Win a Dressing Your Truth membership… who you really are!

Today, Ronda Dressen from Utah wins the awesome prize package from! Congratulations, Ronda, and Thank You, Natalie and Amy!

Today’s video features DressingYourTruth’s Carol Tuttle, who is giving away a great membership gift package to her program to help you LIVE YOUR TRUTH. She’ll help you discover your energy type, then choose clothes, hairstyle, makeup, and many other aspects of your life that really show and shine true to your nature! It’s about $300 in value and you’ll love every minute of it….so comment below to win a membership to her program!

Want more chances to win amazing prizes like this? Sign up here, “like” us on FB, comment below, and share with a friend. Thanks for following our BlendAid campaign where we are helping Mothers Without Borders build a school for orphaned children in Zambia.

Happy Blending and Happy Dressing Your Truth!

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  1. Love the BlendAid campaign. What a great cause… so many children in need. Thank you for a chance to change their lives and ours. Love and light~

  2. So important to make feeling comfortable in your own skin fast, easy, and affordable so that you can focus on the “good work”…helping others.

  3. The Blendaid challenge is a powerful instrument for change. And the DressingYourTruth experience has the same power on an individual level. Fantastic opportunity for growth. Thank you, Robyn and Carol!

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