CLASS #1: Could Toxicity Be Why I'm Sick? The 7 Types of Toxins in Your Body & How to Eliminate Them

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  1. Love all your information! I have recently dived into learning about whole foods and understanding detox more. The issue for me is I started to learn this while pregnant and then nursing and pregnant again…I am currently nursing an infant and plan to nurse for about 2 years and also have more children. Is there a safe time to detox during any of that or do I just have to wait until I am done growing my family? Thank you for your input!

    1. Hi Kelsey,

      Much of the detox program involves nutritional protocols, which are health-promoting for all. Even your nursing baby should benefit from you having better nutrition. The only issue you might face in the nutritional protocols is the food portions being too small to feed you and a nursing baby, and since the caloric density will be smaller than what you are used to, you may have to consciously eat a higher quantity than you are used to. However, keep in mind that we are not medical professionals and you may wish to consult a medical professional regarding any specific needs you have. Also, you may wish to hold off on some of the non-nutritional protocols, depending on what your medical professionals advise.

      -Kristin L

      1. Liz, that’s another issue. We don’t recommend nursing or pregnant mothers do the detox because toxicity leaves through blood and in fact all fluids (even breast milk to an extent).

        1. Yes, and since breast milk is made off the mother’s blood, what’s in her blood will be in her milk. However, as the levels in the blood decrease, so too will they in her milk. It’s a very permeable membrane. Former LLL leader here who learned about this stuff when I was going through a cancer diagnosis (CAT scan, biopsy, and contrast solutions) with a 6-month-old nursing baby. I ate raw vegan for two months (which is a form of detoxing) to heal myself of the tumor and continued nursing him until he was three.

        2. So, it sounds like those of us who are nursing or pregnant should only do the nutritional protocols for now, correct?
          (I am in the same situation, because by the time I wean one baby around 2-2 1/2 years, I am pregnant again.) Will nutritional only give me a good enough detox, or are the non nutritional protocols necessary for full detox?

          1. Virgina,

            As you are in that important phase of creating and providing life through nursing and being pregnant (I too remember that stage…finishing one just to start another) what a joyous and precious stage of life to be in…although it does make it difficult to detox it does make it perfect for looking into our 12 Steps to Whole foods. It’s a program that teaches step by step how to create a lifestyle of good healthy whole foods eating for you and your beautiful growing family. We’ve got another great masterclass set of videos about that program you can check out here Keep doing the great and important work you’re doing in raising your family and taking care of yourself as well.

    2. My situation right now!!! I refuse to do any kind of detox while nursing. I’d rather stay toxic than hurt my children. Luckily I’m on my last baby. I’ve been nursing for almost a year now and will continue for at least another 5-6 months or until my baby weans himself… THEN I’m all over this detox!! I’m excited and patiently waiting.

      1. I’m in the same boat and had scrolled down to ask the same question as above. I’ve been interested in detoxing for a long time, but have been either pregnant or breastfeeding for about 4 years now. I’d like to think we will still have one more baby yet though, so chances are it will be another 3 years or so before I’m done with breastfeeding! I guess I’ll just keep trying to eat as whole food as possible in the meantime, and then finally get stuck into detoxing after that! Or if we are slow to get pregnant next time around, maybe I’ll end up with a chance in between after all!

      2. There is alot of things you can do now…You can eliminate bad foods, drinks and chemicals in your home. Go Vegan, go raw or less temp cooking to keep good nutrients viable. Eliminate the posioned foods! No GMOs as in “no corn,sugar,soy products or by products” … high fructous corn syrup, corn starch, sugar, pesticide laden fruits/veggies, floride toothpaste, tap water, bottled water that is not spring water.There is no guideline/quality threshold for bottled water we buy and consume. You can get rid of everything plastic in your kitchen that is not BPA FREE including kitchen wrap and plastic bags.( Can use glass containers for storage with plastic tops , long as you do fill to the top – can keep food of of lid.) Get rid of teflon non-stick pots and pans. You can get rid of the microwave. Purchase and use Berkey or simillar filter (Alex Jones -infowars website has awesome filter we use on counter in kitchen). Start a home garden and let the kids help…your first fresh veggie will be amazing you will never go back … Even in planters if you dont have yard. You can do it and you babies will grow up safer, healthier in a very poisonous world. Lastly and MOST IMPORTANT check out what is going on with industry manipulated and TOXIC vaccines which can be deadly or severely damaging as with increase of Autism, etc. Hope these ideas can help inspire, Love and blessibg to you and you family. 🙂

        1. We have done all of these things! and try to be good examples to people around us when we try to impress upon them that they need to do all these things as well
          : ]

  2. Hi, I live in the UK. I can see that it is not possible to send the supplements etc that seem to be part of the programme internationally…. So is there much point in just purchasing the ebook? Could you suggest any alternatives for us poor folk who don’t happen to live in the US??

    1. Hi Astrid,

      What you can do is purchase the e-book, then email support with your order number and they will send you a link to upgrade to full support or lifetime support.

      I hope that helps!

      -Kristin L

      1. Hi Kristin, thanks for your reply, – what about all the supplements though, also an ebook for that much money seems a lot, what is included in the ebook???

        1. The supplements are optional and you can find similar supplements available locally if you want to participate in them. The ebook includes the entire program, so upgrading would get you the support also. I believe it is worth the price – consider how much time and effort Robyn put into developing the content! But, it is your decision of course! I definitely think you get your money’s worth!

    2. I know what you mean Astrid about the cost of anything in dollars recently. The surge in the strength of the dollar and the devaluing of the British pound since Brexit has made stuff from the USA prohibitively expensive.

  3. Hi! I have a question thatbive wondered the answer to for a long time. I’ve wanted to try a detox on several different occasions but have never dared try it because I have either been pregnant or nursing and I’m wondering if it is safe to detox in either of those conditions? I’m not currently pregnant but I am nursing.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      I just posted a similar comment to Kelsey above, so I will just paste it here. Let me know if you have further questions:

      Much of the detox program involves nutritional protocols, which are health-promoting for all. Even your nursing baby should benefit from you having better nutrition. The only issue you might face in the nutritional protocols is the food portions being too small to feed you and a nursing baby, and since the caloric density will be smaller than what you are used to, you may have to consciously eat a higher quantity than you are used to. However, keep in mind that we are not medical professionals and you may wish to consult a medical professional regarding any specific needs you have. Also, you may wish to hold off on some of the non-nutritional protocols, depending on what your medical professionals advise.

      -Kristin L

    1. I would not say ‘mainly’ but we do have smoothies almost every day, and many days we have 2 smoothies in a day. We also have lots of recipes and other helpful detoxifying protocols. I hope this helps!

    2. Blending (smoothie) break items down to make them more bio available. Also body does not have to work as hard digesting, so as she mentioned your body has energy to do other things , cleanse, eliminate rogue cells, heal, repair, flush out organs and glands. 🙂

  4. Most of the information in session 1 I was familiar with from years of study and life changes … but WOW … I was shocked to learn about the new born with 230 carcinogenics chemicals in them they day they are born and how they are stored in the umbilical chord!

  5. Tons of info. Mind is spinning. I have many symptoms
    S. deal with fibro daily. Digestion problems migraines swollen legs low energy problems sleeping poor circulation
    Yup I would say I need to detox!

  6. What an excellent package you are putting together! Sharing your search and journey for healthy living are incredible. Most of us do not have the time to spend to learn what you have learned over the past 20 years. I am excited that you have put this together and made it available for our benefit. Great example of ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’ I am also grateful that you acknowledge none of us are going to be 100%. This is an adventure in learning and gaining a personal knowledge of what contributes to each of our health individually.

  7. Great information, I have done a 7days detox with my daughter, seemed to clean her out nothing for me.Then again, now that I think about it different pills from the health store?

    1. Hi Annette,

      We all have a need to detox with our constant exposure to toxins. Keep in mind that there are internal processes going on during detoxing that you might not have been aware of. Also, our program is 26 days and contains many protocols, nutritional and otherwise. Perhaps you need further protocols than your 7 day program provided.

      -Kristin L

    1. I really want to do this. Can I start December 26th as I go on a vacation January 20! Can we read the replies to all of the questions? I have done a vegan protein powder prior and thought it was awful. Im worried that I will have to hold my nose to eat the smoothies. Can you assure me that this is not so?

      1. Hi Judy!

        Absolutely you can start early! Most people find it easier to start after the holidays so that is when you will find the largest number of detoxers to go along with program with you, but as soon as you get your materials, you can read the program and begin! I am available for support as well!

        -Kristin L

        1. Kristin I just signed up tonight. Do u think unwilling get the manual in time to know how to begin in 2 days? Nice not what would u suggest so I can know what and how to start? Should I print Out 196 pages of the e-book manual? Pam

    1. Absolutely Ashley! We have many detoxers who have trained for even intensive endurance events like marathons and triathlons, all while detoxing. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you may have to eat more or larger food portions!

  8. I have been juicing for 10 days on the Super Juice me program and worry about the sugar content because it’s mostly fruit and no fiber. Is that healthy?

    1. Hi Sandy,

      We do include juicing in our program as an optional level 2 protocol, but we do not recommend fruit juice only! You should get as much veggie juice as you can and consider minimizing the amount of fruit juice ‘necessary’ to make the veggie juice taste good! But, if you focus on the veggies, and you juice is cold pressed and preferably organic, then absolutely it can be very healthy and full of enzymes.

      -Kristin L

      1. Can “all fruit smoothies” be countrer productive during initial cleansing? Ie. feed the candidae bacteria fungus’ you are trying to balance out …

    1. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate Sharon! Detoxing might help some of your issues but it will definitely just help you get better nutrition so I hope we will see you there!

    2. Hi Sharon, I encourage you to join the closed facebook page Bee Venom Therapy for Lyme Disease. Many people have given up on antibiotics and are pursuing bee venom instead. I found out about Green Smoothie Girl from their page and am looking forward to trying the detox if I can afford it.

    3. Sharon, Have you looked into alternative herbal treatments for “antibiotic therapy”? Ones without the harmful side effects? Almost all pharmaceuticals attempt to duplicate the active ingredients in plant matter to effect their “cures”. The only reason they don’t push for the better of the two (organic rather than engineered) is because you cannot patent natural cures. I would be happy to point you in the right direction as an added boost to “Green Smoothie Girl’s” awesome program!

  9. I would love to participate but this upcoming January start will just not work for me. I am out of the country and the timing is not right. When will you be offering this again? Please let me know. Thanks!

    1. Hi Marcia,

      When you join the program, you generally have access for several months so you can choose a start date for when you get back! Consider joining on time so you can benefit from watching the comments from the group and learning from their experience. You can then also find a subgroup of detoxers willing on repeating the detox with you when you get back. Yes detoxers sometimes do it twice even back to back!

      Hope this helps!

      -Kristin L

  10. I am on thyroid and simvistatin medication. Would like to get off both. How would a detox effect those medications. Also, have been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease. How will that be affected.

    1. Hi Lois,

      We are not medical professionals and cannot offer medical advice. True North is a medical facility which specializes in reducing or eliminating medications whenever possible. I would recommend you schedule a free consult with them to discuss your medications and medical issues:

      As for our detox program, I hope you will still consider doing it, as it is full of helpful nutritional and lifestyle protocols that will absolutely lead to a healthier you!

      -Kristin L

  11. I agree that a detox and eating whole what we should strive for. However are you falling into the category of so many others…. selling your products??? Would love to hear your response.

    1. Hi Quiltera,

      First of all, we only sell products that we believe in 100% and these types of products are generally difficult to find otherwise. However, you do not need to purchase them! We strongly advise that you supplement your diet with healthy products and we believe ours are, but they are 100% optional during the detox. You can go through the detox without buying our consumable products. I hope this helps!

      -Kristin L

  12. I am from Australia and find that often I begin the process of listening to things and get all excited only to find down the track that I cannot purchase any of the supplements and products, sooo frustrating!!!

    1. Hi Suzy,

      Our detox program is focused on nutritional and lifestyle protocols. You do not need to stress about not finding certain supplements or products! We can modify any recipes etc. to match the products available in your area so I hope that helps!

      -Kristin L

  13. Very insightful. I wish everyone I knew would take the time to listen to the information you have presented. What about my IBS symptoms? I have been healed of most of what you mentioned in the first intro video, yet my IBS is very fructose sensitive.

    1. Hi Shonda,

      We are not medical professionals and cannot offer medical advice. True North is a medical facility which specializes in lifestyle therapy. I would recommend you schedule a free consult with them to discuss your IBS:

      As for our detox program, I hope you will still consider doing it, as it is full of helpful nutritional and lifestyle protocols that will absolutely lead to a healthier you!

      -Kristin L

    2. I know how you feel Shonda. I have IBS (in addition to IBD). I was very fructose intolerant for many years. I started following the Low FodMap diet several years ago and my intolerance to fructose is not nearly as bad now. I’m now following the Autoimmune Paleo diet for my IBD. I can’t give you medical advice, but I can tell you my experience.

      At first my digestive system couldn’t handle juices. It didn’t matter whether or not they were vegetable or fruit juices. They would send me to the bathroom.

      I ate my fruits whole, and I cooked my vegetables. In regard to fruits, I could handle bananas, berries, kiwis, pineapple (in limited amounts), and citrus (in limited amounts).

      It wasn’t until I was on the Low FodMap diet for awhile that I became more tolerant to juices.

      I can now handle juiced vegetables and blended fruits. I will mix them together to make a smoothie. The fruits I blend are bananas, berries, kiwis, pineapple, and citrus. For pineapple, I cut off the skin and core and juice those and then blend the rest. Then I mix it all together. Today, I can also have other fruits, but I always have to eat them whole.

      I hope that helps, and I wish you well.


    1. Hi Janet!

      I hope you find some benefits in the free information and maybe you can add this program to your wish list and let family and friends know that helping contribute to this is the only gift wish you have for the next holiday/birthday etc. Hope that helps!

      -Kristin L

    2. I hear you on that but take to heart that : Change and informed choices in what you do- do, each day… is FREE.

  15. What about hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. I do no want to consume raw cruciferous veges. Can I still do this detox?

    1. Hi Sue,

      We are not medical professionals and cannot offer medical advice. True North is a medical facility which specializes in lifestyle therapy. I would recommend you schedule a free consult with them to discuss your medical issues:

      As for our detox program, the protocols do involve eating lots of veggies and lots of green smoothies so that may not work for your goals. However, I hope you will still consider it, as the nutritional and lifestyle protocols will absolutely be benficial. But, we definitely eat green smoothies on the detox!

      -Kristin L

    2. I was told that Alot of health issues are result from years of wear and tear on our bodies of poor nutrition and not eating real food and toxins. Have you ever grown Vegetables or fruits? The flavors are amazing and nothing like store bought. There is living energy inside and when you eat it fresh picked you in turn absorb those electrical essence. Green juices do not have to be gross, they are delicious juiced. If you close your eyes you would not know they were “green” haha…refreshing and energizing…hope you’ll give it a try yourself and of the gift of the cleansing program.:)

  16. I am desperate to learn this information. I am very ill and seriously toxic and deficient with a massive fluke infection. My immune s system has just lost the plot! However I don’seem able to get the first video to play. I also have adrenal fatigue and believe I am hypothyroid. I am being decoded through some very special bodywork but my body seriously needs help. Like many I also have no finance because I am unable to work having battled health issues for a long while.

    1. Sharing that I have used herbal capsules and I look for those combinations that have black walnut (anti-parasitic)in them. Earl Mindell is a good reference also The Herbal Bible…for various items for nutritional, medicinal body support/aide. I personally use Licorice root capsules for my Adrenals. I add B12 B6 etc. “stress vitamins” formulas … to give my nerves support.

  17. Thanks so much for sharing and creating this opportunity to detox. Whilst its quite alarming that our lives face so many challenging situations, I am furthermore feeling discouraged as I have tried so many times to live and eat right – but I battle with food addiction. I so much look forward participating in this detox journey, and the timing is perfect as soon I will be on month’s leave

    1. Hi there! Your honesty about your own battles takes courage and it sounds like you are ready to attack your addictions with the next step! Also consider looking into resources for food addiction, such as Dr. Fuhrman’s food addiction specialists and Chef AJ’s Ultimate Weight Loss program which focuses on food addiction .

      1. Thanks so much for your encouraging response. I will certainly look into your advice.

        I live in South Africa and am interested if there might be alternative products which I could use locally to assist me as best possible. I can’t unfortunately at this stage afford to import products from the USA.

        I’m so excited about this detox programme. I have been following (or attempting) to follow an LCHF lifestyle – but I’m sadly still battling with binges.

  18. This was great! I am in on the detox as soon as the holidays are over. I am taking antacids every night for heartburn, what are my other options at this point? Will it go away as I lose weight and detox?

    1. Hi Deborah,

      We are not medical professionals and cannot offer medical advice. True North is a medical facility which specializes in lifestyle therapy and if you want to discuss your medications and medical issues with them they have a free consult:

      However, in my personal experience, my husband 100% eliminated his acid reflux and hearburn by changing his diet! Many other detoxers experience similar success with this health issue as it is frequently diet induced and changing what you eat can have a sifgnificant impact.

      Hope this helps!

      -Kristin L

      1. Why did your husband do differently or change in his diet to eliminate his acid reflux and heartburn? Can you share some of that? Thanks !

    2. Hi Deborah. Remove wheat from the diet and you will get rid of acid reflux (heartburn) and medications immediately.

  19. Hi! My functional Medecine doc has me on a lot of supplements. Can I do this program without the supplements you provide? I won’t see her again until February so I can’t discuss with her. Does the ebook purchase just include the program so the supps?

  20. This is the first day I have listened to your helpful detox mini talks. Talk #1 would play only the first 4 minutes and then shift automatically to pause and nothing I did would get the balance of the video to play. Talks #2 and #3 were great but when I got to #4 it said video was not available yet. Is there any way I CAN WATCH #1 WHILE I AM WAITING FOR #4 TO GO LIVE?

  21. What if I can not find someone to go along with the program? The past year I have drastically changed my diet (almost vegan) and find that the people in my life do not support my choices.

  22. Hi ,
    Great info. I purchased a 4 week protocol through Epigentics Labs via “The Truth About Cancer” series.
    This has tablets you take twice a day for 4 weeks and tragets all the organs for a full detox. My question is, can you really dedox lile this without doing the smoothies you promote?
    Here is the link … what do you think?

    1. Green smoothies are not necessary for detoxing, but they are a large part of our program, since green smoothies are one of the easiest ways to maximize your nutrition in an easy 10 minute habit!

    2. I find that it’s best to get nutrients from whole foods. I take supplements, but they are just that, supplements.

      I used to think I could get away with eating junk food and supplementing with vitamins and minerals. Now I’m paying for it.

      I can always tell a person who eats healthy. They look healthy. Their skin looks good.

  23. Hi Robin!
    I received this information from my friend and I checked it out because of the way you started the explanation of the whole process and factors involved in a detoxification or, I think, a purification of the body. I am doing yoga, I am vegetarian, try to eat organic food and avoid all other processed and chemically treated products and I do practice asanas and purification techniques but I would very much like to try your detoxification program.
    Even though I do a lot of things, still there are things that I would like to improve in my body.
    Thank you for the opportunity you give to us!

    1. I finally got the video to go past the black screen. But i have another question. I can’t stand the taste of kale and spinach. Is that going to limit the program for me?

      1. You do not have to use kale or spinach – you can use other greens that you like better, but yes greens are a big part of the program, as we do have green smoothies nearly every day on the program. Again, you can use other greens to make your smoothies if you prefer – hopefully you have some greens you like to use in your smoothies.

  24. Hello, I saw your different packages. I can only afford the manual and would like to know would that suffice. Does it tell you about the whole detox program? Where can I go to see what kind of foods would I need?

  25. I love the content you’ve shared! From the outside I appear really healthy but I have skin issues, allergies, some joint stiffness, and my fingers are always cold like you mentioned in the first video! I really want to do a detox but am not sure if your program will work for me. I have quite a few unusual food allergies. It’s been diagnosed as Oral Allergy Syndrome. I cannot eat several veggies and fruits if they are raw (carrots, celery, bell peppers, most pitted fruits, etc). Will that affect me being able to do this program as you have it?

    1. Long ago I was in a simillar situation with food and environment allergies. I spent a fortune on doctors and allergist that had no answers or solution – other than to AVOID items on the tested positive “Reactions list”. After the pin pick alergies testing, the report listed EVERYTHING I ATE OR the INGREDIENTS…No kidding. I later learned on my own that I was TOXIC ! My body and systems were overloaded and attacked everything. I even had hives, big red itchy blotches all over that would come and go. (Epson salt bathes helped) My body was trying to isolate whatever it was and push through skin. When I cleansed, flushed body out, it all went away and can eat normally again without food allergies! I would give cleansing and support a try and benefits of this program.

    1. YF~~How sad, that you cannot value another’s happiness and enthusiasm~You truly must be very fragile, and unable to share in someones feelings~~Also, sound angry~~sorry for you..and thank you Kristin, for the comment! Blessings!

    2. YF, you have brought toxicity to this thread. You need to apologize to Kristin for your thoughtless comment and childish behavior.

      1. You need to apologize for being a feelings-Fascist.

        Just kidding. I don’t have that power and neither do you. Telling strangers what to do just makes you look foolish. You crossed a worse line than mere criticism.

    3. I agree with you. People who are over-excited about things like this sound suspicious, like a commercial. A false advertisement. Real people don’t speak this way, and if they do, what happens when something important happens in their life, like a child being born, or a family member passing away? Are we to assume they don’t have any energy left to have an appropriate emotional response?

      Screw the “cult of happiness” that blinds them to the motivations of ADVERTISERS.

      1. WHY in this forum of mutual learning and supportive environment would someone be so rude? Who is judging how someone elze here expresses themself? Really! Could it Possibly be that the schools and industry advertiser DO NOT TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE BEING POISIONED? FDA does not protect us humans… and that the comment of being totally blown away… was a TRUE expression of someone whos eyes were opened to something(s) they never knew… Or were never taught or told? Our job is to stay alive long enough to make a difference, to love and help others.

    1. So sorry Jody! For now you can buy the ebook and then email support to upgrade to full support so I hope that helps! Hopefully you can purchase similar supplements locally if you want them but keep in mind that the supplements are not required to do the detox.

    2. For anyone searching out top nutritional supplementation now available in the UK AND EUROPE ( actually in 26 countries so just ask and I can help you find out if its available also where you live) , to help while on your detox journey or just in order to achieve a healthier better quality of life, I also live overseas and can help you obtain all the information needed to decide exactly what you might be looking for in order to decide what and how to get immediate access and delivery directly from the company to your home within days!
      If you would like more info
      Contact me privately

  26. I would like to learn more on how to properly detox with Hashimptos with hyper symptoms.. Tried on and off for 10 years and my body could not take it. I know its whats making me ill but nevertheless im stuck in a cycle with no end.
    I know goitotrens are out so not sure what to even drink. Thank you!!

  27. My husband recently was diagnosed with diabetes (after surviving a flesh-eating bacterial infection). He is currently only taking Metformin while we control blood sugar with diet. Will a detox affect his blood sugar? Would he continue to take the medication? Thank you.

    1. Hi Arlene,

      Much of the detox program involves nutritional protocols, which are health-promoting for all. Keep in mind that we are not medical professionals and you may wish to consult a medical professional regarding any specific medical needs you have. As a personal anecdote, I have personally seen people recover from type 2 diabetes by changing their diet and lifestyle numerous times and eventually they no longer required medication. However, you will want to coordinate that with a medical professional.

      Hope to see you at the detox!

      -Kristin L

    2. In addition to the important cleansing of our bodies… You might check out information I just heard on audio – about a diabetes being eliminated …suggest googling Ocean Robbins and see link. He and his father (from the Baskin Robbins family) just had a health summit with audios with a wealth of knowledgable natural health practitioners. If you can’t find it let me know – I can email the email I got. If I recall correctly, it was a 2 or 3 month turn around and NO more issues with diabetes. It is all about nutrition and eating REAL foods, cleansing and your body healing itself. Love and Blessing to you and your husband.

  28. I have IBS will detoxing make it so I can’t leave the house? Also how will the detox effect me since I don’t have a gallbladder and no appendix?

    1. Hi Kari,

      Much of the detox program involves nutritional protocols, which are health-promoting for all. Regardless of your situation, you have plenty of organs of elimination available to detox. As far as medical conditions go, keep in mind that we are not medical professionals and you may wish to consult a medical professional regarding any specific medical needs you have. As a personal anecdote, during detoxing some people do find it necessary to take rest days to assist with the detoxing process, although it is not necessary. Many detoxers keep living their full regular life while detoxing. It is up to you individually.

      Hope to see you at the detox!

      -Kristin L

  29. I would not be able to do this until the end of January, can that still work. I am considering the lifetime offer but am not sure what the benefit is other than the supplements. Also, could you give a sample day of what the menu would be like? Thanks.

    1. Hi Vicki,

      When you sign up, you get access for 3 months, so you can absolutely schedule your start date for later in January! The real benefit of lifetime is twofold: one, you get to try out all of our products and see if you like them; two, you will have lifetime access to our detoxing community. We do the detox 2-3 times per year and we encourage you to join us and the detoxing community.

      There isn’t a sample menu as the plans vary, however, it is basically a plant-based and unprocessed food plan. We focus on eating vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, and nuts/seeds. There are 3 meals planned for each day along with snacks. There are always snacks available and you can always eat extra portions of the foods so you can avoid feeling hungry!

      Hope this helps!

      -Kristin L

    1. Hi Tonya,

      Much of the detox program involves nutritional protocols, which are health-promoting for all. Keep in mind that we are not medical professionals and you may wish to consult a medical professional regarding any specific medical needs you have. As a personal anecdote, I have personally seen people recover from type 2 diabetes by changing their diet and lifestyle numerous times and eventually they no longer required medication. However, you will want to coordinate that with a medical professional.

      Hope to see you at the detox!

      -Kristin L

  30. Much of what you spoke about rang true with me. I appreciate your efforts to research and to share your knowledge.However, when you mentioned that you embraced the teachings of Max Gerson, a seed of doubt was placed in my mind. Much of what I’ve studied and learned myself about his cancer treatments has shown that they caused more death than the standard medical treatment. Can you point me to research that will help me understand your point of view, and why you esteem Max Gerson?

    1. Hi Julianne,

      Gerson was a radical medical doctor who used primarily lifestyle and diet as treatments. Some aspects of the classic implementation of the Gerson Therapy are probably not recommended, but his concept of using healthy whole fruits and vegetables to allow your body to heal itself is the primary takeaway that we focus on.

      -Kristin L

  31. Is European wheat flour different than what we have here in the US? They are anti-GMO. Do they also promote less hybridized wheat?

  32. I’m interested in the Detox Program, however I have some hesitation. I previously started the Green Smoothie Girl Challenge and ended up with some very negative results. I started out expecting to have some “digestive adjustments”. After 4 weeks, these did not subside. I finally abandoned my journey out of desperation and 5 lbs weight gain. (I was experiencing instantaneous food in food out). I then developed gout in my hand… Something that had never happened before or since. I went to a doctor and was told I am more than likely sensitive to pea protein. Looking at the detox kit, it appears that the pea protein is a large part of it. Is this the case? What are your suggestions on how I would approach this detox program without the pea protein?

    1. You can absolutely leave out the pea protein in your smoothies – no problem! The supplements are optional! I would recommend you might consider supplementing your smoothies with some whole or ground flax seed or hemp seed if you find them too ‘light’ but if you want to focus on the maximum weight loss, then you might want to just keep the smoothies simple – just fruit and greens. Hope this helps!

  33. I have just been diagnosed with cancer. I will begin 5-7 weeks of chemo/radiation treatment on January 9th. I found your information to be very interesting. Is this something I can do while on my treatment or wait until I am done with my treatment. I love to drink green smoothies! Thank you.

    1. Hi Teresa,

      Much of the detox program involves nutritional protocols, which are health-promoting for all. Unless your medical procedures are restricting what you are allowed to eat, then you may want to let us know what those things are and we can work with you to create alternative recipes. However, keep in mind that we are not medical professionals and you may wish to consult your medical professional regarding any specific needs you have.

      -Kristin L

    2. Teresa, I would also highly recommend watching the Truth About Cancer series. This has the most startling information ever and this is where I found Robyn!

    3. I went through very aggressive chemo and what helped most-just ketogenic diet with fat,fat,fat and shark liver oil.Fat is the source energy

  34. Just finished the first class. I interested in learning more about your detox program. You’ve convinced me that doing a detox would be good for both my husband & I (even though we think we have a good diet). Thanks!

  35. I very much want to participate in your upcoming Detox Program, but I have some surgery coming up in the later part of January. Should I do the detox first, or wait for another time after my surgery?

    1. Hi Nance,

      Much of the detox program involves nutritional protocols, which are health-promoting for all. Unless your medical professionals dictate certain foods you should or should not be eating, you can at least do all the nutrition. However, keep in mind that we are not medical professionals and you may wish to consult a medical professional regarding any specific needs you have. Also, you may wish to hold off on some of the non-nutritional protocols, depending on what your medical professionals advise.

      I hope you will decide to join us!

      -Kristin L

  36. I can see the possibilities of your detox. My concern is the cost of support items and foods to complete it. What would it cost to do the 26 day detox. What is the least expensive way to do it?

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      You can opt out of the support items and just focus on the nutritional protocols if you prefer. The skin brush is only a few dollars so that shouldn’t be too much hopefully. As for the food, you can buy mostly in bulk and save lots of money. You can also buy conventional produce if that is all you can afford. Much of the food is fairly inexpensive (potatoes, grains, legumes, etc.) especially in bulk. I buy most of these items from Costco myself and I have found them in Costco’s all across the US.

      I hope this helps!

      -Kristin L

    1. Hi Delfina,

      Thanks for your question. Of course we can’t advise you about your specific health issues as we are not medical professionals. Robyn’s editor worked on the detox in detail until it was published 3 years ago. Finally, earlier this year, she did it herself to the letter. At the end of the detox, her endocrinologist took her off one of her medications, because her A1C level was in the normal range! She did the detox again, later in the year, with the same results. She also lost about 15-18 lbs each time. Recently, her endocrinologist prescribed her the GSG detox.

      As for dialysis, these medical issues are caused partially by toxicity, but you should consult your trusted functional medicine practitioner. Traditional MDs often do not know anything about holistic protocols, but make sure it is safe for you. We got ourselves into this situation of modern degenerative diseases by eating the toxic standard American diet, and cleaning it up has to be part of the solution.

      Good luck with your health concerns. I hope it works for you to join us!

  37. I am on Warafin for blood clots. I have had to stop eating greens altogether just to keep my numbers within range. When I read Green smoothies, I am Leary of it. Any suggestions on this?
    Would your program be right for me?

    1. The sad thing is, people on blood thinners need detoxification as much or more as anyone. However, you need to talk to your doctor about the amount of green food you can eat. I have never even heard of a cardiologist who said you can’t eat ANY greens. Consult your doctor and see if you can keep in your vitamin K range with a limited amount of greens and find out which are lower in K. We may need to help you make a few modifications. That is not impossible. Our detox support is here to help. Good luck and Merry Christmas, Karen!

    1. Thank you for participating, Gladysa! Check out the link for the different ways to participate. We’ll also be sending you emails about the detox until the cart closes on January 3.

  38. Just signed up for the 26 Day program. I am struggling with weight gained for about 2 years. I know I will need to adapt this to my life as I am AIP due to a Hashimoto’s diagnosis in January but I am looking forward to seeing if this will help me with some issues I haven’t had much luck with resolving.

    1. Hi AnneMarie,

      Robyn believes the evidence shows that a third of Americans have Hashimoto’s. Watch for a documentary, made by her dear friends, about Hashimoto’s coming out in March.

      The foods and practices in the detox are extremely healing to the thyroid. Robyn was downwind of the Nevada Testsite as a baby, being irradiated and her own thyroid tanked at 33. This protocol was an enormous part of her healing. We’re excited to have you on board! Good luck on the detox.

  39. I have Hashimoto’s, Sjogrens and Raynauds. Epstein Barr in college. Removed mercury filling a year ago. High carb low fat vegan diet (mostly mango, romaine, dates, red pepper, corn due to food sensitivities) can’t take any supplements, sensitive to all I’ve tried. MTHFR 1 of each gene. In therapy for emotional work. Haven’t tried any detoxes because I can’t handle supplements. Would I benefit from this program? Thanks.

    1. Hi Winter,

      Unlike most detoxes, this is a food based program. We are using the most detoxifying foods (check out video #3). You don’t need to take any supplements. Our program doubles as a non-definitive food sensitivity test (it will give you very good clues, while medical testing is more definitive). While we may recommend a few supplements, they are entirely optional. You are also recommended and taught some specific easy practices that we think will be very helpful to you. It sounds like you’ve been to the war, my dear. God bless. Hope to support you in the detox.

  40. I am interested, but unsure if I could participate because of two issues specifically:
    1) OAG oral allergy syndrome. I have an allergic reaction to raw fruits and vegies…organic ones too. But I can consume them once they are heated…or, often when they are blended beyond recognition so the body doesn’t recognize the protein.
    2) I had colon surgery a few years back where they removed a portion of my large and small intestine and I was advised to stay away from nuts and seeds, so they would not get caught in diverticula.
    Could I do this cleanse with those challenges?

    1. Thanks for your question, Sherilyn. We’re not too worried about your second point. Robyn disagrees that eating high fiber whole foods is bad for anyone’s colon. Chew well. As for your first concern, any foods are blended in this program and many others are cooked. However, we can’t guarantee that you won’t have a few issues with some of the dishes. You can make modifications, as needed. We suggest you eat more of the foods you know will agree with you and skip any of the recipes you are worried about. Or you can do a level 2 detox where you will be juicing a lot. Instructions are included. I’m sorry you’ve been through this. Good luck with the detox!

  41. This sounds interesting. I would be willing to try it. As someone who has, not being dramatic at all, had their intestines literally try to kill them. I know that diet and good foods is key in sustaining a healthy body, and lifestyle. Thank you for sharing.

  42. I purchased the e-Book GSG Detox three years ago when it was first developed, and have completed it three times since then (once Level 1 and twice Level 2). Love it! I am thinking about doing it again in January, and was wondering if it has changed significantly over the years? Are there different recipes, etc.? Just wondering if it is any different now, and if I should purchase the new e-Book? Thanks!

    1. Hi Contributor,

      We haven’t changed it enough to recommend that you purchase the new version. You can still use your old e-book. Congratulations on completing it three times and good luck on the fourth!

  43. You mention that our fillings in our teeth leech mercury into our bodies, I cannot afford to have my fillings replaced. I have no problems going to the dentist, but would not enjoy the process of having fillings drilled out of my mouth

    1. Once the amalgam is set it does not leak. The composite fillings (white) are not that great. Work on others areas first

  44. I get terrible headaches with any kind of cleanse, or calorie deficit. I cannot go to work when my headaches are so bad! Is there a supplement that might clear out the circulating toxins causing the headaches, so that they are not just re-stored and further concentrated in other fat cells?

    1. if you get cayenne pepper capsules and take 1 or 2 when you get a headache, it will burn for a little bit then it will circulation going

  45. I only have one kidney. I am 58. My creatinine last check was 1. Do you think it is safe for me to do a detox? What do you recommend for the headache I probably would get?

    1. Hi Kathleen,

      As for whether or not you can detox, you would have to ask your practitioner. We aren’t doing anything dangerous here. The manual contains detailed suggestions for how to deal with Herxheimer reactions to the detox, such as headache. I’m sorry for your health concerns and we hope you can join us in this detox!

  46. I’m signed up for the detox but accidently put my email with the download in archives and can’t figure out how to retrieve it. Can you send it again? Was going to the computer shop this morning to get them to show me but I’m snowed and fogged in. Oops! Thank you.

  47. Thanks. Great educational videos! I have been following natural hygiene for over 20 years. I have also done several 14 day water fasts. One, supervised, at Dr Esser’s 20 years ago and several on my own since.
    What I like is how you put it all out here and make it so easy to understand for the confused mainstream. Really appreciate your devotion and sincerity.
    Last year, I started a juice cleanse for 3 weeks. After a few days I shed 20 pounds. Then I ate clean raw ever since. (But, I, too, am not perfect). Lost 10 more pounds. Never gained anything back. But, in March, my hubby are water fasting for another 14 days. Poor man, he has been using salt and coffee as well as glutenous foods. It will be more challenging for him for years.
    I am passing this introduction on to many of my friends who want so much to detox and eat clean but may feel overwhelmed because of a lack of education. I only pass on information that I feel is accurate, honest and trustworthy.

    1. Thank you for being so giving and authentic to us. I am Robyn’s adult daughter and an employee for GSG. I loved your comment so much that I shared it with my mom, Robyn. She wants you to know that she also gained 10 lbs this year and is excited to lose it with the detox in January. Life is a journey. Thanks for sharing a little bit about yours. We enjoyed reading it.

      1. Thank you Emma,
        Much success to your mom. I am 61 years young. I hope many young ones can benefit as well. I started my health journey in my ’20’s but only found my way on this path since my early 40’s. Meanwhile, this polluted system and inheritance took it’s toll and I suffered from cancer twice and chemotherapy. But, because of my healthful practices and detoxing, the doctor said I survived what most rarely do. And, yes, he promotes a mostly vegan lifestyle. No simple sugars. Now, I live a detox. Loving it. Got to do two backpacking trips and two day hikes in Alaska this summer!

    1. Hi Marilyn,

      This question has been asked by so many for so long and it’s a difficult one to answer. The best way to lose weight and keep it off forever is to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. However, there’s more to it than that. Our bodies are plagued by many damaging toxins, just as I talked about in the video series that you watched. Fortunately, detoxification helps to eliminate these toxins so that the body will work optimally to maintain your health. We hope you will join us so you can experience the benefits of detoxification.

  48. Great and very, very clear ‘mini masterclasses’, seemed to me to be concise collection of the best information currently ‘out there’. I’m type 2 diabetic (self-medicating, i.e. diet) and I can’t wait to know how I can improve what I’m already doing. Thanks for sharing the knowledge in this way. Namaste, and Happy Christmas!

  49. I’m very interested in this but have had lots of medical problems. It started with a near death car accident, 8 surgeries including blood transfusions. Years of Norco, antacids, digestion, skin issues. Hashimotos thyroid a bleeding ulcer. A break down and years of Anti-depressants that I got off of 4 months ago.ear Hysterectomy in March, a foot surgery December 13th. I am off pain medication now. Also 45 lbs overweight. I just want to make sure this can help me? If I sign up I will need a partner for support. I am partially disabled and believe I can commit to better health for myself and my future. Tried so many things haven’t been able to lose the weight. I hope you can help?

    1. Hi Sheryl,

      Thank you for sharing your story. It breaks my heart to hear of the health struggles that you’ve been through, but I’m also so happy to hear that you have begun to treat these issues in a healthy way. You’re in the right place for that. Of course we can’t advise you about your specific health issues as we are not medical professionals. However, we have had many amazing success stories from those who have completed the detox and experienced improvements to their chronic health issues. A very high percentage of our participants report weight loss as one of the benefits to our detox so you can expect to lose some of the weight that you were concerned about if you follow the guidelines of the program. As for your concern about having a partner, I would suggest you opt for the full support program, so that you can be a member of our facebook community that will provide answers to your questions, advice and encouragement as you go through the process. It also includes Q&A calls and more. I hope this is helpful and I’m so excited for you to experience the benefits of this program.

    2. Dear Sheryl,
      So sorry to hear of all you went through. But, you are a perfect candidate for this healthy detox. It will help you unravel the damage done from the surgeries and meds. You will lose weight. You will feel better. At least that is my experience. From that point you should journey into a more plant based, SOS – free lifestyle. Then, as you feel better, venture into at least 85-90% Raw plant based SOS (salt oil sugar) free. And give up the caffeine. I have had some of the same health issues including the Hashimoto’s, hysterectomy, cancer and chemotherapy. I am 100% raw now for 1 year.
      Here is your start. You could be on a better course. Be aware that some experience various cleansing symptoms. But, here you will do it right.
      Hope it goes well for you.

    1. Hi Duane,

      At the end of our program, we give you suggestions for an excellent comprehensive supplement set for parasites. This is beyond our scope to diagnose people with specific toxic issues and get into supplement protocols for them, but parasites feed on dirty protein fragments and our program is super helpful at cleaning it all up, so you are not a good host for parasites anymore. I hope this helps!

  50. I’m sure the videos would be helpful, but for some reason I can’t
    access them. The screens are black and dead. I’ve tried to see them from 3 or 4 different emails from you. Any idea what I can do about it? Help!

  51. My daughter (just turned 17) has genetic and congenital issues and is having great difficulty with digestion. I noted in your introduction that you suggest increasing potassium and decreasing sodium. My daughter has insufficient sodium levels, which causes dehydration. I am hoping that you will explain what parts of your detox system addresses this … or perhaps you could make suggestions to modify the process for those like my daughter, where sodium levels are NOT a problem.

    1. Hi Tonia,

      She would need to take sodium supplementation. My favorite would be original crystal Himalayan salt mixed in water, because it has a fantastic vibration with that sodium. It has every mineral and trace mineral in the unrefined salt. Everything else about the detox should be fine for her, but as always let me say that you should consult with your trusted practitioner for specific issues versus any detox program. I’m so sorry to hear about what she has gone through.

  52. This is some great information, nothing familiar to me, but I love to detox 2 x a year at least! I highly recommend it. Thank you Robyn for sharing your passion!

  53. I’m interested in this. If I purchased at the lifetime membership level, would one membership cover both my husband and I doing the detox together as buddies?

  54. I have to say, that I struggle with the idea of drinking ( although I see the health benefit) over eating and chewing nutrients. I have mainly had the structure of eating every 3 to 4 hours to keep metabolism up. How do you address this?

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Most of the food in the program is the kind that you chew. As for smoothies that do play a part in the program, if you look at the quantity of green food and plant food you can get by blending, the answer to why they are part of our program will become clear. However, you can always chop and eat the ingredients from a smoothie, if you prefer.

      1. And to address your second concern, you can still eat every 3 to 4 hours while you are on the detox. The detox manual will explain it all. Good luck on the detox! I hope you have a great experience.

  55. I believe this is very good for you and I have not tried it yet, but I look at the pictures of that green drink and I can’t think about drinking it! I don’t know if I can do it, I am about taste and looks.

    1. Hi Marlene,

      The detox includes eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts and other whole foods. These are the most detoxifying foods and if you can’t eat them, then this program might not be for you. I have gone through the detox several times and have found that many of the recipes are very delicious, and while others may not be as tasty, the best benefit is the way your body feels after eating them. The pros always outweigh the cons for me.

    1. Hi Alex,

      You are welcome to start the detox at any time that is convenient for you. Many of our detoxers are starting on Jan. 3, so they can be on track with others in the support group. However, with the full support option, you will have access to the support group for 3 months, and with the lifetime membership you can access it any time. All the instructions you need to go through the detox can be found in the detox manual, so start whenever you’re ready!

  56. I have more of a concern, I have IBS, I’ve had this since I was 18 years old, with all the fiber I’m afraid it will make it worse. Should I be concerned?

    1. Ironically, people with IBS need fiber and micronutrients MORE than all of the rest of us. IBS comes from a diet devoid of nutrients (including micronutrients and fiber that greens/veggies/fruits in green smoothies ROCK at)…..but yes, some really ill people do tell us that they “aren’t supposed” to have high fiber foods. You may want to work on rehabbing your gut first for a while….eliminating all dairy and processed foods and gluten……take a great probiotic and do as many as you can, of the habits in Robyn’s 12 Steps to Whole Foods course……then come back to the detox when you can tolerate whole foods. Most folks with serious gut disease do really WELL with our detox, but again, ironically, it’s the lack of fiber that is part of what causes IBS in the first place. (But yes, we know that doctors often tell you to stay off fiber. That’s for your comfort, not for your health.) I hope you can find ways to increase fiber in your diet because the high-fiber foods are ALSO all the most nutritious ones that have the power to help you get back on top of your health. All love from GreenSmoothieGirl!

  57. Robyn, I really enjoyed your videos. Are all the products offered with full membership necessary to experience a full detox? Is complete elimination possible without these products?

    1. Hi Fran,

      The products are not necessary for the detox, but they do optimize and enhance your experience, while providing some benefits of their own. The only thing that you NEED to do the detox is the manual, but the support group, products and other services are available for an improved experience.

  58. I notice there are many threads where people are concerned about not being in the full support, not having the financial means, or only having the manual and if they can still be successful etc.. im not an official GSG person, i have no affiliation with her. Just wanted that out there up front so i dont get into trouble. i started doing this detox a couple years ago with a friend but couldnt afford the book so i used hers that first time. I have since bought a book because i have done this 2x a year since that first time. So 6 or 7 x total. The last time i did it was in the fall of 2016. Understand, i do it virtually alone no support and only 1 time using the protein and flax in the protocol (so normally no extras) every time i do this i have successfully lost and kept off weight, and i always feel better. Its not easy, but truthfully do you expect it to be? It takes discipline, patience and sometimes creativity. But…The things she says about it changing food cravings, loosing joint pain, brain fog etc i can personally attest to. Dont be discouraged if you truely dont have the money for the book, go in together with a friend split the cost and start this journey with someone who wont let you give up. Then buy the book with a friend the second time together again and voile you both have one. The book is incredibly thorough, advice tips recipes etc. If you start and truely want to succeed you will feel better. If for no other reason than choosing to discipline yourself and take back control of your own food choices. Since starting this series of detoxes 2x a year i have kept off 25 lbs run 3 half marathons, gone back to school and learned alot about how my own body works and handles fuel. I was planning to do this again in january but will only be able to do 20 days. I will still consider it a success because i know i will feel tons better. Good luck to all of you, together we are just a drop in the bucket trying to do better ea day. No worries just take a leep of faith and do it!
    Ab %:)

    1. Hi AB,

      I thought I responded to this earlier, but I guess I forgot. You are so awesome for sharing this! I loved reading about your story and I’m so glad you’ve had a great detox experience. We would love to use this as a testimonial on our page, if that’s okay with you.

    2. Awesome testimonial! I have just come across this site, but there are many similarities to George Malkmus’ Halelulia Acres Lifestyle. I look forward to trying this detox!

  59. I’m confused. I thought you said one could continue to work, but then later said you had to be at home for 26 days. Can one go to the office daily and do this 26 day detox?

      1. Hi Sue,

        Mel is right. You will definitely be able to go about your normal day-to-day routine while on the detox, but we don’t encourage you to travel for extended periods away from home, since that makes food preparation more difficult.

    1. Hi Patricia,

      Most of the participants do report quite a bit of weight loss, since the program has been known to reduce cravings and the food has fewer calories than what many are used to. However, you’re welcome to eat as much as you would like while on the detox. My suggestion to you, if you don’t want to lose weight, would be to increase the quantity of food that you are eating so you can reach your ideal caloric intake. Fortunately, there are so many benefits to this detox, other than weight loss and I hope you can experience those during the process. Good luck!

  60. Is there a way to download this as I don’t have good internet where I am. Then I could watch it at home. Or get it in writing.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Edwina,

      This is a brand new video series and unfortunately we don’t have a downloadable version or a transcription at this time. However, that is a very good suggestion and we’ll definitely consider developing it into a product that’s easily accessible for those who don’t have a good internet connection. Thanks for the idea and I hope you have a chance to access these videos from a location with better internet.

  61. I have a toxin question regarding the old-you photo and the new-you video: are you a brunette, coloring your hair? If so, I imagine that you use some kind of hair product (unlike most of them) that is not dangerous! I am not asking for myself (I’m taking care of the “hair problem” through baldness!) but for lady friends who use the dangerous dyes! Thanks,

    1. Hi Sam,

      I sure would love to tell you that Robyn uses natural hair coloring, but she hasn’t found a natural hair product that works yet.

  62. I live in the UK, but I can’t order your supplements. However, how can the e-book benefit me or other who are interested in purchasing? Can you provide a sales page or list topics what the e-book shows?

    1. Im not a gsg but i started doing this detox a couple years and only had access to the book, no supplements or extras. I have since taken the e book and printed it and even spiral bound it to make things easier. It gives you step by step what to eat how to prepare meals when to prepare dishes to make things less time consuming and also very specific shopping list. Lots of raw fruits and veggies, simple grains periodically such as gluten free oats, millet and quinoa. Some foods are cooked some are raw. Buy the book with a friend this time around then next time buy it again for honesty sake. Everything in the protocol is possible to do, you may even find powders and supplements locally that could do the same, or just not include them

    2. Hi Jack,

      AB is right. The supplements are not necessary to complete the detox, but they do enhance the experience and provide some benefits of their own. The only thing you NEED to complete the detox is the manual (and of course some shopping for ingredients at your local grocery store). Everything else just improves the experience.

  63. I have two more chemo treatments in the next three weeks – losing weight at this time is not an option as I have loss so much weight since cancer began last May. Should I wait to detox until after my last cancer on or about January 11th depending on my immune system of course. What is your opinion? Thank you!

    1. Hi Norma,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your battle with cancer and I hope the treatments are successful. Of course, we can’t give out medical advice as we are not medical professionals and we don’t know the details of your health concerns. You will have to speak with your practitioner to find out exactly what is recommended in your case. However, you are welcome to start the detox at any time, even after January 11th. As long as you have the manual, you will have all the instructions to go through the program as many times as you like and at any time. If you are using the full support program, our support page will still be available to you after January 11 as well. Additionally, if you don’t want to lose weight during the detox, you can avoid that by eating a larger quantity of food to match your desired caloric intake. Good luck in your treatments in the next three weeks!

  64. This is a question. I have a genetic issue called MTHFR (a1298c ….I have the gene from both of my parents). I do not shed toxins properly so I have a lot of fat storage. This is a methylation problem. Does this protacall take into consideration this problem?

    1. Hi Chickywoo,

      The detox does not take into consideration any specific medical concerns. We hope you can join the detox with us and make any modifications needed based on your health concerns.

  65. Can a nursing mother or pregnant woman do your detox? And can someone taking other supplements and or detox items do your detox at the same time?

    1. Hi Mel,

      Toxins really flood through all of your bodies fluids, including the blood and breast milk while your body is detoxifying. We would love to support you in a detox when you’re not pregnant and after you’re done nursing, or if your baby is recreationally nursing. So sorry, but we want you to be safe and now is not the right time.

  66. Hi Robyn and everyone!

    I Can not wait to start thank you for this opportunity to help me me be a healthy human ! Great idea about group support! Looking forward to getting started ! Thank you! Feeling grateful !

  67. I love to your videos and I’m very interested in doing your detox course… helping with my husband or a good friend! My only question is about weight loss… I know you say the average is 12.5 pounds. I can’t really afford to lose any weight, but I know that doesn’t mean that I don’t need to detox. Do you hear of people ever not losing weight but still just detoxing and feeling great/better?

    1. Hi lightbodymovement,

      Page 75 of the manual discusses this concern. Many of our detoxers experience weight loss as a result of the detox, including some of our beta-testers. One of our beta testers who was already underweight lost 7 pounds during the detox, but she gained it back after the detox was over. As you go through the detox, higher-calorie food is reintroduced over time and you are then free to eat as much as you want of these foods (avacado, cocunut oil, etc.). If you are hoping to maintain your current weight, I would suggest eating a higher quantity of food, so that you can meet your ideal caloric intake. There are so many benefits to the detox and weight loss is only one. We hope you will join us to experience some of these benefits for yourself.

  68. Hi Robyn,
    I had done your 26 day detox a few years back and looking forward to your next detox class starting January 3rd. I signed up for the lifetime membership. I was wondering if I will get the manual I time to shop prior to the start date.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Roseann,

      If you have gone through the detox before, you should be able to use the same manual to go through it again. The support group, Q&A sessions and other benefits will also be available to you since you are a lifetime member. Thanks for joining us again!

      1. Thank you Emma, I just joined as a lifetime membership to get the supplements as well. I should be getting those soon too, I would imagine. If you can check that would be great.

        Thank you,

  69. Do you have to purchase your protein powder, flax seeds, etc. to be able to participate in your detox program? Can someone have a successful detox using only your manual?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Melody,

      The only thing you NEED for the detox program is the manual. However, the supplementary products we have available will enhance your experience and provide some benefits of their own. The flaxseed oil, however, is an important part of the detox that we don’t sell, but you can buy it at your local grocery store or health food store. Good luck on the detox!

  70. I have breast cancer, and have declined ALL conventional treatments … healing naturally is my pathway to wellness. I would love any information you can provide. Thank You ~

    1. Hi Rita,

      Robyn thinks extremely highly of He beat cancer naturally and now he instructs others on how to do the same. I hope you find this helpful. We’re so sorry to hear of your health problems and we are wishing you luck on your journey to health. Thanks for sharing!

  71. Hi: I am really considering this. Do the supplements that come with the Lifetime Membership last for the whole 26 days? Can I start my program on January 6? I have a state license exam on Jan. 5. I think you use to sell the ACS and ACZ. I didn’t see them? Do I need to purchase them elsewhere?

    Thank you (:


    1. Hi Kimberly,
      I purchased ACS and ACZ through GSG website. I previously bought it through GSG but did not see it either. I searched and found it in the website. I purchased them last night.


    2. It totally depends on your usage. We can’t guarantee that they will ALL last the full 26 days, since they have different serving sizes and everyone has different consumption needs, but we make sure to give you a good sized portion that will help you experience some additional benefits during your detoxification.

      You are free to start the detox at any time that is convenient for you. Many people choose to start on January 3rd so they can be at the same stage as other people in the support group, but our support team will be there to help you at any stage and with any problems you are facing.

      We can’t sell ACS and ACZ out in the open, because we need to sell through a practitioner, but I will send you a private link.

      We’re so excited for you to go through the detox and we hope you will benefit from your experience! Thank you for the great questions!

    1. Hi JJ,

      You are welcome to start the detox on any day that is convenient for you. Many of our detoxers choose to start on January 3, so they can be on track with the other full support members in our support forums. However, the support page is available to you for three months after January 3 if you are a full support member, and if you are a lifetime member, you’ll never lose access to that resource. The detox manual will give you all the instruction and guidance you need to get started, and our support group will help you with any problems you have along the way. Good luck!

  72. So i’ve been doing macro counting and have a nutrition coach. She advises not to juice or smoothies because you end up drinking a lot of your carbs for the day….what is your feeling about that?

    1. Hi Margaret,

      The smoothies and juice in this detox contain a lot of greens and very little fruit. For example, during phase 1 the only fruit in the smoothie is a small amount of apple. These smoothies are low in carbs and contain many detoxifying foods. As the program continues, more fruit is introduced, but if you’re concerned about the carb content, you can always decrease the amount of fruit and substitute it for more greens. Robyn believes that green smoothies are one of the best ways to fit a large amount of greens into your meal in an easy way, which is necessary for a healthy diet. We hope you’ll join us for the detox!

    2. Actually, during the first 4 days of the detox you won’t be eating any fruit.

      From Robyn: “I’m not sure what the background of your nutrition coach is, but carbohydrates are your main fuel source and they are perfectly legitimate and in fact very important macronutrients. We don’t buy into food cults (invented by the processed food industry) that thinks that nutrition is explained by ratios or grams of protein, fats, and carbs. (It isn’t.) The story is told in eating far more foods higher in fiber, and higher in micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes…..anti disease!). And guess what….the foods HIGHEST in all of those things? Are CARBOHYDRATE. However, complex or unrefined carbs are the good ones, and we DO take you off all processed carbs (also processed fats and proteins, for that matter). Your body will thank you. 99 percent of dieticians, nutritionists, and health coaches just follow the fad of the day. Currently that is an obsession with counting grams of stuff, and ratios of stuff……nature did not intend this. You’re going to eat lots of carbs on this detox, but they are healthy, whole-foods, life-giving carbs.”

  73. Just diagnosed with breast cancer. Someone shared your link with me and I wish you had a payment plan for the supported group. Not sure I want to tackle this with just the e-book version.

    1. Hi Judy,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I know the price may seem steep, but it’s 40% off right now until tomorrow night. And I can attest from my own experience that it is so worth it from the benefits you will experience. The detox can be used again and again over the years, so it’s really an investment. Robyn does the detox at least twice every year, which she has been doing for over a decade.

      On another note, Robyn thinks highly of He beat cancer naturally and now he instructs others on how to do the same. I hope you find this helpful and we are wishing you the best on your journey to health.

  74. What makeup do you use? What cookware do you use? What do you feed 1 year olds? I have done the support for 1, 3 month, in the past and am wondering about the watermelon. Where are you getting watermelon in January? I only did Level 1 and am interested in Level 2. What juicer do you have? I also am nursing and most of this is nutritional stuff that I would just add more calories, eat more. What about doing the Level 2 things like the colon enema? I know you are not medical people, but could you give me an answer as to what you would do in my situation? I know other mom’s are wondering about this and don’t want your generic answer 🙂 …please give us more info

    1. If you are wondering about how to avoid toxins, we have a wallet card in our genius guides, available for purchase, which tells you all the toxic ingredients that you should avoid in your cosmetics. As for the cookware, the video discusses some metals, coatings and substances to avoid, including teflon and aluminum.

      The program gives you an alternative in case you can’t find watermelon. Some people can find it in their supermarkets, but it tends to be pricey.

      Level 1 of the detox doesn’t require juicing, so all you NEED is a blender. You’re thinking about trying level 2? This forum isn’t the best place to talk about level 1 vs level 2 because most people here have no background in the details of the detox. This is a better topic for inside the private group. Maybe you want an upgrade to the lifetime membership so you can use the support program again. If so, send an email to so Kami can get you set up with the in depth answers to these questions through the private support group.

      BUT FIRST, we need to address another issue. Toxins really flood through all of your bodies fluids, including the blood and breast milk while your body is detoxifying. We would love to support you in a detox when you’re not pregnant and after you’re done nursing, or if your baby is recreationally nursing. So sorry, but we want you to be safe and now is not the right time.

  75. This is fabulous content and I can’t wait to share this info with my friend who has been suffering severe migraines, gone to lots of doctors, and no relief!!!

    1. We are so excited for you and your friend! It’s a great idea to go through the detox with a friend, so you can keep each other accountable and share food prep. Good luck!

    1. Hi Ketih,

      You can and you should! Exercising improves your body’s functions and increases the effects of detoxification. Although there is a decrease in caloric intake during the program, many of our detoxers report increased energy. Great idea to keep exercising. Thanks for asking!

  76. Very well put-together videos that explain the whole detox issue. I’ve been wondering how I can incorporate more of a detox lifestyle and loved the lists of foods that detoxify and the ones that cause the problems in the first place.

    One question I have about my participation…..I see that your approach eliminates all animal foods. My doctor wants me to keep my protein levels up, so I’m wondering what sources of protein are included. I also recently did food sensitivity testing and discovered that I am sensitive to most legumes which I know are usually a go-to protein for the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

    Will I be able to incorporate enough protein and stay compliant? Thanks in advance for your answer!!

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      There are legumes in the program, but not early on, and you can substitute other things, though there are a couple of soups where it would be hard to have NO legumes. it’s a temporary issue, when natural, whole, plant foods are causing a food sensitivity…’s related to a gut / liver issue, which circles us back to this: need to detox!

      We don’t know what your doctor said or what kind of doctor or what health issues might make the doc want you high in protein, but one of the objectives of the detox is actually to get rid of a lot of broken-down protein fragments from the American diet that is far too high in animal proteins, which are disease causing in many of their forms and in too-high quantities. We do provide a plant-based, organic protein to augment the detox diet for those who like to eat higher protein. And, we suggest that for the purposes of cleansing, you really want to lay down this American obsession with so much protein. It’s truly an industry-manufactured preoccupation, and whether you go back to eating a lot of protein after the cleanse, or not, it’s a great idea to take a break from the difficult work of digesting low-fiber, low-micronutrient, dense proteins. We hope you’ll join us for the detox!

      1. I’m totally on board, as is my doctor, in finding protein in plants, tho not exclusively in the long term. My doc is a functional medicine doctor who is working with me on body composition, tissue cleansing and detoxification. He is totally behind what I’m doing here with you folks! My concern for the program is to be both 100% compliant while also honoring the results of my food sensitivity test that I had earlier in December….findings that included sensitivity to many beans, peas, soy, oats, eggs, cabbage, some odd mixtures. My doc has told me that my results, even tho my sensitivities are considered minor, point to a leaky gut.

        I’ve been looking for a protein powder that I can add to the green smoothies that is not pea protein since that is one of my sensitivities. I discovered hemp seed protein as well as pumpkin seed!! I am happy about that, and feel confident I can move into the GSG detox program.

    1. Hi Mary,

      A few people have reported this problem. Are you still unable to access the video? It seems to be fine from my computer so maybe it’s a device issue? We’re having our team look into it now.

  77. Thank you, Robyn! With tears in my eyes, I am thankful you shared this valuable information. Please pray for me that I will do this detox to the letter and completely be delivered from food related addictions. I want to change my lifestyle permanently. My husband is already a vegan and is doing the diet. I need divine help. Planning on starting soon. Bless you-

    1. Hi Deborah,

      We are so glad you found us and we’re so excited for you to reap the benefits of detoxification. We’ll give you all the tools you need to be successful in the process. Good luck! We’re all rooting for you!

  78. Very comprehensive information. I was distracted a few times so if you covered this already, sorry. What about oxalate, salicylate, etc sensitive people? Looking forward to Video 4. Pity about the AUD (and the British Pound as somebody else commented), that puts the eBook on my wish list for now.

  79. I heard you talk about the dangers of cooking with Aluminum and teflon cookware, but What about cast iron pans or stainless steel which has some nickle in it?

  80. Quick question. You say to avoid tea. I drink hot ginger tea with no sweetener after meals sometimes. Why do I need to avoid tea? Thanks.

  81. Interesting articles. Thanks. I did come by a video that talked about skin cancer and a cream from Brazil to get rid if it, as a possible alternative.
    Could I get the name of the puduct again?

  82. Since I live in Australia the course is not available to me but the manual is, so doing it without support is my only option. I do not have a problem with that as similar products are available here and some all ready in my home.

  83. Just listen to classes 2 and 3 very very interesting to me about some of the supplements. I have Colloide Silver liquid in the house for me but my dog loves to drink it also and currently using in a steamer for her to inhale after getting a upper respiratory infection while in kennel for a few days, her stomach cough lessened straight away so what wouldn’t it do for a humans with respiratory problems used this way or in a nibilzer.

  84. What a powerful story Robyn! Thank you so much for sharing and for all the research you have done over the years for all of us! I’m so glad you were able to find forgiveness.

  85. I spent many years concerned over what I was eating and worried about exposing myself to all that was toxic. I can tell you this: if you are creating stress and worry and fear about toxins, you’re actually adding to the problem with emotional toxicity. After years of never feeling good, I finally gave up on my food crusade and decided to focus on positive thinking. I’m still careful to eat my veggies as much as possible and staying within a healthy weight, but I simply stopped depriving myself of the foods and experiences I once feared. I find it very counter-productive to use words like “scary” when we talk about toxins and she clearly used a few adjectives that would make a person worry.
    I’m sooooo much better eating twinkies with faith in my body than I ever was stressed out and eating kale! And if you’re eating all good stuff and not stressed, then more power to you!

  86. I wanted to start at level 2 but did not see where to click on that. I have been eating a clean diet 80% now for 8 months and have done 2 three day detox in the past. Would 2 be ok to start with first? Thank you and I am so excited to get started. Love Robyn’s work and have been following her bout 2 years now.

  87. I, like Carolyn, live in Australia. I am very interested in this detox. By purchasing the ebook only, will this be enough to guide me totally through this program? Jillian

  88. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and have been eating pretty much the way Robyn discusses in her videos (though not as much raw) for over a year. I’m always interested in shaking up and freshening my routine. How do I start at level 2?

  89. Fantastic information. Will apply as best I can on my own for now. When have more than the bear essentials covered, will check back in and apply for the program. Good luck to all who do this.

  90. Is this suitable if your taking anti-depressants? I can’t afford to come off or reduce the effectiveness of the dothep I’m taking because it’s the only thing currently helping to sort of manage my fibro pain and keep my depression inder control, particularly now I’ve stopped taking prozac with it.

  91. OMG…you’re the first person to talk about CANDIDA other than me, thank you. I know detoxification works and am looking forward to trying yours. Best wishes.

  92. Hi there, I hope all is well with you….I wanted to ask if you can provide alternatives to the use of apple in your smoothies. I have a severe allergy to apples. Thank you

  93. I’m not able to see class #2 is there another site I should watch this? I was able to watch all the other classes but I would love to see #2. Thank you!

  94. I appreciate the way in which you are educating us and giving us guidance and information before we even consider this detox.

    Thank you.

  95. I have done the GSG detox before. What benefits would I have for purchasing this one? Won’t I get the same good results just by following the material I already have?

  96. I am a diabetic on insulin. Is this detox ok for diabetics? The health care professionals ai see are against all natural type cleanses. They strongly support the medical profession in medication therapy

  97. Herxheimer; lean into it! DO NOT QUIT; the process is working!
    Love and fuel is all the body needs; cool! I will be joining in through the looking glass 🙂 I am currently fighting nsclc (not a smoker, I do not drink alcohol, never worked in a factory, I did grow up in NJ drinking public water and going to public schools, I jumped through hoops to avoid such a diagnosis through consumption of organics ALL of my adult life (I’m 55), excellent mindset, etc.), with alternative approaches (funds are very low right now, or I would officially join in, for the shopping lists, recipes, and support; EQ (emotional quotient) is low); my husband’s expensive insurance doesn’t cover any of the alternative therapies, herbs, or other stuff!

    Calvary love to all! #StickIt

    1. Hi Catherine, There are comments above on how you can do the detox with just the ebook manual. That’s what I’m planning on doing, to keep the expense lower for now. Thanks for the encouragement about the Herxheimer! I’ve tried to detox in the past but the headaches were too bad for me to focus at work. I have a really stressful job. I’m doing “pre-detox” right now cutting out sugar and caffeine, Hopefully that will help. Hang in there with your fight!
      Love and prayers from California:)

    1. I would also like more on the emotional toxicity, a lot of very old issues came up for me 12months ago after having a hystermocy. I have written a lot of letters and had a burning ceremony on a full moon but need to do more.

  98. Thank you so much for the scientific, to the point and from the heart information. You’re a wonderful role model. Congratulations for all your achievements, and wish you many, many more!!!

  99. I have one more round of chemo – should I wait until chemo is over before detoxing for 26 days – very interested in more ways than one. Please advise

  100. I am diabetic, & have hashimotos thyroid, which I am told is an autoimmune disease. Is this a program that addresses these issues without using sugars, and such?

  101. Hi Robyn,
    I just saw your Class #4 video. That was awe inspiring and amazing to hear. I decided not to wait, I woke up one morning and wanted to change my current outlook and it started with what I was putting in my body, followed by exercising again. I decided not to wait and have done the detox even through the holidays.I am currently on day 10! I have definitely felt some old emotions come up that no longer could be held back. Your video was what I needed to hear today. Thank you 🙂

  102. I’m due any day and would love to dive into this, but is detoxing safe while you’re nursing? I’ve heard that some of the toxins will dump through your milk supply, thus to your baby.

  103. I mentioned this to my husband, and he referred me to Dr. Pompa’s detox. Is your detox “done right” in terms of getting the heavy metals out versus moving them around? I love your videos! Thanks!

  104. I am considering buying the manual to detox, but I’m wondering if it will be as successful. I don’t feel like I need a Facebook group to support me, I have no idea what the quick start guide is and I don’t see a description of what it is. The menu planner would be nice, but if all the information is in the manual I believe I can navigate that on my own. Will I be missing anything if I only buy the manual?

  105. It’s amazing this came across my FB page today. I spent this morning recommitting to more health consciousness for 2017. I want to become my best version of me this year! Thank you for this free offer. It is very much appreciated.

  106. My husband and I were wondering about the detox: do we just strictly stick to the detox products, or can we eat other things as we go along?

  107. Such an enlightening and inspiring course! I am a breast cancer patient …on hormone therapy and recovering from 37 rounds of radiation damage. Like many, I am also the survivor of a tragic personal event that impacted my life in 2003. I believe this detox can help me…would love to know if you think so too.

  108. I have been learning about detox for almost 10 years now and, I have to say, your class taught me so much new (to me) information! Thank you so much! I’m not in a position to start with you this January, but I am definitely going to catch your next launch.

  109. I am battling cancer and have been asked to begin a “clinical drug trial “. This is proposed to run for two years. Do you have any knowledge of people doing a detox during treatments?

  110. I learned so much from these mini videos and I’m so sad I can’t participate in your detox program. I’m 5 months pregnant and I wish I started a detox before pregnancy/nursing. I’m looking forward to starting this detox… in the next year and half when I through nursing:)

  111. I already have the detox book (purchased a few years ago) and I have several of the GSG products. Is there a package that includes only the support/daily videos? Thanks!

  112. I bought the e-book and read the whole thing..I’m doing this with my hubby..I don’t care about the weight part but I’ve been searching for a detox that is sane and workable…

      1. Yrs I did…but double sided, so half the pages. Got a small 3-ring binder, already had a 3 hole punch and did a few pages at a time. I prefer real pages to looking at a screen..

  113. I react to literally almost everything.what would be a safe way to start this detox? If I started really slow with a few items maybe I could lower my sensitivities do you think this is possible? My reactions have stopped me from many detoxes which I obviously desperately need. I’m allergic to most foods including a lot of them which are good for detoxing. What is your advice?

    1. Very informative. When will I know the 2nd mini version of the master class will be available. How does your protocol compare with “Thrive” Le-vel?

  114. How do I know which level to start? I already live a very healthy lifestyle, i.e. home products, personal products, gluten/grain free, mostly plant based diet. I know I need to detox…

  115. I’m confused. I THINK I signed up for the free detox but maybe I have to pay to sign up. I’ve watched all the video’s and am impressed. What do I need to do to REALLY get the program? I don’t want to wait until she does this again.

    1. Hi Lynne, it’s Robyn. The masterclass is free. We support the 26-day detox about 2-3 times a year, and tonight at midnight, the 40% off deal ends for ALL versions of the detox. In the course, there are links at the bottom of each video pointing you to the sales page. Tomorrow morning, the 40% off deal is gone. Jan. 3, the class comes down and the cart closes. (Jan. 2 and 3, we still offer the detox but at full price…..still with the bonus packages.) Make sense? I’m a little handicapped using a foreign laptop right now, away from home, but you can find it at I believe, but if that’s wrong, it’s inside that video class, links in several places to join us. Also in emails you would have gotten from us. take care, hope we’ll be supporting you starting on whatever day you choose!

  116. I’d like to see the nutrition label and ingredients in each of the products provided in the lifetime option including both the berry and natural choices. I’m very interested in this program, and knowing the nutrition and ingredient info will help me decide whether to enroll. Thank you!

    1. Hi Dale. If you are willing to go to the trouble, each of the products is in the store, and in the section at the bottom of each item’s individual sales page, you can see the ingredients.

    1. Chris, no they don’t. I’d have to check label to see if Garden Vites might, but I don’t think so. For sure none of the others do.

  117. Is your program appropriate for someone who has adrenal fatigue- no longer very severe? (I’m 5’2″ and just over 100lbs, eat quite healthy & organic) I’ve been told by some adrenal fatigue ‘experts’ that it’s better to eat small amounts frequently to keep my energy level stable.

    1. I LOVE our program for adrenal fatigue, it’s perfect. And when you read the manual (or the quick start guide), you’ll see….you can easily eat 5-6 times a day. It’s the food you eat that’s important in the detox…..choose your times of day, and how many meals you actually eat, based on your own needs and preferences.

      1. Robyn… I signed up. do I need to print out the manual myself 196 pages. I was hoping it would be mailed to me so I can start with all of you by Jan. 3. Is that unrealistic? please advise me. thanks pam

      2. Thanks for your response, Robyn! (I just wish our lower Canadian dollar wasn’t making U.S. purchases so expensive right now….!)

  118. I live in Canada and am trying to purchase the program!! Any tips or help would be really appreciated!
    Love the info and would love to jump in!!


  119. Not sure about starting and joining yet. sounds good but I would not be able to start until the end of February due to some traveling and work. If I join and you have already done the detox in January how will joining as a lifetime member work for me? Hour is getting late as I just had the opportunity to watch the first 3 videos. I am not sure about how you get the protein in and because there are many foods I don’t eat especially vegetables. I mostly eat lettuce, celery, tomatoes, carrots, spinach and sometime beets. Not much else except once in a great while. All uncooked. I do eat meat for protein as I am diabetic and need it usually to keep up my numbers.

  120. My question relates to daily prescription meds. I take a daily med for depression and would need the help of a Dr to get off of it. Can I so do the detox successfully and remain on this medication.

  121. I am truly impressed with the imformation that I have received from each of the videos. I am 66 years of age black male and I have health issues that is effecting me physically and mentally. I would like to have a conversation with you or one of your staff about these issues. Please have someone contact me personally.

  122. When does this start? I take prescribed medication everyday, so i can still do this right? I think this would help me.


  123. Hi! HELP with a quick question. I am overseas so can’t take advantage of the forums. The manual is confusing about the diet on the kidney flush days. The meal plan has nothing but watermelon but the shopping list has greens and fruits. Are we ONLY having watermelon and the celery seed tea or is that in addition to other things we have eaten?

  124. Wonder if someone would want to start a FB group for those of us who were only able to buy a manual? We could support each other. Just a thought.

  125. Is this detox safe to do with my 15 year old? What about 12 year old? With acne, energy, concentration and MTHFR issues, I know they would benefit, but it is a bit overwhelming. I have done week long detoxes on my own but that’s tough while making them 3 meals a day! I would love for us to have this journey together, but maybe that is asking too much for active young strong growing boys!?

    1. Krista, it’s safe and good for them to do, BUT they would need to be on board and WANT to….or they’ll sabotage away at school, and complain!

  126. Hi, I would like to do this programme as a lifetime member but cannot start until end of April. When will you be doing this again.
    Also I live in the uk, are all the supplements sent to the uk.


    1. hi Farzana, all we can do is offer you the eManual outside the U.S. Sorry, shipping is exorbitant and people in other countries get angry about that, so we abandoned international shipments long ago. Just digital versions. I’ll work on getting you into our Full Support product, though, and we launch the detox again in April. stand by!

  127. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for all the hard work that you do. Not sure if the pregnant/nursing moms who were asking questions saw #4 where you said not to detox while pregnant/nursing bc toxins will be mobilized and baby will be exposed to them.

    1. Pam,

      We don’t have a 12 week program. We do have what is called 12 Steps to Whole Foods. It’s a course that takes you through the 12 Steps Robyn has created to show one how to change to living a whole foods lifestyle. There are various options and pricing. From having just the manual to guide yourself through the steps or having full lifetime support. Please see here for more information and what the offers are: We’d love to have you join us.

  128. I am really concerned about weight loss; I cannot loose any more weight. I have been on a nutritarian eating plan for over one year. I love how I eat, total plant base, but also no salt, sugar, or oil. I do not have a weight problem. I am 5.6”, 120 pounds. I live a very active lifestyle of swimming a mile 6 days a week in about 33 minutes. I weight train for 1 1/2 hours a day, do a 3 mile walk each day and I am 68 years young. I have never detoxed so I would like to join your your class to learn more. I am a cancer survivor so I want to stay that way!!!!

    1. Hello Linda,

      Most of the participants do report quite a bit of weight loss, since the program has been known to reduce cravings and the food has fewer calories than what many are used to.

      However, you’re welcome to eat as much as you would like while on the detox. My suggestion to you, if you don’t want to lose weight, would be to increase the quantity of food that you are eating so you can reach your ideal caloric intake.

      Fortunately, there are so many benefits to this detox, other than weight loss.

      One of our beta testers who was already underweight lost 7 pounds during the detox, but she gained it back after the detox was over. As you go through the detox, higher-calorie food is reintroduced over time and you are then free to eat as much as you want of these foods (avacado, cocunut oil, etc.). If you are hoping to maintain your current weight, I would suggest eating a higher quantity of food, so that you can meet your ideal caloric intake.

    2. Linda, we LOVE putting cancer survivors on the detox, as I believe after 27 years as a cancer researcher, myself–I’ve been to 19 clinics worldwide and studied detoxification and holistic cancer treatment–that it’s a key part of not only healing from cancer, but also becoming no more prone to a second cancer diagnosis than anyone else. Inside the detox, we share ways to AVOID weight loss, for those in your position. It can be done, and the few pounds you lose, you’ll gain right back, in our experience guiding 8,000 people through the program.

  129. If your smoothies contain raw greens, I’ve been told that because of my thyroid condition, I should only eat cruciferous vegetables that are cooked.

    1. We use the most detoxifying foods available for the detox process. Many of the vegetables in the detox are cooked or blended to make it easier for your body to digest, and there is also a lot of raw food.

      We are not qualified to give medical advice, since we aren’t familiar with your situation and medical history, but I would suggest you try the detox by sticking with the foods that your body agrees with, while skipping or modifying the recipes that your body can’t handle.

    2. Hi Julie, I’m sorry you’ve been told that, because it’s old, and bad information. Cooking crucifers doesn’t really do anything to the antinutrients (or goitrogens) in them. While it’s possible, a very outside chance, that you’ll have to limit crucifers, you have about 68 different reasons that those greens that someone with bad internet-circulated info has given to you (not uncommon) are HIGHLY healing, in fact, to the thyroid. Now, I don’t know what kind of “thyroid condition” you have, but that’s some sketchy advice, at best, to limit vegetables, including crucifers. What you should limit is processed soy, dairy, refined grains like white flour (in fact, I would have only sprouted grain, non-flour, whole-grain products), processed meat, soda, and refined sugar. Those are your demons. Not broccoli. Make sense? Love to you, I’m a 16-year hashimoto’s patient IN REMISSION this whole time, and detoxing twice a year is a huge part of how I accommplished that. XO hope to support you in the detox! –Robyn

  130. Hi Robyn, thanks for all the interesting information. I wonder if I can start the cure also if I have adrenal fatigue (and Hashimoto’s).

    1. Hi there!

      Robyn has been in remission from Hashimoto’s herself for many years and has been 90% vegan for all of those years and in fact credits her good health with eating so many plants.​ Robyn herself does the detox at least 2 times a year.

      I LOVE our program for adrenal fatigue, it’s perfect. And when you read the manual (or the quick start guide), you’ll see….you can easily eat 5-6 times a day. It’s the food you eat that’s important in the detox…..choose your times of day, and how many meals you actually eat, based on your own needs and preferences

  131. I’m concerned about the detox will affect me in lieu of my thyroid condition. While I believe detoxing is important, how can I do this and not harm my thyroid. Hmmmmm

    1. Smileyd,

      Not sure what you think about detoxing like this would harm your thyroid. For Robyn, a very green and plant-based diet (not vegetarian, or vegan, necessarily, the past 25 years, but highly plant-based) was KEY to putting her own Hashimoto’s in remission and keeping it there.

      And thus disagrees with the implication that everyone, just because of thyroid function, needs to eat animal proteins.

      Read How Not to Die by Michael Greger, MD, for another perspective that’s very important. She eats virtually all whole plant foods, freely, and does not show any antibodies for thyroid. There’s no “one size fits all” but eating a LOT of plants is important for human beings with 35′ of GI tract.

    2. Hi Smileyd, I am sad that anyone would tell you that a thyroid condition, likely caused by or exacerbated by toxicity, is a reason NOT to do a comprehensive cleanse. Quite the contrary! Detoxing is how I got my thyroid functioning again, that and small amounts of bioidentical hormone–and detoxing twice a year is how i’ve stayed in remission for many years. 🙂 you can do this! –Robyn

  132. Great stuff, thank you. And very timely. I’m ten days in on greens/fruit smoothies and salads. I’ve been taking bone broth soup every other day too (grass fed, as near organic as it can get) since I watched the Thyroid Secret series.
    Would you recommend not having the bone broth, for 26 days? Just smoothies and salads?
    Looking forward to the next video – thank you!

    1. Hello Linda!

      It sounds like you are eating really healthy! We are actually introducing a bone broth protein at GSG next month. Its good stuff, but its not something we would recommend while doing the 26-Day Detox.

      The 26-Day Detox will take you through 4 different phases, each of which have different recipes utilizing recipes to systematically target the detoxification of specific organs in your body. The food required in the detox are real foods that you can purchase at your grocery store or health food store, and you eat plenty of food and should not feel very hungry. Its not just smoothies and salads, but it is all plant based. It also will have you remove salt completely from your diet, limits the oils and fats etc.

      You can see the different 26-Day Detox program options at this link:

  133. Hi Green Smoothie Girl,
    I’ve been doing Bright Line Eating for 555 days now and got excellent results (weight loss of 23kg). Susan teaches us that having smoothies have a negative effect on our blood sugar levels and suggests not to have smoothies (because of the fibre that is ‘cut up’ and gets released into the blood stream quicker that when consuming the foods as is – whole. I would like to hear your input on this.

    1. Esmarie, this is Robyn personally…..I can’t speak for Susan, who is a friend of mine, and we’re getting on the phone next week, but I believe she is reconsidering her position on green smoothies. I do not believe that this is true–that just because we’re blending our greens that there’s a deleterious health effect. I think that’s purely theoretical, and OMG I could NEVER get the amount of spinach, kale, collards, chard, arugula, cabbage, celery, and more in my diet if all I had was salads. Truly the high quantities of these nutrient dense foods saved my health, maybe even my life, and continue to do so every day. (By the way, she and I agree to keep very low FRUIT in the smoothies, AND that’s not all you’re eating on our detox program, not by a long shot!) I’ll convince Susan of that. 😉 Susan is a psychologist, not nutritionist or really any credentials there, and I think she’s open minded…..

  134. Very interesting especially at the current time. I am on so many medication sadly and have aggressive Hashimotos in the final stages. I ask so have a parathyroid tumour.

    1. Erika,

      This from Robyn:

      Hopefully you’ve read some of my comments to other hypo/hashi sufferers. (me, too. in remission.) please believe in the body’s ability to correct imbalances and heal. when you give it the right raw materials, and some time and space and optimization… works miracles every day. some you see, some you don’t….but “final stages” sounds dire, sounds like something an MD told you, but i hope you join us. because so much of autoimmune is related to toxicity. so it stands to reason that getting rid of a lot of it (and detoxifying twice a year, perhaps a bit more for you as you turn this ship?) is a big part of healing! hope to support you in the program!

  135. Hello
    Thank you for this wonderful information. I can lose weight quite easily so weight loss is not an issue for me. Considering this is there anything I can include to ensure I don’t lose weight ?
    Many thanks

    1. Hello Annie,

      To achieve as much of the benefit of the detox protocol as possible without losing too much weight, consider increasing calories in the following ways. These ideas are highly nutritious and should not materially affect your detox in a negative way:

      Eat a couple of avocados every day.
      Eat a few tablespoons of good fats, including coconut oil, olive oil, and flaxseed oil. Add these to your salads, Green Smoothies, or on top of sweet potatoes or oatmeal.
      Eat extra bananas and other fruits.
      Eat extra nuts and seeds, or nut and seed butter (salt free).
      Eat more of anything and everything—larger serving sizes.

  136. My husband said last week he would like to detox and get rid of a bloated feeling. This is great timing to learn helpful information.

    1. Margot,

      For those with Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), colitis, leaky gut, etc. All of these are variations on a theme: the gut has become inflamed or even progressively diseased and is not functioning to utilize nutrients to maintain health.

      If this describes you, of course you need detoxification as much as anyone. You also need to implement as much of Step 8 in 12 Steps to Whole Foods as possible, to begin to rebuild your gut with food. (I have found that dried probiotics do not build a healthy population of microorganisms in the GI tract to heal and rebuild, although they may help support an existing colonization of beneficial flora.)

    2. Margot,

      So sorry for your suffering. Although we cannot ethically treat, or prescribe or promise results…this detox is really great for helping with IBS and other bowel issues and other conditions as many people who have done it have attested to. It is a whole foods based detox that provides lots of good fiber and other detoxifying benefits that those with bowel troubles really need. Here’s a bit more that might be helpful for you

      Hopefully you can find the relief and life you are wanting and if we can be a source for helping you with that we are happy and grateful to be so.

  137. Is freezing single servings of meat, like chicken breast or a hamburger, in a zip lock bag problematic in terms of plastic residue/BPA? Also, is healthily-raised no nitrite-added ham or bacon still a problem? Thank you. Deborah

    1. Amy,

      It is not recommended to do while pregnant or nursing as many of the toxins our bodies are releasing can be passed through and ingested by the child.

  138. What if you don’t need to lose any weight, I really can’t afford to lose any weight do you have ways for people to keep their weight up while doing this?

  139. I can’t wait to get started I’m on so many prescribed n over the counter medicines due to fibro CFS depression anxiety sleep disorder hypothyroidism blood pressure cholesterol I’m very excited to learn more

    1. Rhonda,

      You’ve come to the right place to get started then! Detoxing can do so many wonderful things for our bodies even when it seems they’re so full of pain and suffering…healing and relief can occur. Keep learning and start doing.

  140. Wow. Thank you. It was so informative. I want to do it but go to my primary care physician next week. I already know his answer since I asked before. Can type 2 diabetics with heart meds do this without regular dr. approval? I can’t find a functional medical doctor in my healthcare plan and on fixed income. Thanks for the free class.

    1. Rebecca,

      Glad you enjoyed the class. Although we cannot treat, diagnosis or prescribe and it is right that you should seek your doctor’s advice before undertaking any sort of major detox… we have had many people successfully detox with us who have diabetes and other various conditions. You must do what is right for you though. Just know that we’re here as an option for you should you feel it valuable.

    1. Cheryl Lee,

      Although many people do tend to lose weight there is still a need to detox and you can still get the benefits of detoxing without losing weight. Here’s a link for a brief explanation from our FAQ about this:

      Basically you just eat more of the good detoxifying foods and increase your caloric intake a bit… Hope that helps and you feel that you can still join in.

    1. Christina,

      Himalayan salt does have trace minerals…and is good to use in general however during the 26 days of the Detox…we do not use any salt. So for that time it is a no. It’s good to just allow the body that time to go without any salt. And you do not need to buy the supplements to do a successful detox. You just need the manual.

  141. Good info and really well presented. I am very interested in learning more in the next few videos. thank you so much

  142. My husband is a forester and understands ecosystems. Our body is basically a mini ecosystem. a friend who is a funeral director who told us that women need less em-bombing because of the formaldehyde from cosmetics. I appreciate this detox master class.

    1. Thank you for your comment Cheryl. That is a good way of looking at our amazing bodies as mini ecosystems. We need to always be taking care of all we do in and for our systems…both inside and out. Thanks for sharing.

  143. You mentioned about avoiding hybridized grains including wheat, bread, cereal…etc. How about rice (white rice and brown rice) and potatoes, yams?

    1. Yes hybridized grains are the real problem. White rice is just another processed grain. Brown rice if you can find a good organic source of it is good. Wild rice and potatoes and yams are excellent…they are all used in our detox program.

  144. Im pretty sure the smoothies and food is going to require it to be organic and grass fed and so on. My problem is I live in a very remote area and those things are not readily available. As it is I have a 70 mile round trip for groceries so it’s hard to have fresh for very long. It that going to prevent me from. Doing the detox? It is not that there is zero organic but variety and freshness is a problem.

    1. Judy,
      You do not have to eat all organic during the detox, all though if you choose to do level 2, you will want to make sure the veggies you are juicing are organic.

      There are several substitutions you can make during the detox, so if you find you can not get something specific, let us know and we will be happy to help you.

      Think of your cleanse experience as transformative on a cellular level. The liver regenerates itself every few months, and epithelial cells in the gastrointestinal tract
      regenerate in less than a week, just as examples. As clichéd as this may be, you are, very literally, what you eat. So as you supply outstanding, high-mineral, high-vitamin organic plant foods to your body for several weeks, you are giving your cells an opportunity to
      completely regenerate themselves with clean-burning, nontoxic fuel. So whenever you can find organic, especially for this detox, it is a good idea to get it.

    1. YES! You can absolutely detox. The Detox Manual has specific instructions for those who do not have a gall bladder.

    2. Yes you can still get many benefits from detoxing without your gall bladder. There are many organs of our bodies that need good detoxification and our detox takes you through all of them in a very systematic and safe way.

    1. Hello Anne,

      One of Robyn’s beta testers was a 30-year-old woman, already underweight, with severe gut and endocrine issues. Robyn checked in with her daily during the detox, making suggestions, as her weight fell, as it will with anyone.

      As a new higher-calorie food is added into the diet, it then becomes okay for you to eat extra of that foods and we have some suggestions on how to can keep from losing much weight at this link:

    1. No, but many people get their blood work done before and after the detox and its really fun to hear about the results they get!

  145. Thank you for such a highly informative first part video on the benefits of detoxing. Feel free to check out my Facebook page at Quest for Pain Relief where you can share and comment.

  146. Will I be able to watch the classes on my own time and way?
    I live in a very romore area and I can’t always get signal right then and there.

    1. Hello Emily,
      Yes. You can watch them on your own. They will only be available for a limited time, but while they are here, you can watch them where its convenient.

  147. Hi I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, which started 11 years ago and want to get off the methotrexate, can this reverse this condition? I am currently doing a 2 day water fast, than will go on a vege juice cleanse.

    1. Hi Julie,

      Robyn says: We don’t ever make claims or promises about specific diagnoses, as that gets way out of our scope. what we’re good at is helping you reduce the toxic body burden in your body. and we know that chemicals in your critical organs put you at risk for disease. (there’s a buildup of toxins from the methotrexate alone, and of course we understand why it may suppress symptoms, but what we’re trying to do here is decrease inflammation.) 2 day water fast is great, so is a veggie juice cleanse.

    1. Claudia,

      calcified fibroids are just a symptom of an underlying issue, and we believe cleansing all these body symptoms would be very helpful.

  148. Hi. You say average weight loss is 12.5 lbs. I am already underweight partly due to active autoimmune disease and nursing my baby for the last year. How can I prevent any further weight loss whilst detoxing?

    1. Hello Myra,

      These ideas are highly nutritious and should not materially affect your detox in a negative way:

      Eat a couple of avocados every day.
      Eat a few tablespoons of good fats, including coconut oil, olive oil, and flaxseed oil. Add these to your salads, Green Smoothies, or on top of sweet potatoes or oatmeal.
      Eat extra bananas and other fruits.
      Eat extra nuts and seeds, or nut and seed butter (salt free).
      Eat more of anything and everything—larger serving sizes.

  149. I am 61 year old female who was diagnosed with RA last year. I was a hiker, biker , active mother and grandmother.. I have been trying many alternative methods as well as medication from my rheumatologist to try to alleviate the inflammation ravaging my body.I have fasted,detoxed, have drank many green smoothies, eating simply, watching what I put on my body( I make my own soap, hand creams etc.) i do not need to lose weight. I feel so defeated and the next step medically is to go on a stronger medication:( I do not care to do this but I have no quality of life at the present. I don’t know if your program is any different from all the things I have been doing? I keep searching and trying different things trying to be well. Feeling defeated.
    I am going to listen to Class #2 now. Thanks for listening.

    1. From Robyn
      Hi Lynn, I’m really sorry to hear what you’re going through–after doing SO many things right. A few questions come to mind. One, do you have old root canals or metal fillings in your mouth? (If so, they need to come out.) Two, have you been on antibiotics (ever) or do you have gut issues? (If so, doing the detox and then rehabbing the gut primarily with several varieties of homemade fermented food, and some really good prebiotics/probiotics, but the cultured foods ESPECIALLY, is key.) Three, are you an emotional “stuffer?” (Don’t speak your mind, resolve negative emotions, those energies festering.) (If so, this can lead to inflammation as surely as processed food diets can.) So, I don’t know what the programs you’ve been on are, though I doubt that anything you’ve done is as comprehensive as this program.
      But if you don’t do our detox, I hope you’ll start at least, on your own, juicing 1 quart a day (minimum, of finished product) of all organic greens, celery, root vegetables, ginger and turmeric root– no fruit, just greens and veggies, to alkalize and turn those symptoms of acidity and tissue burnout around.

  150. Can I wait until May 10 to start, since we have guests until then?
    Do you advise that my partner and I do this together?

    1. Hello!

      Yes! You can certainly wait until May 10th to start. You schedule your own daily support emails for when you want to start your detox so they will come when you are ready, and the detox support staff are always there to help!

      You are much much more likely to complete the detox if you have a buddy. If your partner is willing to do the detox with you, that is definitely ideal.

  151. does the 5-10 of fat eventually return to protect organs as toxicity returns[some of it can’t be avoided, i.e. the environmental ones like radiation, etc]

  152. I’m trying to play #3 mini and it won’t play. Please help. Thank you for the free minis. I hope I may see them all.

  153. I am 62 and so ready! Thank you for sharing your soul with me and I plan to share mine with you soon… 26 days from our start date! Gratefully yours, JoAnn

  154. Hello, I just want to tell you that you’ve made a great, well organized presentation here! I have been going about detoxing for a couple of years now on my own. I follow a paleo diet; as much organic produce and grass-fed meats as are available, dairy and gluten free. I stopped antiperspirants and now use only coconut oil. No fluoride, replaced all amalgam fillings. I’ve followed all the instructions from the functional medicine folks’ books.
    I have had multiple auto-immune conditions (lupus, hashimotos, fibromyalgia, eaarly stage myeloma) for more than 20 years. Just recently I was able to get off prednisone for the first time in 19 years. My blood work is almost completely normal now even the cancer numbers are going down!. The only problem is that I still feel awful! I have all over body pain and fatigue and brain fog. Not sure if this is an extended Herx reaction or if I’m missing something. Any ideas for me? I know I’m asking alot of detox but I was so hopeful that I could feel better.
    Thank you for all your good work! 😎

  155. Hi. Its great info and sounds promising. However, how about people with Hashimotos who tend to have low blood preasure etc. i get easily dizzy if i do noy eat enough or not enough(anymal proteins). Not sure juicing is possible here …

  156. Thank you for sharing all of this valuable information with others. I have been persistently reading, learning, researching and studying on my own for over two years. I am ready for a long detox such as this–no question! May God continue to bless you in your work helping others!

  157. Wonderful comprehensive information, Robyn. I’ve been eating paleo for almost 4 yrs and have avoided, for the most part, those foods which are toxic (I do at times eat Boulder potato chips). I’ve been doing a cleanse these last 18 or so days, with juices of organic celery, cucumber, cilantro, onion, ginger, turmeric; or another with wild blueberries, apple/pear, mango/papaya, and starting the day with 1/2 lemon juiced into distilled water fortified with liquid minerals. I take a wide variety of high quality supplements and am being chelated for mercury and lead. I’ve gone without meat and everything is working great. I wonder whether this would be a good time for me to begin your detox program. A lot of stuff has gone under the bridge here ;=). I was cold a lot of the time, had a few hours of headache (nothing serious) got a bit yinned out mentally for a short time. I was/am full of energy. I’d welcome your reply. Thank you and blessings to you for this good work.

  158. I am underweight and do not want to lose weight. In fact gaining weight would be great! Also, is there any kn\ind of time frame on viewing the detox info. And I’d like to share the info with my Christ brother who has leukemia. Thank you in advance and God bless you, Jacque Lee

    1. Hello Jacque,

      Most detoxers do lose some weight, but we do give lots of suggestions for people like you who want to detox with our getting skinnier. We can certainly help you with that!

      Yes. Please feel free to share this information with your “brother.” The masterclasses will be up for a limited amount of time, but it should be enough time to share.

  159. Is it safe to do the detox if you have health issues (lyme disease and ms) that make it difficult to walk? Will it make me weaker?

    1. KK, we can’t advise you about specific diagnoses, but of course folks who have MS and Lyme are often on some very toxic chemical medications. (You may have heard me say, “Methotrexate goes in hard, and it comes out hard!” Methotrexate may be what you’re on, with MS.) So, while detoxification is as important (or more!) for you as anyone, we’re always going to say to undertake it with the support and guidance of your trusted functional medicine practitioner. Everyone is different and has different tolerances for cleansing and different toxicity levels, and so we can’t predict how difficult it would be for you to go through the program. I’m really sorry to hear what you’ve been going through and I hope for the very best for you, very soon! –Robyn

  160. I am already on Autoimmune Protocol with some reintroductions. Been eating clean as much as possible for two years. Started doing coffee enemas about a month ago. Will your protocol still help me?

    1. Hi Jen! We’ve had some detoxers with autoimmune conditions who have reported some fantastic results on this protocol, which of course also helped Robyn rid herself of her autoimmune symptoms years ago. While we can’t promise or predict specific outcomes for individuals, I think you’ll be very happy with the program and especially the chance for support in the Facebook group.

  161. I work full time at the us postal service can i do the fast while working? I heard in the first video you must plan to be home for 26 days

    1. Hello Celia,
      Most of us work full time and you can absolutely detox and work. In the detox manual we have you prepare much of your food ahead of time and it can easily be taken to work. There is one part of the detox, the gall bladder cleans, that we suggest you do over the weekend when you can be home. That is all.

      When Robyn said “you must plan to stay home,” she means not travel because you need to be able to make your own foods.

    1. Hi!

      We do not recommend detoxing while pregnant or nursing because the toxins can be passed to your baby and you do not want that.

    1. Lisa,

      You can do the detox supported any time of the year with the lifetime membership, but if you wait, you may miss the sale. Get it now, then when you are ready to start detoxing, you will have everything you need and can get started. The support staff are on all year long and you schedule your own daily emails for when you want to start. So there are no worries there! We would love for you to join us when you can.

  162. Thanks for your free videos. Having been seriously ill due to an autoimmune disease (Ulcerative Colitis), I’ve been out of work and have very little money. All of it has been going to food and supplements.

    I found that the recommendations in video #3 to be very similar to those of the Autoimmune Paleo diet, which I have been following since mid January.

    The only big difference is that the detox diet doesn’t allow animal products during the detox, whereas the Autoimmune Paleo diet allows organic, grass-fed meats and organ meats.

    I have been adhering to the Autoimmune Paleo diet strictly. I make all my food from scratch and bring my own food when visiting relatives.

    I’ve been consuming as much vegetables and fruits as possible. To do so, I juice juicy vegetables, blend fruits, eat vegetables and fruits raw, and cook vegetables. I also make and snack on dehydrated vegetables.

    I used to be a vegetarian. Now I’m eating fish for the omega-3s and homemade bone broth soups to rebuild nutrients because I lost a lot of blood a year ago due to a severe colon flareup. I’m deficient in at least a few vitamins and minerals, especially those common in animal products. I also lost a lot of weight and am definitely underweight.

    I’m taking enzymes, probiotics, and a liquid trace mineral in addition to some other supplements. I choose raw, plant-based, organic supplements whenever possible.

    I use herbs, lemons, and apple cider vinegar to help cleanse the lymphatic system because I was on Remicade and 6MP and have been getting swollen lymph nodes.

    I’m doing a modified version of coffee enemas because it’s easy for me to get dehydrated and deficient in electrolytes due to the Ulcerative Colitis. So I need to be very careful. Basically, I use less water so that I can hold the enemas indefinitely and use less coffee since I don’t release the enemas.

    I also do a probiotic enema to help replenish the good bacteria in my gut. I was consuming fermented foods but temporary stopped when I started the Autoimmune Paleo diet. I plan to reintroduce fermented foods. (The Autoimmune Paleo diet allows some foods to be reintroduced.)

  163. Thank you for the interesting info. I took a recent detox with Dr. Josh Axe and today even learned more and had an aha moment .In all my healthy food I did use salt and now learned from you that it is detrimental.

    1. Right! One of the most important principles of the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox that gives so many
      people a successful experience is to practically eliminate sodium chloride, or table salt. When you significantly reduce your salt intake, the detoxification and repair your cells are able to do are accelerated.

      I am glad that you had that aha moment! I hope you will be detoxing with us!

  164. So, just quickly, how does someone do this in Australia: I mean purchase all the products etc. It appears that it is off limits overseas. Thank you for your reply.

  165. Thanks for info! I’ve done this detox 3 times and am on my 4th. Each time I focus on PIES: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual!! I utilize the time to connect with God through prayer and scripture, look into self and see what emotional and intellectual issues are draining me and allow all areas to cleanse and heal!!

  166. I would like to start the 26 day detox program, but I do not buy anything over the internet . Is there another way to receive this information? Debbie

    1. Hi Debbie, GSG’s business is all conducted online, and we do take PayPal if that is at all easier for you. Or perhaps you could ask a friend to make the purchase for you, and you could give him or her the cash. This is a great program–I hope you can find a workaround that will suit your situation.

  167. Hi Robyn, I love what you are saying and have been interested to do an effective detox for some time now but the timing of this current progamme is not the best for me, Would you please let me know when you are doing your next one please. I am having another radiation treatment regime in August so will want to do a detox after that?! I don’t eat any processed foods – mostly all fresh and from my garden, Salads in the summer and soups in the winter, no coffee, no soft drinks just filtered water and tea. I gave up sugar many years ago and as a coeliac, no gluten or Wheat, very little meat as it is too expensive. I am physically active as I understand it’s important. Please let me know when you are doing your next programme. Thanks
    P.S .I live in Australia.

    1. Camille, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, and you will get email notification the next time we do a live support detox!

    1. Victoria, I’m sorry you’ve been so ill! There are modifications to the detox for people who want to maintain weight while detoxing. We hope you’ll join us!

  168. Hi Robyn,
    I did my first detox last October. Some of my responses were immediate; weight loss and last menstrual cycle! Some effects have been less pleasant. Could a herxheimer reaction be boils? I’ve never had one in my life but now have had one in my left ear, left armpit, right buttocks (4) and now occasionally in my left nostril. What the heck?

  169. Hi, I am dealing with RA/Lyme arthritis which has caused me to lose too much weight and is a problem. Is it possible to de-tox and GAIN weight at the same time? Thanks!

    1. Rich, I’m sorry you’re dealing with this problem! There are modifications to the detox for those who don’t want to lose weight, and while gaining weight is more difficult, the Detoxinistas in the FB support group can help shepherd you through so you don’t continue to lose, and perhaps safely gain some weight. You may find that detoxing helps you feel better and thus helps your appetite, as well.

  170. I’m 2 weeks into the Hashimoto’s protocol from Dr Wentz’s book. Should I attempt a detox now, or wait until I’m done (10 more weeks)?

    Also, do you recommend a detox for kids? Age 9 and 10?

  171. Thanks for talking about emotional toxins. I believe these are an important component that many other plans and diets do not address. Looking forward to receiving more information on detoxification.

  172. Thank you for all the information I am really looking forward to this detox & process to improve my health. I am wondering about the medication I take for my thyroid and also I a vegan. Will this effect me negatively?

    1. Hi Maggie, the foods on the detox are suitable for vegans, and we think you’ll really love them! As for your medications, people who go on the detox keep taking any prescriptions or supplements their health professional has recommended. Sometimes people find that detoxing helps them reduce or eliminate the need for certain drugs, if they consult with their health professional.

  173. Is there a way to complete this detox if you do not need to lose weight? Thinking this would be great for my son who is a welder by trade.

  174. After a great deal of trauma as a young child and years of eating disorders and addictions, I can not turn back to traditional medicine for the healing my gut needs –never mind my soul..I am a lover of juicing. I just would like to know about how much interaction there is available? I need a pretty rigid program and ways to check in when feeling like a weakling.

    1. Hi Lisa, that is a lot to deal with. While our Detoxinistas aren’t therapists, they know all about people wanting support on this program, and that’s what the FB group is all about–support and encouragement for the program whenever you need it! There are also detoxers who have been through the program that hang out and encourage newbies, as well. We’ve found that people who join with a Buddy are more successful, and we even have a discount on a “Detox for 2” package. If you don’t have a Buddy who wants to join with you, you’ll be able to find one in the FB group who will start with you and be your accountability partner through the program. We’d love to have you join us!

  175. I watched the first video and it was very infomative. I have thought about doing a detox for a long time. I was wondering if it is safe to do a detox if you have any medical conditions. Would it be best to talk to my doctor before starting any detox?

    1. It’s always advisable to talk to your medical professional before making any dietary or medication changes. Some people like to get all their physical stats (weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.) at their physician’s office both before and after the detox to monitor changes. We’ve had many detoxers say that their health care providers have “prescribed” the detox to others after seeing the changes that happen in just 26 days!

  176. I did a detox earlier to resolve issues with toxicity. I minimized the skin outbreaks, but I need to do it again. My doctors have no idea how to treat me and recommend another detox. It is effortless with Robyn – she breaks it down to where even I can understand.

  177. Thank-you. I am considering already to detoxify my body. I learned so much about your knowledge that I have to do something her at home. Annie

  178. I had my gallbladder removed about 9 years ago. Are there accommodations I will need to consider as a result of that? I understand that my body cannot access nutrients from fish oil due to no gallbladder. Is Krill oil a viable option?

    1. Hi Toni! One phase of the detox is a gall bladder flush, which you of course needn’t do if you don’t have one! But you can still participate in the rest of the detox protocol. As for getting Omega 3s, we recommend a plant-based source, like our Sprouted Flax or TriOmega.

  179. I am on Coumadin (blood thinner) and most vitamin K is eliminated from my diet. Would this be a problem on this detox?

    1. Hi! Part of the protocol is eliminating sugar, including no fruit for the first 4 days. If you choose to add fruit back in, you can do it one at a time to see which if any of them cause a flareup. While the detox program isn’t specifically a candida program, we have had many detoxers discuss and collaborate on what is working for them to starve out the overgrowth on the detox. You’ll be in good company with many who have the same goal you do.

  180. Thanks for all this good information! My question to you is , when and how can I start this detox? Am in the mood for this challenge.

  181. Hi I would love to do this but I have Ulcertive colitis.I take no medication and most of the time I am able to eat fiber with no problem,love my salads, but I never know what will set off a “flare” Matter of fact I am having one now. I am a little nervous about trying such a severe change even though I eat no sugar and very little meat. When I do it is grass fed and all organic.I do eat dairy ,grass fed cheese and eggs. Not sure do not want to be sick through out. Any input on that would be appreciated.

  182. Looking forward to seeing how much better this will make me feel! I’m already a very clean eater, but maybe I can make improvements with your class.

  183. Thank you for your excellent information. I would love to detox, but the timing is a little off I think. What other than “now” is the timing? I would like to start in late May.

    1. I personally like crystal sticks, and that’s all I use, Marie. Some people like coconut oil-based deodorants that use essential oils, which don’t work for me. Try both types and see if you can find one you like?

  184. Are there any problems for this sort of ‘mild’ detox for someone who is still recovering from cancer surgery (in my fifth week since surgery to remove a large cancerous tumor from my colon)? I would think, intuitively, that the change in diet and lifestyle would have a healing effect.

    1. Hi Jerome, I’m so sorry to hear what you’ve been going through! I think detoxifying isn’t just a good idea, it’s critically important to heal from cancer. Chris Wark (of chrisbeatcancer, my dear friend who has a huge following and beat Stage IIIC colon cancer 13 years ago with nutrition much like our program) is about to tell his whole tribe about our detox, and many of them detoxed with us in January. Let’s get that chemotherapy residual OUT….if you’ve been through that? And yes, part of what’s so healing about it is lots of fiber and micronutrients flooding every cell of the body. Including those healing from surgery.

  185. Wow , so informative , & necessary , I’ve had a lot of antibiotics in the last 2 years due to serious illness, also given steroids. My body is not happy . I aim to do this

    1. Suzy, great, we’ll look forward to supporting you. After the detox, we’ll introduce you to how to rehab your gut. Let’s get back to where you’re better than ever, long before the antibiotics. They can really knock you down, but given the right tools, your body knows how to heal and it will do so!

    1. iosanah, true….currently we don’t ship outside the U.S., sorry about that, but we’ll soon have a Support package for our international friends, stay tuned.

  186. I know it would b good for me to do this, but I’m flying to Taiwan in 3 week, will be gone for 3 weeks then flying home. How can I do the “support” detox since it will be taking place when I can’t participate?

    1. Dorothy,

      You can just find a time that will work for you when you are home. The support is available for 3 months from whenever you start if you do Full Support or for lifetime if you choose that option you’ll have year round support to detox anytime that works for you and many people in the Facebook group who are also detoxing at various times throughout the year. The only part that is live and taking place in May is the weekly QA calls that Robyn does but those calls will be recorded and available to you in our online portal should you choose to purchase a detox support package. Hope that helps to clarify and that you’ll be able to find a time that works to detox with us. Have fun in Taiwan and enjoy all the good fruits and veggies and wonderful experiences there.

  187. I have a great deal of meat in my freezer which is typical store bought. My husband bought it whenever it was on sale. He has died. I can’t afford to just throw it away, and It is now just me eating. Will this defeat the detox process? I suspect I have several years worth of meat.

    1. Hi Dorothy, if eating that meat is important to you, remember the Detox lasts only 26 days. Most people go back to eating meat after that. I’m a fan of detoxing twice a year, even if (and especially if) you’re a meat eater. And I’m sorry you lost your husband. 🙁

  188. Detox #1 leaves me very curious to watch #2. Something is wrong with my body and conventional Medicine is not an answer. Depression in family is rampant. Recently read Dr. Kelly Brogan’s book. Know you are all on same path with varitions. Your protocol sounds more feasible.

    1. Hi Jo. Sounds like you’re aware of your heredity and risk factors…..I know Kelly and support her position (as a holistic pyschotherapist myself). Hope you like the other videos and that you join us and have a very healing experience.

  189. HI Robyn,

    Great videos. Thank you! Question as to if detoxing is for me: I was on a mostly raw food diet (grain free, dairy, meat, gluten, processed anything, organic etc…)for 61/2 years which took care many health issues I had at the time including psoriasis, fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism.
    After 3 years of extreme stress, these issues came back with a vengeance a few months ago and though my conventional doctors tell me my labs are ok, I’ll be seeing a functional medicine physician this week. I switched my diet to an autoimmune paleo diet last month (I may have Hashimoto’s)

    Question: Would detoxing for 26 days be recommended for someone like me? I can’t eat nuts, seeds, legumes as long as I’m on this AIP diet. BTW: I’m that less than 1% that eats super clean all the time…and use weekly coffee enemas..For me, feeling good is everything!

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Claire, you’re doing so many things right. I’ll be interested to hear how you do on AIP. It gets rid of trigger foods, though the real issue is the gut inflammation underneath it all, of course. I don’t love how much MEAT the AIP calls for, and some who do it don’t understand that grains and legumes are actually good foods……for someone who heals their inflammatory response condition. So, our detox strips down the diet in the beginning to very limited food groups, and it does introduce SOME seeds, optional grains, and legumes. (Which, like I said, those are good foods. And I just did an interview with Dr. Alan Christianson today about my healing from Hashi’s with a plant-based whole foods diet 17 years ago, still in remission. And he was sharing some research with me about how meat, a staple of the AIP diet, also can be inflammatory triggers.) So, if you’re committed to the AIP that bans several classes of the most nutrient dense foods (nuts/seeds/legumes/grains), which virtually forces you to eat equally (or more) problematic classes of foods (animal proteins), you should wait till you’ve fully tested that out, to see if it serves you. We aren’t entirely on the same page philosophically, the AIP and me. 😉 Have you gotten your metal fillings and root canal teeth removed? I always ask this when I hear of someone doing lots of things right but still suffering. (Sounds like the raw vegan diet DID get rid of three AI issues long ago. Stress will definitely contribute to a flare-up!) Good luck and stay in touch!! –Robyn

    1. Joanne,

      The 26 Day detox manual is all you need to successfully detox as it has all the menus and foods you’ll need to purchase and prepare which you can get at your local whole foods markets and grocery stores. Any supplements that are mentioned are purely optional and you could probably find some equivalents but since we do not know what is available to you there nor can we ship to Canada at this time we can’t really give specific recommendations. But again all you need to detox with us is the manual and good whole foods!

  190. i just saw class #1 video. you do a very good job explaining things here that peaked my interest about your detox program. my hesitation/skepticism is whether my cultural foods is incorporated or not. this has been a challenge because the last detox i did when i was diagnosed with hashimoto’s incorporated foods that was not normal for me to adapt to. 1-2 months before my detox was to end (it was a 6-month detox), i went into some sort depression & started to not eat or take my supplements because i did not enjoy or liked what i was eating. if i could not enjoy or like what was good for me, i rather eat nothing. i have an interest in doing your detox program since there’s a possibility you might incorporate an asian/pacific island culture, but hesitate because you may not. i agree with you about the spiritual & mental wellness is important. i just don’t want that part to be degraded while doing this because i dislike the food.

    1. Hi Sophie, I understand. I almost married an Islander. (Well, half Islander.) Pork products popular in the Pacific Islands are definitely a bad idea if your goal is to cleanse, even if you go back to them later. You can find Asian spices in the various recipes, we highly encourage enjoying salt-free spices. But, for sure you’d be letting go of some habits and appetites, true for all of us, including regular 9-generation Americans like me. However, remember, it’s just 26 days! But no, we don’t adopt any specific ethnicity in the dishes, BUT grab your favorite herbs and spices….no salt or MSG / chemicals, though, please!

  191. I forgot I had bought the 12 Steps to whole Foods course manual weeks ago. I had it delivered to my daughters because I was away. When I finally picked it up, I left it in the box in my living room. Today I watched the master classes and said to myself, didn’t I get that book already? My husband pointed to the box and said, you mean that box? For some reason it is all coming together today.

    1. Hi Pat, LOL, we have a 12 Steps to Whole Foods lifestyle course…….and a 26-Day Detox course, which is what you’re watching right now. The two courses together comprise what I did that got my health (my life, really) back!

    1. Hi Tina, my good friend Izabella’s program is getting you off dairy, processed food, etc….which I support. She’s pretty Paleo-leaning, because eating that way helped her feel much better when she got in control of her own Hashi’s 5 years ago. I’m 17 years past my own diagnosis and am far more of the plant-based persuasion. Still all whole foods, still getting off dairy and processed foods. It’s how I got all my own symptoms under control and in fact am completely in remission all these years. (I don’t avoid legumes and whole grains, and I do avoid meat, which is where Izabella and I differ.) I’m a fan of Izabella’s work! Just some small/midsize differences in how we healed…..but as for the detox program, that’s not a lifestyle course, it’s just 26 days, and to cleanse effectively, I don’t advocate for any animal products at all during that time.

  192. Your detox program instinctively appeals to me. With the guidance & support of my Naturopath Doctor for 10+ years, I have been choosing the 8 healthy foods types based on the ALCAT and avoiding the 11 food types that cause toxicity and environmental toxins. However, I still have belly fat and heavy metals (lead primarily) and candida. I am healthier than many my age of 76 although I do have RA and Barrett’s. So I sense this might be a healthy choice for me. How does scheduling 26 days work since I have commitments and could not start until later in May? At this point I do not have a committed buddy.

    1. Rebecca, as Dr. Wentz’s friends are flocking to our detox, at her reommendation, we’re seeing lots of people well underway with an AI healing protocol sharing stories with us since yesterday–like yours. People doing many things right. Have you investigated IV chelations for heavy metals, from a functional medicine practitioner near you? You can choose a start date anytime from the date you purchase, till 60 days later. For the reason you said–other commitments, travel, etc. And maybe before the Spring Detox closes, you’ll find a buddy. If not, though, find one inside the Facebook page. XO, you’re an inspiration at 76, so educated and committed to your health!

  193. Rosalie,

    So sorry you’ve had so many issues to deal with. How good for you to make so many healthy changes though and to see such good results. Since we are not doctors and medical professionals we cannot treat or prescribe to your particular issues. A good safe detox such as the one we teach can do wonders for our bodies and minds and more. You never know what it might do for you until you try.

  194. Crystal,

    Congrats on detoxing with us 4 times now! That’s awesome. I like PIES. That’s a cool way to look at it. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully you enjoy some great pies this go around. We’d love to hear of your many successes too if you want to send us a testimonial to

  195. Amazing what we’re exposed to on a daily basis! Thank you for sharing your wisdom. many lifestyle changes recently, tummy, thyroid, and your protocol is the perfect fit!
    Thank you for bringing your message

  196. I’m afraid to do your cleanse because I’m afraid it will be a lot of work. I don’t have time to prepare 3 meals plus snacks all day long. I’m not sure how anyone has that kind of time. Once I finish preparing my breakfast, it will be time to prepare my snack, and then my lunch! Is there a way that this can be less time consuming? I know I need to detox and I want to do it, I just don’t have time to commit to doing nothing but preparing food for 26 days!

    1. Felissa,

      There is some food prep involved with the detox but it is not all time consuming. There are many tips and suggestions in the manual on how to do prep in advance and lots of time saving tricks with shopping lists and menus that you can make the meals once and have them last for several days of a particular phase. Plus if you’re able to find a buddy to detox with you many have had success in sharing the food prep part as well. Here is what Robyn has to say about that from our FAQ
      I hope you won’t let the fear of too much food prep keep you from detoxing. Many people do this with full time jobs and families and all so it is very doable.

    1. Kay,

      Yes the detox would still be good for you. Although we cannot treat, prescribe or promise any specific results based on your own issues. We have many people successfully detox with us who have Chron’s and other bowel issues as well as Hashimotos. The principles that Robyn teaches in her detox are many of the same that have helped to keep her own Hashimots in remission for years. We hope you’ll consider joining us and see what a great whole foods detox can do for you.

  197. Hello Debbie,
    Since we are an internet business that makes thing a little tricky. We can take payments via credit card or PayPal. Would either of those work for you?

  198. Hi Robyn, I just finished watching #4 vid. All your vids were very informative, encouraging, & enlightening. Thank you so much for sharing such intimate details of your life in vid #4. I felt a heart & spiritual connection and a genuine love energy from your spirit to all your viewers. Thank you! You are a beautifully spirited being =)

    1. Leilani, thanks for the encouragement, as that was a hard video to make, and even harder to “put out there.” So I appreciate your kind words very much.

  199. Thank you for the video series. I’m aware you shouldn’t detox while pregnant or nursing, but I’m wondering what your recommendation is as to how long to wait after detox before conceiving? I’ve seen recommendations from other protocols that are up to 6 months at minimum.

  200. M Cato,

    After you purchase the program you can start your detox whenever the timing is right for you. And if you choose to purchase full or lifetime support you will have that available to you whenever you need. It’s just that now we have these specials going on for the pricing and bonuses and all.

  201. Is this detox program suitable for people trying to send EBV into remission? I have severe chronic fatigue due to adrenal burnout from EBV, (which has possibly advanced to thyroid disease). I also have type 0 blood and tend to get very weak on a vegetarian diet. However, I’m intrigued by doing your program. I just don’t want to stress my body even more by cutting out clean meat if it needs that for healing. Would love to hear your experience specifically for people with EBV, thank you!

  202. I have been on both a low glycemic index and a paleo way of eating; with each of these I have had hair loss, which went on for sev real months. Is this likely to happen with this detox?

  203. Thank you for the information you provided in the videos. I know I have toxicity but I do not want to loose any weight. As a result of an chiropractic mishap I now have leaky gut syndrome. My skin lost it’s elasticity and have lost both estrogens and testosterone. I would like to know if I could detox while staying at my weight. Because of leaky gut, I am already gluten free, sugar free and do not buy GMO’s, I avoid vegetable grown with pesticides, however I now live in an area that uses round up and other pesticides to treat the surrounding vegetation and have lived for over 40 years at a cross road in a large city breathing the cars’ exhaust on a daily basis.

  204. I am interested in experimenting on myself. I have begun to eat clean, non processed foods and want to move to the next step.

    1. This is a great way to experiment on yourself and see how good your body really can feel and to take things to the next step for your health and wellness!

  205. This detox looks awesome. I want to start it in late May. I have three airplane trips between now and then so I would like to wait. Thank you so much! I love the information you provide!

  206. So important but with my laptop volume at max I am unable to hear.
    It there by chance a printed version? Feel like I am missing so much!
    Best to you!

    1. Hello!

      I am sorry you are having trouble. Here are the direct links. Try these. You might also see if plugging in headphones or listening to the videos on a different device help.

      You can find the Detox Program Options here:

  207. Is there another time when you will be offering the detox? I am vacationing out of country soon for 2 1/2 weeks. Also, I am not on Facebook, so is there another way to have support as I don’t particularly want to be on Facebook?

    1. Janet,
      We support the detox year round. This live detox event goes now through May. The difference between now and other times is that Robyn will be doing LIVE Q&A calls during the live event. Other times, you can detox with us fully supported with daily content, and support via Facebook or email. And you have access to all the recordings of the Q&A calls. You can absolutely still get support with out being on Facebook, but the Facebook group does add a really cool aspect because it connects you with all the other detoxes. It would be worth getting a Facebook account even if it were only for the purpose of being in the group.

  208. From what I’ve heard in the first four videos, I pretty much eat this way all the time – heavy on homegrown organic greens (including chard, mustard, kale, arugula, sorrel, and lots of others that aren’t even available in health food stores), healthy fats like extra virgin coconut and olive oil, avocados. I also eat and drink fermented foods – sauerkraut, kombucha, water and milk kefir (which I make myself). I do eat eggs from my own pastured chickens, raw milk & raw cheese from my neighbor’s pastured cow (no GMO feed, antibiotics, or hormones,) organically raised chicken & wild caught Alaska salmon now and then. I never eat or use artificial sweeteners. I rarely use even organic cane sugar and only sometimes local raw honey or real organic maple syrup. I sweeten almost exclusively with liquid stevia extracts and concentrates w/ no fillers or additives. I don’t eat bread products or drink coffee. Very rarely I will indulge in a stevia sweetened organic chocolate. I supplement with high quality nutritional supplements. With all that, I still weigh 30-40 lbs more than what is considered my ideal weight. I exercise most days (rebounding). This has been my general lifestyle for over 10 years. Yet, from about age 45, I seem to add about 5 lbs/year. Will this detox help me figure out how to manage stress?

    1. Jo,

      Sounds like you’re doing a lot of things right with eating and taking care of yourself. That’s commendable and wonderful. A detox can be very enlightening and truly liberating on so many levels even for those of us who already eat and live very clean and healthy lives. There is so much that our bodies hold on to that we often aren’t aware of and a nice safe whole foods detox that works all the body’s organs and emotions such as this one does could be a real game changer for you. I know it has been for me personally. And where you already eat so healthy it shouldn’t be much of a struggle that way. If you’re willing give it a try and see what it does for you. We’d love to help support you and see what great changes you experience.

    1. Hello! Yes. It is. Robyn has been in remission from Hashimoto’s herself for many years and has been 90% vegan for all of those years and in fact credits her good health with eating so many plants.​ Robyn herself does the detox at least 2 times a year.

  209. I am interested in your advanced 26 day detox but unfortunalely I am having surgery on May 3rd. Can I buy the products and do it on my own? Or will you start another class in the summer?

    1. Linda,
      You can certainly get the lifetime membership now and then detox with us when it is a good time for you. We support the detox all year and all the support tools (daily emails, recorded Q&A calls, facebook support group) are available all the time for you.

  210. Robyn, when you say to ‘stay home for 26 days’, you don’t mean that you cannot work a full time job do you?

    1. Hello!
      When Robyn says to stay at home, she means not to travel because you need to be able to prepare your own food. We all have jobs we still have to go to and it is perfectly fine to take your detox lunch to work. We actually have you prepare many of your meals ahead of time anyway.

  211. I am very familiar with Chris Wark’s story and all the stuff out there from the folks at The Truth About Cancer. Thank you for the encouragement

  212. Your detox program is very interesting. My questions are about timing. I am 74 years old diagnosed with hypo last June. I’m still adjusting meds and not feeling too well right now. I plan on going on Dr. Wentz’s supplement regimen shortly. Is this a good time to start or should I wait until I feel better? Also, what is the recovery time when the detox is finished?

    1. Mary Jo, I like to encourage you to join us on this 26 day detox as it might be the very thing to help you feel lots better! I take care of my thyroid with at least 2 detoxes a year and it’s been a huge help to me. xoxo

  213. Will a detox work for me? I’ve had my total colon removed years ago. Too much fiber, nuts, seeds, skins on fruit and vegetables can cause an obstruction. Thx for any information you can provide.

    1. Hello!
      No worries! The detox program has specific instructions for people who have had their gall bladders taken out.

  214. We have always eaten from our garden and never any junk food and I thought every one did this . We eat very little bread and mostly non wheat bread , never any soy but we do like our meat and very little to no dairy .We have no pollution but our water has high arsenic so interested in getting this out of our bodies. Great to hear the series thank you

    1. Robyn goes over even more toxins and where they come from in the Detox Manual; air, water, skin care products, of course food, cleaning chemicals etc. I am glad you will be joining us!!

    1. Carol,

      We currently have a detox going on right now although It’s really something that you are able to set to do when it’s a good time for you however the live event portion of it which includes phone calls from Robyn for this time will begin and run through May.

    1. John,

      No it is not possible to download the mini master class videos onto your computer. However, if you chose to join us as a lifetime member you will have access to view them whenever you want through our detox portal.

    1. Mary,

      Yes. It is safe for those suffering with Hashimotos.

      Robyn herself says: “I’m 17 years past my own diagnosis of Hashimotos and am far more of the plant-based persuasion. Still all whole foods, still getting off dairy and processed foods. It’s how I got all my own symptoms under control and in fact am completely in remission all these years. (I don’t avoid legumes and whole grains, and I do avoid meat, which is where Izabella and I differ.) I’m a fan of Izabella’s work! Just some small/midsize differences in how we healed…..but as for the detox program, that’s not a lifestyle course, it’s just 26 days, and to cleanse effectively, I don’t advocate for any animal products at all during that time”

    2. Mary, Izabella Wentz sent her 500,000 followers to our detox because it’s how I healed from Hashi’s, myself, and put it into remission. You probably saw in her docuseries how toxicity is one of the “root causes” of Hashimotos and thyroid disease.

  215. So will this help me get rid of all the “junk” in my lungs? I smoked for 45 years, quit on Jan 1, 2011. Do a lot of green smoothies and salads. Try to eat Healthy.

    1. Ann… grampa lived to 93, and died of nothing related to lung issues, even though he smoked a pack a day till he was 45. GOOD JOB quitting! (He quit because when I was 5, I took the pack out of his pocket, and cried and said, “Grampa, please don’t ever smoke again, promise me?” The next day I caught him smoking and cried. He never smoked again. It’s family legend now, and my dad was telling me that story just this week again. My point is, the body heals, and we’re here to help you reboot, restore, repair, and rebuild. You’ve come to the right place, and did I say CONGRATS on stopping? It’s hard to do, and big, big kudos to you.

  216. ok so good ideas here … i will add that something like ALPHA LIPOIC ACID alternated every other day with NIACIN will help remove toxins or whatever from other locations not just digestive tract …. start off with low amounts and slowly work up ….. baby steps ….. watch out for the herxheimer reaction and back off if the herx becomes to severe or uncomfortable

    we use vitamix blender … no green smoothies as beets are in any smoothie we make and a banana and ginger root and a apple or a pear and a 1/2 a lemon , kale , chia seeds, celery and the rest of the mix varies depending on what we have on the shelf at the time

    a glass of that fills you up for hours
    1x a week minimum

    also look into lipasomal encapsulated vitamin C …. you have to make it yourself as it is too expensive to buy …. we add ginger root and tumeric root and a wee bit of coconut oil and a tblspn of apricot seeds to the standard pdazzler or 8aloha blend .

    for whatever reason … i do not need EYE glasses any longer in my old age after needing them since my mid teens

  217. My friends and I did GSGirl’s 26 day detox in January 2017 and were blown away at how amazing we felt, how the weight fell off, how our food addictions and obsessions evaporated, and how our depression disappeared. We had a group accountability call every morning and it kept us excited to keep at it. The best part is that it’s been 3 months and I’ve kept all the weight off that I lost during the cleanse even though I haven’t eaten great. I’ve just tried to stick with the green smoothie for breakfast. I can’t wait to do it again in May!!!

    1. Wow, that’s fantastic, Tara! I love your group accountability idea. That’s like turning the knob on the Buddy program all the way up!

  218. I definitely learned a few new things. One question though. I currently take methotrexate weekly for RA. How does this all relate? you mentioned having to detox this from your system when in higher doses with prior chemo patients. But how about weekly small doses?? Thanks!

  219. Great presentation. Thank you for putting this Master Class together. I want all my patients to look at this information and listen to how you present it. Thank you

      1. A more detailed answer here: Robyn can’t advise you about your specific, complex health problems. She isn’t a practitioner, so that isn’t ethical, and of course she has no access to the complex interplay of factors that comprise your health history. However, what we’re good at is helping put great nutritional strategies into play that are the foundation of good health. We urge you to do your own research and to educate and empower yourself to find your path to health.

        You may be interested in Robyn’s FREE video masterclass on how to beat inflammation, with food, where she teaches you on video how eat for good health far more inexpensively and deliciously than you think. Robyn specifically stated that anyone with a chronic health condition needs to do Step 8 in 12 Steps to Whole Foods. Robyn teaches that all disease, and all health, starts in the gut. A damaged gut shows up not just as digestive problems, but also as skin disorders, auto-immune conditions, and much more. We can’t rebuild our health without rebuilding our damaged gastrointestinal tract (eroded by antibiotics, as well as other drugs such as steroids, anti-inflammatories, aspirin, and much more).

        Step 8 in 12 Steps to Whole Foods teaches you the whole broad array of habits indigenous people have used for thousands of years to maintain good digestive health, and a fully functioning colony of healthy bacteria protecting us, in the gut (where 80% of our immune system is). Kefir, yogurt, raw sauerkraut, rejuvelac, and much more. Robyn recommends you do at least TWO of these habits she teaches in Step 8 daily, which are easy and inexpensive but require a shift in your food-prep habits. So make sure you have our 12 Steps to Whole Foods course. It is truly a game changer. I hope this helps!

  220. Interesting! I did a different detox. I am on many meds including thyroid med.Did’nt lose any weight. No processed foods, gluten, dairy, or sugar. Is yours different?

    1. Cindy, our detox probably goes much further than anything you’ve ever experienced before….or anything else out there. (But we don’t have any processed food or dairy either.) We’re just as focused on the foods TO eat as the foods to eliminate.

    1. Mahalia,

      This 26-Day Detox protocol is on of the best!

      The 26-Day Detox will take you through 4 different phases, each of which have different recipes utilizing recipes to systematically target the detoxification of specific organs in your body. The food required in the detox are real foods that you can purchase at your grocery store or health food store, and you eat plenty of food and should not feel very hungry.

      Robyn will take you through a colon cleanse, kidney cleanse, gallbladder cleanse, she incorporates detoxing protocols to detox your lymphatic system and liver. It is not just a “diet”, you will learn several detoxing protocols to rid your body of toxins.

      This detox is far superior to most detox programs out there. It changes lives. Robyn incorporates the nutrition, internal cleansing, and healing protocols of Dr. Max Gerson in her 26 Day Detox as well as the protocols of Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Richard N. Anderson, Dr. Ann Wigmore, Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. Johanna Budwig, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, and even Hippocrates. She has researched Detoxing for years, been to several clinics around the world.

      You can see the different 26-Day Detox program options at this link:

  221. Sadly, I have never been able to get sound on any of your videos. Have tried many times in the past week and never knew who to contact for help.

    1. Lina, we’ve had over 20k successful views this week so far, so tell us more, to help us duplicate the issue? Likely it’s with your browser or sound on your PC??

    1. Bethany, we feel detoxing is IMPORTANT to do when your adrenals are beaten up. Because toxicity is almost always a major reason WHY you have glands and organs that are maxed and struggling.

    1. Hi Janice, the next class? You mean when do we open the video masterclass again? In the Fall, we will, about Sept. 1. Join the Spring Detox, though, to actually DO the detox, and we’ll look forward to seeing you inside the private facebook support page.

      1. Hello Robyn,
        Are there options for health coaches to try it for free before they refer it to their clients? Thank you

    1. David, YES. And the reason why is that we all have mold, fungus, bacteria, virus, cancer, candida…..all of it! If you “have” mold, what that means is, your body’s systems have gotten so out-of-balance that your immune system is no longer breaking down and eliminating the mold. What we’re doing here is optimizing immune function. By massively decreasing (safely, with the foods and practices that eliminate FAST) toxic body burden and heal these organs of elimination so that they work better.