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How Can I Prepare Whole Foods When I Am So Busy?

Too Busy to Prepare Whole Foods?

I think I spend more time in the kitchen than most moms do. That said, I don’t think I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

I’m raising four kids, running a business, teaching at a university, and actively involved in volunteer work. So, I’m all about speed and efficiency, and I rarely do anything really time consuming. You can make yeast-free bread, yogurt, and granola once a week.

You might spend half an hour making a salad and a simple, nutritious dinner in the evening. I spend 20 minutes putting school lunches together that include a raw fruit and a vegetable every day. Get help from your kids starting when they’re 8 or even younger! My two oldest kids take turns making the dinner salad most nights these days. It’s a good habit for them to get into.

Everywhere I go, I watch and hear people making dietary choices because junk is always “easier” —thus the long lines in every drive-thru. Saying goodbye to the drive-thru takes a bit of effort, but it’s a commitment worth making.

It’s worth my time to make good food for my family. It makes me feel that I accomplish something important every day. I don’t worry about my kids getting diabetes or cancer. That peace of mind and sense of accomplishment are worth a bit of my time, I think. And, I have noticed that eating good food CREATES time, because it gives me more energy. It causes you to not need doctor visits, drugs, and time lost from illness and disability. All those things are coming, for people who eat the Standard American Diet. It’s a virtual guarantee.

And as I see energy gains from my shift to eating whole foods, I don’t mind giving a little of that energy back to the kitchen!

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