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Make this Master Tonic….for viral and bacterial infections

A Healthy Tonic

My neighbor, friend, and one of the earliest, most loyal 12 Steppers, Kris, told me how to make the Master Tonic last week when she came over to talk to me about a strategy regarding a health issue. She’s a nurse trained in allopathic traditions. But she took to holistic ideas, nutritional habits, and practices like a duck takes to water.

I use our friend Charlene’s Anti-Plague, which is similar and knocks down ANYTHING. This is very similar. Make it and keep it around for the first sign of headache, fever, sore throat—these are the BEST ingredients for stimulating the immune system and helping the body do its work.

Having a remedy like this on hand, something that WORKS, is key to a strategy that doesn’t involve devastating antibiotics. Even one course of AB’s can devastate your gut, where most of your immune system is, for months or even years. Some people spend a lifetime recovering from AB use.

(p.s. A fever isn’t the sign of a Tylenol deficiency. 99.9% of fevers are normal and very helpful to your body in the healing process. Fevers getting too high are very, very rare.)


Finely chop approximately equal parts of the following ingredients, starting with the onion and matching the amounts with the other items:

1 small white onion

Horseradish root

Jalapenos or other hot peppers



Put all items in a quart jar, fill with raw apple cider vinegar. Put a lid on and let it ferment in a dark corner for two weeks, shaking it once a day.

You can strain the solids and put the liquid in dark bottles (to prevent oxidation) you can purchase at the health food store. Or, blend it all in   a blender and pour into the dark bottles. I keep mine in the fridge but Kris keeps hers at room temperature.

Take a spoonful every few hours at the first sign of illness.

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