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Green Smoothies

robyn making a smoothieIf you do just ONE thing to improve your family’s health, make it green smoothies!

Don’t let the name put you off—I make them look more purple than green, with a magic ingredient called frozen mixed berries!

Believe it or not, kids WILL drink it, and you will be surprised that you enjoy them and even learn to crave them.

Green Smoothies have helped thousands of people.  Read some of the testimonials we have received.



Who eats a big plate of plain, raw, kale, collards, spinach and celery? Mustard greens, arugula, turnip greens, dandelion greens, beet greens, and chard don’t end up in too many salads. Just the time to chew it would be half an hour (oh, and the chopping)! They’re a regular feature in my green smoothies every day. My kids drink a pint every day, and you can make it ahead and stick it in the fridge. And, in a smoothie, you don’t have to drizzle them with fattening, chemical-laden salad dressings to get them down.

You won’t believe how much green food it has in it: chlorophyll and a powerhouse of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Unlike a juicer (which makes such a mess and throws away much of the plant), green smoothie is packed with insoluble plant fiber capable of carrying many times its own weight in toxins out of the body. Drinking a quart a day addresses what I believe is the #1 deficit in the American diet: lack of leafy greens. (And I am NOT talking about iceberg lettuce, an essentially nutrition-free food.) A close second deficit is lack of overall plant fiber in the diet, but eating green smoothies addresses that, too.

green-smoothie-with-a-strawI love that it’s “fast food” that’s healthful. Unlike a salad (we do love salads and eat them for dinner, too, to further augment our consumption of greens), I can make it the night before, and put it in a quart thermos in the frig. I grab the smoothie, a straw and a napkin, and put them in an insulated lunchbox with a re-freezable cooling thingie, to go to work the next day. Your co-workers will definitely say, “WHAT IS THAT?” if you drink it out of a quart jar like I do. (If you’re shy, you can always hide with a thermos.) But if you respond with enthusiasm some of them will ask you later how to make it.

How to Make One?

It's easy!

Video Tutorials

If you've never made a green smoothie before and are wondering about how to get started, these videos will help. Robyn shows you, step-by-step, how to make green smoothies starting with choosing the right ingredients at the grocery store. Green smoothies are a quick and easy way to add more raw plant foods to your family's diet and improve your health. You can get 15 servings of fruits and vegetables just from drinking one green smoothie!

Robyn's Book

My book, The Green Smoothies Diet, is a bestselling guide to the how and why of a habit that can transform your nutrition with just 10 minutes a day in your kitchen.

What Blender should I use?

blendtec blenderYou can make a smoothie with any blender but to get the best benefit from your green smoothies, they need to be blended nice and smooth for proper digestion.  Using many blenders will give you “chunkies” to drink instead of smoothies.  Learn about the best blenders for making your smoothies!

Green Smoothie Recipes

In The Green Smoothies Diet you get 230 recipes, 180 of them contributed by my readers—their favorite green-smoothie recipes. And 50 photos of kids with green smoothie mustaches submitted by readers (plus a horse, guinea pig, and dog green-smoothie mustache)!

In The Big Book of Green Smoothies my readers contributed their very best recipes. And, 50 of their children’s photos landed on the pages of the print book, to inspire your children.

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