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How Eating Whole Foods Helps You!

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What I teach isn't a diet. It's a whole-foods lifestyle you'll never want to quit. The results just might blow your mind!

My research says most people who follow what I teach have better digestion and elimination, lose weight, and have more energy.

You're likely to also notice cravings for bad food decrease, your desire to exercise increase, emotional stability improve, your skin and hair look prettier, and your sex drive increase!

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31-Day Green Smoothie Challenge

The challenge is simple: drink ONE QUART of Green Smoothie each day for 31 days.

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Robyn and the GSGLife Instructors teach classes all over the U.S. Be inspired and educated towards making great choices in your diet that are easy, delicious, and inexpensive.

Robyn Presents: 12 Steps to Whole Foods

Come learn the most high-impact, inexpensive, delicious habits towards a whole foods lifestyle!

Demos and tasting all day, lunch provided featuring 12 Steps to Whole Foods recipes!

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Robyn's 12 Steps Class

GSGLife Presents: How to Make the Ultimate Green Smoothie

How to Make Healthy Treats

Adventures of Junk Food Dude

Other Exciting Classes

GSGLife Classes

Taught by a GSGLife Instructor, this class is FREE and there will be samples to try!

Who is GreenSmoothieGirl?

Robyn Openshaw is author of 14 titles including the bestselling book The Green Smoothies Diet and the 12 Steps to Whole Foods courses.

Twenty years ago, she weighed over 200 pounds and had 21 chronic health conditions, including mini-strokes, migraines, anxiety, infertility, a large tumor, and three auto-immune conditions, which she took drugs to manage. Now she is a 135-lb. competitive athlete with no health problems, taking no drugs.

She's passionate about showing you an easy, inexpensive path to throwing the Standard American Diet out of your life forever, and rediscovering your body's craving for whole, natural plant foods. She says, "I eat more food now, at 135 lbs., than I did at 206 lbs., and I enjoy food more!"

Your health and quality of life depend on discovering your body's need for unprocessed, simple nutrition, and providing it. You can do it!

Favorite Things!

This is where I tell you the tools that allowed me to radically change my family's health. Invest in them as time and money permit, but they are worth saving for. You should know I don't recommend anything that I don't personally use and love. I tell you only about products, techniques, and habits I think are game-changers for a whole-foods lifestyle in the modern world!

Have a look around to get some ideas on how to reclaim and maintain optimal health.

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