Tips & Resources for Water Fasting & Modified Fasting

Welcome to the Heal the World Guided Group Fast!

Thank you for being a part of our community around guided fasting, positive intention, and helping heal the suffering in the world (and helping feed those in need).

How It Works:

Between May 14th and May 24th, you can choose a 3-day period to join us in a supported fast:

You can participate in the private Facebook Group as often as you want.

For every Flash Fast sale, part of the proceeds will benefit the charity Feed The Children.

What About Water Fasting?

Thinking about doing a water fast?

The “more is better” and “no pain, no gain” mindsets are so ingrained in our cultural consciousness that we even apply them to fasting.

If dramatically reducing our calorie intake during a modified fast yields impressive health benefits, surely abstaining from all calories — and really feeling that hunger— would be even better, right?

Water fasting can be wonderful. But don’t be so quick to assume that the most intense path is the most beneficial.

Water fasting resources to help you

You may be interested in trying a 1, 2, or 3-day water fast.

Because individuals vary widely in their response to water-only fasting, our group moderators cannot ethically guide water fasts; however, we welcome those who wish to do so, and hope you find strength and inspiration in our community Facebook Group.

Many have asked for water fasting resources. The following list of resources should not be construed as medical advice; anyone who plans on consuming only water for longer than 24 hours is recommended to consult a trusted healthcare professional first:

Note: If you don’t consider having a little something healthy and flavorful in your water to be “cheating” on a water fast, here are some ideas: What (and When) to Drink During a Modified Fast. (Fruit, mint, and cucumber are great choices!)

Not sure if you want to do a more challenging water-only fast?

Consider our highly nutritious and easy modified fast (and get $10 off):

You’re allowed up to 800 calories a day (goodbye hunger!), and we send everything you need right to your door, no prep necessary, with detailed instructions, plus a free book (for a limited time).

Part of the proceeds from each kit will go to the charity Feed The Children.

DIY Modified Fasting

Here are some do-it-yourself modified fasting resources:

Our group moderators are trained to support you in modified fasting — a 3-day period of eating 650-800 daily whole-food calories within a 12-hour window each day.

The Flash Fast kit is the easiest, done-for-you version of modified fasting (get it here for $10 off!), but we have many useful resources for you to design your own modified fast:

Why Choose the Flash Fast?

Not interested in water fasting or figuring out your own modified fasting plan?

The Flash Fast kit is an easy, healthy way to participate in the Heal the World Guided Group Fast:

  • An easy, done-for-you kit that includes all the food you’ll need for 3 days of a modified fast
  • Based on the scientific evidence of the health benefits of fasting
  • No excessive hunger, like you may experience on a water fast
  • Part of the proceeds is donated to Feed The Children
  • Support available in the Facebook Group
  • $10 off for a limited time
  • Free shipping when you order 2 or more kits
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