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Myth: If The FDA Approved It, Then It’s OK To Eat It.

The Food and Drug Administration Isn’t Protecting us from Much.

You have the approval of FDA to thank for drug fiascos like Fen-phen, OxyContin, and vaccines containing mercury and formaldehyde.

Also food dyes linked to many health problems, nitrites used to cure meat that are highly carcinogenic, and a variety of drugs that have killed millions before being pulled off the shelf (or not). You may also wish to write the Food and Drug Administration a thank-you for spending your tax dollars approving and defending the pervasive food additives MSG (monosodium glutamate) and NutraSweet (aspartame).

In all fairness, the FDA’s thousands of workers could never keep up with all the chemicals they’ve approved and the others waiting to be approved. They’re approved for use in our food supply, for growing crops, and in many industries as well. Currently 80,000 chemicals are approved for use in our environment, and fewer than 4 percent of them have actually been tested for safety.

How could the FDA possibly monitor and investigate all the complaints they’re receiving about health effects of the thousands of toxins they’ve approved in thousands of products?

But also, the FDA has heavy pressure from a variety of for-profit industries who, unfortunately, have a hand in creating policy. That government agency is heavily lobbied, supported, and controlled by Big Pharma and Agribusiness, two of the biggest and wealthiest interests in America.

I own a book called Foods for Better Health: Prevention and Healing of Diseases, published in 1995 by the editors of Consumer Reports. One of the authors has PhD after her name. I will quote just two passages:

“The FDA now agrees that caffeine in moderation is OK for pregnant women” (up to 300 mg is cited as “moderation”: that’s three cups of coffee or seven cans of Coke).


“The American Medical Association, the FDA, the World Health Organization (WHO), and the American Dietetic Association, agree that aspartame [NutraSweet] is safe for pregnant women.”

The FDA has received more complaints about aspartame than all the rest of the 4,000+ food additives approved by the FDA in FDA history—about 70 percent of its total complaints. It breaks down in 20 minutes into several toxins, including formaldehyde and the toxin in ant poison. And yet, in 1994, the FDA and WHO, government agencies charged with protecting the public health, claimed aspartame was safe for pregnant women.

Fact: You should trust your gut instinct about what is and isn’t good for you, as well as genuine research not backed by profit-motivated industries. Cultivate a healthy mistrust of the ever-shifting, soothing recommendations to eat chemicals by the approval of FDA, whose motto for food additives seems to be “innocent even when proven guilty.” The best way to avoid these chemicals is to make your own plant-based foods, and use organic produce and legumes/nuts/grains/seeds when you can, and well washed foods when you can’t. I like the Lotus Sanitizing System for removing pesticides in your kitchen using ozonated water.

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