there was no money to be had. And we were a fail at the potatoes, but we were a success at everything else. And so I’m just realizing how much I miss that and how glad I am that you’re teaching these things to your children where they have an appreciation for where their food comes from and they participated in it.

And I think that even if a radish wouldn’t normally tastes good to you, if you grew that radish, and I used to love teaching my kids to grow radishes because there was less delay of gratification, you know, they could plant it and like four weeks later they could be eating it. And we would do “compliments of”. My mother did this as I was growing up and when we were at the dinner table, we would say, well, the radishes are complements of Libby who planted them a month ago or whatever. And that child would just beam and would just feel this sense of accomplishment because she helped feed the family. So many great things about a garden, right?

Dr. Z:                    Oh yeah. I wish Sabrina we’re here. You have no idea what you just said in relation to her story because you know that. It’s so funny, we just started a podcast, and episode six, here’s the title: “Pick a thousand weeds and you can play with your friends. The importance of discipline and hard work”. But Sabrina had to do a thousand and her dad would literally count them and then if he determined it was less, then he would make them pick a thousand more. So every Saturday they just knew half the day was in the garden. But that’s so funny. Who would have thought you said a hundred? Her Dad was a thousand. But I love that.

Robyn:                 Well, there was eight of us, and I may be miss remembering the numbers. But you know, just last year I made my son pull all the weeds in the front and the back yard to earn getting to drive my car for prom. And he was a little Tom Sawyer, all of a sudden there were eight kids in my yard. And I was thinking, these kids cannot all fit in my car. I don’t know how he talked them all into this, because only four kids can fit in my car. So somehow he’s conned people into pulling weeds who don’t even get to benefit by driving my car to prom. So kind of funny.

Well, I’m excited for your new book to come out. It’s called “The Essential Oils Diet.” Anything about it that you want to say that people will benefit from before we go?

Dr. Z:                    You know, I already know your followers and your tribe have heard a lot about toxic overload, the reality is y’all is that if we do our part, I really do believe our body will just kind of fall in line. And it’s a lifestyle. Whether it’s what you’re breathing, you know, getting an Air Doctor, whether it’s proper detox, get a Healthmate Sauna, or whether it’s food, follow the advice in the book and on Robyn’s website and all that stuff.

Our goal, is through the book to help people get hope that they are in more control than what they might think. You’re not a victim of the genetic lottery. The concept of a slow and fast metabolism is just nonsense. We debunk that and we talk about the things that really give people essentially control again. And so we encourage you, we want to love on you and we want you to love on yourself. And not only know that you’re worth it, but you do have a lot of tools at your disposal. And it doesn’t have to be hard. It can be fun, it can be easy. And also it’s not super expensive either.

Robyn:                 I love it. Well, I know there’s the essential fast track in the book. It’s a 30 day program to kick start weight loss. There’s 80 delicious, nutritious recipes using essential oil blends. There’s the essential exercise program because of course, Sabrina is a group fitness instructor with high intensity interval workouts. So lots going on in this book. Pick it up at your local bookstore is always our favorite or anywhere books are sold. It is “The Essential Oils Diet”. Thanks for being with us, Dr. Eric Zielinski.

Dr. Z:                    Thank you, Robyn. We love you. Appreciate you so much.


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