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I Feel Cleaner, Lighter, with More Energy, Less Pain—and I Lost 9 lbs!

As a health care professional all my life, I was entrenched in the SAD, was prediabetic, had precardiac issues, had borderline thyroid issues, with full-blown joint issues, and a weight that often ballooned to morbidly obese. I even tried stomach stapling in the past, but ended up having it reversed because of the awful side effects.

I have been on a mission the last 7 years to bring my body back to a state of true health. I have tried juice fasting with colonics and regular massage (all of which I still do). I tried a physical trainer, conventional “dieting” with working out, HCG programs for rapid weight loss when the joint issues interfered with my job, etc., etc. I had food sensitivities, cravings for many unhealthy foods—and after easily losing 100# or more, would yo-yo back close to where I was, before starting the next “new thing.”

Robyn Openshaw came into my life four years ago, and her 12 Steps to Whole Foods was a breath of fresh air. Imagine a program that emphasizes “adding in” healthy things instead of what you “can’t have.” It has been a two-steps-forward, one-step-back process to undo a lifetime of abusing my body, but it is finally paying off. This cleanse is the crowning glory! I feel cleaner, lighter, with more energy, MUCH less joint pain; I’m able to move better, do my job better and, most of all, my body isn’t pushing me to eat things that aren’t healthy. I feel more relaxed about what I’m going to eat on a daily basis.

These recipes rock! The Pink Breakfast Smoothie is my new favorite. I lost 9 lbs. on this detox, even eating larger portions of some of the soups and salads. I am now going to do the two cleanses for the parasites and pathogens. I am converting to the lifetime membership because I want to do this cleanse twice a year for sure! Next time I am budgeting for the supplements also! I have 6 months to tuck away the money. I have done other “cleanses,” but this is by far the best. Thank you, Robyn, for putting in the time, effort, and love to research the “best of the best” programs and put together a useful, DOABLE detox/cleanse for us “average” people, and continually being a source of inspiration, education and, above all, support! Gathering all the experts to educate us at the same time we are cleansing is inspiring and uplifting, and helps keep us going during the cleanse. I love all the calls, the videos, and the emails lifting us up every day!

*results may vary

— Karen H., Las Vegas, Nevada

Eliminated Psoriasis, Improved Sinuses, Increased Peace, and a Doctor’s Stamp of Approval!

I have been astonished and so happy with my GSG detox experience! I‘ve lost 15 lbs. and my husband has lost 24—but that’s only one reason to rejoice.
I have seen my elbows, hands, and feet psoriasis nearly disappear—and I have been to umpteen dermatologists with as many different medications. My frequent nosebleeds have been zero since starting the detox, and sinuses clearer.

My semi-annual health checkup showed my cholesterol and blood pressure down, and my doctor said, “keep up what you’re doing.”
My husband’s rash has improved and he described an emotional feeling of well-being. He used the word “peace.”
How great is that? You can find “peace” by changing one’s diet.

I already have Robyn’s 12 Steps to Whole Foods book and will be following it as we go off detox. We have set our goal to drink a quart of GS a day, a huge salad for lunch, and a starch, vegetable, protein, & fruit dessert for supper. It will be a challenge to continue as close to whole, raw foods as we’ve been these 26 days, but we are motivated to continue this lighter, feel-good lifestyle.

I appreciated having a buddy to be accountable to—great meeting and supporting, Sheila! The program and coaches I’ve emailed have been absolutely great!
Thank you so much, Robyn, for impacting our lives so dramatically with better health. I feel I was blessed to be led to your site, coming across your book The Green Smoothies Diet when I was at BAM looking for juicing books. Of course, your green smoothies diet book led me to your site and the rest is history. I am blessed. Thank you.

*results may vary

— Cheryl A., Florida

From Meat for Every Meal . . . to the GSG Detox! 14 lbs. Lost!

When I signed up for this program, I thought, “I’m never going to be able to do this,” because I was a carnivore, eating meat with every meal—and snacks of jerky and cheese! The first couple of days, I had a slight headache because I was not getting my two cups of coffee each morning! I was also spending more time actually preparing my food than before, but that was good because I was really aware of what I was actually eating.

I liked the daily email I got from Robyn and staying connected on the forum. My husband and young daughter were also very supportive of my participation.
I have more self-esteem and self-confidence from doing this detox. I learned that I can accomplish anything I really want to do—like losing 14 lbs. in 26 days!

*results may vary

— Tammy L., Corrales, New Mexico

We Have So Much More Energy Now! Instead of Craving Sugar, I Crave Green Smoothies!

I had a great experience doing the GSG Detox. I was scared to sign up because I knew how bad my eating habits had been and that I had a major sugar addiction to kick. A friend of mine decided to sign up with me and then my spouse ended up doing the detox with me, so that buddy system really took away that fear and made the experience fun! It’s great that there is a buddy assigned to those who don’t have one.

I have done different types of cleanses and detoxes in the past, but the GSG Detox is far superior in every aspect. The organization makes it so easy to follow from beginning to end. The Detox Manual has everything you need, but the full-support online Detox Portal is, hands down, the way to go! The Daily Content was a great way to follow each day and either listen to the scheduled speaker, watch the daily video, or participate in the “live chat.” I feel like I just took a top-notch, online course in Health & Nutrition—for FREE! (The Detox Manual alone is worth the price you pay for this Detox!)

The Forum was the other priceless gem. I can’t tell you how valuable it was to read what other people were experiencing, have the option to ask ANY question, and have constant feedback from Robyn, the GSG staff, and any member who wants to comment! You become a community, which I already miss very much! This is the reason why I just signed up for the lifetime membership. The support is there; you are never alone!

Doing the GSG Detox was a challenge, that’s for sure, but the benefits are so worth the work! I lost a total of 13 lbs., my spouse lost 11 lbs., and my buddy lost 15 lbs. doing the detox and we are all still losing weight, which is great! We all agree that we have so much more energy now! I am happy to say that instead of craving sugar, I actually crave a green smoothies now!

Thank you for all your hard work, Robyn and GSG staff—YOU’RE THE BEST!!!

*results may vary

— Margaret C., Uncasville, Connecticut

In Control of My Lifestyle Now—and Down 13 lbs!

I would definitely suggest participating in Full Support, because when you’re detoxing, a lot of questions come up that can be answered via the forum. It’s also nice to know that you’re not alone with feelings and experiences. I also really enjoyed many of the audios on specific health topics. They were very informative and they gave me more in-depth knowledge on how to improve my health.

I lost a total of 13 lbs! I started out feeling out of control of my weight, but now I am feeling calm and reassured that I can continue a more healthy way of eating. My main goal was to change from my poor food choices, lack of exercise, and stressed-out lifestyle to one that I am in control of, by choosing healthy lifestyle options instead. I feel that I can do that now.

I also bought Robyn’s 12 Steps to Whole Foods course prior to the detox, and it was another goal to get it out of the closet and incorporated into my life. After this detox, I feel that I have the tools to do it now. Today I’m already planning on what I’m going to make for my week ending after the detox. I’ve come to realize that I have to take the time to prepare my meals.

Thank you for offering this program that really can help to put people back on the right track to real health as long as we continue to make healthy lifestyle choices. It was definitely worth it and I am so glad I had the opportunity to participate. I am planning to repeat when the next detox comes around.

*results may vary

— Brenda F., Murietta, CA

So Impressed with the Detox Program from Content to Calls to the Forum to the Diet

I am down a total of 12 pounds as of today, weighing in at 115. I am a 5’4″, 41-year-old mom of two. After several years of high-stress jobs, I had gone up to 137 pounds and was buying size 10 clothes because I could no longer fit in any size 6s or 8s that I owned. I have spent the past several years trying to lose the fat through off-and-on exercise and off-and-on attempts to find healthy nutrition. I had managed to get down to 127, but had plateaued.

I am so impressed with the detox program, from the content in the manual, to the calls, to the support of the forum, to the diet. I can’t wait to learn more about leading a healthy life after the detox and I am excited to share this with others. This program has really resonated with me for where I am at in my life. I am looking forward to learning so much more from you!

I would like to reiterate the appreciation others have already posted and say a big thank you for leading the way to a healthy lifestyle revolution.

*results may vary

— Kym

By Far the Best Detox Cleanse I’ve Tried—Haven’t Felt This Good in Years!

This program keeps you full, healthy, and happy! I have tried many other detox cleanses before and this one is by far the best. Although it took a lot of time to prepare the food, I made large quantities of Green Smoothies and learned to love them.

Overall, I haven’t felt this good in years! My energy increased every day I was on the program and I actually started running again. I’m happy to report that by keeping my energy high using Robyn’s recommendations, I easily kicked my caffeine & chocolate addiction. My husband lost 12 lbs. on the program and I lost 9. (We are both in our mid-50s.) Both of us LOVE the healthy education we have had over the past month and the support from our family and friends on this journey. We will continue this journey together and live to be 100 years old.

*results may vary

— Kris K., Payson, Utah

Feeling So Much Better—Thank You for a Great Experience!

I am feeling so much better than when I started the detox. I tried very diligently to do what was instructed. I think the best part for me was being off of sugar and especially salt. Preparing food that was different than I usually prepare made preparation slower.

I want to thank you for a great experience. I especially liked all of the classes we were able to listen to and watch. I learned so very much. I would recommend this detox to anyone. It was great. Thank you for all the support. Keep up the good work, Robyn—it is well worth it.

— Bonnie M., South Jordan, Utah

Life-Changing, Marriage-Blessing Experience and 11 lbs Lost!

I am more grateful than I could ever express with words for this detox program that Robyn has put together!

I was in a place in my life where I felt trapped in my body and in my food addictions that I had—especially refined sugar and white flour. I needed help! I needed a drastic change and guidance and some way to change my life besides JUST relying on will power (I had tried that again and again, which didn’t work).

My experience with the full-support detox really has been life changing. My husband was my detox partner and we really felt that doing something so hard together, and accomplishing it, was such a blessing to our relationship! We still work together every day, even now that the detox is over, to make sure that we have our green smoothies ready for the next day!

I really enjoyed the detox information email that I received every day, as well as using the member forum. It was great to hear from everyone else, both about their struggles and triumphs! I have no cravings for those refined, processed foods anymore.
I can now clearly hear my body’s signals, and it is so much easier to figure out which foods work for me and which don’t. I love my relationship with food now, and participating in this detox did that for me! I still have about 50 lbs to lose, but I lost 11, and I feel that I can accomplish the rest with the things I have learned, and feel amazing while doing it (instead of hungry, grumpy, and resentful like I usually do while “dieting”).

Thank you Robyn and the GSG team for helping me to change my life! I can’t wait to do it again with you in January!

*results may vary

— Lianne A., Apopka, Florida

Now at Ideal Weight, Fewer Headaches, and Less Medication for Husband and Wife!

I was not trying to lose weight as my primary goal. I was 127 pounds when I started, lost 7 pounds, and have gained 3 pounds back, which puts me at my ideal weight. My main goal was to eliminate migraine headaches that I have experienced for most of my adult life.

I changed to a whole-foods diet a year ago, which is definitely helping. I and have not had a full-blown migraine for probably 10 months; however, I have had milder headaches less frequently. I have also been on daily long-term medication for years and I am in the process of weaning off the medication slowly. I am looking for total resolution of headaches without medication.

I should also mention that I went from 145 pounds at the start of my dietary change using Robyn’s 12 Steps to Whole Foods, to 125 pounds before the detox. My husband, who also converted to whole foods, did this with me and has gone from a medicated diabetic, hyper-cholesteremic, hypertensive patient to nonmedicated with normal blood plasma levels for all three diseases! He has also lost 50 pounds!

His goal on the detox was to lose additional weight and to get his cholesterol under 150. He isn’t scheduled for blood testing until October, but he lost 10 pounds on the detox program and 3 pounds since then!

*results may vary

— Kathy F., Mount Laurel, New Jersey

So Grateful for Detox and an Amazing Support System on the Forum! 14 lbs Lost!

I am so grateful I decided to embark on this detox journey. This has been a really educational path in so many ways. I learned to listen to my body better, my strength and will power to persevere, and what an amazing support system I have in the real world through the Full Support detox portal!

I signed up for the full-support detox and I am so appreciative I did. I honestly do not think I would have made it all 26 days without it. I found the everyday email, video and phone call to be an extremely helpful tool of explaining what my body was actually processing and eliminating.

I lost 14 pounds on this detox. I lost 10 pounds for the first week and the remaining four steadily in the following weeks. Having lost my weight this way, I have more confidence in keeping it off and continuing to eat as whole and clean a diet as I can on a regular basis. I do have a lot more weight to lose. I also noticed the color of my eyes became a clearer blue!

The detox was work and planning! I have so many friends who have taken an interest and are thinking about starting their own detox journey. I upgraded at the end to the Lifetime Membership so that in 6 months when I detox again, I have the full support like I did this time around.

*results may vary

— Elizabeth C., Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Wedding Ring Now Falls Off—Lost 12 lbs!

I felt well on the Detox and I plan to do it again. I lost 12 lbs. and feel less bloated—my wedding ring falls off! One week post detox, I am still down 10 lbs.
I would recommend the detox to others, and have done so! Recipes can be an acquired taste, as they are bland, so invest in some salt-free, sugar-free natural seasonings before starting. I understand it is a cleanse and you are trying to rest your body. I would also encourage the Phase 2 option. After the first few days I started juicing some of my meals and doing the enemas, which was key to my decrease in chronic headaches I had prior to doing the detox.

I did feel that encouraging a buddy, and vice versa, was the ticket for my success! A couple of the other detoxers were great at answering questions.

*results may vary

— Dedrianne O., Blaine, Minnesota

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