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Life Altering and 11 lbs. Lost!

Finding Green Smoothie Girl was the best thing that has happened to me since I had my children. I did the Level 1 Detox with great excitement and have nothing but RAVE reviews about the process. My body did well through all phases except the liver flush (olive oil therapy). (I did not complete this task but I will next time!)

My daughter was my buddy and encouraged me every step of the way, ate the food with me and constantly reminded me of how healthy I looked—-my skin, weight loss, increased stamina, and positive attitude. My granddaughters (1 and 4) loved the green and hot pink smoothies, the lentil soup and quinoa salad. Even got my active duty Army Apache pilot son-in-law to begin the green smoothie lifestyle!

My goal doing Detox was for better health. I feel like doing Detox was the best thing I’ve ever done for my body. I lost 11 pounds which is nice and a good thing but more importantly I want my organs to be 100% healthy. Detox helped me understand what an amazing machine God gave me. I want to honor Him by taking care of His gift! Excellent, excellent program.

Just can’t thank you enough for the life-altering information and work you are sharing with us.

*results may vary

— Terry C., Kapalua, Hawaii

The best thing I’ve ever done for my health, cholesterol down, and 11.5 pounds lost!

The Green Smoothie Girl Detox has got to be the best thing I have ever done for my health. I lost 11.5 pounds and my cholesterol dropped 62 points from 230 to 168. I had my blood work done just before the detox started and again on Day 26. My doctor was thoroughly amazed at the changes in my numbers.

There were three things that made the detox much easier than expected, thanks to FULL SUPPORT. One, my buddy: I could not have done it without her! We constantly bantered with each other: “That salad would have been really good…if it had salt, HAHA!” Two, the daily content. The information in emails, videos, calls, and audios was invaluable. Three, the forum. If I ever had a question, I would post it on the forum and it was answered very quickly. It was also nice to read postings from other participants. Nice to know others were experiencing the same things I was going through!

Three things made the detox a very enjoyable and successful experience. One, the use of a sauna that Robyn tells us how to find. I had never used an infrared sauna before the detox. I did it daily during the detox and continue to do it every other day after the detox has ended. I truly love it! My skin is so soft. Almost like living in Hawaii! Two, the coffee enemas we are taught. Following that protocol was a huge part of my success. I felt so much better and cleaner. I have continued to do them once a week after the detox. Three, the juicing. I did Level II and started juicing before the detox, but didn’t realize it could actually replace a meal and make me feel better than eating food. It gives me a burst of energy.

I absolutely recommend the detox to anyone that wants to change the way they think of food, remove food cravings, lose weight, have more energy and an overall sense of wellness.

It was a wonderful experience. I have many family members asking how they can be part of the next one. They are amazed at the changes I have made.

*results may vary

— Brenda H., Price, Utah

Oh Happy Days!

Oh happy days! That’s how I feel about the detox. The fact that it was 26 days is exactly why it is so powerful. Anything less, although beneficial, would NOT have given me access to the numerous breakthroughs in my personal awareness and true intentions for my life, which are now crystal clear and accessible due to personal power derived from simple discipline and commitment to health.

I started with a casual interest, then to just buying the digital course manual, then realizing I wanted the hard copy….which, after I read it, made it clear: this detox was for me. Then I upgraded to the Full Support option, and I jumped in with both feet. By doing the program, I have turned the corner away from a long life of the same roadblocks to my personal success.The daily audio, video, and written emails were key to my personal breakthroughs. The physical detox is secondary to the access to my personal power I discovered.

This is the best investment in my own health and happiness I’ve made in a long time. It’s subtle but profound to know of my own personal strength to sustain health, joy and vitality.
What more can I say? The five pounds lost is the tip of the iceberg of personal growth that awaits anyone willing to follow Robyn’s gentle and loving path.

Regret will be a word in a vocabulary associated with your past–which is nicely established where it needs to be–behind you! The future is yet to be created–go for it!”

— Ken, Oregon

I adore feeling well

I’m so in love with GreenSmoothieGirl’s detox and whole food programs! What I most value is how clear minded and energetic I feel, except in periods my body was detoxing hard. After the initial first week, I didn’t really find myself feeling hungry, and soon was enjoying all my favorite recipes from the program! I’m proud to share that this was my 8th successful detox!

I’ve done it alone and without a buddy, but I didn’t sustain it well alone, so the highly engaged Facebook group was a huge benefit to me.
I’m so appreciative of the outstanding and consistent support received from Robyn, Kristin, and Emma, with encouragement and wisdom. I always learn so much each time I do this detox! So for me this time, the epiphany was when I realized nothing in the world is worth compromising good health for! If it makes me feel bad, it’s not worth eating!

I adore feeling well so I can live my life fully and remain super active with my husband, 5 grown children, 7 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren means everything to me! At 58 years old, we’re discovering the joys of camping and hiking and I have to say, all my picnics will have my favorite detox foods in them!

So dear Robyn, and awesome GSG team, thank you again for another beautiful experience, start to finish. God bless you all with success in 2017!

— Helen, North Carolina

At Just the Right Time

I’m a 32 year old mother of a 5, 4, and 2 year old. I’ve neglected my own health over the last 5 years while caring for them. I stumbled across the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox right at the perfect time. I had reached the point where I was 50-60 lbs overweight and just out of excuses, why I couldn’t take time to take care of myself.

I started at Level 1 as a Lifetime Member, followed Robyn’s menu plan to the letter (although I skipped a few meals because, amazingly, I wasn’t hungry!)–and I lost a total of 23.8 lbs, 5.25″ in my waist, and 3″ in my hips!

I have also embarrassingly struggled with hormonal/cystic acne constantly since I was 12–and one of my miracles is that my skin is now clear!

This was exactly the kickstart I needed to regain control of my health. THANK YOU, Robyn Openshaw! I look forward to repeating the detox in the future and already have family members wanting join me! It’s amazing what we can do when we simply put our MINDS to it!

— Abby, Ohio

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