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Robyn’s Top-Priority Preparedness Items
for 2024 & Beyond!

Robyn’s Top-Priority Preparedness Items for 2024 & Beyond!

13 Steps to Get Yourself & Your Family Prepared

Here’s an outline of the recommendations you’ll find on this page. Click, or scroll down, for more info on each step.

Here’s an outline of the recommendations you’ll find on this page. Click, or scroll down, for more info on each step.

1. Top Priority Be Sure You Have a Quick, Easy Way to Get Your Healthy Nutritional Needs Met: With the right nutrients, you and your loved ones will be full, feel your best, and stay well. Stock up on multiple Preparedness Essentials Kits, on sale now. Each kit is 3 meals a day, for 1 person, for 1 week.

2. Plan So You’ll Have Clean, Healthy Water, No Matter What Happens. I like the affordable yet effective options from Clearly Filtered, to be able to easily filter water. Use coupon code WELCOME10, for 10% off any option.

3. Start Considering Your Financial Future Right Away:Join my Take Action for Freedom Mastermind, to learn how to convert some of your savings to be outside the centralized banking system. We teach a class every Weds!

4. Stock Up on Food Prep Foods with a Long Shelf Life. Like dried and freeze-dried fruits and veggies, pulses/beans, grains, meats, and meals.

5. Decide What Cooking & Food-Prep Tools You’ll Need. One thing I have is a hand-crank blender.

6. Gather Sprouting Supplies & Learn How To Sprout. An excellent and fun habit for easy nutrition.

7. Learn How to Grow Your Own Food. My favorite INDOOR growing system, where you get a free set of seedlings to get started growing immediately, is the Lettuce Grow Farmstand. It takes up the least amount of floor space, it’s the most vertical (tall) option, for the lowest cost.

8. Protect Your Immunity & Stay Well. Making your own colloidal silver is an excellent way to take action to protect your health.

9. Gather Books & Learn How to Forage in Your Area. I got a general foraging book, and one about Florida, where I live.

10. Have Extra Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent.My favorite one is a clean option that actually works, plus it doesn’t take up much space in your storage.

11. Prepare Lighting. In case you don’t have power, get extra light bulbs, or fixtures, and candles and lighters.

12.  Store Extra Fuel. So you can drive, if you’re unable to buy gas, or it’s expensive.

13. Plan Personal Items You May Need

Step 1 — Make Sure You Have These, Even If You Do Nothing Else!

Preparedness Essentials Kits from GreenSmoothieGirl — No Cooking or Heat Required...

High-Energy, Immune-Boosting, Brain-Supporting, Nutrient-Dense Superfoods + Essential Supplements = Delicious Resilience to Thrive No Matter What Happens 

The Preparedness Essentials Kit can be stored for 2 years, or more.

Even if you live in a small space, this is 1 week’s worth of perfect-nutrition food, for 1 person, 3 meals a day.

Add the clean, delicious protein and sprouted superfood ground seeds to a jar or blender bottle. Shake if you want to eat immediately with no prep – tastes great, too.

This isn’t awful “prepper” food you wouldn’t eat if you didn’t have to; it’s food you’ll love eating right now, too.

You could also add the organic sprouted-seed products to green smoothies for essential fatty acids to support brain and heart health.

Or a scoop of whole-food protein makes it a meal with perfect nutrition.

With the Kit, you can get two (optional but highly recommended) supplements to support wellness and resilience, protect against stress, keep the gut strong, and replenish the 90+ minerals and trace minerals your body needs for every single process of the body.

Get multiple of these Kits for the people in your home, or people you care about, because you’ve probably noticed – most people are doing no prepping whatsoever, so you and I need to look out for those around us, if we can.

Step 2: Plan What You Need for Clean, Healthy Water

A water purifier or distiller is a much better idea than cases of plastic water bottles that take up a lot of space and leach toxins from the plastic. I like Clearly Filtered, with several options to meet any budget.

Clearly Filtered for Clean Water at Home & On-the-Go


I like Clearly Filtered, with several options to help your budget. Get 10% off any option, with coupon code WELCOME10. You may want to stock up on extra filters for the under-sink model that is installed in minutes, or the pitcher.

Water Distiller

Water filter

Have a water distiller on hand, so you can enjoy clean water, without bacteria, parasites, etc. Here’s the water distiller I got.

You can also use distilled water to make your own colloidal silver — which is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial. (I’ll tell you the device you need to do this later on this page.)

Timer for Water Distiller


You’ll need a timer to be able to use your water distiller.

Step 3: Consider Your Financial Future

I hope you’re thinking about your financial freedom, as most of us are heavily invested in the government that has printed more money since 2020 than in the entire history of the US prior to that.

Your financial future is an important aspect of becoming prepared, and since 2021, I’ve run a Mastermind that meets every Weds night.

Your support for how to keep some of your savings outside the centralized banking system and US government, to protect what you’ve worked your whole life for. And important preparedness topics!

I didn’t start the Take Action For Freedom Insiders Mastermind (3 years old now!) to sell you on crypto:

Personally, I wouldn’t buy 99.99% of crypto, and I think the vast majority of them will fail, just like most did in the “dot-com bubble.”

The expert coaches and I, in the Mastermind, are far more interested in EDUCATION about blockchain, decentralized “sound money,” in ways that will directly improve your future. And the few blockchain / crypto projects being clearly adopted by governments and large corporations, to disrupt / improve every industry.

We don’t give financial advice; we only educate you.

In the Mastermind, we teach about the economic issues affecting us all. In a previous career, I taught basic economics and history and civics (how the government works) to university students.

Every fiat currency (like the dollar) in history has eventually failed, due to government devaluing it through various means, especially money printing.

Despite the crypto market volatility (along with stocks, bonds, precious metals, and now even real estate is paralyzed), my “sound money” investments have outpaced the stock market, real estate, and every other investment category.

The Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon of the crypto world are now revealing themselves to be the ones that will go the distance while the others fail.

More importantly, decentralized finance gets us independent of the central banks, where our money in the bank isn’t even actually ours!

We all saw the prime minister of a country widely considered to be “free” in 2021 freeze the bank accounts of protestors, even seizing their property. Just as bad, the central banks froze Russia’s money!

So, We the People need to invest in our own future in ways that are independent of the corrupt systems.

Fortunately, this IS possible, but it has to start with education. Get a month in the mastermind FREE, plus $50 off with coupon code PREPARE, to join the mastermind and start learning every Weds night.

Step 4: Stock Up on Foods with a Long Shelf Life

Here are some options you might choose for your needs.

My Patriot Supply

Patriot supply products including water bottle, radio, survival kit, ready made foods, emergency blanket

My Patriot Supply has all its products available, though the nutrition is just standard survivalist food – organic and nutrient-dense, it’s not! (Though they do have gluten-free options).

If I had to eat “macaroni and cheese” or whatever, I’d make sure to augment it with a Foraged Green Smoothie, for nutrient density.

(See my Substack article on this topic: Even if store shelves are bare, you can make a green smoothie, for free, to get great nutrition in almost any condition.)

Food from My Patriot Supply has a 20-year shelf life.

Thrive Life

Thrivelife free dried foods

I like Thrive Life for 25-year shelf life fruits/veggies/greens, but half their products tend to be out of stock since 2020.

I’ve made green smoothies with 100% freeze-dried fruits and veggies, and they’re just as delicious as fresh. Thrive Life also has beans, meat, and snack items.

Valley Food Storage

Valley food storage emergency food supply

Valley Food Storage offers freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, as well as meats and entrées. They also have dehydrated foods. They’re a Utah small business I’ve supported for most of my adult life.

Step 5: Decide What Tools You’ll Need

Here are some ideas of what you may need:

Buckets, Bags, & Jars to Store Food

Blue bucket

If you buy bulk foods, like beans and grains, you should also invest in 2-gallon or 5-gallon buckets with tight-fitting lids, and/or quart jars, to store your food. Wide-mouth jars are easier to deal with. 

Gallon or quart freezer bags are also a good idea, though freezer space is best used for meds, supplements, meat, and items with a short shelf life or that must be frozen.

Hand-Crank Blender

handcrake blender

You can still make nutritious green smoothies if you don’t have power with a hand-crank blender.

Charcoal Grill

outdoor grill

Charcoal grills, and storing briquettes, is a way to be less dependent on fossil fuels that will become increasingly scarce and expensive.

Step 6: Gather Sprouting Supplies & Learn How To Sprout

Sprouting is a fantastic preparedness habit, and an easy way to add exceptional nutrition to any meal. It’s EASY to do.

You can store seeds for long periods of time, and then, you can enjoy sprouts on salads, soups, smoothies, sandwiches, and more, anytime you want.

True Leaf Market: Sprouting Seeds & Supplies

I like True Leaf for supplies and seeds, because they’re a small company that offers non-GMO, organic seeds at affordable prices. (Please consider always finding a small business to support, other than Amazon who has crushed millions of small businesses.)

To sprout seeds, you’ll need seeds and a jar with a vented lid, or some kind of sprouting gadget.

Sprouting 101

How to sprout? Check out my Sprouting 101 article. 

Don’t Have Time or Want to Sprout? 

We offer Sprouted Flax and TriOmega (sprouted broccoli/chia/flax) for the easy version, with at least a 2-year shelf life. 

Another Easy Option: Hamama Kits for Growing Microgreens

Microgreens are also super nutritious. With a ceramic starter kit from Hamama, you’ll have an easy way to eat more of these powerhouse greens. Even if you have a black thumb! All you need to do is add water. Non-GMO seeds, with many of them organic.

Trellis and co sprouting jar lid kit

Step 7: Learn How to Grow Your Own Food

Lettuce Grow

a Lettuce Grow system with veggies growing out of it

Don’t have enough space to garden outdoors? Use an indoor-outdoor Lettuce Grow Farmstand to grow food indoors, with minimal space, vertically. The company sends you a full set of FREE seedlings to get started right away with discount code: GSG!

Step 8: Protect Your Immunity & Stay Well

Colloidal Silver Machine

Silverlungs generator

Having a colloidal silver maker, like this one, allows you to produce an endless amount of colloidal silver. You’ll always have immune-support on-hand – use it to protect yourself from various infections, systemic and topical.

Step 9: Gather Books & Learn How to Forage in Your Area

Florida's Edible Wild Plants: A Guide to Collecting and Cooking

book titled "Floridas edible wild plants. A guide to collecting and cooking"

This book is a guide to 32 of the best and most common edible wild plants in North America, with detailed information on how to identify them, where they are found, how and when they are harvested, which parts are used, how they are prepared, as well as their culinary use, ecology, conservation, and cultural history.

You can use the internet, but having a book on hand is a good idea, because who knows when the internet may go down.

The Forager's Harvest: A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Edible Wild Plants

book titled "The foragers harvest. A guide to identifying, harvesting, and preparing edible wild plants"

This helpful book is fully illustrated with photos and drawings to help with identifying plants in Florida. The author has fifty years’ experience gathering and preparing wild edibles and bringing them to her family’s table. She shares practical knowledge interspersed with recipes.

Florida may not be where you live, but I show you this book because there’s probably one appropriate to you.

Step 10: Have Extra Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent

Truly Free: Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent

Truly free laundry detergent and refill packets

I love this laundry detergent because it’s non-toxic, and it actually works. Truly Free is  my go-to, and I’ll tell you why.

They send you one bottle, and then you add the refills to the same bottle – so you’re not just sending huge plastic jugs to the landfill. Plus, storing laundry detergent takes up very little space. Truly Free also has non-toxic stain remover, concentrate to replenish your hand-soap bottles, and laundry-machine cleaner to make your washer last longer.

Clothesline Kit

clothesline and wooden clothespins

If you don’t have power, or the costs of energy are high, save by drying your clothes with a clothesline kit.

Line drying also helps protect your clothes so they last longer. You will need a drill, to install the screws into two trees or the inside of your porch, etc.

Drying Rack

wooden dryer for hanging clothes

Or, here’s a durable and attractive option for drying your clothes. You might prefer a wooden drying rack. It conveniently folds down in seconds. 

Step 11: Prepare Lighting, So You Can See



Everyone needs a durable, solar-powered flashlight, or two. This one is special – it has emergency features and solar-charges your phone. 



I recommend 2 sets of replacement lightbulbs for every light in your home that might need replacement.

Solar Inflatable Lanterns

solar powered lantern

Having a few solar-powered lanterns is also a good idea.


beeswax candles

You want clean, long-burning candles on-hand if you need them, like beeswax candles. They have little smoke and a pleasant smell.

Step 12: Store Extra Fuel

HOA’s limit this, but consider storing extra diesel, fuel, propane, charcoal + lighter fluid, as your laws and HOA’s allow.

Jerrican for Gas

Red gas can

If you aren’t where an HOA forbids gas storage, keep gas in a 5-gallon jerrican, to have it if you need it. Even people who live in HOA-governed communities keep a jerrican of gas for the mower, etc.

Step 13: Plan Other Personal Items You May Need

Glasses: Readers


I don't need readers, maybe because I drink green smoothies and a pink smoothie every day? But in case I need them later, I have some inexpensive ones in different strengths.

Blue-Light Blocker Glasses


I DO wear blue-light blocker glasses, since the blue light from TV and computer and phone screens confuse your pineal gland into thinking it's daytime, stopping melatonin production. I actually wear them all day while working online, to preserve my eyesight.

Additional Resources & Skills to Learn

My Food Storage Makeover with Jodi

Dave’s Fetid Swamp Water

Learn how to make your own liquid fertilizer, compost tea, for your garden. We use a 55-gallon plastic drum, and we add grass clippings, vegetable scraps, and leaves. It must have a lid. Push it down to compress, cover with water, and just add to it. You can ladle out “swamp water” that is actually a rich fertilizer, anytime you need it, forever!

Dry Canning

Learn how to preserve dry goods, like oatmeal, rice, and dry beans, in mason jars – easy to do, and no boiling water bath needed.

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