CLASS #1: Could Toxicity Be Why I'm Sick? The 7 Types of Toxins in Your Body & How to Eliminate Them

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  1. Robin says:

    Interested in detoxing but NOT in weightloss. Not sure how to go about this.

    1. Helen Blair says:

      Robin, how well I understand. Think of the nearly unavoidable weight loss as a good thing – it’s toxins, water, debris releasing from your cells and body opening up the opportunity for your leaky gut to assimilate food and nutrition more efficiently. We can modify your plan to include more healthy fats while you detox.

  2. TMax says:

    thank you Robyn – a lot of great Info here. see you soon 😉

    1. Helen Blair says:

      Glad it is helpful TMax! Be well in 2018!

  3. Megan Parkin says:

    So there’s 4 classes for now? When will the other 6 be available? Thank you!

    1. Helen Blair says:

      At this time, we offer 4 classes in this free mini detox master class 🙂

  4. Laurie says:

    I can’t wait to learn more. So many benefits from detoxing!

    1. Helen Blair says:

      Detoxing is a blessing for the body, soul and mind – three times a year will keep you humming right along, deal with food sensitivities/allergies and leaky gut!

  5. Alese DiFilippo says:

    Very interesting excited to learn more

    1. Helen Blair says:

      Hi Alese, so glad you joined me here!

  6. Brenda says:

    A lot to take in.
    Looking forward to learning more.

    1. Helen Blair says:

      Brenda, thanks for watching and yes, it is a lot and glad we can offer these free mini classes for a block of time so people can take the info in at their learning convenience! Happy New Year and be blessed!

  7. Ronnett says:

    I’m excited to learn more and bring a buddy along.

    1. Helen Blair says:

      Ronnett, you sound ready to detox! Good for you!

  8. Edie says:

    Ready to do this!

    1. Helen Blair says:

      Come on! We’d love to have you! Link to check out our different package options is at the end of this comment page – big green button!

  9. Traci says:

    I’m nursing my adorable one year old baby. Can I still follow this program? THANK YOU! =)

    1. Dawn says:

      Your eating good, your putting nutrients INTO your body. I don’t see any harm in all natural & goid for you.

  10. Helia says:

    I really need to detox been doing a lot of over eating and mad sweets…My face is breaking out and my stomach is bloated. I hope the detox helps with weight loss too

    1. Helen Blair says:

      Hi Helia – you sound like the perfect detox candidate with the most common symptoms of detox overload – you can’t help but lose weight on this program! You’ll be amazed at how good you will begin to feel within a few days!

  11. Jolene says:

    Nervous. Hoping I can do thus

    1. Helen Blair says:

      Jolene, I understand your nervousness but want to assure you this detox is SO user friendly and extremely doable! We eat the most fresh plant based foods! We help people find a buddy on the facebook group support page and that is a huge game changer to have someone to detox with! Either Full Support or Lifetime will give you the facebook support option.

  12. It gets confusing everyone telling you something different

    1. Dawn says:

      Nothing confusing about eating healthy, try this, if it works you did good, if not, you’ve lost nothing but gained insight. Only question if your supposed to buy a product your unfamiliar with.

  13. Erika says:

    I’m a very picky eater I hope I can Do this class !!!

    1. Dawn says:

      Stop being picky, you can do this! Saying your picky starts you off with a negative. You got this! You can, you will do this, & you’ll feel great.

  14. Debi says:

    Thank you for caring and sharing…..

    1. Helen Blair says:

      Happy to share health truths that change lives!

  15. christina says:

    I have never done anything like this however I am very interested. I’m not sure how this works so I would like to ask a couple questions. What is how can I keep these video so I can see him over and over. It takes me awhile to get it all down. The other thing is sometimes I do not have time to sit and watch live things will this be recorded so that I can view them?

    1. Helen Blair says:

      Christina, these free videos will be available for a few weeks yet during our LIVE DETOX time, so relax and watch as you can. If you’d like the transcripts, I can arrange for this.

      1. Jean says:

        Can I get a copy of the transcript as well please? Thank you! 🙂

        1. Gina says:

          Hello, I’d like a copy of the transcripts too, please! Can’t wait to hear this, I need it!

          1. Elsa Support says:

            Hi Gina, I love your energy and excitement for Robyn’s detox! It certainly does wonders. Once you’ve purchased the program, please email our Customer Support team for the transcripts at

      2. Sheri says:

        Will you send me a copy of the transcripts as well please.

        1. Elsa Anderson says:

          Hi Sheri, Please email our Customer Support team so they can further assist you:

  16. Kathleen says:

    I’m anxious but feel empowered.

    1. Helen Blair says:

      Kathleen – I love it! Hopefully your body will feel the nutritional shift early on and you’ll start to live at a higher frequency asap! Happy New Year!

  17. Brenda says:

    Does it help with your thyroid and your adrenal glands

    1. Elsa Support says:


      Robyn has been in remission from Hashimoto’s herself for many years and has been 90% vegan for all of those years and in fact credits her good health with eating so many plants.​ Robyn herself does the 26-Day Detox at least 2 times a year.

      Our good friend Izabella Wentz, The creator or “The Thyroid Secret” sent her 500,000 followers to our 26-Day Detox because it’s how Robyn healed from Hashi’s, herself, and put it into remission 17 years ago. Toxicity is one of the “root causes” of Hashimotos and thyroid disease.

      Robyn does not line up with Izabella Wentz’s stance that Paleo is the only way to go, for thyroid patients–for Robyn, a very green and plant-based diet (not vegetarian, or vegan, necessarily, the past 25 years, but highly plant-based) was KEY to putting her own Hashimoto’s in remission and keeping it there. If you are avoiding cruciferous vegetables or goitrogens, you can still participate in the detox modified. Please see the optional food substitutions list for the detox in the detox portal.

      We’re great friends, the Paleo folks and Robyn, even though she believes that (AND the Auto-Immune Protocol) are fad diets, industry-driven, and on their way out…..because we ALL see that processed foods, GMO foods, and flour products have got to go! There’s lots to say here, but Robyn disagrees with the implication that everyone, just because of thyroid function, needs to eat animal proteins.

      Read How Not to Die by Michael Greger, MD, for another perspective that’s very important. I eat virtually all whole plant foods, freely, and do not show any antibodies for thyroid. There’s no “one size fits all” but eating a LOT of plants is important for human beings with 35′ of GI tract.

      You may also be interested in listening to Robyn’s podcast episode with Dr Alan Christianson NMD who specializes in natural endocrinology with a focus on thyroid disorders.

      The detox diet is extremely adrenal-supportive….plus we’re cleansing many of the organs that, if they’re clogged and maxed, continue to tax your adrenal gland unnecessarily.

      It’s also a very veggie-intensive diet, which we’d like you to use as an experiment as well in this question: “Which of these can I take into my “real life?” (post detox)

      A detox diet that isn’t massively high in natural whole-foods fiber IS NOT a real detox. And, your post-detox diet must also be high in natural plant fiber. (Not Metamucil! Not the same thing at all.)

  18. Darlean says:

    I am a 5 year stage IV breast cancer survivor. I have had chemo, surgery and radiation along with 5 years of triple positive hormone blockers. I am currently off of all infusions and praying that the cancer does not resurface. It had progressed to my bones. I continue to be stable over the past 5 years with no other progression.

    My question is with detoxing, how will that affect my organs, with so many chemicals in my body for so long. I am 66 years old.

  19. Stacie says:

    I have a question. I am breastfeeding right now. With the drastic, quick change in my body, would it be too much for the baby? When you were talking about the herxheimer reaction, will that cause an issue?

    1. Elsa Support says:

      Hi Stacie, I’m so glad you asked. It is not recommended to undergo Detox while pregnant or nursing.

      During Detox our bodies are being cleansed of toxins. These toxins can be released and ingested by the child through the mother’s body. The more reliant a child is on its mother’s body for its nutrition, the more chance the child has of ingesting the mother’s released toxins.

      Mothers should use their discretion when deciding whether or not to detox.

      If you are a pregnant or nursing mother who has already registered for Detox, please contact customer support for guidance.

  20. Sophia says:

    I’ve had no gallbladder for 20 years now and I always have had bathroom problems ever since. Will detoxing help me?

    1. Elsa Support says:

      Hi Sophia, We can’t project detoxification results relative to specific diagnoses, but I can say we’ve had many folks with no gallbladder complete the program with great success and become annual detoxers. You CAN skip the gallbladder cleanse if you wish, though we feel it’s also helpful for flushing crystalline structures from the kidneys and liver as well. But all other organs of our body can still detox, and the gallbladder is just a big player! I hope you join us, there is so much good that is done when detoxing.

  21. Debbie Skippee says:

    I would like to participate but as a caregiver to my mother and brother I can’t always watch at a certain time.

    1. Elsa Support says:

      Hi Debbie! No problem, you are welcome to watch these at any time. We hope you join us in our Detox, which can also be done at anytime in the year. We always suggest choosing a month that does not involve travel or any big events. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  22. Annette says:

    I live in California, silicon Valley. Abt how much will I be spending on food etc?

  23. Patricia says:

    I’m frustrated. Sick and tired of not feeling better and not able to lose this weight. I struggle so with sweets and ice cream. Praying I can stick to this one.

    1. Elsa Anderson says:

      Hi Patricia, I can certainly relate and understand the feeling. Sugar cravings often times signify a Candida overgrowth, and although the detox is not designed to eradicate Candida it is an excellent start to help cleanse your vital organs of elimination to make the process much easier. I hope you’ll join us and our Detoxer community on facebook by purchasing the Lifetime or Full Support membership.

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