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More About Our Group Buy

I organize an annual Group Buy for high-nutrition items because I feel it’s important to have the items in your pantry and your long-term food storage. I started the GSG Group Buy because I was concerned to see that certain items are unavailable where some of my readers live, or that they pay exorbitant prices (especially when bought in small towns or in small quantities), or where turnover in the store is so slow that items are not fresh.

various seeds in storage jars

Organize a Buying Club

For those who would enjoy organizing a buying club or co-op, we encourage you to do so with our Group Buy. You can offer smaller quantities of most items to individual buyers, and you can qualify for free shipping by placing a larger order (1,000 lbs). We provide order forms you can use directly or as a template for making your own forms.

How to form a buying club? Find others interested in buying and storing high-nutrition items inexpensively. You can inform people that truly raw almonds are now virtually impossible to buy for a decent price because of California law. An email or flyer educating people will be helpful!

Make phone calls to people you know who are into nutrition or natural healing, and ask if they know where co-ops or buying clubs are. They are virtually everywhere if you just look. You may wish to find an existing club and work with them. Or, ask for their email list and maybe the coordinator will either give it to you or send out a mailing from you. We offer an online forum to find others in your area who are interested in going together on a large order Group Buy FORUM.

Subsidize Your Order

If you like the idea of finding like-minded people who want to use and store whole foods, your can organize your own co-op and help subsidize the cost of your own purchase.

We allow organizers to mark-up prices on group buy items and divide them into smaller quantities for resale. Some buyers have enjoyed this way to make extra income while helping others. I recommend marking the items up 20%, or whatever your local market can bear. Use the Group Buy Worksheets & Forms to organize your group order. You can easily set prices for your group and your expenses. Orders over 1,000 lbs. ship free in the continental US!

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