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6 thoughts on “Detox Webclass Specials (AD2)”

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  1. Peggy says:

    Great info. Thanks for sharing FREE. You are awesome

  2. Stacie Mailloux says:

    Loved all the information you gave in all 4 mini master classes. I did leave a comment after listening to the first mini class, about nursing. I would absolutely love to try this, but as you had mentioned in the fourth mini class, if I am nursing, don’t do it yet. Is it only live detox event that you do this? Or do you have something else, where I can do this when I am able to?

    1. Elsa Support says:

      Hi Stacie, I’m glad you wrote us again, apologies on missing your previous comment. That is correct, It is not recommended to undergo Detox while pregnant or nursing. During Detox our bodies are being cleansed of toxins. These toxins can be released and ingested by the child through the mother’s body. The more reliant a child is on its mother’s body for its nutrition, the more chance the child has of ingesting the mother’s released toxins.

      The great news is that you are welcome to join GSG for a detox anytime you’re ready! We have a fabulous private facebook detox community that is constantly in motion, so even when we are not hosting a group detox, you can jump in and start and still receive guidance and encouragement from our health mentors and experienced members. Our Lifetime Membership and Full Support Membership both give you access to our private fb group. I hope you will join us!

  3. Patricia says:

    Is this plaque released thru the protocol of a colonoscopy?

    1. Elsa Anderson says:

      Hi Patricia,
      Catarrhal mucoid plaque can not be released from a colonoscopy by itself. You will need to do some deep cleaning beforehand. That’s where the importance of the 26 Day Detox comes into play! Over the course of the 26 days…..and ongoing, if you commit to a quart a day of green smoothie, and giving up most of your processed-food habits, you’ll slowly eliminate a lot of it especially when our detoxers partake in Level 2 of the detox. You may not SEE the catarrhal mucoid plaque breaking down and leaving, because unlike with a 21-day fast like Robyn did when she released so much of it, in her 20’s… are actually eating FOOD. So you’re eliminating the waste products from the food, as well. (food that is very high in fiber, alkalizing, and good for you in every way.) It is a VERY pure experiment to have nothing but bentonite clay and psyllium husks in water, for 3 weeks, like Robyn did…..and it’s not for everyone. Most people would probably end up passing out, unable to work/function, and 98% would quit. So….our protocol is gentler, but the downside is that you’ll not necessarily see that rubbery stuff, because it will be IN your normal elimination, in chunks.

  4. Patricia says:

    What is your opinion of the ‘Blood-Type Diet’, as some of the foods you mention for detoxing are on the ‘bad for my blood-type’ list….coconut, avocado, etc.

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