Your kids in the Big Book of Green Smoothies

Not only did a lot of you contribute a recipe to the Big Book of Green Smoothies (when we put it together as an e-book), but now these readers have contributed the most-darling photos ever of their children with green mustaches!

(And about three Hot Pink mustaches!)

If your child isn’t in this alphabetized list below, I don’t have your permission in writing to me–so I won’t use it even if you’ve sent me your photo in the past. Hurry now to send your cute kiddo’s photo to, child’s first name, parent/grandparent’s first name, state/country you live in, and permission to print it. No other identifiers will accompany the photos on this blog or in the book. And, when it releases, you can request a free copy.

Adrienne: Utah

Aengus: Pennsylvania

Audrey: North Carolina

Bailey: Idaho

Briella: Utah

Cameron, Isaac, Macey: Washington

Charles: Australia

Elena: Utah

Elisha, Emily: California

Evangeline: Washington

Heath, Madi: Nebraska

Ian: Indiana

Isaiah: Utah

Jack: California

Jake: Oregon

Jakob, Gracy, Lexy, Ethynn: Nevada

Jaxon: Utah

Jessica: Utah

Jillian: Utah

Justin: Georgia

Justin: Canada

Kevin: Utah

Kiya: Michigan

Luz: Utah

Manny: Utah

Mia, Lexi: Switzerland

Peyton, Avery: Florida

Ruby: Missouri

Savannah, Jake, Zach: Utah

Shoshanna, Josiah: New Hampshire

Tessa: California

Abby: Utah

Simon: Minnesota

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  1. Hi

    I am keen for my 3 children to try green smoothies. I have tried 3 times to purchase your course but it seems that you don’t ship to Australia. I then thought i would just get the download version but i couldn’t even do that even though you have a currency converter. I noticed that someone in the list is from Australia.

    I am keen to improve my familys health and would like to know if people overseas can purchase and how!

      1. Tara, I’m sure it’ll be at least a week before I have that book back from the editor and we close the option to add more photos. Maybe longer, not sure–I am dependent on her workload. I look forward to seeing your cuties!

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