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Food Storage

What Healthy Foods Should You Store Away?

Many people want to store food against emergencies. I have always tried to keep a year’s supply of food on hand, but I threw out a ridiculous amount of food and got frustrated over the years. That’s because I was storing processed foods I didn’t really want to serve my family. Or I’d store whole foods like brown rice, seeds, etc.—and they have a short shelf life and went bad.

Here are five tips to help you store quality nutrition you can feel good about feeding your family, cost effectively, without it going bad.

FIRST, stock up on coconut oil. It will be a good line of defense in a bird flu outbreak or other pandemic, because it’s antiviral, antibacterial, and strengthens the immune system (monolauric acid is a major component, which is also in mother’s milk). It tastes lovely—my kids eat it by the spoonful, plain! Being a saturated fat, coconut oil is very stable and does not become rancid for two years at room temp, longer in cold storage. It’s perfect for baking, sauteing, salad dressings, spreads, granola—anything. Here is the best price anywhere on virgin, organic coconut oil.

SECOND, the Ultimate Meal is a cost effective way to add to your food storage of whole and live foods. It has an unopened shelf life of three years. It contains broccoli juice, flax seed, and lots of protein from yellow peas, brown rice, and organic sprouted quinoa and millet (16 grams of protein per serving!). Some say it tastes like bland pea soup—add fruit in your BlendTec if you don’t enjoy it plain.

I like this product because it is only $1.83/serving compared to Living Fuel’s $6.25/serving! Here is the best price for Ultimate Meal on the Internet, and Amazon gives you free shipping if you buy at least two cans.

THIRD, store gallon-sized Ziploc bags of nuts, seeds, and grains you can sprout for live foods to give you enzymes with whatever else you find you must eat in an emergency. Double bag them and seal well to keep out pests. Freeze seeds and nuts if possible, as they will not last more than a year at room temperature. Or put them in quart jars with tight lids.

Mix fenugreek, red clover, and alfalfa seeds (bought separately and mixed at home, you’ll save lots of money over mixes) for a sprout mix that you can add to green smoothies, put on salads, or make a salad of by themselves. Cover seeds with water for 4-8 hours, strain them, and let them sit out for a couple of days until just barely sprouted (rinsing daily). Cover and refrigerate—they will keep for a week or more.

FOURTH, buy a colloidal silver maker. This, too, will help you survive any flu or pandemic, as it is very reliable killing viruses and bacteria. I will post research on the best colloidal silver makers in my blog as soon as possible.

FIFTH, buy diotomaceous earth, a natural, nontoxic deterrent to bugs. It’s silica from one-celled algae/diatoms, and you can mix one pound (6 cups) per 300 pounds of nuts, seeds, and grains. Bugs won’t come near it, because it shreds their intestinal tract, but it is harmless to humans (some people even eat it for fiber). If you have access to an Azure Standard buying co-op, you can buy 50 lbs. for $17—or go to

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