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winners of the Zukay Kvass Live drinks giveaway

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Feb 21, 2013

veggie-bioticThree alert GreenSmoothieGirl readers won a whole case of raw, live Zukay Kvass drinks, congratulations!


Jana Anderson, Wyoming

Candy Nichols, Utah

Rachel Langan, Pennsylvania

Kvass line upAnd we had 10 winners getting a free bottle:

Elizabeth Fiorentino, North Carolina

Sarah English, Utah

Amanda Luschin, Texas

Karen Lonsdale, Utah

Tracy Chappell, Idaho

Amy Wilstead, Arizona

Brenna Simonds, Virginia

Teresa Krebs, Utah

Chris Johnson, Colorado

Jenny Larington, Nebraska

It’s not to late to go “like” Zukay on facebook and get a coupon, including one for a free bottle at your local retailer. Thanks, Zukay! I love your products!

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