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Fluoride: dangerous chemical, not nutritional supplement

Myth: “People, especially children, need fluoride supplementation.”

American dental trade organizations are committed to the use of the toxic chemical fluoride in drinking water, tablets, and toothpastes, despite a growing body of evidence that fluoride is an endocrine disruptor. Fluoride constitutes a dangerous risk to the public health.

The U.S. began fluoridation after being approached by industries who would profit from sales of fluoride. They sang praises of “evidence” of the chemical’s benefit for dental health, but our government never studied its effects on humans in water or tablets.

Fluoride compounds put into water are often contaminated with lead, arsenic, and radioactive nucleotides, since fluoride is a toxic waste byproduct from petroleum, fertilizer, and aluminum plants.

Many industrialized countries have banned this chemical from their water supplies, including Japan, Germany, Sweden, Austria, and more.

Whether or not you believe that fluoride prevents dental caries (or cavities) depends on which studies you look at. The large-scale studies show that not only does fluoride NOT prevent caries, but it causes dental fluorosis even in low doses, resulting in permanently brownish, mottled teeth. Countries without fluoridation have shown as much improvement in dental health as those that fluoridate, suggesting that other factors may be at work that were attributed in the past to fluoride.

Research shows that fluoride inhibits enzymes and suppresses thyroid function, and it causes immune system impairment, osteoarthritis, as well as acute poisoning at even low doses.

Dr. Phyllis Mullenix published research on fluoride danger, showing that the chemical builds up in the brains of test animals; brain damage occurred with resulting adverse effects on behavior. Babies born to those animals, despite receiving fairly low doses of fluoride, exhibited ADD-like symptoms. The body cannot metabolize or eliminate chemicals, only food, so ingesting chemicals is always unwise.

New Jersey’s Dept. of Health found 2-7 times the rate of bone cancer in boys where water was fluoridated. EPA researchers confirmed this bone-cancer finding with an animal study. Another study links fluoridated water to uterine cancer deaths. Since fluoride is a chemical and can’t be metabolized or eliminated by the body, it gradually builds up in the bones, causing degeneration.

A study published in Brain Research showed rats drinking very low fluoride in water had brain lesions similar to Alzheimer’s patients. Evidence also showed possible damage to the blood-brain barrier from fluoride exposure.

In the U.K., perinatal deaths in a fluoridated area were 15 percent higher, and Down’s Syndrome rates were 30 percent higher, than in neighboring non-fluoridated areas. Chile banned fluoridation because of the research of Dr. Albert Schatz, which also showed a link to infant deaths.

The whole idea of “fluoride” is questionable, since those who advocate for adding it to the water assume that the additive is the same as the trace mineral our bodies need. In fact, the manufacturing byproduct which is passed off as a healthy bone-building mineral, is usually sodium fluoride, or another chemical compound (NaFl), whose reaction in the body is entirely different (than Fl).

Fact: Fluoridation is forced medication of the water supply and should be opposed by anyone who cares about freedom or health. Dumping into the human water supply is brilliant on the part of manufacturers trying to create a new market and profit center, as well as avoid paying to dump toxic waste byproducts into landfills, but it has been devastating for the public health. Many studies counter the idea that fluoride prevents cavities, but the evidence is overwhelming that the many side effects of ingesting the toxin cannot possibly be worth any possible “benefit.” You can avoid fluoride danger. Filter your water if you live where it is added to the water supply. Protect your teeth by brushing your teeth twice a day, avoiding processed sugar, and getting biannual dental cleanings (without the fluoride treatment). And eat cleansing foods like raw vegetables and fruits, especially greens, in abundant quantities every day.


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