Winners of our contests!

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We’ve had a bunch of contests lately, and we’ll have MORE, so make sure you read this blog sooner than later, because early birds get the worm around here! I’ll be blogging some really great stories that readers told me from my Pacific Northwest speaking tour.

Check out HERE where I’m speaking in the next few months, which include Sandy and Bountiful (Utah), then Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Idaho Falls, Denver, Omaha, Des Moines, Memphis, Lexington KY, Cincinnatti, Grand Rapids, Kitchener (CAN), Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte and Raleigh.

But before I get to telling you stories about some lovely new friends I met in Oregon and Washington, here are our winners:

GSG Basket (2)



Nature Nate’s Honey gift basket giveaway

(oops, we accidentally gave 4 instead of 3 and Nature Nate’s backed us up, thank you!)

  • Amanda Luschin in Katy, Texas
  • Hannah No in Hollywood, California
  • Alisha Regis in Farmington, Utah
  • Anissa Chapman in Mesa, Arizona



Identify the Contents of Robyn’s Fridge contest winners

Won a 12 Steps manual ($100 value):

  • Corry Whitteker in Gunter, TX

Won signed copies of The Green Smoothies Diet:

  • Nancy Cadjan in Orem, UT
  • Keith Lock in Windsor, Ontario, Canada
  • Hilary Hales in Ft. Belvoir, VA
  • Emily Gibbemeyer in Ft. Lauderdale, FLA


Best fridge, won a 12 Steps manual:

  • Bernadette Astrella of San Jose, California
  • Worst fridge, won a 12 Steps manual:
  • Mike Randolph of St. Louis, Missouri


Xlear_Product_Basket-1Xlear xylitol products gift basket winners

(oops, we accidentally gave it to SIX instead of THREE, and Xlear backed us up, THANKS Blaine!)

  • Karen Lonsdale of South Jordan, Utah
  • Marty Alvis of Clarksville, Tennessee
  • Melissa Krueger of Bartow, Florida
  • Shirley Morgan of Boulder City, Nevada
  • Virginia Edwards of Livermore, California
  • Denise Miller of Bella Vista, Arkansas

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  1. Please be careful when using xylitol, it is very dangerous for dogs.
    I use xylitol and have wondered what effects it might have on living creatures that live down stream. Do you know?

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