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Ep. 193: My Partner John Talks About Being Black In America with John Kellogg

Robyn Openshaw - Aug 05, 2020 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Vibe Podcast 193 John Kellogg

I had to beg him to do this, but John agreed to talk to me about what it was like growing up black in the whitest town in America. We talk about how they called the cops when he wouldn’t wear a mask, recently; whether he’s been the victim of “institutional racism”; and what he thinks about Black Lives Matter, the recent protests, and people talking about their “white privilege.” Just for fun, we tell the story of how we met; what we gave up, on Jan. 1 this year and how we feel about it; and we answer questions my followers sent me, such as, “Have you ever been the victims of racism, as a bi-racial couple?”

4 thoughts on “Ep. 193: My Partner John Talks About Being Black In America with John Kellogg”

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  1. Caralee says:

    Refuse to be divided! That needs to be our clarion call.

  2. Alice Rapp says:

    I’m certainly not against blacks. My only birthday party was when I was 7 yrs. old and we had one black family in our school. My parents invited both Dorothy and Joe to my party as attested by the pictures I have. Why I am against is people who refuse to wear masks in public. It has been estimated that if everyone wore masks, we would only have about 1/2 the coronovirus cases we have now. The President is defiant and he exposed at least 14 people to the virus as far as we know now. Many in the White House have acquired it and the number is growing. I just hope Biden didn’t get exposed at the debate they participated in. Well, at least Biden followed the rules, but Trump was notoriously defiant and talked all through the debate, even when it was Biden’s turn to answer questions. Now that he is back at the White House, he removed his mask before he went inside. He had already exposed many that were in the Rose Garden greeting his nominee for the Supreme Court. It served him right!!! Did you know the count is now about 20,000 lies he has told since becoming President. He is entirely stupid!!!

    1. You lack of knowledge is staggering. I’m glad you have photo’s to prove your not a "racist" (audible sigh and head shake) Just a quick skim of the information out there would lead you to understand that we are all exposed to viruses every day and a filthy piece of ______ "mask" actually ends up spreading the virus more, studies have shown there is actually virus on the outside of masks. Viruses are inert (dead) and as such completely harmless unless YOU are sick or living in a highly toxic environment, or engaged in toxic behaviors. Then your body is unable to launch an immune response due to your weakened system. President Trump, though far from perfect, as at least supported medical freedom. Biden want to give 55 Billion to pharmaceutical companies to make a vaccine that hasn’t happened in the past 17 years they have been trying. And for what? A death rate of maybe 0.2%, and that is being very conservative. This is in line with almost every other flu virus, yet we haven’t shut down a trillion dollar economy and caused many many more collateral damage deaths. I have had patients die because of the shut down and medical clinics and MD’s refusing to see them because of this tyranny and fear mongering. Masks at the best are useless and and the worst harming us and those with respiratory disorders. I suggest you do some actual research and shut down the television programming. You have been lied to and unfortunately believe it.

    2. Bradley says:

      You’re right, Alice Rapp. I agree with you 100%. So disappointing how anti-vaccination and anti-mask Robyn is. It’s extremely disappointing. She’s not following the science. Totally irresponsible.

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