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Prediabetic No More

I am at my ideal weight (have never been anywhere near overweight), and I run or lift weights six days a week, and eat a healthy diet. Imagine my shock when I went to a clinic and was told I was prediabetic, that it was just a matter of time before I had full-blown diabetes. I burst out laughing when the nurse practitioner told me her recommendation was to cut out sugar, since I eat so little of it already. Robyn taught me about green smoothies, and I began making them daily for my family, as well as teaching others about them. I just went back to the clinic after several months of my new green smoothie habit, and they said all signs of the prediabetic condition were gone. The only thing I changed was adding green smoothies to my diet!

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— Laura B., Utah

Kidney Stones Gone

I have medulary sponge kidney disease that causes me to make kidney stones. My urologist sees me every 6 months to keep an eye on things. I started drinking green smoothies about 5 weeks ago, having 2 a day most days. I lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks, and haven’t gained it back. About 10 days ago I had an ultrasound of my kidneys and 5 days ago I had the usual blood work done. I recently noticed my face (I’m always complimented on my youthful appearance) glowing–and my husband obviously thought so because he reached out to stroke my cheek with the back of his hand. I asked if I had food on my face and he said, No.” And then he stroked my cheek again.

Back to today’s check-up with my urologist. He was very pleased, saying, You always have many kidney stones in both kidneys–usually the left has more than the right, but they both have multiple stones. Your scan shows NO stones in the left, and a stone the size of a pin point in the right kidney.” He had to rock the wand forward and back to find it! He said, You’ve lost weight. You look great! Whatever you’re doing, keep it up! I don’t need to see you for a year.”

Here’s the kicker: in the past he asked me to stay away from “high oxalate” foods such as kale and spinach since my kidney stones are calcium-oxalate stones. But, what greens have I put in my green smoothies? Kale, spinach and beet tops. And I’m better than I’ve been in YEARS AND YEARS, in terms of kidney health.

Go green smoothies!

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— Cindy

Better Health

By following Robyn’s recommendation, which I could not believe at first but made a decision to give it a try, I lost weight without trying, and my knees and shoulders stopped aching. My blood lipid profile has improved. My cholesterol level has gone from 201 down to 157. Yes, I said 157. My doctor had me go to a different lab to have the test confirmed.

My complexion and skin tone have improved as well. I also had a problem with dry skin. I used coconut oil as recommended by Robyn, and my rash that I had on my ankles and chin cleared up completely. I had gone to the doctor and had obtained two different medications and the only thing that did any good, and in fact cleared it up, was the coconut oil. Thank you,

*results may vary

— Sandra T., California

Surprised how good they taste

My family—including my picky two-year-old—really enjoys green smoothies. We like the fact that we’re taking a significant step toward better health, and we’ve had far fewer illnesses since incorporating them into our diet. We’ve also made them for visiting family and friends, and they’re all pleasantly surprised at how good they taste.

— Kari W, Utah

Measurable Weight Loss

When Robyn introduced me to green smoothies, I was intrigued by the idea of drinking my greens. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables in my diet, but I was looking for an easy way to double my fiber. I love green smoothies. I don’t just drink a glass or two, but three or four, and then whatever is leftover after my children drink theirs. I feel better. I feel thinner. But, by measurable standards—-the scale, the tape measure—-I am thinner. The combination of green smoothies and lots of water promote weight loss in me. Feeling better about myself, I have a brighter outlook on life, naturally, but I simply have more energy to meet the demands and challenges of my busy days.

— Jill W., Utah

Helped My Family

Our family has been drinking green smoothies for the last 3 months and I feel that it has improved our overall health. It has completely taken away the guilt in regards to my children’s diet. I no longer have to worry about if they have gotten enough fruits and vegetables. I give them healthy snacks to eat, but on crazy hectic days even if they have not had one other fruit or vegetable I don’t worry because they’ve had their green smoothie! I have a 5 and 3 year old and worried if they would drink it. My 5 year old loves it and many days asks for seconds and my 3 year old occasionally has to be reminded to drink his smoothie, but it was a lot easier to get them to drink it than I imagined it would be—I add quite a few frozen strawberries to our smoothies and they really like it.

My husband just had a bone marrow transplant and we are very conscious that good nutrition is a key element in his recovery. One of the benefits that I have experienced is I feel it has helped me keep up my milk supply for my newborn. I have had milk supply issues in the past and I am nursing my third baby longer than I was able to nurse my other two children. I feel green smoothies have played a part in my ability to do this. Green smoothies are a great way to make sure your family is getting all the fruits and vegetables they need to be as healthy as they possibly can be!


— Quinn S., North Carolina

Addicted to green smoothies!

Is it possible to be addicted to green smoothies? Ever since you first introduced me to green drinks years ago, I’ve dabbled here and there with them. Things got serious though this past spring when I started working and knew that my diet would suffer now that I don’t have a lot of time to devote to thinking about what I am eating. I decided to make green smoothies my daily morning meal—there isn’t a quicker, more nutritious breakfast to be had! I’ve even introduced green smoothies to my friends at the office, and even whip up an extra drink for one of my co-workers, who now says she can’t wait for Monday mornings to come so she can have a smoothie for breakfast! I love the way I feel since incorporating green smoothies into my daily diet! I have energy for the entire morning; I do not crave sugar nearly as much. I can definitely say without doubt that green smoothies have made a difference; I just feel healthy!

This past week I made a green smoothie for a little nephew of mine who has never, ever eaten a vegetable in his life. Ever. My sister was very skeptical that he would even try it, let alone like it. Not only did he like it, he asked for more. My sister was blown away, and soooo happy to know that there was a way to get her little guy to get so much more nutrition into his diet. Oh, my sister loved it too!

Thanks, Robyn, for introducing us slowly but surely to green-drink-heaven! If I miss a day of green smoothies, I miss it, CRAVE it even. I’ve become a true addict.

— Sheri H., Utah

No More Crashes

Robyn first told me about green smoothies about a year and a half ago. I dabbled with making them at first, but once I figured out what recipes worked well for me, I became hooked! I make a big green smoothie every morning for breakfast, and I finally don’t have a late-morning energy crash like I used to. As a busy college student, it’s become the perfect fast food—how else am I going to get all these great veggies into my diet before noon? I find the smoothies refreshing and surprisingly filling (especially if I add an avocado), and if I eat something else for breakfast one morning, I always end up making a green smoothie later in the day because I miss it! Both my mom and sister are hooked now, too, and make them every morning for breakfast.”

— Laura T., California

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