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Foods for Health

Most of what you can buy in a health food store isn’t truly “healthy.” I like to rank healthy foods as Good, Better, and Best. (Most foods eaten by Americans qualify with NONE of those adjectives.)

I don’t carry anything in my online store unless it qualifies as Better or Best. “Better” foods are excellent alternatives. They include our vegan protein powder, so you don’t have to buy inferior, processed whey or soy proteins. “Best” foods are limited to whole plant foods that make a dramatic difference in your health. For instance, greens, vegetables and fruits, sprouts, Omega-3 rich seeds and nuts.

I won’t carry a product in my store unless we can get you a great price, and it’s hard to find or very special.

So, feel free to browse the very elite selection of power foods that make the grade here at Every one of them makes a regular appearance in my own kitchen. We now have our own line of very special high-nutrition products. ENJOY!

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