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Ep. 226: Dr. Paul Thomas, Pediatrician–Lost My License For Publishing How Healthy My Unva**ed Patients Are!

Robyn Openshaw - Apr 28, 2021 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Vibe with Robyn Openshaw: Dr. Paul Thomas, pediatrician, lost my license for publishing how healthy my unva**ed patients are! With Dr. Paul Thomas. Episode 226

Dr. Paul Thomas had 15,000 patients and lost $1.3M a year by NOT giving the kids 3 and 6 disease injections at every well-baby visit. Now he’s lost his license and he tells us what parents should know. This is an important listen for any soon-to-be new parent, to help them consider different alternatives than the 72 jabs during childhood of 16 diseases that may contribute to why 54% of our children are now chronically ill.


Freedom to Choose

Against the Wind with Dr. Paul Thomas

The Vaccine-Friendly Plan

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10 thoughts on “Ep. 226: Dr. Paul Thomas, Pediatrician–Lost My License For Publishing How Healthy My Unva**ed Patients Are!”

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  1. Leah says:

    Sorry but my fear is if Not vaccinated all these deadly diseases will come back,some have already! Some parents just look for something or someone to blame when their kids get ADHD,or any of the many issues for many reasons kids can inherit! I’d like a list of these 17 shots I cant imagine that many! Some shots should absolutely be given to prevent diseases from returning! Some wait til older! But to encourage parents to not get Any shots is very dangerous and playing Russian Roulette with your child and their safety! ok to have an opinion but to spread your unproven theory is despicable! My children never had 17 shots or any bad side effects other than sometimes low grade fever! Children have no voice so unless you have definite proof that the shot or shots caused the problems! Again your words really dont prove a thing there should be written proof that certain shots cause the issues your talking about! Many of the issues your insinuating the shot cause are actually genetics that are passed down.So please I’m an open minded person but please present absolute facts in writing not just words! That’s the only way to be far to parents because they are looking for reasons that their children aren’t "normal" and them unproven information! My concern is the children !

    1. Kim says:

      as you say, your ‘fear’ is…. yes, it is a fear, and the fear is in your mind, made up by your mind. There is actually much more to be afraid of if you get the statistics on v** injuries. Check out the for details on that.

    2. Carla says:

      Hi Leah- it is so hard to know what to believe. I suggest educating yourself as much as possible. You already know what conventional medicine says- and it is difficult to break away form that paradigm. Now look into why "the other side" believes what they do. Read Dr. Thomas book. He really is not anti-vax- but more about cautiously vaccinating. Look into the docuseries The Truth about Vaccines. Such an eye-opener. Data has really been manipulated. Also remember that genetic conditions can be turned off and on by environmental factors, which would also include shots. I am a former RN and I am appalled at the manipulation of the health care system.

    3. Mo says:

      I love your passion and the concern that clearly comes through! I agree that not all autism spectrum disorders are caused by vaccination, but until you know a documented vaccine injured person, it is hard to see the connection clearly. Infectious disease will always be with humanity because we are a part of Nature. Having introduced chemicals that put us out of balance has weakened us, making us less resilient to infection from viruses and bacteria. Did you know they found the Black Plague virus in the NY subway system? We are arrogant to think we can kill off anything (nor should we). The viruses that caused plagues still exist – we have becone resilient to them. Vaccines (especially poor ones like the covid injection) limit our ability to integrate those viruses and become more resilient to anything that comes our way later in life. I will not allow my children to be injected with the EUA vaccine BECAUSE I love my children and I have done my homework. Always research for yourself and learn both sides of an argument. Then make the choice that supports your beliefs. Robyn is giving access to information. Now it’s up to us to read the studies and decide what to do with the data. Wishing you all the best!

    4. Misa Domke says:

      I encourage you to read Dissolving Illusions by Doctor Suzanne Humphries. She makes a compelling case for sanitation being the reason for disease “eradication” and not vaccination. Many charts, graphs and quotes to back up her research.

  2. Betty says:

    There are several studies showing the things you’re asking. I highly recommend doing research without using Google. Use a different search engine. Do research outside of what your doctor tells you. They make tons of money on vaccinating children.
    My 2 year old is required to have over 60 shots by the time they’re 5. Far more then I had a as a child.

  3. Alina Fiona Lee says:

    The vaccine topic is not an isolated discussion. What I mean by that is one must look at the world today – big business and particular big Pharma on this subject.
    “If you follow the money you will get to the truth” Today it is harder to get to the truth, ironically, even with the internet, as things intensify google, government, trusted industry sector bodies, have become owned by a few selling self serving information, highly censored. I encourage you to dig deep you will be shocked, if you dig deep enough & at that point you will be passionate about what you discover & want it exposed to all parents. It has taken 15 years for me to do the truth journey because I am not easy to convince, having in my career been a school Principal & an Integrative Medicine Director.

  4. Barb says:

    Kim, Carla, Betty, and Alina,
    You are all spot on. I too have taken the journey of natural health options because our medical system truly is failing us. Our insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are making loads of money. Yet we are one of the sickest nations – and we spend the most on “healthcare.” I never thought to question what doctors did to our kids…so ignorant…and so thankful there aren’t serious health issues now that they are older. But they aren’t in perfect health either. Many factors including our drug prescribing doctors for people of all ages, and WAY to many “vaccines that are necessary” are being jabbed into very young bloodstreams and messing with immune systems, gut health and everything. Add on to that our western SAD, toxins, chemicals everywhere. It can be overwhelming. Anyway, we need to be people who don’t blindly follow the “experts” as we have been for years. We need to be responsible for our own health and investigate both sides of an issue/treatment/“disease”. Many, many credible people like Robyn are paving the way for us to learn about possible ways to truly take care of ourselves. One size may not fit all, but there is a lot of common ground out there in regard to what we can do so we can live productive, healthy lives. Thank you Robyn!

  5. Nancy says:

    This guy is absolutely amazing!

  6. Jan says:

    Hi! Thank you for this interview. Love Dr. Paul and bought his book before my first was born. When I was listening to his stats though- I noticed that the numbers were lower for the unvaxxed- but would have liked to hear the percentages. Because you would expect less unvaxxed kids to visit, because there were only 561- compared to 1700 that were vaxxed. So…. those numbers didn’t mean much to me- as percentages would. What are your thoughts, can we see that graph or the results? Thanks!

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