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your Total Blender does not run itself

Robyn Openshaw, MSW - Apr 29, 2009 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Y’all know I am madly in love with the BlendTec Total Blender.  It’s not just an appliance, not just a blender . . . it’s really my best friend.   Okay, I’m getting carried away, but I do spend more time with my Total Blender than I do my best friends, I think.

Today I was helping in the 3rd grade for Rome Day, gorgeous sunny day in Utah after a crazy-snowy month.   Another volunteer  mom came up and said she reads my site/blog and had questions about buying a Total Blender.   She said, “I’ve just been waiting to buy it because I’m afraid I won’t use it.”

My friend Cheryl said this same thing to me a year or two ago before taking the plunge.   I lent her my backup machine to try it out.   But this is what I told her.   It’s not going to jump off the counter and conk you on the head till you use it.   It won’t make a peep.   You have to actually put stuff in it every day and push the buttons to start the blade turning.

That said, I think that when you buy something that hurts a little (requires a financial sacrifice), maybe you even had to save for a while and cut expenses in another area, you make a commitment.   You have a higher probability of succeeding.   Incidentally, that’s how Jenny Craig and other diet centers make their money–the fact that once you plunk down a chunk of change, you are more likely to follow through with the commitment to lose weight.

I hope your turbo blender isn’t just SITTING ON THE COUNTER.   Tell me . . . IS IT?!?!

Those of you using it DAILY, what-all do you do with it?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    2-1/2 years and count is at 2347! LOVE my blendtec. My husband wondered why I needed a $300 blender, but he let me get it because I paid for it by selling junk in the basement. And now he loves it as much as I do. I want to get my kids blendtecs as a graduation presents when they’re old enough so they have a quick easy way to eat healthily.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I bought a Blend Tec wheat grinder last year as part of my food storage. Had I known about the Blend Tec Blender, I would have purchased that instead. So, now I have a wheat grinder that is packed away under the counter, and have burned up two regular blenders. I wish I had known then what I know now!

    I got sick late last year, went to the doctor, they did over $5,000 of tests and said nothing was wrong with me. Well, I consulted a friend that was a “health food nut”. She started me on green smoothies, and raw foods! I feel better than I have in years!! Thanks to the healthy folks out there!

  3. Anonymous says:

    We bought our Vita-Mix Blender about 6 years ago, before we ever heard of the Blend-Tec Blender. I have loved our Vita Mix Blender and use it daily. We started on a Vegan/partially raw diet because we recently learned a plant based diet is much healthier. One of the recipes I serve company frequently is Cashew-Oatmeal Waffles topped with berries. Always get raves over them. No- oil, eggs, baking powder or milk. Just water, oatmeal, cashews, dates, vanilla and a dash of Celtic sea salt.

    I lost my youngest sister (she wasn’t 60 yet) to cancer last fall and she was one of my biggest critics. Unfortunately, if she had followed some of my suggestions, she might still be with us today.

    A couple of years ago I purchased a Wheat Grinder by Blend-Tec and that’s when I saw the Blend Tec Blender on u-tube. I liked what I saw and probably would have purchased the Blend Tec Blender if I hadn’t already had the Vita-Mix. I like the larger bottom and the fact that you don’t need the pusher when making smoothies.

    Robyn, I love all the information you send out. I haven’t actually purchased the recipes yet, but keep thinking I should do so soon. I have forwarded your emails to some of my family, but don’t know if they actually follow your advice. I certainly hope so. Please keep up the good work. In our busy lives sometimes it is hard to eat a healthy diet, but with the Blend Tec and Vita Mix Blenders it becomes a lot easier.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I make/ promote almond milk,green & pink smoothies, 2 of my friends have purchased a blender and are pursuing raw food lifestyle just from sharing these marvelous foods.All told 6 people are embracing raw foods after taste samples from my blender. Also 3friends have tried and are sold on the positive benefits of eating chia seed. I use 5 teaspoons in a 20 oz. water bottle, and nurse it all day at work. I have tons of energy, no crash or jitters,

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have a Vita-mix and I adore it. Have a blentec too I love the vita-mix

  6. Anonymous says:

    I had a vita-mix for several years and loved it. My son now has a 14 month old daughter. Her mother doesn’t eat many fruits and vege’s, so I have given my son the vita-mix, so he can make healthy drinks for his daughter. I was in Costco one day and they were demonstrating the Blend Tec. I really liked the fact it can fit under the upper cabinets (my vita-mix was too tall), it has a timer and turns off by itself, the blades on the Blend Tec aren’t sharp when you wash it, you can do dry ingredients in it. I have only been using the Blend Tec for a week now, but am already up to #14. I use it at least twice a day for smoothies, green drinks, have made ice cream (I also have a champion juicer my brother-n-law gave me years ago) I use my champion when I don’t want pulp in my drinks and am doing a juice fast, and for ice cream, but I found the Blend Tec so much easier to use for the ice cream. So far the Blend Tec has been fabulous!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m new reading this stuff and wanted to know:

    How do you get a Blendtech? What’s this cleansing process that you have to do before using it?

    Can anyone out there tell me the difference between soy milk and almond milk for kids? I know cow’s milk is not so great (China Study), but it’s not clear which milk we should be giving kids. My kids is mostly a milk drinker and I really need to know what I’m supposed to give her. Thanks.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sara! this is the recipe for almond milk I made for my kids for years and they still ask for it sometimes.

    1 and a half cup raw almonds soak in cool water overnight. Next day bring just to a light boil on the stove, drain and pour into bowl of cold water. Pinch them to remove the skins. Put in blender with water to the same level as the almonds and puree till very smooth. Then add 2 or 3 cups of cold water and a few ice cubes and blend. We like to add 2 to 4 pitted dates when puree-ing the almonds if it’s just for drinking, leave dates out if it’s for cooking or cereal. Also we make it thick with less water and more ice and sometimes a dash of vanilla for an awesome shake that is a meal. Experiment with how much water for the way your kids like it best. Keeps a few days in fridge, but needs stirring. when the kids got older I stopped taking the skins off the almonds but they still need soaking, and a quick rinse with cold water. (boiling is what loosens the skins) Hope this helps you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This message is for Elaine, who posted about Cashew-Oatmeal Waffles. These sound terrific. Could you post the recipe?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t know I could be so excited about an appliance. I bought my blendtec just over a month ago, and use it every day. It was a big investment, but if it is the one thing that will help me eat healthy, it is worth it! I love to grind whole grains in it for bread. I’m fascinated watching it turn hard wheat into fine flour in less than 1 min!

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