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What Do I Need To Buy To Feed My Family Right?

Robyn and family

Your Family Will Love These Items, Trust Me

You definitely need to invest in one thing, and I’m sorry that it’s not cheap. But it is the single best investment I have ever made: it’s the BlendTec Blender.

I use mine 4-6 times every single day. It can blend just about anything, with it’s 2.5 horsepower engine.

I teach classes and demos in 50 cities a year, to an average audience size of 200. Everywhere I go, people tell me, “I’m still making them, and my kids love them.” This makes my day! When most kids in America eat no vegetables and fruits except in the form of french fries, catsup, and pasteurized juice, this new trend of drinking, enjoying, even craving green smoothies is a REVOLUTION.

I am so passionate about this, because it has changed my life and the lives of many of my friends and thousands of my readers for the better. I might give up my left arm before I’d give up my BlendTec.

In addition to green smoothies, I make a highly addictive, delicious Hot-Pink Breakfast Smoothie with several ingredients that might shock you. I seriously doubt you’re eating raw carrots and beets for breakfast? You won’t even taste them in my famous concoction! It’s mineral-rich, blood-purifying, perfect-electrolyte fuel right before I run five miles. Everyone wants more when I let them try it, including all four of my kids. (This recipe can be found in 12 Steps to Whole Foods.)

Do you love homemade salsa but hate all the chopping? I make salsa in five minutes with my BlendTec! And soups—you can make an endless variety, without the chopping, using the variable speeds. Use it to make quick, nutritious salad dressing. (Now you can quit buying the stuff at the store with corn syrup, MSG, refined oils, and chemicals.)

And of course, arm yourself with a small arsenal of recipes that help you get all the good stuff into your diet every day. My recipe collections are simple but give you lots of greens, vegetables and fruits, legumes, yeast-free whole grains, nuts, and seeds, and sprouts. And all of this at least 60% raw for the enzymes your body needs. Branch out to more recipes whenever you like—but this is a great start that covers all the bases.

Other Things To Buy And Habits To Change:

So the BlendTec Blender is the big expense. I recommend you also purchase a $10-$20 citrus juicer and coffee grinder at Walmart or Target, two things I use often. And stop buying refined oils, and instead buy coconut, olive, and flax oil. Stop buying sugar and white flour, and instead buy coconut sugar, raw agave nectar (lower glycemic index!), and honey. (Some feel local raw honey ameliorates pollen allergies–my family’s seasonal allergies disappeared when we began to use raw local honey!)

Whole wheat you can grind as needed. If you don’t have a wheat grinder, you can blend wheat in your BlendTec Blender. Hard white wheat is great for baking—most kids won’t know the bread or cookies are from whole wheat. Plan to spend more in the produce department and less in the meat and processed foods departments.

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