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Keep Food Fresh Longer

Tired of buying lots of great fruits and veggies only to have them go bad by the time you get around to using all of them?

There’s a cost-effective solution to this problem: BerryBreeze!
BerryBreeze is a small, battery-powered device you place in your fridge that

  • Keeps produce fresh 2-3x longer
  • Sanitizes the air—and foods—in the fridge
  • Eliminates fridge odors
  • Reduces food waste
  • Saves you money!

Through advanced technology, BerryBreeze uses activated oxygen to neutralize the ethylene gas that causes your fruits and veggies to ripen—thus keeping your produce fresh and crisp longer. Additionally, BerryBreeze purifies the air in the refrigerator to neutralize odors, sanitizing and cleaning your fridge. Because your produce stays fresh and crisp longer, you can reduce your food waste—both saving you money and diminishing your carbon footprint.

Stop Wasting Food

are some interesting facts about food and food waste:

  • Americans waste nearly 40% of all edible foods—that’s over 33 million tons of food every year.
  • The cost of this wasted food is over $165 billion.
  • The average household of four wastes $2,200 in food every year.

An independent study conducted by R&D Enterprises proved that the BerryBreeze is “very effective” in eliminating strong food odors and in extending the storage life of perishable foods inside your refrigerator. Not only will your produce last longer, but your fridge will smell better! Activated oxygen is nature’s way of neutralizing ethylene gas while fighting germs, mildew, refrigerator mold and other harmful microbes in your fridge.

BerryBreeze is a cost-effective and low-maintenance: there are no filters to clean, no packets to replace, and it runs on 4 D batteries that typically last 4-6 months.

Buy BerryBreeze

Eat Healthier

Improve your nutrition. Save money on groceries. Eliminate the risk of food-borne illness.  Decrease your carbon footprint, decreasing methane gas from rotting produce, which causes global warming.

Eat a healthier diet on a smaller budget.

We can even have an impact, with less waste, against landfill consumption, world hunger, and global warming.

The patented Berry Breeze is available on right now for $48.95. It has a one-year warranty, and some of those who bought the original technology are still using it, 10 years later! Get yours here for only $48.95, and starting saving $2,200/year on your grocery budget!

5″ wide x 5.2″ tall x 2.5″ deep, weight 9 oz.

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