Win an Infrared Sauna for Two PLUS I’ll match any $100 donation!

Congratulations, Kent Bickel of Michigan! You won the fourth and final Blendtec!

Thank you, Kent, and everyone else for your donation to Mothers Without Borders. Your dollars will change the life of a child in Zambia.

Today’s prize is my home sanctuary and one of you is about to have one, too. The whole $4,800 two-man Health Mate Infrared Sauna goes to someone giving us some love and support, or asking a question today only. Plus, it will be shipped to you free! Make sure your friends are in the drawing, too. If they’re the winner, they’ll thank you FOR LIFE! And invite you over for a sauna party.

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And, if you donate $100 to Mothers Without Borders, tell us you’ve done so below…..and I WILL MATCH your $100, PLUS you get an extra ticket in today’s drawing!

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  1. Thanks for educating people on how to be healthier. I am dealing with my own health prob right now. The sauna would be an amazing gift and It would definately benefit my health.

  2. I finally have been able to get on to Facebook and participate in the challenge.
    Thank you Robyn for passing on all your nutrition research to people like me who have concerns but just do not have the time to dive in to the loads of info out there!
    And thank you for what you are doing to help out the kids in Africa! We take so much for granted in America. This is a good reminder to be grateful for what I have!

  3. Thank you for all you do to put yourself out there to share about better health! I hope to win the intellibed and sauna!!! I’ve been saving for both for over a year now…and still saving!

  4. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh..I’ve wanted an infrared sauna for the looongest time- this would be AMAZING to win!! Thank you for what you are doing for these kids in Africa and also for your YT channel, I have learned so much about taking charge of my health!

  5. Robyn and Todd, you’re amazing. I couldn’t imagine having to go hungry like these orphaned children, or live on only green smoothies for a month. Thanks for spreading the message of health and hope. My husband and I have tried everything to clear some decades-old skin conditions, and my dad is fighting cancer; I feel that this would be the answer to that healing. I would be the luckiest girl in the universe to have an infared sauna, and would share it with all my extended family and friends (letting them know all about you and green smoothies while they’re soaking in the healing and detoxing infared wink wink). Liked, shared, and followed! Thanks for everything!!

  6. I love that you are giving us knowledge on healthy foods and products so that we can improve our lives, and you are giving us the opportunity to improve the lives of others. It’s a win win! Thank you!

  7. My wife and I support orphanage in Uganda and we have donated $200 to Mothers Without Borders since you started the 30 day green smoothie challenge. We enjoy green smoothies every day, workout and try to eat healthy. The Infrared Sauna would really compliment our lifestyle and would be a great addition to the house. Robyn keep up the wonderful work you are doing in Zambia … I can tell you are really committed to make a difference for the children as we are in Uganda. God Bess You and all of your supporters.

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