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Annual Group Buy

The Annual GreenSmoothieGirl Group Buy is closed offers an annual group buy opportunity during October and November. We use our bulk buying power to provide a selection of whole foods at amazing prices, including:

  • truly unpasteurized almonds
  • natural sweeteners
  • oils
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • GreenSmoothieGirl line of products

We hope you enjoyed this year’s group buy! To be notified about the next Group Buy, join the GreenSmoothieGirl Newsletter.

All Group Buy items are non-irradiated. Not all items are organic or raw, please read each product description for particulars. Shelf life is based on storage in cool, dry conditions. Freezing will extend shelf life (sometimes doubling it), exposure to warm, moist conditions will reduce it.

Group Buy FAQ

Return Policy: Group Buy items cannot be returned. Order Terms