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I’ve been asked to give out GreenSmoothieGirl t-shirts at classes, or for promotions. What should they say? It should be short, catchy, and cool. Not so edgy a mom won’t wear it, not so dorky a teenager will roll her eyes.

My ideas are

Whole foods rock.
Change your health forever.


Drink your salad.

Which do you prefer? Do you have any better ideas? If you give me one I like better, you get the first two t-shirts.

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  1. for twilight fans,..

    If Edward were human he’d drink plant blood too. greensmoothiegirl.com

    ok that sounds lame now that I came up with it. and I don’t know that I’m the biggest twilight fan either. lol.

    i like the whole foods rock but I would take out the middle line or something.

  2. On the front:

    “got greens?” or “The giant’s got nothing on me.” (you know… jolly green) or “Greens. Blended, not chewed.” or “My blender rocks the house.” or any number of others.

    On the back:


  3. Life is a bowl of cherries….in a green smoothie! (a pic of bowl of cherries inside a big blender full of green smoothie!)

  4. How about:

    When the going gets tough, the tough drink green smoothies!


    Give green smoothies a chance.


    Green smoothies are all you need!


    I’m a lean, mean, green smoothie drinking machine!

    I’m picturing a white t-shirt with the words written in green; with greensmoothiegirl.com written either in smaller words underneath the main slogan or on the back.

  5. Robyn, I forgot to add to my post above that I’d like a way to purchase the t-shirt since I live so far away that it’s unlikely I’ll get to attend an event. Thanks!

    A nice long sleep t-shirt would be fun too!

  6. I don’t really like drink your salad–for some reason it doesnt’ sound appetizing that way–like blending up the salad dressing and all–plus I prefer to eat my salads actually. just my .02

    hey is this email from you guys?

    We have been trying to reach you but, our emails keep being returned to us. Please add



    to your list of accepted email. Thank you.

    ? just wanted a backup reassurance–it seemed weird since I’ve always gotten your newsletters fine.

  7. Sorry for my bathroom humor — we have a 2 1/2 year old and his favorite words right now are poo-poo and boom-boom (our other word for poop)…

    My ideas are (since I have to run to the bathroom after my wife gives me my green smoothie– I’m a newbie):

    Just Poo It!


    Got Boom-Boom?


    But seriously… we’ll be thinking about some “real” ones 🙂

  8. Drink your greens or Drink your salad. It’s a bit provacative, which gets people who see it to ask what it means. Great education tool!

  9. Front: Green Smoothies truly does a body good = ]


    Back: http://www.greensmoothiegirl.com

    The words, in the shape of an hour glass.

    “Green Smoothie & Web address” & Smily face in green lettering.

    “Truly does a” in Black Lettering

    “Body Good” in Red Lettering

    Work with font sizing to make the perimeter a curvy hour glass, maybe accentuated with a black outline.


    Green Smoothies

    truly does a

    Body Good

    = ]



  10. My son had a great idea that I think made it better. Do the “truly does a” in orange. With Red, Green & Orange it represent a few of the color spectrum that we like to put in the green smoothies! I’ll send an email that will allow you to see better our idea. Thanks, C

  11. I think something like- I drink Green Smoothies for my health what do you do? You know something to show that this is what I am doing to be healthy and look at me. Not in a bragging way but just to get people thinking. You know?

  12. someone made a good point above—drink your green (or salad–though i don’t love that one ;)—makes people ask what you mean! S.M.A.R.T if you have to explain too much ont he shirt it gets weird–you need a short simple phrase the explains it all 😉

  13. I love “drink your salad” it is pretty darn catchy and will make people who see it stop and think.

    I think that is a project I’m going to do too, well just for myself anyway- promoting healthyness in T-shirts. I think I’ll make one for my hubby too! YEAH!

  14. How about “Save our planet and our bodies. Go greens!” 🙂

    or “I’m. A lean, mean Green Smoothie machine!”

  15. How about “Save our planet and our bodies. Go greens!” 🙂

    or “I’m a lean mean Green Smoothie machine!”

  16. It’s a green thing…You wouldn’t understand.

    I was thinking that you could put a greensmoothie by ‘you wouldn’t understand’, so it makes a little more sense. Or it would be cute on the back of the shirt, too. 🙂

  17. How about:

    All the other drinks are green with envy.




    Don’t want to be blue, Drink Green!



  18. I like ‘It’s a green thing…You wouldnt understand!’ 🙂 Cute.

    I also like ‘all the other drinks are green with envy. ‘ Whatever you pick out I am sure it will be cute. Drink your salad sounds a little too gross…But it is interesting enough. 🙂

  19. Hi. I’m new to this site and I love it!!!

    I was going to suggest, “I like it RAW” but someone said it already. It kind of sounds sexual, though. LOL.

    How bout “Blended, not stirred”

  20. “Blended, not stirred” (as in James Bond) with a picture of a girl holding a celery stalk instead of a gun. hahaha

  21. Raw Foods Rock!


    I’m singing the jingle in my head, as if I was at a rock concert – I see everyone lifting there right arm over there heads with a fisted hand and singing to the beat. Raw Foods Rock, Raw Foods Rock, Raw Foods Rock!!!

    I like the idea of being able to order T-shirts from your website in all sizes so that as I`m loosing weight, I can have a collection of sizes (LOL)!!!

  22. Real Women Blend


    Real Men Blend


    This may have already been suggested- didn’t have time to read all the posts! Happy Smoothies to you all!

  23. I like a lot of the other ideas. I do not like ‘ drink your salad.’ It’s kind of a gross thought–even though it tastes good. Tshirts are generally a marketing device. It would be better to have tshirts that catch people’s attention in a good way, not to turn them off.

    I like ‘whole foods rock’ much better, preferrably with the website on the back or the sleeve or in smaller print.

  24. Go Green. Eat Green.

    Drink your Greens.



    Go Green? Check.

    Eat Green? Check.

    Drink your Greens?

    (and then print GreenSmoothieGal.com at the back)

    I really like Drink your Salad too. I’d buy that shirt. 🙂

  25. I think:

    Sick & Tired?

    Revitalize with


    Everyone is sick and tired. The average american diet makes me cringe. Drink your salad will sound awful to the average american. It’s catchy to healthy people, but you want to grab the attention of the people who are not eating right.

  26. How about

    Go Green for a Better Future and then below that a picture of a beautiful glass of a green smoothie and then below that Greensmoothiegirl.com

  27. Green Smoothie Mom’s are the best!

    Then greensmoothiegirl.com in small print.

    Sorry but I know a lot of people who won’t buy shirts if they feel like they are an advertisement.

    Oh the shirt needs to be fitted and a cool color- you can’t be sexy in a baggy tee-shirt.

  28. I think Whole Foods Rocks – sounds too much like an advertisement for the store, don’t do that!

    I like “I LIKE IT RAW…..AND SMOOTH!!!!”

    Blended Not Stirred is good too

    It should say GreenSmoothieGirl.com on it somewhere as well

  29. greensmoothiegirl.com is my vote.

    you have a great blog and it should be promoted – you deserve it.

  30. How about Let Food be your Medicine by Hippocrates Or You are what you eat, A smoothie a day keeps the doctors away, Drink your way to health or Green drink your way to health, Grind, grind, bizz, bizz, oh what a relief it is! Drink Green Live Lean, Eat or drink live and live!

  31. Be grateful Be glad Be Green

    be seen being green

    Green n’ Lean

    try being Green and Lean…. You might just like it!

    The power of Greens!

    Green power… Fuel your body!

  32. How about

    “Be Green” “Drink Me”

    (on the back) GreenSmoothiegirl.com

    I also like “I like it Raw”

    “Blended, not stirred”

  33. How about a quote from a Clint Eastwood movie,

    “Go ahead, Make my day”

    drink a smoothie



    “Go ahead, Make your day”

    drink a smoothie


    Putting it on the shirt this way leaves

    a sense of mystery in it. They would

    have to go to your website to see what

    you are talking about.

    Anita, SC

  34. I was thinking about

    “It’s EASY being Green” or “it’s EASY drinkin green”

    I also “I like it RAW”

  35. You know, if we are not exact with our sayings, people might think we are talking about ‘eco friendly stuff’, you know. Kinda like if you just say ‘I am green’, etc, they might think your just talking bout recycling. 🙂 Just make sure your jingle is short, too the point, and hard to forget.

  36. I totally love “Drink Your Salad”. I would buy a tee shirt that said that. In fact…I think I will screen print one on my own.

    Thanks for the idea!

  37. How about:

    Life is Smooth.


    with a stick figure drinking a green smoothie.

    I also like “Whole Foods Rock”, and “The Ultimate Fast Food”. So many great suggestions!

  38. my 11 year old son came up with “whole foods help you the WHOLE day” he really wants a free shirt:)

    or A smoothie paves the way for a smooth day

  39. How about,

    Whole foods rock.

    Party down!

    Keeps the fun word picture and the overall sense of fun going. I think it would move a lot of people to go to the website, if that’s our goal.

    I also LOVE, “Sippin’ on leaves and fruit.” Close your eyes and see what picture you get. Sounds easy, mellow, quirky, fun and delicious. And one wouldn’t have to get the Snoop-Dog connection to relate.

    Also like, “Go Green, Get Lean” & “The Ultimate Fast Food”

    I really don’t care for “Drink your salad!” Obviously it appeals to our Green Smoothie group, but I don’t think it would appeal to “outsiders.”

  40. Lots of interesting slogans.

    My version of Monica’s is just – Lean, green smoothie machine

    Or – A green smoothie a day keeps the doctor away.

    I like many posted- “I like it RAW”, Blended not stirred, Just blend it, Kim B’s, the ultimate fast food

  41. I personally like Whole Foods Rock and Greensmoothiegirl.com the best. (Drink your salad sounds yucky!!!)

    Here’s another idea: Eat Raw

    Live long

  42. Make Mine Green

    Green Goodnes

    Green and Good Too

    I’m Thinking Green

    Color Me Green

    My Favorite Color is Green

    Green is Beautiful

  43. i really like:

    ‘Spring Greening’

    with a pic of a green smoothie in a glass growing like a flower out of a patch of grass 🙂

    tee-hee! thanks for letting us play, too! 😀

  44. Of the two you offered up for our vote, I like the salad one better.

    It is EASY being green or It REALLY is easy being green sound good to me.

    Kind of more recognizable in a way.

    OF COURSE, putting your web site address is a must with these.

  45. The simplest I came up with is – “Eat Green”

    There’s a lot of “Go Green” out there, but “Eat Green” can mean eating your greens, eating whole foods, eating sustainable foods, etc. I think it says so much in just two little words. GreenSmoothieGirl is about so much more than just “Drink Your Salad,” which sounds very unappetizing to most people. GSG is about taking responsibility for what you eat which can, in turn, lead to taking responsibility for your environment.

    Keep up the great work, Robyn. I am so inspired by you!!

  46. I am a mom of 4 young kids. Though I am not old… I couldn’t see myself wearing a shirt that said “Whole foods rock” and “Drink your salad” sounds a little gross to me too with dressing and all.

    I do however like “Change your health forever” and “The Ultimate Fast Food”

  47. I like the “drink your salad” and then GreenSmoothieGirl.com -the reason is because “drink your salad” definitely catches attention -they’re going to be like “WHAT??” then when they see GreenSmoothieGirl.com -they’ll either get it or go check it out!

  48. I also would love one that said “I’m a Green Smoothie Girl!” (& then, I guess some with “guy”) then GreenSmoothieGirl.com -it’s a great way to feel proud about being a green smoothie person! At the same time, it peaks interest in what a green smoothie girl or guy is!

  49. I like, Drink your Salad!

    But I love Jerry Bodman’s, “Raw Energy”

    Maybe transform it to

    “Raw, Green, Pure Energy


    Naw, I think just the “Raw Energy” is better. It’s vibrant, energetic, catchy, and easy to read and remember. People don’t have to stare at your shirt to figure out what it says :).

  50. Be careful of the “Whole foods” in some of these slogans you could run into copy right or trademark concerns from the Whole Foods market folks.

    I loved the slogan of “Join the Smoothment…Greensmoothies.com”

    Here’s what I was thinking….

    “Body Beautiful Inside and Out” (front)

    “greensmoothiegirl.com” (back)

    Since I started drinking my smoothies and eating a more raw diet I’ve had so many compliments and I didn’t realize how good that made me feel until it happened repeatedly!! It’s because I’m full of green goodness!

    There’s another slogan for you… “I drink green smoothies therefore I’m full of green goodness! (front) greensmoothiegirl.com (back)

    Hey when you decide on your slogans or multi slogans you should sell the shirts on your website…I would love to buy a few of them!!

  51. I think put all the lettering on the back, i.e. “Raw Energy” with GreenSmoothieGirl.com below. On the front put a picture of fruits and veggies in and around a pretty glass with a straw.

  52. “Drink Your Veggies!”

    (Say with same tone/expression as “eat your veggies” that we all grew up with!


  53. Wow! what alot of comments so far! It is really interesting to read them all. You know, I really like some of the ones that are quirky, fun, and SHORT. Something too long is just too long. 🙂 (profound!) 🙂 Keep it short, simple, and cute…and stick-able. Good luck, Robyn, with picking one out of 100!!! I guess you COULD do more than one design. Are you going to sell them on your website for those of us that cannot make it to your seminar?

    It’s a green thing…You wouldnt understand.

  54. What about a t-shirt for kids that says:

    green smoothie monster

    or written w/o spaces:


  55. I was thinking of a play on words with “Go GREEN. SAVE OUR EARTH.” to


  56. I prefer Whole Foods Rock, drink your salad, sounds a bit ‘Icky’

    My suggestion is :

    Go Green for Life



    Greenie for Life



    I’m a Greenie for Life



    Loving ya work and the book idea sounds great!

  57. I love Susie’s suggestion of ‘blended not stirred’, with the ‘lean green’ lady holding a celery!

    Also the suggestion of’ Lean Green Smoothie Machine’ perhaps witha picture of a lean green stick figure holding celery or spinach!

    Go smoothies! my previous suggestions would obviously have the double meaning of ‘going green for health and for the rest of your life ‘ 🙂

    Go GREEN for Life.

  58. Hi Robyn,

    How about putting two together


    Drink your salad

    Fuel for your life





    Drink your salad

    Change your health forever!



  59. Hi Robyn,

    How about putting two together


    Drink your salad

    Fuel for your life





    Drink your salad

    Change your health forever!



  60. How about putting two together?


    Drink Your Salad

    Fuel for Your Life


    Drink Your Salad

    Change Your Life Forever!

    The back can say greensmoothiegirl.com

  61. Your name, GREEN SMOOTHIE, should be included in the logo promotion T-shirts. Whenever I talk about my healthy drink, it is always about GREEN SMOOTHIE. It is a catchy name.



    I am a GREEN SMOOTHIE Guy!

  62. Some GREAT ideas, but there may be a few copyright infringements to watch out for 😉

    Here’s my 2 cents:


    Back: greensmoothiegirl.com

    1. Lachell, yes, “Original Fast Foods” is a book by my friend Jim Simmons (I review it on the site and he blogs here sometimes).

      The Queen of Green! I love it! (Of course, it’s rather self-indulgent on my part that I love it . . . but I do!)

  63. I like drink your salad or

    drink your greens


    change (or changing) the world one green smoothie at a time


    green smoothies- feel the power


    I agree- when you use the word green or greens without smoothie people equate this with the whole general green environment movement- we have a popular political party here called the Greens and products in the supermarkets Green Choice etc and going green means low carbon footprint.

  64. I just really like “Whole food rocks!!!” “GreenSmoothie Girl.com— isn’t that the message were tryin to get across. Besides that I really don’t like to wear goofy things or sayings on my T-shirts. I like to wear classy things. And when they see the web site, it would entice them to see just what whole foods are. They might turn there nose to the ” I drink salad greens” if they have never been introduced to that idea.

  65. I like:

    1. “Go Green” with a large glass half full of green smoothie and the top half with lettuce, celery, etc sticking out just about to be blended.

    Greensmoothiegirl.com under picture.

    2. “Got Greens?” with same picture.

  66. My idea for the t-shirt:

    “Drink. Chew. Swallow.” I would add Poop onto that, but probably not appropriate. It does make me laugh, though, because it’s so true. So, for those who don’t want the edited version (like me) you can put: Drink. Chew. Swallow. Poop. If they have read your book and tried the smoothies then it would make sense, eh?! :o)

    I love the green smoothies. I am in training for triathlons, marathons, century bike rides, etc. and drinking “chewing” these has made all the different. I love it.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Here’s to your health!


  67. Message sent through email:

    Go Green Drink Green?


    I’d rather go free to your classes; come to Arizona. 🙂 than pay. “Tough economic times” and all that. Ha! It’s only as tough as you believe it is. 🙂 I saw Dr Mercola’s comment. I’m disappointed at how commercial his site has become and that you cannot read his articles without becoming a subscriber and getting thousands of newsletters. (But, I don’t have to subscribe or read now, do I?) Dawn

  68. Message received through email:

    Would rather attend for free. Already have a VitaMix.

    Wish you did it when my kids were little! However, when I explain to my son about he is a high performance sports car, and if he puts in cheap gas, the car will eventually break down, he understood a bit more. Also helped to explain to them that food is less about “yuk or yum” and more about energy. That helped.


  69. Message received through email:

    I love the focal point of having everything you promote, even T-Shirts, say

    “Drink Your Salad”.

    That really says it all in a nutshell.

    I would also have greensmoothiegal.com on everything so folks know where to go to take the next step to drinking their salads.

  70. So far, I like Greens. Blended, not chewed or

    Queen of Green!

    Our family has had fun coming up with a few of our own. Our favorites are:

    Liquid Batteries


    Lettuce drink Smoothies!


    The closest thing to the fountain of youth


    It’s really too long and would only appeal to other latin nerds, but I like

    Veni, Vidi, Veggi

    I came, I saw, I drank a salad

    url on back

  71. I like:

    It’s a green thing….you wouldn’t understand.

    I don’t care for “Drink your salad. It sounds to….generic. Some people outside the green smoothie world, would probably think it to be gross, and unappealing.

    Just my .02 =)

    Have a great one!


  72. As important as the slogan is the shirt. I have seen some that are a dark color and have their saying written in some kind of sparkling silver rhinestone. The sparkling stones are really eye catching and the contrast of a dark color is great.

    Since the darker green color means more nutritious-why not a deep green shirt with the slogan written in sparkling ‘stones.’

    I like “Got Greens?” with greensmoothiegirl.com on the back.

  73. My daughter wants to add

    Why settle for half when you can have whole?



    When life gives you chocolate, throw it back and say, I want a smoothie!


    I like Liz’s son’s addition simplified to

    Whole foods for the whole day

  74. I love the “Going green” on the front…”Smoothies that is.” on the back. Everyone seems to be going green in regards to the environment why not with your health!

  75. I would play up the “going green” that everyone is striving to do for the planet.

    Maybe— “I’m green (front or top line) on the inside too! (back or next line)”

    or “Go green (front or top line) on the inside too! (back or next line)”

    You could also do a shirt for kids (probably adults too) with Kermit Frog saying “Found out It is easy being green” holding a green smoothie

    I personally don’t like “Drink your salad” I love eating my salads.

  76. what about something that kind of goes along with ‘some like it hot, and some like it cold…some like it in the pot nine days old.’ But that it would go along with the whole green smoothie thing…I just can’t think of the right wording. Help anyone?? Something like ‘some like to chew, but some like to blend…” Ok…that sounds kind of lame. 🙂 Can ya think of anything better?

  77. How about:

    “If you want to feel alive give a green smoothie a try”,

    or: “taste the raw, feel the raw, go Raw is rawsome”

    or maybe: “I want pure bliss, give me a green smoothie please”,

  78. I think you should be a little more blunt. America loves that. How about

    “Hey, you are what you eat…so you might want to stop eating shit.” Or something to that effect.

    Another idea is to have no typed words at all, just a cartoon of a green smoothie glass and some fun designs around it or something.

    Or what about “Green smoothies do it better” and then on the back have a nutritional label.

    Anyway, that was my ten cents. My two cents is free. ( :

    ps. If you’re serious about getting T’s printed up, might I suggest Stay Vocal at stayvocal.com. They are a super green store that prints on recycled t’s. Pretty Awesome!

  79. Smoothie Power

    Smoothie’s Are Where It’s At.

    Veggie’s Rock

    Veggie Power

    I like Veggie Power or Smoothie Power the best, since I am a vegetarian.

  80. Personally, I don’t care for “Drink your salad.” To the green smoothie group, it sounds appealing, but to outsiders, it sounds sort of gross. And, it sounds sort of generic. I like “It’s a green thing….you wouldn’t understand.”

    Whole Foods rock, sounds too trendy, and some older mothers may not want to wear it.

    Anyways, just my opionion. Take it for what it’s worth. (which could be nothing 😉

  81. I’ve got it:


    with a bird’s eye view of the inside of a blender with a green smoothie swirling around

  82. “Veggies+Blender=Greensmoothiegirl.com”





    Veggies+blender=life changing


  83. I like Green drinkers are better lovers on front and greensmoothiegirl.com across the back. You could have a picture with whole fruits and greens in a blender.

  84. If you’re reaching out to “new” prospects what about a more universal approach:

    Chuck Norris doesn’t just eat his salad

    he whips it



    Greens Anatomy


  85. The “Whole Foods Rock” would not work in my area (Portland, OR). We have a store called Whole Foods and people would think I’m endorsing that store. It wouldn’t do much promoting for Green Smoothies.

  86. Another day, another smoothie!

    I just wrote that as my facebook update and thought “Hey, that’s a t-shirt idea, too!”

  87. I think drink your salad sounds disgusting and is probably only appealing to those of us who’ve bought into the concept.

    I like





    I like

    My Secret? Green Smoothies

    only then I would feel a certain amount of obligation to then look good so people really wanted to know,…

    I like

    Are you really gonna drink that?

    I like

    Liquid Batteries

    I like

    Blended not stirred

    I like

    the queen of green

    all of these concepts catch my attention and make me wonder what the shirt is talking about without sounding off-putting so I might go look at the site later if I remembered.

  88. I like Whole Foods Rock but it makes me think of the health food store. I like the direct references to greens better anyway. I do not like drink your salad or anything about salad – not sure why, definitely a conversation starter but kinda weird.

    I like got greens? or got green smoothies? or Green Smoothies Rock!

  89. Comment received through email:

    how about for a t-shirt….

    “You are what you eat, Don’t be a chicken…”

    and then on the back say Drink your salad

    greensmoothiegirl.com lol


    “survival of the fittest!”

    then on the back

    “lean, mean, green smoothie machine!”

    “I <3 (heart) amino acids…" or "got amino acids?" -the building blocks of protein…

    something about BUILDING blocks…

    a picture with maybe a scale with meat on the low side and veggies on the high side!

    "raw living foods"FRONT


    "raw living beauty"BACK


  90. GREEN = Light = Energy = Love = Truth = LIFE

    (If it needs an explanation, you might add

    ‘Light Makes Green (chlorophyll)’.)

    GreenSmoothieGirl.com (on the back)

  91. Growing up, we always used to joke about how my brother had to have a bowl of cold cereal before he could function (like some people need a cup of coffee to wake up!) We’d say, “Instant human: just add cereal.”

    I have now spent the last year of my life starting almost every day with a green smoothie. So for me it would be, “Instant human: just add green smoothie!”

  92. Here’s my idea for your tee shirt slogan:

    If you want to be a lean go green . . GreenSmoothieGirl.com that is!

  93. only a suggestion: there is a Robyn wanna-be out there who calls herself the green smoothie queen – so I would avoid the word ‘queen’ on the shirts.

  94. What about:


    Green smoothies = trim


    Fast food= fat


    ALOT of people these days are seeking to be trim and slim……..

    Whole foods Rocks sounds too much like you are promoting the health food store. A lot of people would probably get the wrong idea.

  95. I like the one suggested “Drink to your health” – greensmoothiegirl.com or the whole foods rock. I also love the idea of the long nightshirt as one item to have it on – some good quality organic cotton – a bit cozy like – starting to see it now!!!

  96. What about Drink your Greens?

    I really like DeAndra’s: Drink Green – Eat Raw – Live Well

    And Nicole’s: Sippin on Leaves & Fruit

    And Robert (Bob) Wente’s: Smoothie Power

    Along with Ellen Riddleo’s : Want to be Lean? Go Green ( or maybe Drink Green)

  97. I’d say you have a lot of people who want green smoothies thirst!!!

    Just thought of another one…

    “I’m a green smoothie girl, can’t you tell?

    Include silhouette of slim and fit female holding a green smoothie.

    Or just have the pic with greensmoothiegirl.com

    With it..

  98. Not really a fan of whole foods rock or drink your salad. Drink your salad sounds a bit disgusting to most people and whole foods rock sounds a little too “teenagerish.” An initial thought I had might be something like: Greens: Highly nutritious and still…DELICIOUS! GreenSmoothieGirl.com. This could be written in green or with a picture of a green smoothie beside it.

  99. One idea is:

    Just Smooth it! (With the Nike check mark)

    I think the best idea is: “Drink your Salad”

    A friend of mine walks in the 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk every year and she was trying to raise money by making “smoothies.” Her slogan was “Smoothies for Boobies.”

    When we were going to make healthy smoothies, I came up with “Whole Foods for Whole Boobs.”

    My favorite of the day was: “Save 2nd Base!”

  100. I have changed my mind! I now like AmyB’s better…I think it’s perfect!

    What’s in YOUR drink?


    (YOUR in green)

    So simple! also it’s short, quick & to the point. When you see GSM.com on the shirt, you know what it’s about. Also, if you don’t know what a green smoothie is, you’d want to go find out.

    Also, for those of us who know what it is -it’s like “what ya got in yours?” since we love to share recipes & switch up ingredients all the time -so it kind of serves a dual purpose for us and for others. My neighbor always comes over and says “what did you put in there today?”

    I don’t like the idea of anything with being slim as not all GS drinkers are thin -especially if they are just getting into it -they might be embarrased that their shirt says that, but they aren’t thin yet.

    1. Brandi, I had the same thought . . . we are all just on the path, not necessarily “there” yet . . .


  101. Connie………………………….LOL! I would wear that t-shirt. It really makes you think about, 1- cancer awareness and 2, Healthy eating:) Go Greensmoothiegirl !

  102. There was a big campaign a bit ago about coal being the “clean fuel”. Coal is a fossil fuel and like all fossil fuels, orginated from plant life.

    What about,

    plants fuel the world,

    [clip of a fossilized plant/leaf]

    shouldn’t they fuel your body?

    [clip of a blender full of green smoothie]


    divided on front and back however would be appropriate?

    Just a thought. 🙂

  103. I like Got Greens? but that is trademarked.

    Since it’s for advertising, keep it simple:

    Keep it Green – Healthy Fast Food


  104. Front: I’m a green smoothie girl, I’m a green smoothie guy, I’m a green smoothie kid or Drink Green!

    Back: greensmoothiegirl.com

  105. I used this shirt to wipe off my green mustache (with a green kiss mark)

    Honk if you drink green smoothies

    My mom tells me to eat my veggies. I use a blender instead. Rebel with a cause!

    Kiss me I’m a green smoothie girl AND Kiss me I’m a green smoothie guy

    Green Smoothies The ultimate green fuel source

    No offense but the ‘Got this or that’ is very over done now.

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