CLASS #1: Could Toxicity Be Why I'm Sick? The 7 Types of Toxins in Your Body & How to Eliminate Them

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  1. Great info, a lot of things I did not know. I have done an elimination diet before, about 4 years ago but I didn’t quit the coffee as I knew that would lay be out… I think I’m going for it now. Thanks K

    1. Hi Janet, I just tried and the videos worked for me. You may need to reboot your computer or may I suggest trying a different browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari). I hope it works for you, there’s loads of useful information in them!

  2. Hi, I am interested in joining – have I missed seeing, hearing or reading when thevsupported detox starts?

    1. Hi Lynne, we will be starting a group detox for our Lifetime Members come May 1st. This detox will be a bit different than the one’s Robyn talks about in her detox masterclasses, where she is a bit more involved and runs live Q&A’s. You are more than welcome to join our May detox or anytime there after. The beauty about our private facebook page is that you may start your detox whenever it best suits you. Our detoxer community is truly the best and most supportive group out there and we have two incredible health mentors that help answer any questions that may arise.

      I would love for you to watch our Detox Testimonial Video:

      You can request access to our Free Detox Masterclasses here:

      You can see the different 26-Day Detox program options at this link:

      I hope you will join us!

  3. Robin, I sent you a detailed message related to the complexity of my terminal illness and pancreatectomy. It was quite involved and I wonder if you could pull it up and read it rather than me doing it over? I am hoping and praying that you will be able to come up with helpful advice for me. Jo

  4. Hello,

    I have leaky gut. Would this detox help or hinder that as anything I put in my stomach blows it up? Also, I am thin so I am abit nervous about losing weight and not eating food in addition to having adrenal fatigue and wondered if this is too much for adrenal fatigue and thin people? I have to work every day and don’t want to look anorexic. Please advise as I know my body is inflammed and in need of help! I just had a cortisone shot today in my left knee as the arthritis flared up and made is swollen. Thank you. Look forward to your answers and hopefully signing up.

    1. Happy you reached out! This is a common concern and you may find answers to your questions on our FAQ page. I have included the links to your specific needs, below.

      Adrenal Fatigue:

      Maintaining Weight:

      Leaky gut is due to a compromised digestive tract and this detox is exactly what helps repair and rebuild it.
      I hope these answers bring comfort to you to move forward, this detox is hugely beneficial for all the things you’ve mentioned and I think you will be so relieved once your inflammation goes down.

      1. Thank you again Elsa. I really appreciate your informative information and encouragement! You being a representative is helping me to make this wise decision for myself to go for it!! 🙂

  5. I have fatty liver disease, not scarring yet, according to the doctor, but I wondered if it is safe to do the liver cleanse (olive oil/epsom salts) with fatty liver. I also have mildly high blood pressure controlled with medication and I had gallbladder removal many years ago. I think I would really like to try the full detox, but am just concerned with problems with fatty liver?

    1. Terri, I’d say it’s very safe and important to do this for the health of your liver. We recommend to any of our detoxers who do not have a gallbladder to still do the liver/gallbladder flush because there are so many crystalline structures in other organs that can/will be expelled. We don’t give medical advice, but nutritionally, this could be a very significant healing opportunity for your fatty liver.

  6. Hi! I really want to do the detox but I am pregnant (due in May) and I will breastfeed once I give birth. I am currently breastfeeding my 2.5 year old as well, so if that’s any indicator of what this next baby will bring I will be breastfeeding for quite some time. From all of the info I’ve gathered over the years detoxing and pregnancy/breastfeeding are not to be mixed, but I feel I need a “re-set”, especially with adding a new baby to the mix. What can I do? Thanks so much for your input!

    1. Hi Rachel, I am really glad you reached out. Since pregnancy and breastfeeding time is is so nutritionally important, we recommend to hold off on detoxing bc released toxins would invade your body/placenta/breast milk to avoid possibly compromising both babies nutrition. I would suggest eating a whole food diet for intensely high nutritional value. Drinking a quart of green smoothies a day would be my first share with you. Let me give you a link here to take you to free 12 Step Masterclass videos – what many of our detoxers transition to, but also begin here for nutritional information and later do the detox with us. And I am also going to share links with you on my pregnancy/baby/toddler nutrition blog. When you’re ready to detox, I hope you’ll come back and let me know. And in the meantime, enjoy your pregnancy and nursing time with your 2.5 year old – these years are so beautiful and precious and you’re doing a wonderful job feeding your babies!

  7. Hi Robyn. I wish mine was a success story. I believed the 26-day detox was (alas!) my answer and I followed it faithfully, losing about 13 pounds and feeling great, but I was traveling at the end of it, had not purchased the transition to whole foods(which I have now) and as in every other new ‘lifestyle’ started, I am back with more weight than before. I know the physical part of the program works, but the question of how to change the emotional ‘need to eat’ is still at large.. I am trying to figure it out

    1. Hi Donna, I hear every word you’re shared – and you’re not alone. The lifestyle transition from detox into whole foods is so important, especially to get that daily support from the group – it takes 30 days minimum to create a new habit! Having lost 13 pounds is proof you succeeded, released inflammation from your cells and so much more. Traveling obviously did not allow you to fully transition but this is my advice: Do the detox with us again. This time around, be thinking of how you’ll continue beyond with these recipes and add one or two new ones from 12 Steps so you won’t get overwhelmed. As for the emotional relationship with food, I’m going to leave a few links here for you to check out for info and encouragement – it’s a process, you know? Give yourself grace! Now you know what you need to focus on! Here’s one powerful tool to turn your thoughts around:

  8. I purchased the detox manual about a year ago and would like to purchase the full support, lifetime membership. When is the next group detox starting?

  9. I find the idea of a detox and resetting everything very appealing. BUT I’m concerned about after the detox. I’m not prepared to go to a 100% raw food diet nor will I stop eating at restaurants about once a week. So a big part of me doesn’t want to bother with a detox because I’ll be putting all the toxins right back into my body after all that hard work. I’d like to think that after all the hard work of a detox I would be inspired to and committed to changing my diet indefinitely but I have said and tried that in the past and I know I will not be able to follow through.

    1. Hi Becky – I love how candid you are and really respect and appreciate your honesty. I hear you loud and clear – changes of this magnitude can seem hard to maintain post detox, but most of our participants transition from the detox into the 12 Step to Whole Foods program to maintain all their great detox benefits/gains. It’s a lifestyle change for sure, and change is not always comfortable or easy, but for many who experience the huge health benefits and gains from their 26 day detox want to continue moving forward and do with a plan in place. It takes 30 days to create new habits and we take a year to teach our participants one step a month of how to live a whole food lifestyle – and it works. I’d love to talk with you more about any hesitations you have. I hope you’ll also read my blogs and listen to my podcasts – so much I’d like for you to hear to help you renew your mindset and just watch your behavior follow. If it’s your goal to detox and be your healthiest self, we can help you achieve this!

    1. Hi Deb, thanks for asking a question that is of interest to many. We never ask our detox participants to change their RX. You can absolutely detox while on medication. If people go off any of their meds, it is usually with their doctor’s guidance and recommendation. I will share that many people experience such extraordinary results from detoxing that their medication needs change, usually are lowered by their physicians! It can be pretty exciting to see such positive changes simply by releasing the toxic load.

    1. Hi Rita – Of course the content is rich with information and many do this on their own, but our testing has proven people are far more successful when doing this with a buddy and/or in the online community. So much peer encouragement and support with great help from our veteran detoxers plus the actual GSG Coaches. IF you were to reconsider and get the FB support, know it’s a private group – very safe. Many questions are answered in this forum every single day.

  10. 12 hrs after taking the apple blend and 2 hrs after I drank the oil/lemon mix I vomited it all (something I very rarely do). Couldn’t sleep all night and felt extremely uncomfortable. Any suggestions for next time. Enjoying the 26 dy detox otherwise.

    1. Oh dear – yes, this happens on occasion to a few of our detoxers 🙁 I would make sure you do not eat or drink anything past 2:00pm – we fast then except for the epsom salts drink at 6:00pm and 8:00pm, plus the olive oil/lemon drink at 9:50 pm. And only tiny sips of water in between if you HAVE to, otherwise try to abstain. Doing a CE before is very helpful to clearing out the bowels which keeps nausea down too.

  11. I followed Chris beats cancer for a while and decided to go it alone after testamonies of others who had cancer and did the same. I do mega fruits versus plants, but eat plants also. fruit smoothies made in a blender, versus a juicer, My blood tests (4 in all) are coming back better each time (stabilized at this time) as of last week. Howvever my Bunn has risen 5 points and my red blood cells are dropping. I cannot do a 26 day cleanse (I am the sole caregiver for my mother with alzheimers).

    Is there a shorter plan for me?.

    1. Hi Pat – you can always do a 2 or 3 week version of our 26 Day detox. Phase 1 and 2 and end with kidney flush and liver/gall bladder flush?

    1. Hi Robin! Yes – we have had hundreds, even thousands of detox participants testify their symptoms have significantly dropped or have been altogether eliminated!

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