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Lost 15 lbs—GSG Detox One of the Most Rewarding Experiences!

The GSG Detox was the hardest but most rewarding experience I have ever had. I lost 15.5 lbs. My life has been changed for the better, and much more than I ever could have imagined. The first two weeks were hard but well worth the effort. In the beginning I had symptoms and reactions, but after those initial weeks I was able to settle into the program and was amazed as chronic pain and fatigue disappeared, sugar, salt and caffeine addictions dissipated, and the weight literally fell off—BONUS!

Having a buddy to participate in the program with was definitely a key factor. Having the full support of the GSG staff and other detox participants through the forum and the expert calls and videos was also key to understanding and participating to the fullest. I would definitely recommend this detox program to anyone looking to change their life and health for the better. Thanks Robyn and GSG staff for this amazing experience! I will definitely participate again in the future.

*results may vary

— Brenda G., South Jordan, Utah

Clearer, Softer Skin, More Energy, Lost 10 lbs—EVERYONE Should Do This!

I would totally recommend to others! I have clearer skin and softer skin, my hubby noticed that right away. Skin issues on my elbows are gone completely! I also am putting coconut oil every night on skin spots and doTERRA Clear Skin. Rotating them and it’s working great. No more expensive prescription creams and lotions. No nausea or upset stomach. No gurgling stomach or pains.

Food tastes better and more enjoyable. Never thought I would love a sweet potato/or even regular one with only Flax Oil and green onion/chives. Delish! It’s fun to just eat food now to see what it REALLY tastes like without salt, butter, etc. Hair is growing super fast and my nails are hard for the first time in a long time. Joint pain almost gone except for one shoulder, but again, only a matter of time eating like this and it will be gone too. Passed gallstones and sludge during oil therapy. And menstrual cycle so much easier, less cramps and NO cravings (still don’t have cravings for junk which is still shocking to me) and PMS was lighter and easier.

I did it for immune reasons for skin and Lyme toxins, but a perk was losing approx 10 pounds. Energy coming back to take longer walk/hikes with no pain or struggling to breathe! I also feel happier and have a better outlook on my health. I finally have hope and actually believe things are going to get better and better, something no doctor in 8 years could do for me, but green smoothies and detox foods did!!! EVERYONE should do this!

*results may vary

— Jennifer P., Brecksville, Ohio

Sleeping Better, More Energy, and Lost 17 lbs!

I LOVED this program and lost 17 pounds! I have been telling EVERYBODY about it. I’ve previously done a couple of 3-day juice fasts and a 7-day juice fast. A straight juice fast is not easy; this program was EASY in my opinion, AND I was able to complete the full 26 days. It has totally removed my cravings/addictions. I’ve had malignant melanoma a couple of times (stage l and then stage 3) and am determined to not be a statistic, which would mean that I only have 2 or 3 more years of life. I really feel that God has led me to GSG, and through her He is showing me how we were intended to eat—and how I personally can live a long life!

During the first couple of days I had a low-grade headache and some bloating. For the rest of phase l and phase 2, I started feeling pretty good. Rarely did I ever feel hungry—had just a slight hunger at the end of the work day before I got home. By the time I was into phase III for a couple of days, my energy was beyond anything I have ever experienced! Certainly an incentive to continue eating healthfully. Two of my favorite menu items are the Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie and the Black & Green Salad. The “No Fuss Pit Paste” ROCKS! Ever since my last cancer treatment, I have not found an aluminum-free deodorant that would work; pit paste works better than any deodorant that I have ever used. Love it!

I am sleeping better, I don’t feel fatigued from my daily activities/job anymore, I don’t want to sit and watch TV in the evenings or Sat/Sun mornings like I used to, I’m spending more time walking my dogs, cleaning house, or getting little projects done that I have been putting on the back burner, and my body seems to handle hot summer days better too. Lastly, I’m wearing clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in 2-1/2 years! THANK YOU, Robyn Openshaw! I appreciate you and your great staff more than I can express!!!

*results may vary

— Christy S., Eureka, California

I lost 7 Pounds and Feel Amazing!

GSG Detox with FULL SUPPORT was a valuable undertaking. Having a buddy was PRICELESS! I lost 7 lbs. over the 26-day program. I went from a healthy 125.5 lbs. to an even healthier 118.5 lbs. Weight loss was not an initial reason for challenging myself; however, cleaning and repairing my body organs was. I have been a vegetarian for five-plus years and did eat a strong, plant-based diet. My goal with the detox was to establish an anti-inflammatory environment for my body. I feel like I achieved that with the full-support program by being guided and supported throughout the 26 days.

I did not sign up with a buddy, and GSG paired me up with an amazing detox participant. We committed to e-chatting daily, and that support became very important to both of us as the detox program progressed. I also took advantage of the Daily Content and Forum posts that enhanced my understanding of the body’s ability to repair itself.

I am an endurance athlete, and even though my stamina suffered during the detoxing, I know that as I slowly increase plant-centered, whole-food calories into my regular diet, that stamina will return and I will be a stronger runner as a result.

I LOVED this program. I lost 7 pounds and feel amazing! I never would have done this program without full support, as I know myself and wouldn’t have kept up if I didn’t have daily emails and encouragement. There were also helpful hints in the full-support manual that those who chose not to go that route missed. The discussion forum was also very helpful as well as the phone calls.

My knees no longer hurt constantly, and I can go up and down stairs without pain. I also no longer need a nap in the afternoon, which has been part of my routine since my teenagers were little. Robyn, I so appreciate all the time and work you put into this program. It truly has changed me. I purchased the 12 Steps to Whole Foods and plan to continue eating this way and getting healthier. I also sleep much better and wake rested.

Again, thanks for all your research and hard work. This was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.

*results may vary

— Laurie T., Ashton, Illinois

GSG Detox Is One of the Most Powerful Things I Have Ever Done for My Health!

The GSG Detox is one of the most powerful things I have ever done for my health. Yes, I wanted to lose weight, and I did. 15 lbs! I already knew my body was overwhelmed with toxicity. That was my real motivation for doing it. I have been struggling with debilitating headaches all my adult life. I contracted Epstein-Barr over 10 years ago and have never been the same. I’ve needed caffeine to just function each day. I eat well and exercise yet, until now, could never lose weight.

The program is so well thought out and research-based. There are difficult days. There’s an emotional component that I was not expecting. But it is very doable. You are never hungry. Your body is getting everything it needs to function optimally with nothing else to get in the way.

The full support program was so helpful in letting me know that what I was experiencing was normal, and a sign that it was working. My body was healing. The expert calls were a wealth of information. I did Level 1, with some aspects of level 2.

After the first week the detox reactions were minimal and very manageable. I have not had a headache since the start of week 2. I have had no caffeine since the start, and have plenty of energy for my day. Bloating in my gut is gone and I can even tolerate gluten a little better. I feel like I have turned back the clock to my early 30s!

As I resume “normal” eating again, I still don’t want to stray far from the program. I feel too good to go back!

*results may vary

— Teresa V., Galt, VA

Setting Personal Records in Triathlons at Age 49, Down 9 Lbs, and Feeling Phenomenal!

I FEEL ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!! Official stats during the 26-day GSG Detox period: 9 pound loss (8.5 lbs. fat loss, 1 lb. fluid loss, and gain of .5 lb. lean muscle)! I have been a Green Smoothie Girl since May 2012, and now my life has just become nutritionally stronger. Competing in triathlons for 7 years, I am now setting new personal records at those events at the age of 49.

My taste buds have been altered and I can now pass up that bag of chips (my downfall was salt)!

I’ve discovered the benefits of being healthy at the cellular level. Now with the Detox, the cells are that much more cleaned out. Full support and with a buddy is VERY HELPFUL for success! Thank you, Robyn!

*results may vary

— Donna J., Auburn, WA

Skeptical Registered Nurse Learns about Nutrition and Loses 15 lbs!

The journey that I took in participating in the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox has been life changing. I don’t use that phrase lightly, as by nature I’m pretty skeptical, so please understand how big that is for me!

I never thought I could live for 26 days without meat and chocolate every day! It is amazing to me how my taste buds have changed and how I no longer crave the foods that I once did. It was difficult at times, but having the online support and my detox buddy helped me through that.

I am a Registered Nurse and always thought I understood nutrition, but now I realize how far off some of my thinking has been. I am so appreciative to Robyn and her team for creating such a great program and for opening my eyes to the way that I can now live. I lost 15 pounds!

*results may vary

— Renae O., Rigby, ID

We Thought We Knew a Lot about Nutrition and Health—But Wow! 10 lbs. Lost

Although my husband and I had been drinking green smoothies for over a year, had the GSG 12 Steps to Whole Foods program in the box unopened, and I had been eating GMO-free and organic for two months prior to starting the Full Support Detox Program…the detox has changed my life, my husband’s, and our buddy and her husband’s lives! We are all active, healthy people, but we learned so much! We each had our own personal food demons—mine being salt, my husband’s being coffee, and our buddies’ being meat and dairy.

We thought we already knew a lot going in, and found we actually had a lot to learn. Robyn provides a lot of the “whys” rather than just the “do this” for us to follow blindly. The four of us are the type of people who question everything, and Robyn gives you the reasons behind each step of the program.

The program materials were detailed enough, but also simple enough to use. We enjoyed the two live calls and the daily content that often had a video, so visual learners like us could get a better understanding of, say, skin brushing or colon massaging.

I’ve incorporated skin brushing into my daily routine, we bought a FIR Sauna as a result of this Detox, and towards the end we began reading the 12 Steps and listening to the accompanying CDs. A week after the detox, we are now on the 8-week menu planner that was written to accompany the 12-Step program. I am thankful for the 8-week guide, as I am no cook and I need to be told what to do and how to do it in order to learn. This fits the bill! The recipes have been very tasty, and the 8-week guide will help us be successful going forward.

Thanks for the program. Where else can you get all this information in one place? Nowhere!

*results may vary

— Marlene K., San Marcos, CA

Husband-and-wife Team Down 32 lbs—Loving It!

I highly recommend this Detox! We are pretty clean eaters anyway, but we learned a LOT and are inspired and motivated to clean up even more. We were never hungry the entire 26 days, and only experienced a few cravings, which I’m proud to say we did not cave into!

Improved sleep and energy were apparent in just the first few days. The constant increase of energy was the best part! I lost 11 pounds and 16.25 inches overall. I’m right back to where I feel my best! My husband lost 21 pounds and 29 inches! We are loving it!

Reading the manual before we began was very important. It helped us be organized and aware of what each phase was intended to accomplish. Organization and preparation are essential! We set aside a specific time each evening to read/listen to the GSG daily emails. Every single one offered valuable information. The whole process was extremely educational and worthwhile.
Thanks, Robyn!

*results may vary

— Lori H., Centerville, Ut

Healthier, More Energy—and 15 Pounds Lost!

I would like to thank Robyn so very much, (as well as all the support doctors, friends and helpers), for this wonderful detox program you offer. It is very well organized and you made it so easy to follow. I also would like to especially thank my good buddies who helped me to make it through with their love and encouragement. It was also a big help to read the forum of what all the other participants were going through and the response answers that were given.

I started the program at being 40 pounds overweight and I am happy to report that I lost 15 pounds! Because of the cleanse, I feel so much healthier and have much more energy! During the detox, I stopped taking all my vitamins, supplements and my prescription medications for acid reflux and cholesterol. I continued to take my Synthroid since I had my thyroid removed this past February. But I’m happy to report that I had my blood work levels checked in the middle of the detox (2nd week in) and my doctor said he could lower my level of Synthroid, and the cleanse and my weight loss were probably the contributing factors!

This is the jump start I needed to tackle my goal of losing the remaining 25 pounds I need to lose! I plan to continue to use many of your great recipes, your exercise tips, portion control and reading all labels when shopping to make healthy food choices!
Thanks so very much again!

*results may vary

— Cindy D., Voluntown, CT

I’ve Lost 18 Pounds and Made a Friend for Life!

Given everything that comes with the FULL SUPPORT program, there was no other choice for me. I knew the GSG detox would be hard-core and would introduce me to foods, practices, and theories I had never even heard of. I wanted the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, and learn from others. Checking my email every morning was always the first thing I did. That daily email from Robyn, the videos, the conference calls, the audio clips, ALL of it was so incredibly reassuring and educational and powerful.

And my buddy! I didn’t bring anyone with me, so GSG connecting me with someone local to go through the program with was absolutely a game-changer for me. My buddy and I are now linked forever! In fact, we are “staying the course” with many of the foods and principles we learned on the GSG detox, and sticking together for the long haul. We still text each other multiple times daily. This has been a life-changing experience for me, I lost 18 pounds, and I am so grateful I went all-in!

*results may vary

— Randy, Stone Mountain, GA

Surprised With Our Results!

My husband was my detox buddy for this (our first) 26 day detox. I shopped & he helped with the food prep. We both had detox cleansing symptoms of headache, fatigue, achy joints, gas & bloating which lasted at least a week into the program. For years my husband has been on blood pressure meds (even on the meds his BP was 150/96). After the first week, he was still feeling very tired and weak. He was hydrated, resting as needed, eating plenty, taking lots of cinnamon. When he took his BP it was 103/57!

The doc took him off all meds after that first week of detox. He donated blood at the end of our detox. His iron level rocked (proves no need for red meat!) and BP 120/72!!!

We were surprised that we were never hungry and generally had no cravings. Having no salt was the hardest to adjust to (harder than no caffeine). We did the skin brushing, oil pulling, infrared sauna, exercises. While we read a lot about the coffee enemas, we did not try them this first detox. I really appreciated the shopping lists & menu plans which totally simplified the detox. Also, the daily emails & video supports were very beneficial to keep us understanding the process, as well as promote motivation to persevere.

In addition, he dropped a total of 22 lbs while I dropped 11 lbs. We feel great with improved energy and the desire to continue a cleaner lifestyle in all aspects of our life. We have been walking testimonials as others have observed the positive changes in us, both physically as well as mentally/emotionally. We would do this detox again.

*results may vary

— Maureen P., Sonora, CA

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