Health Mate Sauna HM-NSE2-1CC

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Enjoy the benefits of Heath Mate Infrared Sauna with an affordable price!

Read Robyn's report on why her infrared sauna is possibly her most important, high-impact health purchase in the past 5 years.

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  1. June


    Is this safe to use for someone on blood pressure and heart prescriptions?

  2. Katrina Livingood


    We love our sauna! I am so sad that I can’t use it while pregnant or now while breasffeeding. Miss going in it! It makes me feel so good – after runs it helps your muscles recover more quickly, it relaxes my body, it makes my skin feels so clean and smooth, it helps melt (or sweat!) stress away, or when sick. My husband loves how it can help nip a cold in the bud – he just goes in 2x per day when feeling ill and it really helps your immune system kick in and fight the bugs. I loved shaving in there as well – your legs will never feel smoother after a shave! No cream/gel necessary! We got the 5 person sauna so that when one person uses it we could lay down as the long bench can pull up into a lounge chair. The LED light bar and stereo are awesome. I feel so blessed and pampered (when I get to use it!) to have the sauna.

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