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Robyn’s Videos

Here are some of GSG Reader’s favorite videos.

How to Make a Green Smoothie

Why green smoothies are the best way to lose weight!

The correct way to skin brush!

How to Dry Skin Brush

Is a Costco membership worth it on a whole foods diet?

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Green Smoothie Basics

Robyn shows you, step-by-step, how to make green smoothies, choose ingredients from the store, and continue your journey in 12 Steps to Whole Foods. [tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PL3A516E0BA16B162D”]


The journey to whole foods is within your reach. Make your life simpler with recipes from Green Smoothie Girl. Robyn shows you how to enjoy a whole food diet, from must-have ingredients to special treats. [tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PL8C5FC57EA4363AC7″]

Favorite Things

What could be better than an awesome blender! Robyn shares her favorite tools for being a Green Smoothie Girl; products, techniques, and heroes! Recognizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle is motivating. Sticking to it is even harder. Having the right tools can make all the difference! GreenSmoothieGirl shares her favorite things for living a practical healthy lifestyle. [tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PL28275D8874591187″]

Healing From Cancer

Is cancer a disease or the body’s natural effort to cure? Green Smoothie Girl speaks with cancer experts and survivors about the crucial subject of alternative cancer treatment. Also learn about relevant green smoothie tips and resources. [tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PL482E8699D2572B45″]


Green Smoothies Change Lives! Green Smoothie Girl is excited to share the testimonies of those whose lives have been changed through green smoothies and whole foods. Conditions include heart disease, fibromyalgia, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, and surgery. [tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PLC113B51081AACDAF”]

Ask GreenSmoothieGirl

Dear Green Smoothie Girl… Green Smoothie Girl answers common questions. Questions range from technical to fun to why she loves being Green Smoothie Girl! Get to know Green Smoothie Girl! [tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PLE023CDE534B5E3E5″]


Introducing the garden to the GreenSmoothieGirl lifestyle! Supply your own homegrown greens, recycle fruit and vegetable waste, and keep green smoothie costs low. [tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PL1DA469ECF097E2F9″]


Be a Green Smoothie Girl outside of the kitchen! Robyn explains the health benefits of exercise for all body types. Learn how to integrate the essential activity with a few simple exercises. Robyn also recommends programs you can do at home. Start today. You will feel great! [tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PL7C4E183E1584DE18″]


Green Smoothie Girl is involved! Follow Robyn as she promotes healthy living, shares the GreenSmoothieGirl mission, and even undergoes a makeover! [tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PL0B49A0DD012BD019″]

About Robyn

Explore the world of Green Smoothie Girl, Robyn Openshaw. Green smoothies are inspirational. Learn about the GreenSmoothieGirl holistic approach to health with  beauty products, weight loss, wellness, and the GreenSmoothieGirl mission. [tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PL41367B3E3E5FA507″]
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