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Be a Health Nut with Me!

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I’m your friendly neighborhood health nut!

robyn making a smoothieYou know her. Every neighborhood has one—the health fanatic. Earthy-crunchy, granola mom, bark-and-leaves eater, I’ve heard it all.

It’s a label that used to make me squirm—some of my neighbors actually confessed to calling my kids the “pure vessels” when they were little and I walked around giving all the neighbors boxes of raisins to give my kids on Halloween.

But after 18 years, it’s not a “phase” anymore, so I might as well embrace the reputation. Bring it on!

The health nut thing was a lifestyle my whole childhood. I come from a long line of them. And my adulthood, too—after deviating painfully during the decade of my 20’s experimenting with “low-fat” fake foods, choosing white over wheat at Subway, and just generally disregarding nutrition and my health. I paid the price then and never want to go back.

Lest you dismiss this philosophy as “extreme,” let me say that we DON’T eat all raw, spend exorbitantly on food, or kill a big chunk of every day in the kitchen.

We DO go to parties and eat some of what’s there. We have an abundant, busy work and social life. What my family does, anyone can do.

This site is the culmination of 18 years of research to figure out what the self-empowered “healer in every home” must know, and boiling it down for you to a program that any newbie can start.

I have helped thousands of families and individuals make an easy transition to good nutrition. I regularly write and present publicly on nutrition topics to audiences of hundreds. I have sifted through thousands of studies, books, and articles to find what’s true and worthy of your time and effort.

On this site, I avoid anything faddish, cultish, or scientifically unsupported. I love practical, evidence-based ways to return to wholeness. Skip the Paleo, Atkins, low-fat, low-carb, blood type, Zone, and other nonsense. Eat whole foods that nourished generations for thousands of years.

Commit to taking a first step towards better nutrition. Get 10 fruits and vegetables and 60% raw food in your family’s diet. It’s easy, and I’d love to help. My 12 Steps to Whole Foods program and recipes will give you a jump start toward eliminating the guilt that most people (especially parents!) feel in the modern world of convenience food.

My world is rocked when moms tell me, “My kids love green smoothies, even though they’d never gone near anything green before!” So check out my 3-min. YouTube demo, use my recipe to start cranking them out, and write me your testimonial when YOUR kid enjoys a shake full of kale and spinach!

This site is a labor of love, the culmination of the neighborhood health nut’s personal mission to helping families improve their nutrition and eat a diet rich in whole plant foods.

My experience tells me that all children will eat right—if you have patience and good recipes, if you expose them to the healthy food up to 10 times, if you take the time to explain to kids why eating right is important. And most importantly, if you remove addictive, chemical-laden Pepsi, Hormel, and Frito-Lay from your home.

In short, a world of abundance awaits. Your tastes change. You’ll love and enjoy food AFTER your transition even more than you do now! I eat more food now, at 135 lbs., than I did when I weighed 205!

Take a few steps towards being a health nut with me. Life is better over here.

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